My Mum, the model – part two.

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My Mum, the model – part two.
It was two days later, when Mark called up the stairs. “Mum, are you up there?”
He walked through the open bedroom door, as I sat painting my nails, wearing just a silk dressing gown. I crossed my legs, and the silk fell away reveal my thigh.
“Gerry rang. He wants to know if Linda wants to do some more modelling?”
I said nothing for a few moments, but noticed that I was no longer Mum, but was again the model. Linda.
“He wants to do some more? Wow, I thought it was a one off.”
“You must be joking, you were fabulous.”
“When does he want to see me?” I asked.
“This afternoon.”

“Hi Linda,” I said. “Thanks for coming in. Look I sent the stills and video we took of you to the website. They liked it, and want more. Do you fancy doing some more?”
“Well yes, yes!” Linda said firmly.
“Good, one of their executives is coming down. They want to see you in the flesh, and they want a few more sets.”

I went with Mark into the changing room. My hands were shaking, not with nerves, but with excitement.
“Mark, I don’t think I can do my makeup.”
“I’ll do it for you Linda.”
“Yes I did a stage makeup course as a module to my degree course, it was when my Mum was away for a few weeks.”
He talked to me as if I wasn’t his Mum, and here I wasn’t. I was just another model called Linda, and he was the studio assistant, just doing a job. A job he obviously loved.
“I thought the other night that you really needed false eyelashes, so lets start with those,” he said as he went to work. The results were amazing, red lips, grey eyes shadow, blended, and shaded beautifully, as was the blusher. A double application of mascara, and he was done.
“Now stand up, and take your wrap off.”
I did as he instructed, and stood naked in front of him. He handed me a pair of black heels, much too high, I put them on, and he did the ankle straps. Next a pair of miniscule transparent knickers. I gently stepped into them, and pulled them up.
“How do I look,” I asked.
“You look gorgeous, but these are not right.”
Without saying a word, he pulled the panties up, so the material crawled up my bum, and cut into my pussy. He ran a finger along my slit, so it was emphasised by the panties.
Satisfied he took me out into the studio, wearing just the knickers, and heels. Gerry wasn’t alone. With him were two other men, and a girl. I was introduced. The guys were from the website the shoot had been for, Harry and Paul, the girl was a red head, Anja. She said nothing.
“We liked the results of the shoot Linda. We are thinking of booking you for some more, but wanted to look at you for ourselves. We don’t usually use models as old as you, and wouldn’t have considered you, but Gerry here says we should.” Harry said.
“Say what you mean,” I thought. But said nothing.
“Turn around love,” Paul said.
I turned three sixty, and faced them again. Harry felt my tits, squeezing gently, my nipples reacted immediately, then he put his hand was between my legs, fingers tracing the outline of my labia.
“Natural, good. Ok, we like. We’re here to watch you work, we’ll talk later.”
“What do you want first?” Gerry asked.
“Lets see her masturbate, and take it from there,” Harry instructed.
I was excited, my nipples hard. I slid my hand down the front of the panties, finding my pussy already wet. I laid back my legs open, as Gerry filmed. I closed my eyes, pulling the knickers to one side, as my fingers gave me pleasure, my outer labia parted. I opened myself further, held it open for Mark to photograph. I ran a finger over my clit, pulling the hood back so I could excite it. I fingered myself, one finger, then two, then three. I was on the point of coming when I felt a hand on my wrist. I opened my eyes to see Anja, the redhead. Her face was in front of mine, our lips met, and she kissed me, her fingers ran lightly over my wet cunt, then she walked away. I hesitated, then continued coming almost immediately, loudly. Not for them, but for me.

“Do you want a wrap while we talk,” Harry asked.
“No I’m fine as I am,” I told him.
“Ok. Right lets get down to business. We want to hire you, we’ll want you exclusive for six months. It’ll be a lot of work, at least three shoots per week, some will be over more than one day, here and elsewhere. Any questions?”
“I don’t know what to say?” I blurted.
“Don’t worry you’ll think of something.” Harry said.
“ What we want is you to front our advertising, in all formats, so that’s modelling our clothes and lingerie. As you realise, our website is for adults, and we’ll want adult content, with you taking a full part. For that we will pay you five thousand per week.”

