My Adopted Family

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My Adopted Family
I knew as soon as I saw the lady sitting at the table, she was my new Foster-Mother. I was Sixteen then and had been through endless Foster carers, but there was something special about this one as she had that ring of class about her. She introduced herself as Fiona; we chatted for a while and as she started speaking I could tell she was a class above my previous carers and seemed to genuinely care about what I wanted in life; we spent about an hour discussing my life and what I wanted out of it and what I was prepared to put in to it. Paperwork signed and I waited the week to see her again.

The day arrived and I was led through to the room we had previously met and I was led away hand in hand with Fiona. As I sat in the back of the chauffeur driven Bentley with Fiona she reminded me that she had a biological Son Mark aged 25 in the Army and two other foster c***dren Mary aged fifteen and Billy aged s*******n, but Mark was currently away on service. I arrived at the house which was a six bed-roomed Georgian property with a Library, Swimming pool and Snooker room; although the Snooker room was primarily Edwards entertaining room; Edward was Fiona`s Husband, my new foster-father, who gained the property and his wealth from inheritance.

I was given my own bedroom which had an adjoining door to a bathroom with another door into Billy`s room; there was a key inside the bathroom to lock whilst you were using it. I was treated to a day’s shopping with Fiona and the other c***dren into town to furnish me with a new wardrobe. It was one of the best days I ever had as we visited a large department store early in the morning and had a full-english breakfast followed by a shopping spree for clothes until ten thirty and then we had Elevenses with drinks and a fresh cream cake followed by more clothes fitting and shopping and then lunch, then more clothes shopping and then afternoon tea, followed by a visit to the department stores toy department for the three of us. We arrived back home late afternoon, Miss Clara, the maid took my clothes and returned them to my bedroom cleaned and pressed and ready for wearing. Dinner was served at six thirty and bed was at nine thirty promptly.

Admittedly the first year I did keep reverting to my old self and caused a lot of trouble with my antics, but gradually I learned the error of my ways and became a young almost sensible adult. Sadly also within that year Mark had returned from the Army in a wheelchair and although he received a good pension, he was never the same and started to become depressed and spent more and more time alone in his bedroom or study.

It was the following year that things really changed for the family. I was a sunny but cool summer’s day and Mark, Mary, Billy and I were out in the sunshine and had just been reading and drinking summer drinks that were freshly made by Miss Clara. Mary, Billy and I then ran off and found ourselves by the fishing lake that was secluded by tall conifer trees, the lake contain a well stocked supply of fish to be caught once they reached their specified weight and that was kept under the watchful eye of Father. It was at the lake during this summer’s day that we sat by the water’s edge and I started flicking water at Mary and Billy, but as things do one thing led to another and we ended up pushing one another into the lake and getting thoroughly wet and we all decided to take out wet clothes off and leave them to dry in the warm sun whilst we swam and played in our underwear; it was no big deal, we had seen each other in our underwear before. But then Mary`s foot slipped on a rock under the water and Billy grabbed her and stood her upright and Mary laughed and wrapped her arms around Billy and thanked him for being her hero; it was sarcasm, but it made me feel inadequate. Something inside me snapped and I grabbed Mary`s bra strap and unclipped it and swiped her bra and threw it into the middle of the lake.

“Go Hero” I laughed, “Go fetch her bra!”

Mary quickly covered her breasts as swiftly Billy swam out to retrieve her discarded bra, but as he swam away I grabbed Mary and forced a kiss on her.

“You know I love you don’t you?” I asked Mary.

“Love me?” she replied shocked, “so you discard my bra?”

“I wanted us to be alone” I said, humiliated. “You are always with Billy!”

Mary kissed me on the cheek and told me to grow up, she insisted that she could never love anyone like me and she doubted I would ever find a girlfriend with an attitude like mine. Billy handed back her bra and she threw it near the other clothes on the grass.

“He says he loves me Billy, what do you think of that?” Mary`s asked Billy.

Now I was even more humiliated.

“All he wants is to see my Pussy!” Mary remarked.

Within seconds Mary had slipped her knickers off and threw them near her bra.

“So now I am naked, do you still love me?” Mary asked.

“Go f**k yourself!” I whimpered.

“I can’t do that you bloody idiot!” She replied, “Do you want to play a fun game?”

I turned, not knowing what her next cruel trick was. “What game?” I asked.

