My First Lingerie Party

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My First Lingerie Party
I knocked on the door of the address I was given in the invite. A tall “girl” answered the door and said hello. She said her name was Barbara and asked for my “name”. I said my name was Molly and she opened the door wider to let me in. I saw ten other girls in different states of dress as Barbara took my overnight bag and handed me a glass of wine. I nodded at the other girls as we she led me to the back of the house.

The others were mixing in the living room and kitchen area. Most of them were in nighties, corsets, or garter belt sets. They all looked so relaxed but I was a wreck. I have never dressed in front of anyone before and my heart was racing. Since I was invited online to the party I never thought I would actually go through with going. Barbra could tell I was nervous and told me finish my drink while I lay out my things on the bed.
She closed the door as she left the room to give me some privacy.

I took a long drink finishing my wine and opened my bag. I told myself “Well I’ve come this far”. I had brought a wide range of lingerie as I wasn’t quite sure how to pack. I had conservative briefs and bras, a couple of Vanity Fair nylon nightgowns, cami and panty sets, a short pink satin chemise, and I also brought a white satin and lace bra and panty set with matching garters from Vicky’s. When I walked in I noticed any of these would fit in with what the group was wearing in the living room. I striped out of my jeans and shirt and took my everyday plain black bikini panties off and folded them neatly while I nervously made up my mind.

I decided that I would put on the garter set as it was my favorite and wear the chemise over it for modesty. I never thought I would wear this when I packed it but it is my favorite set. I was the first bra I purchased and I love garter belts. I didn’t come to the party to wear a boring nightgown and certainly didn’t do all that shaving for nothing. I put on the lacy bra and slid the forms I bought for the party just the week before on eBay. They were a C cup and looked pretty good for the price I had paid.

Next I put on the garter belt and sat down to put on my lace top stockings. I stood up and had to tell myself to calm down as I was nervous but somehow very aroused. I was in a strange home with people I’ve only met online dressed in lingerie. I picked up my matching white panties and slide them over my legs. This did not help my situation. I was now so aroused that precum was starting to flow out of my very erect clit. I had to do something to release the pressure. I quickly started to stoke myself and thinking that I needed to cum quickly so I could relax and put my panties on. I came under a minute into my black panties I had been wearing. “I guess I won’t be wearing them home tonight”.
Just then a heard a knock at the door and Barbra asked how I was doing and if I needed any help. I told her I was just finishing up and would be out in a sec. The door opened and Barbra peaked her head in and said “Sorry, did you say you needed help”? I finished wiping up my cum with my panties and quickly tossed into my bag and pulled up my still clean white panties over my garter belt. She winked at me and said, “Take your time dear, I know how hard it can be your first time out”. I was so embarrassed but at least the wine and orgasm took the edge off.
I finished dressing by sliding the slip over my lingerie and put on my 3” white patent pumps. I bought a brunette wig and put it on. I don’t really know how to put on makeup but I did put a little lipstick on. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought to myself that it was the best I could do. The only thing left to do was to walk out the door and introduce “Molly” to the other girls.

I walked into the living room and Barbara introduced me to everyone. I didn’t get the impression that Barbara said anything about catching me playing her bedroom. The “girls” were all nicely made up and some were even beautiful. A few were wearing satin nightgowns that were pretty but conservative. Most were wearing sexier selections. Vicky’s and Fredericks were well represented and most were wearing garters and stockings, high heels, bras, corsets, etc. Everything you might expect. There was one girl who came over to me and said her name was Laura. She was pretty and very passable as a girl and wore a sheer light blue bra and panty set with matching garters. I said hello and blurted out “Wow, you look pretty, I love that color”. It was just so surreal as she smiled and said, “Thanks, so do you sweetie”. More wine was poured and she offered “What are you hiding under that lovely Chemise”? I told her that I was wearing a garter set like hers but was nervous about showing it off. She said that we were all friends here and told me I could take if off if I wanted to. I hesitated for a second and said “Ok, why not” and slipped out of the chemise revealing my pretty white lingerie. I put the slip on the counter and noticed the other girls were staring at me and smiling in approval.

I was having a great time mixing with the girls as we listened to music drinking wine. Somebody turned down the lights and a sexy lingerie tease video was on the TV. Our host, Barbra said “Lingerie show time”! She sold lingerie on the side and the party was going to be a lingerie show. Half of the group went back to the bedroom to change. The music started back up and Barbra started calling out the lingerie we were about to see. The other girls were parading around in cami’s, bra sets, and pretty lingerie. There were a few racy sets that I’ve seen only and wished I could try on. I was a k** in a candy store. She asked me if I wanted to buy anything. I am a sucker for matching bra and panty sets. That is what drew me into cross-dressing in the first place.

I had drank several glasses of wine and I blurted out to Barbara “Can I try some things on”? Barbara said “Sure hon”. I went back to her room and she pulled out multiple bra sets with matching panties. I was in Heaven. She said “What would you like to try on first”? I picked a pink set and Barbara asked me “What is your bra size hon”? I really didn’t know. She said I was wearing a 38C but should be wearing a 42D. She undid my bra and held out a 42D pink lace bra. She helped me into the bra and hooked the back and put my forms in. It fit perfectly. She asked if I wanted to try on the matching panties and I happily obliged. I was very erect but didn’t care. She slid the panties over my legs and adjusted me into them. I had never wore lingerie in front of anyone and now another girl was adjusting my lingerie and me in the process.

We tried on a few outfits and I was getting very excited again. Barbra told me to take a play break if needed to. I think she was worried about me getting her panties wet. I calmed down and picked out a few sets to buy. The prices were right and when can you ever dress with someone else and try on lingerie? Barbra then said “I gave you a good deal; you should model your new lingerie to the group”. I was tipsy at this point and said “Sure”! The first set I put was a matching bra and panty set in pink lace with a matching garter belt (What a shock).
I stepped out in front of the group wearing my new lingerie. They all clapped and smiled. I did my best to walk the living room runway and make a sexy turn. The biggest issue was the tent I was making in my panties. I changed into a hot black satin set with a wide garter belt and did my walk again. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I was so excited showing off lingerie to other girls.

When I was done modeling lingerie for sale, I redressed into my white garter set and rejoined the group. They all said thanks and patted me on the butt. Vicky came over and said, “Your panties look too tight, you should take them off”. I thought I shouldn’t but was too hot to think straight. I took them off and put them on the bar. I walked in front of everyone shameless, completely erect wearing lingerie. The girls all smiled and most of them were in a similar state. Laura even joined me panty-less at the bar. I noticed that may of the group were enjoying themselves and very excited.
I was excited, I was standing with a group of “girls” wearing nothing but a bra and garter belt and rock hard and didn’t even care that they were staring at me. Laura turned to me and said “I am so excited I can’t wait anymore”. She was rubbing her breasts and clitty right in front of me looking me straight in the eye. I started to rub myself while I her watched her masturbate. Soon my cum began to flow and I was so hard. Laura closed her eyes and started to cum. She came over her stockings and some got on me in the process. I soon exploded, cumming on her garter belt and stocking in to process. I was spent and tried to catch my breath. I finally told Laura “Sorry for getting you wet”. She smiled and responded by taking my cum onto her fingers and licking them”.

I went into the back and cleaned up. I put on my new pick lingerie I bought from Barbara and went back to the group. It was getting late and I started to say my goodbyes. Everyone told me they could not wait to see me again. Laura asked me if I was going to change to go home. I responded by putting my slip back on and told Laura I was going to drive home in my new outfit. Yet another first in an evening of firsts.

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