Mark shut the door to the dressing room, I stood in my knickers and heels.
“Fucking hell Mark, what shall I do” I asked.
“Do Linda? You want to be a model? Mark asked.
“Oh yes, I can’t believe how much I enjoy it.”
You really liked it, turned on and excited. You look fantastic. You are gorgeous. Everyone wants to fuck you.”
“Mark, does he want me to you know….with her?” I asked. “Is that what he means by taking a full part in adult shoots? Tell me what they want before I go out there.” I demanded.
“Of course Linda, they want you to fuck her, or let her fuck you, that’s what they want next.”
“And after that? What else will they want me to do when I work for them?” I asked.
I was still naked as I stood in front of my son.
“Linda they will pay you five thousand a week, for six months. For that they’ll want everything.”
“Everything. You mean fucking?” I whispered.
“Yes Linda fucking.” Mark said softly.
“What do you think Mark, what should I do?”
“I can’t answer that question for you. Only you can do that, what I will say is that whatever you decide is ok by me Mum.”
“I need to think for a moment.” I thought. I did the maths. I hesitated. As I hesitated I felt his hand cup my pussy.
“Still wet Linda. You know you want to, its excites you doesn’t it.”

I slipped the wrap on, I suddenly felt a chill. Gerry sat chatting to Harry as they waited for my answer.
“Thanks for giving me time to consider your offer. A very generous offer. Thank you. I have a couple of questions. You will want me to fuck both men and women?”
Harry nodded.
“During the six months, will I have any free time, or will I basically be working non stop.”
“Pretty much full on Linda, three days shooting every week, sometimes more. There will be travel to different locations at times.”
“In that case I’d want to take Mark to assist me, help me dress and to do my make up.”
“That’s fine Linda, we’ll put him on the payroll,” Harry said. “Gerry will do some of the shoots, but not all.
“In that case gentlemen, we have a deal.” I said.

Mark helped me dress, then I was ready.
“Remember Linda, get your knickers off as soon as you can, but never take your heels off.” Mark said. “right lets see you with Anja.”
“You want to watch me fuck Anja? You naughty boy,” I smiled, and kissed him lightly on the lips.
I walked out, not nervous, but excited. Mark had said everyone in the room wanted to fuck me, did that include him I wondered, I looked at him, his cock was hard in his jeans, so maybe it did. Gerry was filming, Mark again had the stills camera. My hips swayed. I stripped for the camera. The dress fell to the floor. I did as Mark had told me, and pulled my knickers down, making a tease of it. Then the bra came off, until I was naked except for my heels. Anja sat in an old armchair, a leg over one of its arms, her cunt exposed and smooth.
I was sweaty, breathless. I leant forward, ensuring my bum pointed towards the camera, my feet wide, so the camera could see my cunt, and anus. I kissed her lips, and felt her tongue in my mouth. Her lips were soft, and inviting. Our tongues entwined. My hand reached down, between her legs, her thighs were smooth, I soon felt her wetness, my fingers busy. She reached up, holding my breasts, then explored my body, my cunt, my wet cunt. I ached. I was on fire. I felt another pair of hands on my hips, I looked around. It was Paul, I straightened, turned. I unbuttoned his white shirt, then unzipped his trousers. I took his hard cock out, felt it hardness, its thickness. I opened my mouth, and closed my lips around it. I kept my eyes open, and looked directly at the camera as I sucked his cock. Mark was busy with the stills camera, watching his Mum give her first filmed blow job, as Anja’s tongue found my clit.

