Ruined Wife

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Ruined Wife
I have been trying for the last few years to get my wife to have sex with another man. She said that she would never do anything like that. She did start to let me take nude pictures of her and of her playing with some of her toys. One night when I was talking to someone in an interracial chatroom when they ask me if i had any pictures of my wife. I had never thought about sharing them with anyone else. I started getting excited just thinking about someone else looking at her naked body. I knew that I had to hide her face in case someone we knew might see her and recognize her, so I used a picture editor to alter her face and sent some pictures, I even started posting them on newsgroups and interracial sites.

Then one day I was chatting with someone and sent some pics, he responded by saying that they were great pics but wondered why all the pics but one had the faces altered and that he thought he recognized her. I panicked because I knew that if she ever found out that I was sharing her pictures that I would be getting a divorce. I checked what I had sent him and sure enough there was one picture of her laying on our bed with her legs spread with a big cucumber sticking half way up her pussy and her face was clearly visible. I responded telling him that my wife did not know that I was sending her pics out and would he please delete the email and please forget about the pictures. Thats when he just logged off and I lost contact.

I was a nervous wreck for the next two weeks, but by the third week I had started to relax and figured that nothing was going to happen about the pictures. The at the end of the fourth week I checked my email and there was an email from him. He began by saying to guess where he had gone today. Then he said he had to go to the hospital and guess who he saw. My heart just sank because I knew that he had figured out who my wife is. She works at the hospital. He said he was there to see a friend of his that works there and seen her there and would get back to me later because he had something in mind but needed to work out some details first.

His next email really scared me because he said that he had and his friend had decided that they wanted to fuck her. I replied that there was nothing that I could do to make this happen. His next response said that his friend had a d**g that when given to someone would make them uncontrollably horny and out of their mind but the best thing was that she would not remember anything the next morning. I told them that I would not do it. He said if I didn t he would tell my wife and publish the pic all over the web and make sure that everyone saw it. There was nothing that I could do so I agreed,but told him that the only way I would agree is if they would use rubbers because she was not on any kind of birth control. He agreed.

The next day he sent me another email telling me that friday afternoon that I would have a package in my mailbox with the d**g in it and that I should give it to my wife at 6 pm that evening and that I should wait one hour and take her to a local store and drop her off and leave her. He said that it takes about an hour and a half for the d**g to kick in so I had to be on schedule.

Friday night finally rolled around and I was nervous and very horny at the same time. This was the first time that I realized how horny I was. My wife came home from work and I told her to go get ready because we were going to go out and get something to eat. At about 6 pm I made her a drink with the d**g in it and took it to her while she was getting ready, she had already drank all of it and we were leaving our house at 6:05, five minutes late. It took us about 5 minutes to get to the store,and she was already acting a little funny. I told her that I had to stop and get some gas and would she run in and get me some gum while I fill the car up. As soon as she entered the store I drove off.

I was supposed to go home and wait but I went across the street and waited to see what was happening. It didn t take long when I saw a car pulling up and a black guy that I recognized as a janitor from the hospital got out and went in. About 5 minutes later he came back out with my wife, you could tell that she was not in her right mind. I tried to follow them but was cut off by a big truck and lost them, so I decided to go home and wait.

When I got home I started watching TV and trying to keep from going crazy and decided to check my email and sure enough I had mail. It was an email from them with a internet address, so I went there and got a big surprise,it was a webcam and there was my wife sitting on a couch rubbing her pussy through her jeans and moaning like crazy. Then a black guy came into view, he was naked and sporting a half erect cock about 9 inches long and almost as big around as a coke can. He was coming up behind her,she had her eyes closed and was still rubbing her pussy with one hand while she was busy undoing her shirt with the other hand,she continued with her bra and started massaging her tits.

He came up behind her and laid his big black dick over her shoulders, rubbing it up and down on the side of her face,she opened her eyes and looked startled for a minute but proceeded to play with herself. He took her head and turned it sideways and he started rubbing his dick across her lips,she opened her mouth and started to take it in her mouth. It looked so sexy with him standing behind her with his giant black dick laying over her shoulder going in and out of her mouth.

He had a big smile on his face and he was looking straight into the camera and started saying how much he is going to enjoy what they were going to do to my wife. He took his dick out of her mouth and moved around in front of her, he kneeled down and started removing her skirt. After he slipped it off and eased his hands up under ass and grabbed her panties and eased them off.

