Naughty Daddy

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Naughty Daddy
What I want to tell you about is something that happened a few years ago. I ve never told you before but it was when things changed about how I saw you. I promise that I never had any naughty thoughts about you as you grew up, I couldn t be that sort of Daddy, that is wrong, but as you grew up into the young woman you are now, well, then things began to become hard for me to control what I thought and did.
It began when we went on that holiday to the log cabin in the country. It was a hot summer and you were waiting for the exam results to be announced in a couple of weeks time. I had begun to notice how your body was maturing and was regularly reminded with the sight of your bra hanging to dry and thinking, Crikey those are big cups, my little girl is blossoming fast.
One hot afternoon on a day when we hadn t planned to go anywhere, you were sunbathing on the lounger, wearing a bikini and I was sat reading a book. The heat became too much for me and I decided to take a shower to cool off. As I got up you asked me to put some sun-cream on your back. No problem there, until my hands began to catch the bikini top strap.
You can undo it for me if you like Daddy, I d rather not have a white line on my suntan anyway, you said it in a dreamy way as you just laid there and let me undo the clasp. I finished oiling you and stood up, saying
Right baby, going for a shower, shouldn t be long then I ll make us both a nice cool drink.
In the bathroom I sorted out my towel and stripped out of my shorts and tee shirt. the bathroom was very hot so I went to open the window, hoping to get a cool breeze to blow through. As I began to open the window a little way the first thing I saw was you laid out on your tummy, your back curving gently upwards to your backside covered by your bikini bottoms. But not fully covered, you must have pushed them down a little because I could see a definite valley between your buttocks until the skimpy material prevented any further view. With your arms stretched up next to your head I could also see a bulge of flesh pressing out from under your chest, my first view of your pale-skinned breasts that I had ever seen naked. And I was shocked at my body s reaction. My mind had registered what I saw, my brain clicked into a lustful thought process, and my penis began to feel aroused as the blood was sent pumping around.
Very soon my hands went down and without averting my stare they encouraged my hardening shaft to grow. Moving one hand now to cup my balls, they felt full in their soft loose-skinned sac, and my other hand began helping to ensure a full erection by stroking and teasing my foreskin up over the glans and down again …… Fucking Hell, I thought, You re wanking over your own daughter. What the ………
My thoughts were stopped dead as you began to move. My first reaction was to check that it wasn t me that had disturbed you, and a quick check confirmed it because you continued to turn your body over and lie on your back. then, Oh my God, your hands slowly moved up and took off the bikini top altogether. The sight of those young firm pale-skinned breasts topped with two darker coloured areola and nipples just simply hardened my erection immediately, took my breath away and made my breathing change to more of a panting. And it also made me unable to stop what had started.
You were still relaxed, eyes closed, and you spread more oil across those large domes, confirming to me that yes, my little girl was now a woman, no argument. My eyes took in the whole picture, and as I did I thought you were going to make me shoot my load there and then because your hands went to your bikini bottoms. It looked like you were going to take them off but you stopped short and just moved them down to where I could see a line of pubic hair peeping out from the material.
It was all too much now, my control was gone, I had become a voyeur who was masturbating as I looked at that erotic scene, standing there, with both my hands working me steadily, and producing pre-cum that lubricated my hands and penis. As the next couple of minutes passed, my physical actions and my brain took me to the point where body and mind produce a man s unstoppable ejaculation. ….. Oh my beautiful little girl ….. Oh those tits ….. Oh shit I want to fuck her ….. rip those panties off ….. lie on top of her ….. cock-head pushed between labia ….. fuck, she s ready for me, wet, hot ….. slowly in … that feels so good ….. Oh so tight …. Oh I m in all the way ….. so deep ….. kiss her …… hold her head in my hands …. kiss, tongues deep and playing ….. feel the softness of her tits …. Oh fuck, pumping in and out …. faster ….. cock sliding in and out of her cunt …. hands on her bum holding her to me ….. my daughter s letting me fuck her ……. Oh my baby ….let Daddy cum …. now ….. now ……
My thoughts closed down and my body was taken over with sexual euphoria as my cock pumped out spurts of hot semen against the wall below the window, hips thrusting, buttocks clenched, fast panting breathing, nerves tingling ………
Then you moved !! Your eyes opened and I swear you looked straight at the window. I ducked down and moved back. After a short while I cleaned up the runs of cum from the wall with tissues and turned on the shower and slowly returned to normal …………
But I had this nagging question in my head ….. Oh my God, did she see me?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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