I zoomed in on Linda’s face, her eyes wide, the long false eyelashes gave her a look of innocence, as she sucked the guys cock. I took another shot of the redhead tracing her tongue along her pussy. Lucky bastards. Then he pushed her away, and sat on the chair, watching as Linda and Anja pleasured each other. I changed the memory card, and continued. His cock stuck straight up, he pulled Lind backwards, onto it. She sank down, taking its entire length. Then she fucked him. She was a noisy fuck, coming again, and again. His cock glistened from her wet cunt, which was red and swollen, her clit hard and erect clearly visibly poking out of its hood. Anja found it with her tongue. The guy pulled Linda off himself, Anja took his place on the chair. Linda knelt between her legs, burying her face in Anja ’s cunt, as the guy entered Linda from behind, fucking her hard. When he came it was on both their faces, her face covered in come Linda sat on Anja’s knee smiling happily.

It was the following morning, Mum walked into my bedroom. I was laying on my back, on the bed, wanking. The sheet was too far away to cover myself. She was just wearing a pair of white cotton knickers.
“We need to talk Mark,” she said, seeming not to notice my cock in my hand.
“Mum, can’t you knock,” I said.
“Sorry, but this can’t wait, now leave that alone, at least for a minute.” She said,
“we need to sort out our Mum son relationships, and our Linda the model relationship. What do you think?”
“I think I know what you mean. When you are working, you are Linda, a model, and I am just the assistant, well your assistant now, so what are the boundaries there, and when we are at home, or not working how has that changed? Is that what you mean?” I asked her.
“That’s it exactly Mark.” Mum said. “Obvioulsy your brains are not all in that cock of yours.”
“Well at work I will be helping you dress, doing your makeup. I will need to touch you obviously, and see you naked.” I said.
“Yes, now I’m fine with that, at work. At work I’m not your Mum, I’m Linda, and I don’t mind if your hands stray, lets face it, its going to happen. So at work just treat me like any other girl. Cup my pussy, obviously twik my nipples. When they need to be erect. What else do you think?”
“Lets not over think work, lets see how it evolves. Lets just except we will be in a very sexual environment. Now what if you need to be errm, lets say exciting, for the shoot, is that ok? I asked.
“I guess so. Lets face it I get very excited. Do whatever you or I need you to do. Now what about at home, this should be easy,” Mum said.
“Well it can’t be the same as it was, lets face it, things have changed. I watched you fuck, photographed it, watched you play with yourself, which I have to say was way cool.”
“And tasted my pussy juices Mark. But that’s work, so that’s ok.” Mum said,
“so at home none of that, but I think we now live in naked house, we can walk about naked, no need to knock on bedroom doors, well maybe if one or both of us are entertaining.”
“Ok, so I’ve seen you wank, you have now seen me wank, what if we bring back work people. Do we keep the fact that you are my Mum secret?” I asked.
“Secrets and lies, yes we do. If we party with work people, its our work relationship, ok.” Mum said.
“And if they want to swap, what then?” I asked.
“Then we keep our secret, but remember to call me Linda.”
“You really mean what I think you mean?”
“Yes Mark. If we have to, we fuck. Now finish yourself off, I’ll watch for once.”
“You want to do it?” I asked.
“No, we’re at home, I’m your Mum, remember!” Mum laughed.
“And yet your sitting on my bed in just your knickers, flashing your tits, watching me wank, really Mum. Show me your pussy while I get off.”
“Oh alright,” she said, standing and pulling her panties down. She sat back down, only this time she spread her legs, so her labia opened.
I pulled on my cock, watching her face, her cunt. I wanted to fuck her, I’m sure she knew. A week ago I would have been horrified at her even walking into my room without knocking, and yet now, here I was, knocking one out so she could watch, as I used her as wanking material. She pulled her outer labia to one side.
“If you were Linda, would we fuck now, do you think?” I asked.
“If I was Linda, then probably, oh good your coming, oh its all on my legs,” she giggled.

