Revenge is Sweet

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Revenge is Sweet
I had been married for two years when I began to suspect my wife’s infidelity. She seemed to have little respect for me or for my feelings, and had little desire for my sexual advances, while, at the same time, wearing more and more revealing clothing when going about mundane errands in town.
Thinking I would rather know than be played for a fool, I spent hours devising the perfect plan to discover the truth! It involved a complex series of false information left for her discovery… phone calls in her presence about setting up a long fishing trip, reservations made, tickets purchased for a flight to a well known fly fishing lodge, calls returned from fishing buddy that I was not home to take… messages heard, and saved for me. I covered every angle, thought of all things that could go wrong, and made adjustments to keep the plan in effect.
The day arrived, I called a cab to take me to the airport, even checked in for my flight, and asked the ticket agent to notify me if my wife called to verify that I made my flight! She did! I had a strange thing happen at the news of her call… I became quite aroused, knowing she would soon be with her lover, and quite possibly, in my own home! I dialed our number, and, when she answered, turned on a recording of a telemarketer…. oh fuck! I knew she was home! I rushed out to the cab stand, jumped in a cab for the return home, all the way, my strange excitement increasing, my cock actually oozing precum enough to make a wet spot on the crotch of my pants! I felt a power not felt before, I imagined how contrite my wife would be when I confronted her and her lover, how I would dominate the confrontation with my righteous anger, and how I would be magnanimous in my victory! I told myself that these were the reasons for my sexual arousal, that itg was due to the power I had over them, not the thought of carnal lusts my wife was sharing with another man! Defintley not visions of his cock sliding deep into my wife’s aroused cunt, their grunts of bestial ruttings echoing throughout my home! NO! Never that, i told myself, no matter the erotic pictures my mind concocted of cheating wife spreading her slutty legs, cunt engulfing cock! Fucking, fucking, ohhhhhh, YES! Fucking my WIFE! FUCK! I want to see her fucking!
The cab dropped me off on the street behind my house, I entered my property though the gate to my back yard, from there, I made my way to the garage, went int the side door and tiptoed into the house! My excitement was aifire in my loins, my cock as stiff and big as it had ever been in my life! I just had to unzip and free it, if only for a moment! Walking quietly into the living room, I had the shock of my life! There on the couch sat my mother, weeping quietly into her hands! I walked toward her, and knelt down, gently pulling her hands for her face and softly asked what was wrong, why was she here…. “ Oh Tim , she whispered, I’m so sorry” It’s your father, he is so wicked”! I asked what she ment, and unmindful that I had taken my cock out, and was still erect I leaned in to kiss the tears from her cheeks and whispered for her to tell me the truth! Sobbing, my mom told me how, on my Wedding Day, while still in her wedding dress, she caught my dad and my wife copulating in a back room of the church! They were not just cuckolding the both of us, me and mom, but they were laughing about it, about how stupid we both were and how unapealing we were to then as husband or wife! And how he would make her pregnant so they could make a fool out of me, make me nothing.
I was shocked at the hatred my father had for me, and the contenpt they both had of the two of us, but it seemed to bring my mother closer to me than any other time I could remember. When I asked why she kept their secret, she simply said, “ I could never hurt you like that, Timmy, I love you too much.” Timmy, she hadn’t called me Timmy in many years. Dad didn’t like how close we were, and in his mind, how sissy Timmy, sounded! But I always liked when mom called me that, and I told her so, as I knelt in front of her, arm arms reaching to hug her. As I did, my erection slid across her dress, sliding the hem of her dress up, exposing her nyloned thighs, and leaving snail trail on her skin above her nylons…” What? Timmy, why is your penis out?” What is happening ?” she whispered…. I was frozen in place, and could only whimper in shame and perverse desire….” I, I love you mom! I love you so much, I would do anything to make you happy, I love you so very much” and began to cry, ‘Oh Tim, my darling Timmy, don’t cry. You do make me happy, you have always been my special boy, my sweet Timmy”, and now she was kissing my tears away! I held my mother’s hips in my hands, pulling her derriere to the very edge of the couch, as she slid down lower, my lips sought her tears, and found her lips instead! Oh GOD, I shuddered in pure wondrous passion at the touch of our lips, the scent of her perfume, and taste of her lipstick made me slide my tongue between her tear moistened lips, to findm her tongue searching for mine! We bothe whimpered and sighed as we kissed, our lips grinding in passion and love, real, true, unadulterated LOVE!
