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I ve been in the Navy for several years now, almost 10 to be exact. I met my wife, Beth, about 3 years ago when I was on recruiting duty in Idaho. She was a small town girl for sure…for those of you who know small town girls, they don t always have a lot of experience but do hold their own in the bedroom. I think she was a little shocked by the diversity she saw when we transferred to Norfolk, VA for sea duty. We had a pretty good marriage (so I thought) and were getting pretty close to transferring again when the ship had to deploy at the last minute. I had to go and await my relief with plans to transfer as soon as I got back. As usual, the ship left a small stay behind detachment to help out with things at home.

About halfway through the deployment, a relief arrived for me rather unexpectedly and I was able to head home early. I thought it would make a good surprise for Beth so I didn t bother to call.

When I got home after nearly 2 days in airports I was surprised to find that Beth was not there. After snooping around a bit I managed to find an answering machine message from a friend of mine s wife (also from the ship) asking her to meet at a club later that evening. Checking the clock, she should have already been there. Getting ready to go meet her I made a head call before leaving. I don t know what it was exactly but I noticed something wrapped in the garbage by the toilet. It was a condom! It was almost like getting punched in the balls and I felt really a bit hurt. But as I thought about it I found myself more than a little interested, but a little aroused. I decided I would still go and see her at the club, but that I might watch and see what was going on. Before I left I made sure to remove any evidence of me being home yet…I didn t want to spoil the surprise.

When I got to the club, The Jungle , I noticed it was very busy and pretty loud. It was very busy inside which I thought would be a blessing for observation. After prowling around I managed to find my wife with Trudy, her friend. They were near the dance floor and within a few moments I saw them approached and asked to dance by a couple of guys. I was a little surprised though, both guys were black and I know Beth was a little wary normally about being near black guys. I watched for a while as they continued to dance, mostly with the same to guys. Several drinks were had and the dancing had gone from casual to something more; they were grinding the way you shouldn t see a married woman grind.

I managed to get near the two guys when they went to the bathroom and listened to what they were saying. One guy new Trudy and said she was a lot of fun and a sure thing, a shock to me. The other guy was saying he thought Beth was hot and wanted to get her out of there to take his shot. The guy with Trudy said he should, that he was pretty sure she would go for it. They agreed to try to get the girls to leave.

I managed to get past the table in time to see them getting ready to go. The girls were gathering their stuff and had obviously agreed to go. Out in the parking lot, there was some discussion and then some kissing as they all started to get into Beth s car. They said they would go to Beth s (our) house for a few drinks. I could see Trudy and her boy in the back seat starting to make out pretty heavily as Beth and her boy got in. I quickly pulled out of the lot so that I could hopefully beat them back home.

At the house I managed to get in and close the garage door just in time to hear them pulling in and the garage door opening. I hoped she didn t notice my car was warm. After they pulled in I could hear their giggling from the laundry room before they came in. Peeking through the door I noticed that Beth s shirt was open when they came in and Trudy was also obviously flushed.

They told the guys to go into the living room while they stayed in the kitchen to get some drinks. While they mixed margaritas, they were talking and giggling. I heard Beth tell Trudy that she should not do anything. Trudy asked why as she knows Beth had messed around with that one guy last weekend. Beth said I know, but I didn t really mean for that to happen and I wasn t so close to my fertile time. Besides, that guy was white. I ve never even kissed a black guy before tonight. Trudy reassured her. Don t worry; you will have a great time. You know you think he s hot. And besides, you know you have condoms. It ll be fine. Beth finally agreed. He is so hot and I could tell when we were dancing he is kind of big, I hope the condoms fit. Before giggling and leaving with the drinks.

