my life 5 true story

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my life 5 true story
Life carried on as normal Vince would often join Frank and I. My football trying was paying dividends my body was at its peek.
Even though I say it my self I was hot lol.
I met Sally one night I was walking home from training , Frank was in Manchester for a conference.
She pulled up in her car and offered me a lift, it was raining so I got in.
We was going along talking about the way thing was going for her , she and her boyfriend had split up ,she had moved in with a girlfriend for a few weeks, and had only just got the keys for her new flat. I was pleased for her , we pulled into my road and she asked if I could help her on Saturday to get her stuff from her girlfriends and move it back to her place, yes I replied I got out of the car she smiled and said , you have a cute bum I just laughed and said goodnight.

Saturday soon came round she picked me up we arrived at her friends house, you could cut the atmosphere with a knife, every thing was in bags and boxes , we had to make 4 trips as her car was so small, her flat was on the second floor it was really nice looking out onto the river Thames it was furnished and a balcony with 2 chairs and a small table,
We got the final load we stopped for lunch at a pub, she started to talk about Frank, she asked if I was happy with what was happening, I said yes, she then asked about my girlfriend I told her about her , she asked if I had sex with her, blushing I said yes, the truth was she wouldn t let me, the most I had with her was to play with her its and she had wanked me off twice.
We finished lunch, I carried the final bits up to her flat, she offered me a glass of lemonade, I said no thank you I had better go, she said oh I thought you would have helped me put all this away, I felt guilty so I agreed to help all the boxes was labeled we started in the kitchen , then the bedroom , the sun was really hot we had all the Windows open, I took my shirt off, and carried some bags and two boxes back into the bedroom she was hanging clothes in a wardrobe. I put the boxes on the bed , she looked round and said it is warm isn t it, and lifted her top over her head , she had a black lacy bra on I could see her nipples , I felt my cock twitch in my pants she then took off her jeans her bum looked beautiful as she slipped the jeans down her legs, she turns round my eyes are fixed on her pubic hair showing through the black lacy knickers, she asked what was I looking at as I had seen it all before , or was it her knickers I wanted I blushed and laughed,
She asked me to pass her shoes to her they was all in a bag mixed up, so I paired the up and passed them to her.
She asked did I enjoy being fucked by Frank , I was feeling really embarrassed by such a direct question awww have you gone shy, I passed her the last pair of shoes, she said lets smoke,

We went onto the balcony she then told me her boyfriend had beaten up a number of time s once he had broke her arm, I asked why,
She said it was mainly because he was drunk, she told me he came home from the pub with one of he s mate s, she was a sleep, he had grabbed her by the hair dragged her out of bed naked a forced her to give his mate a blow job while he took photos with a instermatic camaraderie, she then had to masturbate front of them both before he fucked her in the bum and pulling out and cumming in her mouth making her swallow.
She told me he was into bondage , she would let him tie her up at first it was playful but as time went on it got more extreme.
He used a leather belt or a bamboo cane on her whole body. He would tie her to the bed for whole weekends letting his mate come in and fucke her .
One weekend he tied her down Friday night at 7 o clock and went out and come back 1 o clock Saturday afternoon and beat her because she had wet the bed, he then pissed all over her, and went back out till midnight, when he come back he let her up so she could have a p*o.
And demanded she cooked him something to eat then he beat her up giving her a black eye and broken ribs.
She went to the police who arrested him the following day, she got all her stuff and moved in with Joan,
She then told me Joan was a lesbian and she had wonderful sex with her, but Joan was messy and dirty, and she couldn t live like that, she liked everything clean neat and tidy.
We went back into the bedroom, she said so you know everything about me, what about you I told her the truth about my sex life, as I passed her clothes from a suit case I told her I was confused if I was gay or queer as it was called then,
She walked over to me and said lets find out she put her arms around me , her lips pressed against mine I opened my mouth to kiss her her tongue shot into my mouth, her hand stoking my back and squeezing my bum, my cock was trying to get erect but was stuck down by my pants and jeans I had to reach down to adjust myself, she burst out laughing and said well your defiantly not queer as she stepped back I noticed her nipples had gone hard , I reached out to tweek them through her bra, she slapped my hand , no no no she said , we not doing anything like that, well not yet anyway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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