Scally & Mosher

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Scally & Mosher

© 2012 Robbie Webb

I’d seen him go into them bogs in the park a few times. So this particular afternoon I followed him. I didn’t know his name. I’d seen him hanging around town a few times and in the park. He was one of them moshers or goths or whatever the fuck they’re called. I think he lived in Mendip Close, somewhere round there, the posh area. He wasn’t from the estate where I live.

So yeah, this was like the third or fourth time I’d seen him go into them bogs, so I waited five minutes but he didn’t come out. I went in to see what he was up to and the dirty little bastard, he was only having a fucking wank. Swear down. He was standing at the urinals looking at all the dirty drawings on the wall and he had his stiff cock out of his baggy jeans, tossing himself off.

I sneaked up behind him, put my hand on his shoulder. He panicked, turned round to face me, his big stiff dick sticking out of his black baggy jeans, his pale hand still gripping it. That looked well horny, his fingers wrapped round his dick, with them black painted fingernails.

He almost shit himself.

He took his hand off his cock, tried to stuff it back into his baggy jeans but it wouldn’t go. I’d never been this close to a mosher before. Or an emo or whatever. Us scallies and them moshers don’t mix. Some of my scally mates, they can’t stand them mosher goth boys but I think they look well sexy with their pale skin and their black floppy hair and their black eyeliner and black painted fingernails.

I love my mates to bits but they can be right pricks at times, and when there’s a fight with us scallies and them moshers it’s always the fucking scallies that start it. I hate my mates when they start fights with them moshers. They’re proper nice people them mosher boys. Never go out looking for trouble like what some of the lads on the estate where I live do.

This mosher in the bogs, bless him, he looked well scared. I wanted to give him a big hug and kiss him on those thick juicy looking lips but I thought I’d pretend I was disgusted with him just for a giggle like.

“You dirty fucking wanker!”

He put his hands out.

“I don’t want any trouble.”

His cock was still hard. He had a great cock. Nice and long and thick it was with a nice big fat juicy looking head. That’d be nice with my lips wrapped round it. Looked like the horny bastard was close to cumming. There was loadsa juice bubbling out of that big slit in his bell-end.

He tried to stuff his dick back into his baggy jeans but even though his jeans were well baggy he still couldn’t get his dick back inside coz it was so big and stiff. There was no way this horny mosher boy was gonna lose his erection. Horny boned up goth boy.

“I didn’t know you goths had cocks!”

I still had my hand on his shoulder. I was loving the physical contact with this gorgeous cute as fuck mosher.

He said it again.

“I don’t want any trouble.”

“Looks a bit gay to me, that cock.”

His cock was still hard.

“How can a cock look gay?”

“Shut up.”

“Do you mean it’s bent?”

”I said shut up.”

“But it’s not even bent. Look. It’s dead fucking straight.”

I pressed myself up against him so that his hard dick was throbbing against me. It felt nice and hot. Could feel the heat of it as it throbbed against my trackies and my top. This lad was absolutely gorgeous. Could just about see his blue eyes through his dark floppy fringe. My own cock was getting boned up in my trackies. I wasn’t sure if he could feel it.

I’d seem the way those mosher boys were always hugging each other. They were always gangs of ‘em hanging round the fountain in Bridge Street and they were always hugging each other. I just wanted to give him a nice big hug and a kiss but I was in the mood for a bit of fun.

“Get down on the floor on your hands and knees, cute boy.”

He was a bit confused as to why I called him cute boy. And yeah, he did feel my dick getting hard. He looked down and he saw my cock tenting my trackies.

I looked down at my tented trackies then I looked into his goth eyes.

“Look what you done to me now, cute boy. You got my big dick all boned up in my trackies.”

He said he was sorry. He was so sweet.

“What would my scally mates do if they found out one of you cute mosher boys had got my cock all hard, eh?”

