Need It Bad

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Need It Bad
It was insane. To think it had been so long since I had been able to taste a cock that I was willing to do this. I was kneeling, blindfolded, in a black t-shirt and a pair of jeans with the ass cut out, kneeling on the floor of my hotel room with my boss in the room across the hall. It was just a few minutes after midnight and I was drunk, high on poppers, and horny as hell. Being bi and in the closet, I wasn’t able to hook up at ‘home’ much anymore, so it came down to taking advantage of a business trip to satisfy my craving for cock. Only hours earlier, after getting good and drunk, I had placed an ad on line describing exactly how they would find me when they came into the room and that my holes were aching to be filled.

Now, kneeling on the floor, blindfolded, I could hear the breathing of the first to arrive, sitting on the edge of the bed, fondling his cock. He said when he came in that he just wanted to watch. We both waited for the next to arrive, a guy who said he would be there by 12:15 and that he was cool with other guys participating or watching. They both said they were in their late 30’s, white, average build, with nice cocks. Both claimed to be tops and only interested in getting off.

As I knelt, wondering what the hell I was doing, my heart racing, I reached behind and played with the buttplug in my lubed ass. Then I heard the door to my room open. He closed it gently so it wouldn’t shut and lock and walked over to me. I was blindfolded with a bandana, but from the bottom, I could see his sandaled feet. I heard him undo his shorts and saw when they hit the floor and he stepped out of them. The two guys never said a word as I saw his feet step forward. I opened my mouth as he grabbed my head with both hands and slid the head of his cock into my mouth. I moaned softly as he fed it to me.

It was hard, thick but not too thick, and the perfect length for sucking. When it was buried in my mouth, I could feel the head pushing on the back of my throat. He would moan as I swallowed on the head. I could hear the guy on the edge of the bed breathing hard as he watched. I wanted to see what he was doing but couldn’t.
I tried to put on a show for him, sucking the second guys cock slowly, letting it slide along the inside of my cheek, licking it, getting it wet and dripping with my spit. The guy I was sucking made love to my mouth one minute, then would shove his cock in deep and fuck my mouth hard and without care. After a few minutes, I heard him mutter something and the guy on the bed was standing to my right. My head was directed to my right and I was soon sucking the other guys cock. It was long and thicker than the first one. He moaned loudly as I took it in my mouth. I grabbed one in each hand and pulled them to me so I could suck both at the same time. As I shoved them in my mouth, one guy moaned loudly and the other said ‘Oh, Shit” and moaned as I sucked them both.

We went like this for a while, the two of them standing, taking turns. The guy I originally started sucking directed me with his hands on my head from cock to cock. He would shove my head down on each and at one point told the other guy to fuck my slut face hard, which he eagerly did.

My own cock was aching under my jeans. My ass gripped at the butt plug as my face was fucked. I would moan and ask for more when they both would stop. I could hear them kissing. I felt someone’s hand slide down my back, under my t-shirt and pull it off of me. Then I heard the guy who had been sitting on the bed tell the other about the butt plug. Someone reached down and began to work it, then gently slide it out. It was the guy I had been sucking first and he spoke to me ‘How would you like to try something else in there?’ I gasped and moaned ‘Yes’ and he shoved his cock in my mouth. I sucked it , moaning ‘Yes’ over and over. ‘Fuck me, please. Oh, God, fuck my ass like I’m a fucking slut.’

I was helped off my knees and led to the bed where I was made to sit on the edge. I felt myself being forced to lay on my back as he grabbed my legs and lifted them. I grabbed each of my legs under the knee and held them up as I felt him position himself. The head of his cock pressed against me and then slipped in so easily. I moaned and as I heard him moan I knew it was the guy who had been second to arrive. He started fucking my ass in long deep strokes as he gripped my legs. As I moaned, the other guy climbed up on the bed to my right and fed me his cock. He slipped me the poppers as he fucked my mouth. No one even flinched as I heard the door open to the room open. It took a moment or two for it to close and it sounded as if more than one person was entering. The door clicked shut and I heard the guy fucking my ass tell them to make sure it was open and I heard them open and prop the door again.
I could hear clothes, belts, pants coming off. One of the new guys whispered ‘This is so fucking hot.’ more than once. I felt someone climb on the bed to my left and my head was turned to take another cock. I was in heaven.

The guy fucking my ass was going steady, deep, asking me if it felt good. I could only moan around whatever cock was in my mouth. My head would be turned to take a different cock and I felt a third man climb on the bed. He positioned himself over my head and fed me his cock.