It was a beautiful site there was her beautiful wet pussy there on display in front of a black man who was about to fuck the hell out of her. Her pussy was the wettest I had ever seen it. He started rubbing the head of his dick up and down wet slit, she was begging him to fuck her with his big black cock, the contrast between her pale white skin and his coal black dick was unbelievable. He started to ease it into her inch by inch,it took about a minute for him to get it all the way in, and she was moaning and squirming the whole time it was a lovely site a set of big black balls resting on my wife s ass. He started easing it in and out slowly picking up speed, she was begging him to fuck her faster, he took her legs and put them over his shoulders and really started pounding her.

He had been fucking her hard for about 5 minutes when he turned his face toward the camera and said that he lied about the rubber and that he was about to fill your wife s pussy full of cum. I hadn t realized it but he wasn t wearing a condom. I could hear my wife asking him not to cum in her because she didn t want to get pregnant, but he was pistoning in and out ofher pussy like crazy. His dick was shining with her juices as his strokes started getting more erratic, he said here it comes baby and made one final thrust burying his dick all the way in and held it there, his butt muscles started flexing and iI could tell he was emptying his balls in her cunt. I knew that as deep as he was those little black sperm wouldn t have to swim because he was shooting in her womb. He finally quit cumming and started to ease out of her,his dick was coated with a mixture of her juice and his sperm. There was a big puddle of sperm oozing out of her and down the crack of her ass.

He moved and switched places with the camera guy, his dick was about an inch longer but not quite as big around and he proceded to deposit the second load of cum in her pussy. Then they said it was time for the main attraction, one guy laid down on his back and told my wife to get on top and sit on his dick with her back toward his head, she reached down and guided his big black dick into her and started riding him, he reached up and pulled her back where she was laying on her back on his chest. The other guy started to get dowm on his knees in front of her, he started rubbing his dick on her clit while the other guy was still fucking her. The guy rubbing his dick on her looked at the camera and said now we are going to ruin this pussy for you, and started to ease his dick into her cunt with the other on already in there.

He wasn t having too much luck so he really started pushing, my wife started yelling stop but now he was starting to make some progress. He had managed to get about 3 inches in and was still going deeper,it took about 3 minutes but he managed to get all of it in,there was my wife layiny there with her legs spread wide open with not one but two big black dicks buried all the way in her pussy. She had a total of about 19 inches of dick up her. They both started to move in and out,it looked like two black shafts pistoning in and out of her, after about 5 minutes she started loosening up and and they really started fucking. They both started cuming at the same time and put the third and fourth loads in her of the night. when they pulled out her pussy looked like a cave, it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen, it was full of sperm and leaking dowm her legs.

One of them went out of the picture for a minute and when he returned he had four young black guys that I recognized as boys that were in my son s senior class in high school, the guy came and looked into the camera and said that was all i got to see and they would bring her back home when they were through with her and with that my screen went blank.

It was 4 in the morning when my wife got home,someone rang the doorbell and when I got there she was sitting on the porch leaning on the wall passed out and completely naked I looked around and thought I seen on of my neighbors looking out their window but I wasn t sure. I picked her up and took her to the bed. Her tits were swollen and full of red marks, and when I got to her pussy, man what a sight, it was gaping wide open and her cunt lips were swollen like you wouldn t believe. I put my fist up to her pussy and it slipped in with no effort, it went half way up to my elbow. When I pulled it back out out it was covered with cum. I couldn t control myself and i dove face first into her sloppy pussy and cleaned all the cum I could find out of her. I was going to fuck her but when I tried my dick wouldn t even touch the sides so I had to jack off.

I cleaned her up and put her to bed and went to check my email. I had an email from him saying that my wife was his whore now and that whenever he wanted her that I was to deliver her, He also said that he would send me a video of the night in a day or two and that my wife is probably pregnant because she had taken 12 loads of cum dumped in her pussy that night. I had to jack off again. My balls were shrunk up like raisons from cumming so many times.

The next morning my wife woke me up asking what happened last night,she said that she could not remember what happened,but her pussy was stretched open and she was sore and cum was running out of her pussy. I told her that she got drunk and got a big cucumber and really worked her pussy over and that I had fucked her two times before she passed out. She seemed to buy the story but I never seemed to be able to satisfy her. I just got another email from him saying that I was to have her at the same store this Saturday night, so I will let you know what happens!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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