Mom, ohhhh mommy, I love you so much” i gasped into her mouth… “Baby, ohhh my baby Timmy” my mother whimpered as we kissed, and her hand reach to touch my erect penis… “oh my, you are such a big boy , she giggled, her fingers dancing the length and breadth of my Cock! Still holding my mother’s hips, I stood, lifting her, our crotches tighly molded, ungtil as she remained standing, I dropped to my knees, sliding her panties down, to puddle at her feet, lifting one leg, she stepped out odf them, leaving them pooled around one ankle. So sexy, so fucking sexy a pose as any woman ever struck for her son! I buried my face in her pubic mound, breathing deeply of her scent, I felt her fingers entwining in my hair and her thighs parting as she pulled my face between her thighs! My mouth opened, my tongue sought it’s prize and licked and suckled at mommy’s cunt! “ YESSSS!” my mother moaned, “ I have dreamed of this for oh, so many years, Timmy darling!
In toxicated by the tatse of my own mother’s cunt and the juices of her continuing orgasms, I lapped her cunt, her clitoris, and squeezed her bountiful tits………. I need to tell you, my mother was in her 16th summer when I was born, so was only in her 40th summer when these events took place.Her body, slightly overweight, but by no needs fat, still held a beauty few women ever achieved Her breasts, full and ripe, with a very slight pear shape, were peach colored with impossibly pink nipples, her waist only slightly thick, but wonderfully curved, with hips rounded and toned, a kind of Earth Mother quality about her whole body, with a face to match, ankles still delicate and slender, calves of a dancer, petite feet, as soft as silk. If I were to design the perfect woman, t would be her…… “please, Mom” I whimpered, I need you, I want to be with you” “You want to Fuck mommy, dear?” she giggled.. Come fuck mommy, Timmy, fuck me so good”! Laying her on the carpet in fron to the couch, I slid my cock deep in my own mom’s pussy, and began the age old rhythmic motions of copulation, the sounds of our pubes slapping together spurring on our desires, we FUCKED! Oh how we fucked, at once tender, then with a lust untamed and wild! Gutteral sounds replaced by whimpers and sighs of pure love and devotion! My mother and I fucked each other like we were trying to make up for lost years, her orgasms a continuation, from one to another, mine a spewing of semen deep in her, spurt afeter spurt. I knew not when my orgasm quit or another began! Seemed my cock was contnuing to cum, balls aching with each new contraction. semen only oozing now, tiring, slowing, until mother’s cunt squeezed my cock and we began again. To say we only fucked was the understatment of the decade… for WE FUCKED. My mother fucked me, I fucked my mother, then, finally, we rested, cock still in cunt, and talked, we told every secret we had, we shared all and everthing,,,, she asked whty I came home, why my cock was out… I told her of my plan, and how I finally admitted to myself that the thought of being cuckolded excited me, and that even now, knowing my own fucking asshole father was the instument of my cuckoldry,was exciting to me, and the knowledge that in cheating, they brought us to this, so I no longe rfeel anger…….”What the fuck!” startled us from our revelry, there, naked and sweeting stood wife and father, looking in disbelief, at mother and son tangled in post copulation recline. “I’ll kills you you liyttle fucker” He bellowed! I jumped to my feet, and as he charged at me, a punched the asshole right in the mouth! Down in a heap he went, a shocked look on his face. I stepped over him, my depleted cock dripping spilt semen on his swollen lip. Lick it you fucker, or I will beat you half to death” I told him. To my surprise and delight the asshole did! He reached up to hold my balls and licked the head of my cock, his tongue swiped across my cick slit!
Crawl to my mother and lick my cum from her cucnt, Dear Father, for you will never touch her again! Come here you cunt, I’m gonna lay on my back so you can squat on my face and drink all the slime from your cheating cunt, now get over here! Thus I fulfilled my burgeoning desire of being a cuckold, and greedily lapped at my wife’s cum filled cunt, forcing multiple orgasms from her… I laughed at every orgasm the wracked her body, saying, last time we have sex, bitch, I have my mom! Why would i ever settle for YOU after her?
When my mom and I were satisfied, we told them to show us how they fuck and cheat on us, then laughed and joked about how ineffectual they were at the fine art of the Fuck!I asked my mother to move in with me, told the cuntwife she could stay as long as she kept cuckolding me, but not with my dad, he was denied our family and no father to me, nor husband to mom. Any thought of exposure would be dealt with swiftly, and brutally!
Then, my mother and I showed them both what real fucking was!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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