School Trip: My teacher s sister

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School Trip: My teacher s sister
Last year I slept over my at my teacher s apartment. That s when I first met Ashley, her sister. She was the same age as me, studying Tourism. I liked her, but I didn t make a move on her considering she s my teacher s sister. I didn t even add her on Facebook just to be safe.

A month passed and she sent me a friend request, I accepted since it d be awkward not to. The next day she sent me a message on Facebook. I replied in a way that didn t show interest in her but also didn t give a sign of hostility. I kept myself in control. I logged off and then I got a message in my phone from an unknown number, it was her. She got my number from my teacher.

We text, at about 3 months passed, we kept in touch, I had to sleep over at my teacher s again (I sleep over at my teacher s place coz her apartment is closer to the bus terminal where we usually meet up for school trips). About six of my classmates were there too.

I couldn t sleep and two of my classmates were making out under the blanket. So I got up, text her R U UP? . She replied yes. I asked her if she would like to talk in the balcony. She replied, it s too cold, and I have to study, come in my room instead.

So I went to her room. Her bed was a queen sized spring bed. She sat on an end of her bed with her back against the wall. Papers s**ttered all over, probably reviewers.

I sat next to her really casually even though it was the first time we talked in person in four months.

I m tired! I hate Statistics! she said.
Well, it s quite easy. I told her.
You must really your teacher huh? You listened to her all through the lesson? She asked.
Actually I m usually asleep when in class and my classmates just wake me up to copy my answers when she brings out a quiz. I told her.
Wow! You must be really smart! She said.
No, back in high school I was in a special class where there collect all the k**s with high grades from elementary, they taught us Advance Statistics. I failed but I guess I still remember most of it.
You don t look like the kind of guy who was a nerd in high school. She told me.
I wasn t. I was weird but had a lot of friends and skipped out on a lot of classes. I told her.
a lot of friends and a lot of girlfriends? She asked.
A few. I smiled.
And did the learn anything in high school? She asked.
I ve taught them a lot of things that their new boyfriends might appreciate. I gave her a grin. A hell of a lot of dirty things popped up in my head.
What kind of things? She asked nervously, avoiding eye contact.

I held her chin with two fingers and kissed her. Out lips pressed on each other and clashed in the silence of the night.

I turned my head left and right as my feather like kisses fell on her. My tongue then slid into her lips and explored every corner of her mouth. Like a wild serpent it danced in her mouth, causing her tongue to reply to my every move.

My hand held her head as the other was placed on her waist. I shifted and pushed my head to her neck. Kissing her neck, she moans. I then move my hands from her waist to her back. I felt her warmth through her clothes. My other hand withdrew from her head and cupped fer breast. Fondling her, squeezing her, making her moan.

I stopped kissing her and slowly unbutton her shirt. I took her shirt off and took in the scent of her sweat. I then undid her bra and let her fine tits fall free.
Then I pushed her on her bed, laying her on layers of papers she was reading just moments ago.
I pushed myself down and pulled down her shorts. Exposing her panties. Damn it. You smell so good Ashley. I told her and she bit her lip.

I pulled off her panties, sniffing it just to tease her. Then I rubbed my middle finger at her slightly wet pussy. Letting my palm hit her clitoris.
And when I felt her pussy relax, I pushed my finger in and she moaned Oh! Heavens! .

I fingered her and fingered her as I watched her squeezed her own tits, moaning, and sometimes closing her legs and trapping my hand.

Shhhh. Keep it down, your sister and the others my hear. I said.
She nodded.
I then continued pleasuring her and leaned down to suck her nipples. She hugged my head to the delight of my tongue twisted around her nipples. I softly bit her nipples and pulled it. She then gushed a lot of her cum on my hand. I pulled my finger out and gave her my hand to suck.
Taste the sweet juice you just made. I told her. She licked and suck my finger. It was erotic.
I got up and unbuttoned my pants, I unzipped it and pulled it down. To the excitement, I did not bother to take my boxers off. I just let my hard cock through the slip in the middle of my boxers and came on top of her. We kissed and our tongues again clashed.
I held my weight through my arms and told her to spread her legs. She did.
I then positioned my cock and pushed it into her and I felt her hymen snap.
Her body arches and she was about to moan but I kissed her to stop her from waking the others outside.
My one hand on her ass, squeezed her and slid to her tit. I slowly pushed myself in her and she bit her lips. The sound of papers on her back filled the room.
I rammed her faster and faster and faster. She locked her legs behind me and squeezed her breast whispering Oh yes! .
I moved faster and felt the walls of her vagina tighten.
It was an ecstatic orchestra of pleasure for the both of us.
She then came and bathed my penis with her pussy juice.
I then pulled out and let her suck my cock. She did well for someone who just lost her virginity.
I then held her head and took the lead. Maneuvering her head into angles and making her go faster. She stroked my cock as she sucked on the tip and I blew it in her mouth.
I swallowed my load then coughed. The was quite a surprise she said.
I apologized and kissed her forehead.
My cum was dripping on her papers.
We got in our clothes again and I went to the bathroom to clean up as she tried to clean her bed.
After a few minutes, I kissed her good night and went back to my classmates.
The giggled as I lay with them in the futon. I told myself They must be thinking I didn t know they were making out under the blankets . I then fell asleep.
I only got two hours of sleep then someone woke me up to prepare to leave. While everyone was busy preparing coffee, taking baths, cooking, and stuff, I sneaked into Ashley s room to make out with her one more time before we leave. I cupped her breast a few more times and she gave me a blowjob in her shower. When I got out of her room, everybody was waiting their turn to use the guess bathroom.
Where did you take a bath? My classmate asked.
In Ashley s bathroom. I asked her if I could use it and she was okay with it. I told them, Maybe you could ask her if you could use it too.
With a grin my classmate said okay and she came into Ashley s room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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