There was a little talk in the living room as I snuck into the kitchen and watched through a crack in the door. After just a few moments it got quiet and I cracked the door a little more to see that they were all kissing and touching each other. I felt like I should be stopping things but then I didn t. The petting was getting pretty heavy with Trudy having her shirt and bra already off, her guy sucking her tits and his hand somewhere up her skirt. I moved to the dining room where I had a better view of Beth. Her shirt and bra were both open and her skirt was slowly getting pushed up as the guy was rubbing her legs. His dark skin really stood out against hers, being so pale. I had a good view as he arrived at her crotch and without breaking their kiss managed to slip inside the elastic of her panties. She stiffened as his finger arched then disappeared into her. She quickly relaxed as he continued to finger her and really surprised me when she reached down and actually pulled her panties aside. I noticed immediately that not only was his finger in her but that she had shaved all of her red pussy hair. Her hands meanwhile had managed to free his cock which to her earlier suspicions was pretty good size. It looked to me to be nearly the size of a paper towel tube but much darker, and in her rubbing hands looked much harder. Still shocking me further she got up and knelt in front of him starting lo lick and suck his cock. She did this for me sometimes but only when I asked and never with this much enthusiasm. Needless to say, she could not take very much of it in her mouth no matter how much she tried, I did see her gag a couple of times. Finally he stopped her, telling her I ve got to have you . She stood up and told him she was going to get a condom. He told her he didn t really like them to which she said I ve got to have them right now, I m not on anything. She took his hand that had been fingering her, licked the intruding finger and continued and, I am a bit fertile it seems. He smiled, stood, picked her up and asked where the condoms are. In the bedroom nightstand she replied.

Trudy and her boy had meanwhile gotten up and moved into the guest room and I could hear them going at it in the background.

After Beth and Ty had left the living room I snuck through and followed them up the steps. I was able to get into the bathroom where I could see into our bedroom. He had set her upon the bed and she had resumed pumping his cock as he kissed her and fingered her. He got up on the bed between her knees while she kept pumping his cock. She reminded him You need a condom from the drawer. To which he said Baby, you know I told you I don t like them. I ll pull it out before I cum okay? She was still pumping his cock, paused and rubbed a finger around the head. I saw her lean in and lick the head where her finger had just been while looking at his face. When her tongue came away there seemed a small stringer, I m not sure if it was saliva or pre-cum, which she quickly lapped up before recovering his head in her mouth. Then she lay back down and asked You ll pull out? You promise? He told her Sure baby. Then she seemed to pull the head of his cock to her with him cracking a smile at that gesture.

She stiffened again as his cock obviously started to enter her and she was moaning telling him it was too big. After a while he seemed to have worked it all into her. I ve never been so full she told him. He asked her if her husband was smaller to which she told him much . He made her confess she d never been with a black man before. He seemed to like her answers as he started to work his cock in and out of her again, slowly giving her larger strokes each time. She came the first time after just a few moments of his ministrations. He kept driving her for a long time making her tell him she loved his big black cock in her pussy, which made her cum yet again. After she came yet a third time I noticed him tensing some. Beth was watching his face too…she asked if he was close. He told her he was, that he was going to cum. Baby, he said I am going to cum soon. She tried to tell him he had to pull out but every time before she could insist he would drive all the way in, knocking some of her air out I think, and roll his hips making her gasp in pleasure. Again he slowed and told her Baby, I am going to cum all up inside you. This time she responded…but not with words. She began thrusting her hips back at him, rolling them to take him all into her. He pushed back hard and groaned as he started to shoot into my wife. She must have felt it as she began cumming with him like I d never seen her cum. After they were finished cumming they were still cuddling with him inside her, he stayed there until they fell asleep.

I snuck back downstairs for a bit to listen in on Trudy and her guy. They had obviously finished and were chatting. I am not sure how it come up but Trudy told him that she knew Beth would go for it even though she had been nervous. He asked her why and she told him about the conversation in the kitchen. How Beth had never been with a black guy, and how she wasn t on anything and condoms would be their only birth control. How Beth had thought she might be close to her fertile time. He laughed and said he wondered how it went then as He knew Ty never had a woman with a bag. He told Trudy that he usually told women that were concerned he would pull out, but almost never did. Trudy said Wow and confessed she thought that was a little hot. Hold on, Trudy told him I m going to peak in on her. I barely made it to the kitchen as she went through the living room and upstairs to the bedroom. When she came back down I managed to eaves drop again. O my god she said. You are right he got her bare and I think he didn t pull out. They are still sleeping with him inside her. They were starting to become a little more active, and kissing and more. Last thing I heard him ask her was if she liked risky things. To which she said she did. He told her he would stay the weekend if she would skip her pill in the morning…she giggled, agreed and went back to making love with him.