“Who has the bigger penis” Mary said.

I already knew the answer and it was him. “Okay, I`m game!” Hoping I would bluff her.

Billy; knowing what the result would be decided it was a great idea at first, but felt uncomfortable showing his penis to Mary.

Mary laughed at our reactions and simply said she would count to five and Billy and I were to be as naked as she was and no excuses. I knew my small penis would receive comments, but I was less embarrassed about exposing myself.


My underpants were off and landing somewhere near Marys underwear.


Billy nervously slipped his underpants off and threw them near mine.

“Well, well what the hell is going on here?” come a voice from the bushes.

We all froze in shock. It was Mark in his wheelchair.

“Please don’t tell Mother and Father” requested Mary and Billy in unison.

“Well I guess I could keep your little secret” Mark said.

I knew what Mark was like and there was no way he would broach such a subject with his Parents and I also know that Mark had a roving eye when it came to Mary.

“Maybe you would like to join us?” I asked, more boldly than I felt.

“Maybe I would” he replied sarcastically.

I took the opportunity and walked casually out of the water, not bothering to cover myself.

Mark laughed, “At least I have no worries about competition in the genital area!”

I grabbed Mark, who was heavier than I thought he would be and lifted him out of his wheelchair and placed him on the grass laying down face up.

“What the hell are you playing at boy?” Mark said.

“Putting a bloody smile on your miserable face Mark” I replied.

I turned to Mary and Billy who were still submerged in the water and asked for a hand. Mary and Billy nervously walked out of the lake and approached Mark and I.

“Go on Mary give the old boy a kiss” I told Mary.

“Really?” Mary replied.

“Have you seriously not seen the way Mark eyes you up at every opportunity?” I asked.

All three started at me in shock.

“How could you say such a thing?” Mary and Billy asked together.

I looked at Mark and he suddenly looked embarrassed. “It is true Mary, I do lust after you!”

Mary laughed again, but this time in relief. She leaned forward and kissed Mark firmly on his lips and his hands naturally touched her bare cold wet breasts. A pang of jealousy came over me.

I started to undo Marks trousers and asked Billy to undo his shoes and within seconds it was done.

“Come on Mary get his top off!” I asked Mary.

As soon as Mark was undressed I took hold of his upper arm and Billy took the other side and we lifted Mark and carried him to the lake and carefully made our way in deep enough for Mark to support himself with buoyancy. We all felt a little awkward for a few minutes, but soon the mood lightened when he thanked us for making him feel human again.

“If only we could work that magic on your mind instead of your body” I joked and we all started laughing; we had never got on so well.

Time flew by and suddenly we heard a familiar voice calling us to get ready for Dinner and we all shuddered when we realised it was Fiona, my Foster-Mother.

Fiona came around the conifer trees quicker than we realised and spotted us all in the lake.

“Oh dear” Fiona said, in mock horror, “what will you do to Daddy`s fish?”

Suddenly we all started laughing, as we knew Fiona had no interest in our Foster-Fathers fish.

“Come on back to the house before your Dinner gets cold!” Fiona instructed us.

As we got out, carrying a fully nude Mark, Fiona glanced at the three sets of male genitals and innocently smirked.

“So now we know who the real baby of the family is!” Fiona commented.

Everyone laughed apart from me.

As Billy and I placed Mark on the ground and the three of us redressed Mark and placed him back in his wheelchair,

Fiona told the others to take Mark back and to take a shower and freshen up.

“I guess you might as well shower together” Fiona said, “But do not let anyone see you!”

“We won’t!” Mary replied.

“We will not!” Fiona corrected.

There was no reply as they whisked off towards the hot shower.

Fiona sat me down and told me that although she commented on the size of my genitals, I was in no way inferior to anyone else and that most women if truth be told prefer a smaller penis than a really big one.

I felt embarrassed with Fiona talking to me like this, but just accepted it.

“Come on!” Fiona said, “let us get you dressed and back to the house and showered”.

As Fiona and I entered the house, Miss Clara announced “Ten minutes before dinner”.

“We shall not be long Miss Clara!” Fiona replied.

Fiona whisked me upstairs and into her bedroom and instructed me to get undressed; I did. Fiona then slipped behind her dressing screen and she returned wearing a bathrobe.

“Shall we?” Fiona asked.

