Night with Eli

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Night with Eli
We meet at the best restaurant in town. As we greet, I instantly take notice of your stunning beauty and complement your looks. Following my instructions, you wear the same red dress as in those photos. However, they don’t do justice compared to seeing you in person. Thoughts immediately come to mind of wanting to pull off that dress and ravage you at the moment, but I keep control of my urges. Instead, I opt with a hug and a kiss on each cheek. I take notice of how damn good your scent is, and you take notice of my scent.

I ask to get the best seats for us to have privacy, wanting to make sure that we can focus on each other. Once we get seated and order some wine for drinks, I take out the remote control from my pocket of my suit, and I turn it on to stimulate your pussy. Knowing that you also followed my instructions of wearing a remote-controlled vibrator, you begin to get wet, and I respond by saying “Good girl.”. I continue to stimulate you, bringing you closer and closer to an orgasm, but I turn off the remote. I tease you with my words, knowing that you are hot and horny. I want to see how far I can go in driving you crazy with lust by edging you.

You try to entice me to bringing you to orgasm by turning me on with your subtle dirty talk. You even slip off your shoe and run your foot up against my leg and onto my groin in an attempt to tease me. My cock begins to stiffen, and I imagine how your soft, pretty feet would feel directly on it. As we gaze into each other’s eyes, the cute waitress checks up on us to see how we re doing. She has a slight suspicion that we re up to something naughty, and she briefly shifts her eyes between us with a knowing smile on her face. After we ask for the check, thoughts to come to our minds as to what we d like to do to her if we were given the opportunity.

As we leave the restaurant, other men and women see how hot you look and how lustful you look, and some of them even smile and grin. Your notice of them turns you on even more. As we get in my car to head to the hotel, I cuff your hands so that you will be unable to bring yourself off. You constantly beg me to let you cum, claiming that you’ll do ANYTHING I want. However, I express that I want you at peak state of arousal when we go to my hotel room.

I carry you into the room and place you on the king-sized bed that I requested. As I remove the cuffs, slip off your dress, I see that you are wearing your vibrator-filled panties but no bra. As I get the panties off, I comment on how wet you are, and I ask you if you really meant what you said about doing anything I want. You frantically nod your head and say “Yes, yes, yes! Please let me cum!” Grinning, I run my tongue against your pussy, feeling the wetness and tasting the sweetness. You cum hard, and I suck on your labia and clit to intensify the orgasm. Seeing the look of sexual bliss on your face turns me on immensely.

I move up to you, caress your face and tell you that you’re in my care. I proceed to kiss you deeply, our tongues swirling so that you taste your own juice. As I gradually take off my clothes, I move down to your neck then to your cute tits. I suck on one nipple while caressing the other. With only my boxer briefs remaining, you beg me to give you my cock. I ask you “Are you ready to be my good little slut wife?”, and you respond by saying “Yes, Sir.”. Your response pleases me, and we switch positions so that I let you take off my boxer briefs. You lick your lips as you get a sight of my hard brown cock. You hungrily lick and suck on it, getting it nice and wet with your wicked tongue. I touch your hair and tell you how hot you look as you’re sucking me off. You then proceed to mount me, rubbing your pussy against my cock before sliding it in.

At first, I’m taken aback as to how aggressive you are, and you ask me if I’m enjoying how you’re fucking me. I respond with “Fuck yeah!” while fondling your tits. Next, I sit up to kiss you while we caress each other’s backs. I move my hands down to your cute ass, and I whisper in your ear how much I’d like to feel my cock inside it next time. Hearing that makes you cum hard again. After panting for a few moments, you dismount to taste your juices on my cock.

I lay you down your back and spread your legs while lifting them up. I begin to kiss and lick your feet, and I tell you how naughty you were for teasing me with them back at the restaurant. “You mean like this?”, you ask as you move one foot off my hand and stroked my cock. I respond by saying “Yes, but it’s much better now.” before sucking your toes and rubbing your pussy.

After a few moments, I slide back into your pussy, and I hold your ankles. I marvel at how beautiful you look, and I enjoy the contrast of my brown skin against your white skin. “Faster! Harder!”, you say. I tell you to beg, and you comply, telling me you want and need my cock in you. I get on top of you and fuck you harder, faster, and deeper.

As you moan and pant, I tell you how much of a naughty little slut you are. “Yes…”, you respond. “Yes, what?”, I ask. “I’m a naughty little slut!”, you respond. “Say it again!”, I demand. “I’m a naughty little slut!”, you shout. “I’m going to cum!”, I exclaim, and you wrap your arms and legs around me as I pump my hot cum deep inside your married white pussy.

After panting for a few moments, we deeply kiss each other. I get off of you, and I have you taste our combined juices off my cock. I tell you to look at my cum oozing from you pussy, and I dig my fingers into it to feed it to you. We lay down and snuggle up to each other. I take another look at you and smile at how hot you look. You then give me a look and cutely giggle. The thoughts of another hot night between us are already on our minds.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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