The guy fucking me was breathing hard as he told me he was close. ‘Where do you want it, slut?’ he asked me. I couldn’t answer. I wanted it in me, on me, all over me. He buried his cock in me and asked again as I moaned. I had never been fucked like this. I was always on my hands and knees. I felt so dirty on my back, knowing they were all watching, looking at me, while they waited to fill my mouth or ass.
The cock in mouth, average size but tasting so good and so hard, twitched and throbbed. The guy it belonged to moaned ‘Shit!’ as he suddenly exploded in my mouth. The other guys moaned and encouraged him as he pumped my mouth full of cum. I swallowed it all. As soon as he was done, he was off the bed and in the bathroom cleaning up and was gone. I wasn’t sure how many were left, three, four…more.
There was another cock in mouth, fucking it, holding my head still. He was trying to gag me and would bury it deep in my throat, moaning for me to take it all. I heard someone moan they were close and they moved on the bed, close to my face. He moaned and began shooting cum all over my face and chest. The other guys moaned, calling me names. When he was done, I heard him clean and dress and he was gone.

The guy fucking my ass was going strong and steady. He would tell me how hot my ass was and how hot I looked sucking cock while he fucked me. I could tell he was struggling not to cum. He finally asked the guy who was fucking my mouth if he wanted a turn at my ass. He took over without words. His cock was much thicker and I soon found out it was longer as it filled me. My whole body was on fire as he fucked me long and slow. The other guy was just watching as this new man in my ass used me.
I figured it was just the two of them as my ass was abused and fucked deep. It only took about three minutes when the guy started moaning. “I’m ready, bitch.’ I moaned. I heard the other guy ask me. ‘Do you want it inside you? Do you?’ For some reason, it was his load I really wanted, but I just moaned, ‘Yess. Fill my ass. Yes.’ The man fucking me, holding onto my legs, began to move in long steady strokes, deep, slow, fucking my ass…I felt his arms on my legs convulse and felt his body shudder as he buried himself inside me and exploded. I begged for it. Begged him to fill my ass with his hot cum. I begged him to flood it so it would run out and down my ass. He did just that. When he was done, he withdrew and the other guy jumped in as if he had never stopped and pounded me hard. ‘Make him clean your cock.’ He said to the guy who just came. He climbed up on the bed and fed me his sticky cock.
‘Ass to mouth. What a fucking nasty slut’ he said as I licked and sucked him clean. The guy fucking me said he was close and asked where I wanted it. ‘Anywhere you want. Use me. Anywhere, baby.’ I moaned. The cock in my mouth was hard again and as he fucked my mouth, he stroked it. He was moaning at me that he was going to cum again. I couldn’t believe it. I moaned for him to.

The guy fucking me pulled out and he dragged me to the floor. The fed me their cocks, all of us breathing hard and moaning. Someone jerked me up and bent me over the corner of the bed. The guy who had been last fucking me, buried his cock in my ass and just started to fuck me like I was trash. The other guy fucked my face. The called me names, slut, bitch, whore. The guy fucking my face grabbed my hair and yanked my head up and smacked my face with his cock. He said he was going to cum all over my face. The guy behind me said he was ready and said he was going to cum all over my ass.

He kept fucking my ass and asked the other guy if he was ready. He had been fucking my face and stopping to stroke his cock and then fuck my face some more. He said he was as he grabbed my hair and held my head up. He started to spray my open mouth and face with cum. The guy behind me moaned and I felt him spurt once in my ass as he pulled out and then felt hot cum all over my back and ass. We all moaned as they came. I slid to the floor and they fed me their cocks to clean.

The guy who came on my face was the first to stop. I heard him dress and leave. Then, the other guy stopped. He cleaned off, leaving me on my knees on the floor. As he dressed, he asked me how often I was in town and if we could hook again. I quietly said yes. He thanked me and I said ‘No. Thank you.’ And he left.

As I stayed their on my knees, spent, covered in cum, I realized I had never felt so good and so satisfied. My cock was still hard beneath my jeans, and I couldn’t wait to get them off and lay back and stroke it as I went over all that had just happened. I didn’t even know what time it was. I reached up to take the blindfold off when I heard voices outside my door. I realized it was still open a crack as I heard the guy who had just left saying ‘Oh, yeah. This is the room you’re looking for.’ I caught my breath as I heard the door open. From under my blindfold I could see the light from the hallway spill into my dark room.

I heard a guy whistle softly in surprise and another guy softly say ‘Fuck. Oh, fuck yeah.’ The door softly closed, not catching as a voice said ‘You must be slut4roleplay , huh baby?’ With my head down I whispered ‘Yes.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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