Fiona placed her hands firmly on my shoulders and led me into the bathroom and turned on the shower and waited until it was hot. She handed me a bar of soap and nodded.

I had just started lathering up and I could hear breathing close to me and as I turned I saw Fiona standing there. She slipped the bathrobe off of her shoulders and let it fall naturally to the wet floor and for the first time in my life I saw a fully naked adult female. She had a body to die for; I would say in her late forties, with a slim toned figure and with beautifully proportioned breasts with delicious looking erect bright pink nipples and her vaginal region was covered in neatly trimmed ginger pubic hair that complimented her exquisite body,

“Shall I do your back?” Fiona asked.

I was speechless and could not reply.

“I will take that as a yes then shall I” Fiona furthered, in more of a statement than a question.

I felt her warm wet hands caress the soap over my shoulders and gradually covering every inch of my back with the soap rubbed on by her soft gentle hands. I felt her hands caress my buttocks and heard her breathing get gradually heavier, her hands continued further down as she stroked my thighs with her hands and I felt the soap being rubbed against my skin and she finally washed my feet and made the return journey back up the back of my body, stopping halfway to make extra sure she had thoroughly cleansed my buttocks and she softly slipped her hand under my legs and just caught the slightest touch of my exposed testicles; for the first time in my life I felt such a powerful and meaningful twinge in my groin and felt my penis twitch and begin to erect.

Fiona continued her sensuous journey back up my back until she reached my shoulders again. She pushed me gently forward for the hot steamy water to run down my back and rinse off, it was then that Fiona turned me around.

“I cannot walk away from a job half finished!” Fiona said to me.

Fiona stood for a few seconds in front of me, allowing me to savour her full unadulterated nakedness, she knew the power she had over me that instant and she knew how to use it.

Once again starting from my shoulders, Fiona washed every inch of my body with the soap, covering my man-boobs and circling my erect nipples with her fingertips and playfully scratching with her long painted fingernails. I swear I heard her growl!

Her hands continued down my body as she gently slapped my tubby stomach and circled my belly button before continuing to wash my dark blonde pubic hair. Fiona skipped my penis and washed my thighs, lower legs and feet before rising back up again. This time however she did make sure she thoroughly cleansed my penis and testicles, three times Fiona washed my penis; pulling back my foreskin each time and rinsed it off with the running water, caressing her soft gentle fingers around my throbbing shaft. The smile on her face told me she was really enjoying our shower time together. Once I was thoroughly cleansed by Fiona, she pulled back my foreskin one more time and slowly and softly kissed the tip. I could have died there and then; I was in so much ecstasy.

I let out a little laugh and Fiona asked what I thought was so funny.

“Just to think about twenty minutes ago, I thought Mary blew my mind and I wanted to have sex with her!” I replied.

“And you do not now?” Fiona asked.

“Not after this I do not!” I replied.

Fiona stood up and smiled.

“We need to be careful” she instructed me, “I am a married woman, but your Foster-Father has not made love to me for quite some time” she continued. “It must be our solemn secret!”

“I swear!” I replied.

Fiona handed me a clean Bathrobe and told me to return to my room and get ready for dinner and to hide the bathrobe in my bedroom until she came to collect it. I had just slipped my slippers on and opened my bedroom door as I heard the bell ring for dinner, I ran downstairs and Miss Clara informed me it was the third time the bell was rung, I apologised and took my seat at the table.

“So what has everyone been up to this beautiful summer’s day?” my Foster-Father asked innocently. “I hope you have all learned something you didn’t know yesterday?”

“We have!” Mary, Billy, Mark and I replied in unison, we hid our smirks well.

The chime rang at Ten O`Clock and Foster-Father announced bedtime for us and we retired upstairs and we all entered my bedroom and discussed our separate views of the incident at the lake. Thankfully the others were blissfully unaware of my chat with Fiona and my whereabouts when I returned from the lake. After a while Mary and Billy retired to their own bedrooms and we fell asleep.

“Are you awake?” I heard as I felt my bedding being shaken by Fiona.

“Do you have my bathrobe?” she asked.

“Yes, it is in my wardrobe” I replied.

“Good, I`ll grab it when I leave your bedroom later” Fiona replied.

I then felt her slip into my bed as she asked me “Would you like some company tonight?”

“What about Foster-Father?” I asked.

“Believe it or not, he has gone night fishing!” Fiona giggled, “Now come on and get those underpants off!.

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