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I got my aunt June interested in running while i was in middle
school. She was trying to lose a few pounds so i suggested that
she try jogging and that i would accompany her. For the first few
days we just walked, gradually increasing the speed and distance
as my aunt got used to the routine. I ran almost every day and my
aunt joined me about two or three days a week. A year later i was
running for the high schools freshmen team and my aunt was lighter
by fifty pounds. My aunt June was a widow of ten years and lived
alone not to far from my parents house. My aunt and my mother are
twins, forty five years of age and both have similar body shapes,
my aunt being a little heavier. At around 5 6 both women are well
proportioned with average size breasts and long legs. A few years
ago i started to become sexually attracted to my mom as i began to
notice her body more. My dad is away on business about two weeks
out of the month so my mother and are together a lot. On the week-
ends she dresses very casually and isn t particularly careful when
doing things around the house or sitting on the couch watching the
television and i would position myself so i caught a glimpse of my
mothers panty covered crotch or her nipples. May, my mother had
become a frequent fantasy while i masturbated which i did quite
often. Noticing the soiled (dried cum!) hand towels coming from my
room during laundry my mother commented to me, looks like you may
be needing more hand towels young man, she looked at me and smiled.
My mothers statement had me wondering if she knew i was whacking off,
not that it mattered. Well, I got the answer to that one day when i
overheard a telephone conversation between my mom and my aunt June.

Yes June I m telling you I ve noticed Jared peeking
up my skirt and down my blouse and whenever we are
alone together he s got a bulge in his shorts!

There was no anger in my mothers voice, she sounded surprised and
she even giggled a few times as she continued to describe what she
had become aware of.

Well, of course he does, I m sure of it because
I ve seen him do it! Yes June, I was on my way to
bed and as i walked passed his bedroom i noticed
his door was open and i know that Jared likes to
sleep with his door shut, so i was going to shut
the door, but instead I pushed it open a bit and
peeked inside and in the reflection of the mirror
I could see Jared masturbating! I don t know why
but I continued to watch my son beat himself off
and then I realized I actually wanted to see him
cum! So I stood there staring and waiting eagerly
until he let out a moan and his body stiffened as
he shot out a load of cum.

The tone of my mothers voice had changed. She sounded regretful,
almost guilty of what she had done. The conversation continued.

June! What kind of question is that? I don t know
how big my sons cock is, I didn t notice! What do
mean how did it make me feel? I felt nothing! I am
not lying to you June. No June, I absolutely do not
want to know what YOU would have done! June please,
that s enough. You re his aunt, how could you even
think of climbing into bed with your nephew to help
him cum! June that s sick! My God June!

I decided to have a peek into my mothers bedroom while she talked
to aunt June by squeezing myself between a hedge and her bedroom
window. Mom was sitting at her vanity and leaning back into the
chair as she held the phone to her ear.

Yes I went straight to bed and fell asleep. Yes, I
am sure of it. Well, yes you re right I did have a
little bit of difficulty falling asleep after what I
had just seen. Yes June I admit that I was a little
aroused. Okay, yes I did masturbate, only to help me
fall asleep.

I listened and watched as my mother began to raise the hem of her
skirt to her waist and raising her ass off the chair she removed
her panties and spread her legs! With her free hand she began to
play with herself! She rubbed her clit and I stared wide-eyed as
she thrust three, then four fingers in and out of her pussy!

Oh…yes June, you know I am. I m finger fucking
my cunt right now. You re right I did fantasize
about Jared that night while i masturbated, I was
so turned on by what I saw. Oh God! June I m going
to cum soon! I want you to tell me what it is you
would have done in my place June. Tell me how you
would make my son cum. Please tell me. Oh yes, yes
I can see you now with your mouth swallowing his
cock. I can see the pleasure in my sons face as he
is about to cum in your mouth!

My mother now has both her feet on top of the vanity, her legs are
widely spread, her thick thighs shaking as she thrusts her entire
hand including her thumb deep into her cunt as grunts and groans
escape from her contorted mouth.

Oh fuck June I m cumming, I m cumming! God I wish
Jared was here to taste my juices as I cum in his
mouth. Oh that was great June, thank you so much.
Yes we ll get together tomorrow to talk more. I m
sure the both of us can come up with some way to
fulfill our fantasies. Good-bye.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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