I went back upstairs and managed to hide in my closet, actually in the bedroom, before they awoke again. They started to talk and kiss more. She told him you should have pulled out, I m fertile right now. To which he told her it was obvious that she loved it. She did confess she loved feeling it and that it really got her hot. They started to make out even more with her finally going down on him as he lay back on the bed. She stopped and got up over his cock, holding it straight up. Looking down at him she asked if that s what he wanted. He said He did . She told him if she took him all the way in he would promise to fuck her good and cum all the way up inside her again. He grabbed her hip without answer and pulled her fully down on him. She came almost immediately. They slowly fucked while whispering…she told him he should stay all weekend. After awhile, she had come 3 times more he pumped her full again. As they slept this time I managed to sneak out, getting a room at a nearby hotel for a few days. I watched the house closely all weekend and managed to see them together a couple more times as well as Trudy.

On Sunday as I listened to Trudy and Beth talking in the kitchen they were gossiping about the weekend. Trudy told Beth she knew she was fucking Ty bare and asked about that. Beth said I thought he was going to pull out the first time you know. He didn t want to use a condom and I really wanted to feel it so I agreed when he promised to pull out. At the last minute, he told me he was going to cum in me and I was so hot I really wanted to feel it so I let him. I don t know what it was but it really got me off, I never came like that before. After that I found the risk of him in me bare and coming a little arousing, it made me cum really hard. Trudy said You are such a slut. How many times did you let him cum in you this weekend? Beth said she wasn t sure but it was at least 5. Are you really fertile now? Beth said she probably was and showed her the little calendar in the kitchen. The red days are days I have to be really careful. Friday and Saturday were definitely yellow days and today is a red day. Trudy asked Beth if she was going to let Ty make her pregnant. To which Beth responded he probably already had. I knew you were taking that risk after that first night so Joseph made me throw away my BC pills and I did.

I went back to my hotel room after listening to them and made a phone call to tell Beth I would be home early, on Monday morning. I went back to the house later in the evening and again found they were out. Taking the opportunity to hide upstairs I decided to wait until she got home again. I wasn t to be disappointed. After about an hour, I heard a car pull up. Beth came into the bedroom with Trudy who started to help her undress. Trudy put something into the bathroom on the counter then told Beth, I put your pill on the counter; remember you have to take it tomorrow morning to prevent from getting pregnant. Beth, now naked helped Trudy get undressed. The naked girls touched and caressed each other a bit before moving to the bed. Trudy went to the door and announced We are ready. Moments later four black guys (including Ty and Joseph) came into the room, already undressed. They moved to the girls, one on each side and started to touch and kiss them. The girls were reciprocating the best they could, rubbing a cock in each hand and sucking between the two. Ty finally lay Beth back and let her suck his cock while another guy got between her legs, he was not as big as Ty but still bigger than me. Baby, he said, this is Jenks, my brother. He hasn t had any pussy all week and his balls are full. Do you want him to fuck you? She managed to tell him yes with her mouth full. He worked his cock into her very wet and still tight pussy and proceeded to fuck her for about 10 minutes before asking her where she wanted it. Beth stopped sucking Ty, looking Jenks in the eyes and said Cum inside me, I want it in me . He followed directions and did as he was told. I was a little surprised, Trudy still had not fucked anyone but directed the guy she was blowing to take Jenks place. Trudy then kissed Beth and told her this is James, he s ready for you. James slid his long black cock into Beth and began fucking her deep. He went only about 5 min before cumming deep in her. Joseph who was eating Trudy got up to replace him. Beth, he said, you ready for my cum . Please she said fuck it into me. Fuck all that cum into me. Trudy was now sucking Ty as her boy Joseph proceeded to fuck my wife, pumping her full as well. Lastly, Ty took his place in the line and fucked Beth, coming inside her as well and keeping his cock in her as the other guys began to leave. After he got up Beth was cuddling with Trudy as Ty got ready to leave. I noticed he asked Trudy where it was and she motioned to the bathroom. He smiled, reached into the counter and took the pill that Trudy had put there. After they had gone to sleep I managed to sneak out to my hotel.

I returned the next morning as I planned and found both Trudy and Beth in the house. Beth told me that Trudy had come over to visit and was helping her clean up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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