My cuckold marriage (part 3)

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My cuckold marriage (part 3)
Continued …
Back home Sally was out about 3 nights a week on a date and often she would have dates in the day and evenings at the weekend. She told me that there are about 20 men now who service her.
Sally told me that the young rugby playing stud had asked her if she would put on a show for a mate of his Stag night do. She said there would be about 20 other rugby players there and it was at the rugby club in a month s time. She said it would just involve stripping off and giving the stag a lot of attention by sitting on his knee etc. Plus they would pay her, she did not say how much but she did say she would need to be there for 2 hours which seemed a long time to me. I agreed to her doing it and Sally kissed me sweetly and gave me a wank telling me about all those big sexy rugby players feasting their eyes on her body.
The night of the stag do came along and Sally dressed sexily in lingerie a thong, short skirt, see-through white blouse and very high heels. I said I would take her there and wait in the car park until she was finished, Sally was not sure about this but finally agreed. Our daughter was to spend the night at my mum s, my mum thinking that Sally and I were having quality time together!
At the car park there was plenty of noise from the rugby club and guys drinking and smoking out side, I parked a bit away from the front door and let Sally walk in on her own. Even though she had an overcoat on, the guys outside gave her plenty of looks, eyeing her up, whistling and slapping her bum as she walked in. All the men outside hurriedly went in, as the show was about to begin. I could hardly believe that I was allowing my gorgeous wife let 20 strangers look at her naked body.
After about 30 minutes, I got out of the car and wandered over to the door, I could here loud raunchy music playing and lots of wolf-whistling. I went to the door but there was a bouncer there who told me in no uncertain terms that it was a private party, I said okay and I am the girl s taxi driver. The bouncer smiled at me and said, she is a right little hotty this one. I asked if I could go in and just look from the doorway and he said I couldn t, he then said that if I slipped him £20 and I agreed just to watch through the little window in the door and not do anything then ok. Could not believe I was paying some thug to watch my wife. I saw my wife who just had her stockings and heels on, no bra or panties, dancing between the seated guys, swinging her amble breasts at them and letting them suck on them and snogging most of them too. She was doing this for about 10 minutes and then I saw her move over to a large dining table which she climbed on and lay on her back with her knees up and legs wide open, all the guys were getting a good look at her cunt as she rubbed it, someone passed her a 12 inch black dildo and she started masturbating with that which brought big cheers and clapping from her lusty audience. She used the dildo on herself for ages and guys were circling her, grabbing her tits. She then masturbated even harder, removed the dildo and was writhing around as she orgasmed , squirting a fountain of juice from her cunt and the guys cheering and clapping even louder. Sally then moved to the floor where as if by magic and rug had been placed, got on all fours with her bum high in the air, her wet cunt and arse on full display. Someone chucked several packets of condoms by her feet! The first guy stepped forward, got to his knees, dropped his trousers and put a condom on and fucked her doggy! After he finished he slipped a £20 note into the top of her right stocking. Soon there was a queue waiting to fuck Sally, my wife and all slipped £20 into her stocking top! Some put in £30 and it was only after awhile that I realised that if they fucked her without a condom they gave her £30, so it must have been all arranged before hand what the deal was for paying Sally. I stood there with my erection almost bursting my trousers but knew that if I did anything about the bouncer would chuck me out. I was thinking what a slut my wife is, it s one thing having 1 to 1 sex with men for pleasure but to let herself be used like this as prostitute was something else! I found it all very erotic and was proud of her.
As it was finishing, I thought I better get back to the car and then some of the guys came outside for a smoke and were obviously very pleased with the entertainment they had just had. It was awhile before Sally came out and she looked as cool as anything. When we got home we were soon naked on the bed and she was wanking me saying how good it was to be the lads stripper for the night, I asked if they did anything to her and she laughed and said of course not as it was strictly no touching. Of course, being a good cuck, I never let on that I watched her get fucked by 20 guys and get paid for it!
As time went on and our daughter reached 4, Sally said she wanted another baby, so I agreed to her getting pregnant again. Sally told me that she would only let a few guys fuck her bareback, the ones that were the best looking and intelligent, so that we got a good k**. So she came off the pill and would select men when she was at her fertile period for bareback sex.
Whilst she was out in the evenings dating men, I used to enjoy bathing the little girl, she had long blond hair now, almost at her waist so it took a lot of doing. I would kneel at the side of the bath and whilst soaping her, think of my wife getting fucked and the horny stories she would tell me, plus getting, sloppy seconds and that delicious smell and taste of her cunt. Sometimes at the bath side, my erection would pop through my pyjama bottoms, but well out of sight, but this made me feel doubly naughty.
In no time, Sally told me she was pregnant and that she would get a lot of interest in a her pregnancy from the dating website. She told me how some men like pregnant tits and that she met some who just wanted to suckle them and drink her breast milk.
A few months later, she delivered another girl and I treated her like she was mine.
To be continued … if you like?

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