Linda sat on a Chesterfield sofa, deeply button, a dark deep red. She wasn’t alone, with her another girl, also blonde. They sipped their wine, from long stemmed wine glasses. They smiled, and chatted. Two guys entered, dressed in dark suits, and white shirts. In the blink of an eye, Linda was sucking one of the guys cocks. I stood at the back of the set. We were in the west county, in a rented house, well a mansion really. We were here for four days, shooting a series of films. I looked around, at the surroundings. The place was posh, to say the least. I looked back, Linda was sitting on the back of the sofa, her dress gone, wearing just a lace bra, her knickers pulled to one side, as the other girls face was between Linda’s open legs. Linda held one cock, while she suck the second, before swapping over. The director called “cut.”
“Mark sweetie, Linda needs her lippy re doing, better do Ellie’s at the same time there’s a love.”
I re did Ellie, then moved on to Linda. “Enjoying yourself I see,” I whispered.
She winked a reply, before I moved away, and the action continued, blow jobs done, the fucking commenced.

I winked at Mark, after he said he could see I was enjoying myself. It was true, I was. I had always wanted to be a model, but had never had the opportunity, or I didn’t even know where I’d have started. I had collected Mark from the photographic studio where he worked, and been persuaded to try by the owner Gerry. It was supposed to be a lingerie shoot, but had developed into a little more. Mark had taken it in his stride, watching his mother fuck herself with a vibrator. Now he was my assistant, watching me fuck. One of the guys was fucking me from behind, as I eat the other girl out. It felt sensational, and she tasted nice. I wasn’t a lesbian, but had, I suppose been bi curious, as most women are. The redhead had been my first proper girl fuck, but I’d been nervous, this time I was enjoying it, although I had to keep reminding myself I was working. Working and being paid a small fortune. He was fucking me hard now, the girl was gone, and being fucked beside me. I felt myself coming, I let it out, knew how noisy I was, but it didn’t matter, in fact it was probably just what the director wanted.

“Glad you agreed to be my assistant?” I asked.
“You bet Linda, this is great, learning so much about the business already,” he replied.
We sat in my room, it was early evening, and Mark was removing my makeup, before I showered.
“So what have I got tomorrow?” I asked
“Well a morning of stills, modelling the new range. Then in the afternoon, an MMMF set.”
“MMMF set? What the hell is that?” I asked.
“Come on Linda, three males, and you!” Mark said.
“Three, what at once.” I said.
“Aren’t you the lucky one. Another thing, we need to keep a record of everything you’ve worn, you get to keep it, they might want you to wear them again at any events they send you to.”
“Events, what events?” I asked.
“Promotions, sales and a few receptions. I’ll let you know when. Don’t worry I’ve got everything sorted. You relax and enjoy yourself, I’m here to take care of you.”
I closed my eyes, as he cleansed.
“Linda, that three guy shoot, its anal,” Mark said, “dropping a bombshell.”
“Anal!” I exclaimed.
“You agreed to it in your contract, or rather you didn’t set any limitations.” Mark said calmly. “Lets push the boundaries was what you said at the time.”
I remembered.
“Have you ever been fucked in the arse?” Mark asked me. Not exactly the conversation women have with their sons.
“No, of course a finger occasionally, but nothing more, what do I do?” I asked.
“Its ok, that’s what I thought. Good job I’m here. Stand up, and lean forward.”
I did as he said.
“Now relax,” he said. Easy for him to say.
I felt him reach between my legs, he rubbed my pussy, my clit. He was exciting me, and doing a good job, I was wet, and getting wetter, I was breathing heavily, an orgasm not far away, he slowed, I felt his hand on my bum, parting the cheeks of my arse. A finger, his finger slipped inside me, he was gentle, moving it slowly, I felt a second. The fingers were gone, replaced by a wet slippery tongue, I came straightaway, and as my anus pulsated he pushed something in my bum, it hurt a little, then the pain was gone. My anus adjusted to the extra size, my muscle gripped it, held it.
“Are you inside my arse Mark, I asked.
“No Linda, just a toy, like it?”
“It ok, not as bad as I thought. Oh God yes that’s fucking great, don’t………mmmmm”
“Now Linda, hold it, grip it.”
I did as I was told, calming from the pleasure I had just experienced.
“I’ve just inserted a butt plug into you, get used to it, and wear in for an hour or so, then we’ll try something else.” Mark said.
“Mmm, nice,” I murmured.
“Now walk around a bit, comfortable?” He asked.
“I wouldn’t describe it as comfortable, but it doesn’t hurt, and I quiet like it.”
“Good, go and shower, but leave it in, ok.”
An hour later he played with my pussy again, making me come, and as I did, he pulled the plug out, and replaced it with a larger one.
“How does that feel,” he asked.
“Better, I like that much more, make me come again.”
He did, again using his fingers, when my anus pulsed, I gripped the plug as hard as I could, the feeling was intense.
“Fantastic,” I panted. “What next?”
“Next? You keep that in all night, and until the shoot tomorrow, if you can, your arse should be open and ready for it first fucking, looking forward to it?”
“I am now, thanks.”
I cleaned my teeth, when I came out of the bathroom, Mark was asleep on my bed, I should have woken him, but I laid down beside him, and soon was asleep.