He looked proper confused now. His cock was still hard and our hot cocks were pressed together. I pulled my trackies down at the front and my naked dick sprang up and slapped against the mosher’s dick, naked scally dick and naked mosher dick rubbing together.

I brought my face up real close to his face.

“I’m gonna have to teach you a lesson, cute mosher boy. Public toilets are for pissing in, not wanking.”

He was now breathing real heavy and I could feel his cock juice dribbling all over my bell-end.

My lips were almost touching his lips.

“You have a big dirty wank in the toilets, you make my dick get hard and then you get it all wet and sticky with your nob juice.”

He said sorry again and pulled himself away from me.

I pulled him back closer to me till his dick was touching mine again and I slipped my hand round to the back and grabbed his arse through his baggy jeans.

“I think this needs a good spanking, don’t you? Eh?”

He couldn’t work me out. One thing was for certain though, horny mosher boy was well horny. His cock was well boned up and drooling loadsa juice.

He let me squeeze his arse through his jeans and his cock twitched and slapped over mine.

I said it again.

“Get down on the floor on your hands and knees.”

This time he obeyed me. I pretended I didn’t see the little smirk on his face. Oh nice one. He wasn’t scared. He knew I was just having a bit of fun. If I thought he was scared I would have stopped straight away. He was enjoying this as much as I was. The cute as fuck mosher boy with the drop dead gorgeous blue eyes and floppy dark hair, he was on his hands and knees on the piss wet floor with his bum pushed out, waiting for me to spank him.

He said, “You won’t tell my mates about this, will you?”

“Shut up, sexy goth boy!”

He knew I wasn’t gonna hurt him. I couldn’t hurt a gorgeous lad like him. He was beautiful. And anyway, I don’t fight. I couldn’t fight my way out of a paper bag. I’m not like most lads on my estate. If anything, I’m more like them peace-loving moshers.

I gave a tut.

“Come here. What you like you? How am I supposed to spank your bum when you’ve not pulled your jeans down?”

And I pulled his jeans down over his bum. He just stayed there on his hands and knees and let me do it. And I pulled his white underpants down over his bum. His jeans and undies were around his knees and he was sticking his bum out and it looked well sexy – nice and tight and smooth.

I got down on my knees and I put my hands on the mosher’s cute little bum, had a good feel of it. Then I took his trainers off and I pulled his jeans and undies all the way down and off his feet. I pulled his top up to his shoulders. He looked well fucking horny – skinny smooth pale-skinned goth. He had his back arched and his bum sticking up, legs spread wide.

I started spanking him with my bare hand, one cheek then the other and it was well sexy seeing his white bum change to pink then red. Soon his bum was well hot and shiny. And I carried on spanking him and he was loving it, squirming his hips around as I spanked his sexy bum. I carried on spanking him with my right hand and I slipped my left hand between his legs from behind, slid my fingers over his tight smooth balls and up to his cock and I jacked his hard cock as I spanked his bum.

I got my cock out of my trackies. I pulled my trackies down. Fuck it. I got naked in the park bogs and I pulled the mosher’s top off and we were both bare arsed bollock naked in the park bogs and we rolled over on the piss wet floor, arms around each other, and we kissed and we rubbed our hot dicks together. Then I flipped him over and I spit on my cock and I spit on his pink little arsehole and I nobbed the skinny pale-skinned goth boy up the bum, fucked the gorgeous mosher in the park toilets. Fucked him and wanked his cock.

Now why can’t all scallies and moshers get on like that? We got dressed and we kissed for ages and he tasted well sweet and when I brushed his dark floppy hair away and got a proper look at those gorgeous blue eyes I think I fell in love with him.

I put my arm around him.

“My name’s Jamie by the way.”

“I’m Pagan.”

“Cool name.”

“So’s yours.”

We shook hands and we walked out of the toilets together.

The above story is taken from my Kindle book SCALLY & MOSHER, available on Amazon.

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