I woke with a start, as the alarm sounded, it was six thirty. So much for the glamorous life I had imagined for all those years. For a moment I was confused, muscular arms held me, and I could feel an erect cock against my back. Something was inside me, it felt nice. Then I remembered, I still had the butt plug up my arse. I gripped it. Mark was still on the bed, but unlike last night when I lay down, he was now naked. I wondered if he’d fucked me during the night, but knew instantly he hadn’t. I rolled out of his embrace. His cock was hard against his stomach. I ran a finger along its length, watching it twitch. I straddled him, held his cock, his big cock, and it was big, long and thick, wondering what it would feel like inside me, I rubbed it along the length of my pussy, already becoming wet. He stirred then, opening his eyes, I let go of it.
“Hello sleepy,” I said looking down at him. “Thanks for staying last night, I needed a cuddle.”
“That’s alright Mum, anytime.”
Mum, he hadn’t called me Mum since we’d arrived. I hugged him pressing my breasts against his chest.
“Come on time to get up, we’ve a long days work ahead of us,” I said getting off him, walking naked into the en-suite.
“Linda,” Mark called after me, “you need to get a wriggle on, you’re having a colonic at seven.”
“I’m having a fucking what?” I snapped.
“A colonic irrigation, its….”
“I know what it is, why am I having one?” I asked.
“Because, if you hadn’t forgotten, you are having you pretty and very shapely arse fucked today by three well hung and very lucky gentlemen.” Mark said.
“Oh yes!”

She was all set up near the changing room, and close to the toilets. She was sweet.
“How do you want me” I asked.
“If you can just take your knickers off, then get on the table, and lift the back of your dressing gown up.”
“I’m not wearing any, hold on need to take my butt plug out.”
I tugged on it, then pulled firmly it slid out. I felt odd, almost as if I was using the toilet. My anal muscles protested, I had a sudden shooting pain, as if my arse had cramp, which it may well have done. Then the pain was gone. I laid down as she wanted me.

I walked into breakfast, and found Mark joining him for coffee.
“I needed you just now, and where is my faithful assistant? Eating bacon and eggs, how can you so soon after getting up?”
“Easy Linda, I’m a growing boy. What did you need me for?”
“I needed a panty liner,” I told him.
“You’ve not got your period have you?” He said alarmed.
“No, you can calm down, I haven’t come on, I’m not due for a couple of weeks, no I needed one for my dripping arse. Anyway, I got one from the dispenser in the ladies, no thanks to you!”
“Thank fuck for that,” he said relived. “I’m really looking forward to watching you being made airtight,” he laughed.
“Linda, you really must learn all the technical terms, airtight is all holes filled.”
“What all at once,” I said rather alarmed.
“You’ll love it.”
“I think I will!

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