Sexy Story- Enjoy!

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Sexy Story- Enjoy!
Every day I show up to the leasing office, its always the same. Walk in, say good morning to the other agent, get some coffee and sit at my desk to begin reading my emails. The air conditioning is broken, and there is no end in sight for this summer heat. The humidity drains my energy before lunch every day. I show some apartments, but most people don t rent here. I walk them through different units giving my well rehearsed speech, knowing in the back of my head that its probably all for nothing.

My friday was almost over with when my co-worker decided to fuck me over one more time. OMG, I have an emergency, can you take my 3pm showing? Knowing her emergency was the discovery that happy hour at a new restaurant in town starts at 3 instead of 5, I reluctantly agreed. It was 2:30pm, and I was planning on bouncing early myself. Now I had to sit and wait in the blazing heat, waiting to show this apartment. Give me the folder, see you monday, I said. So I sat there in our all black uniform, waiting for…Brandon Lawrence. After seeing the name, I closed the folder, and scanned outside my window waiting.

Brandon was ten minutes early. When he walked into the office, he automatically brought me to my feet. Tall with a light tan, he had his hair cleanly parted to the side. He looked to be in his early 30 s. He had well defined facial features. His chest stuck out more than his gut (a rareity in this town). He looked like he did triathlons. Do you do triathlons? I was so flustered and was embarrassed that a question as dumb as that was the first one out of my mouth. I apologized and introduced myself. He did the same, saying nice to meet you, but I thought Megan was showing me a couple units today? I told him that Megan was slamming Margaritas, and I had no problem showing him around. My lucky day had arrived.

I excused myself to the bathroom before showing apartments to catch my breath. This man was gorgeous, and my heart was beating like crazy. I closed the door, turned on the light, looked in the mirror and took some deep breaths. I straightened out my silver necklace, and got my frizzled hair out from underneath it. Like so many times before, I grabbed my breasts and lifted them a few inches thinking they d stay there once i took my hands away. To my great surprise my attempt at a 3 second boob lift failed again. My nipples weren t failing me right now; I noticed that I was quite excited. I decided that Brandon seeing my hard nipples wouldn t be the worst thing in the world, and I moved on down. I sucked in my stomach, and turned to see my ass…my favorite body part. I ran may hands over it, gave myself a smile in the mirror and with a slap on the ass I was out the door. Let s go.

I began my typical speech inside the apartment, but my mouth wasn t connected to my brain. The right words came out, but I couldn t stop staring at and thinking about this man. He was so hot, and it was just me and him inside this small apartment. After a while, I stopped with the talking points. So what do you do Brandon? He replied, I m an author. I continued showing some rooms before diving deeper into his profession. I was becoming overcome with fantasies, and decided to play dirty. I was moving in a month, leaving this job, and never coming back. With nothing to lose, I snuck off to the kitchen before joining him in a bedroom. Opening the freezer I grabbed some of the snow that accumulates inside and placed it on my neck. By the time I was back showing the room, the snow became a trickle of glistening water sliding between my erect tits. So Brandon, what do you write?

Erotic Fiction. I don t think I took another breath of air for 5 seconds. We stared at eachother, and I finally broke the silence. I have to admit that I ve been known to read quite a bit of it working this job. He explained to me that he moves all the time looking for new environments that provide him with material and motivation. Do you ever write about real experiences?

Yes. His reply put me one step away from where I wanted this to go. Do you ever write about being taken advantage of my leasing agents inside an apartment she s showing? His reply was non-verbal. He walked over towards me and kissed me slowly. One hand on my waist, the other slowly massaging my hair. We began kissing more passionately, and my breathing was starting to become way out of control. We both started to become sweaty, as the air conditioning struggled to keep up with the summer heat. He pulled my head backwards by my hair, kissing my neck. He rolled his head to the side of mine and nibbled on my ears, his hard breathing sending shivers down my spine. With my hands shaking I slid them in front of his jeans, feeling the outline of his cock pressing against them. With him nibbling on my ears and kissing my neck, I unbottoned his jeans and slid the zipper down. His cock didn t wait for me; it was so hard that it had been waiting to pop out of his pants. With my chin on his shoulder, gazing at the ceiling, I wrapped my hands around it, or tried to. My index finger and thumb couldn t touch while wrapped around it. It was thick, throbbing, swollen, and beginning to leak. I took my hands off it for a minute to take his shirt off. Once off, I kissed him once on the lips, and then the chin, and then the neck, and then…

I pushed him onto the bed and began teasing him; rubbing my chin against his well trimmed pubic hair. I smelled the combination of sweat and cologne, and it was driving me wild. With one hand massaging his balls, and the other sliding down my own pants, I took the head of his penis in my mouth. I instantly tasted the salty pre-cum that had been pouring out since we started kissing. Sucking as much out as I could, I took a deep swallow and a big breath. I looked at him with a smile, and began working his cock. I flicked my tongue side to side, back and forth from the base of his shaft all the way up to the tip. My hand gripped his balls, my fingers rolling them back and forth. I tortured him. I d barely be licking his cock, and then I d squeeze his balls just hard enough to feel pain and make him squirm. But before he could object, I d release the pressure and deepthroat him hard and fast. Every couple minutes I d get a new round of his salty offerings from his cock; letting me know I was doing right by him. I kept going until…

In one motion, he slid his body out from underneath my head and swiveled around behind me. I turned around, as I was still enamored with his cock, wanting more of it. He aggressively took off my clothes. First my black shirt, then my bra. Keeping my silver necklace on, he began kissing my neck from behind. He grasped my tits in his hands and carressed them, rolling my nipples between his fingers. He inflicted his own brand of torture on me, pinching my nipples hard and releasing them before I could say ow. He replaced my pain with ecstasy, when he took my hand and led me into the kitchen. He put my chest down on the dining room table; staring at the leasing office. I tried to get up. Brandon, I can t do it here, I could get fi…. My will to protest was broken when he pushed me back onto the table, slid my pants down, and from behind me, slowly put his mouth over my pussy.

My hands reached for the edge of the table, my mouth opened wide, my eyes closed, in total acceptance as to what was happening. My body was a perfect 90 degree angle, legs straight, chin on the table. He was on his knees with his face buried in my pussy. I could feel his nose at the bottom just above my ass, fighting for breath. He brought his tongue to my clit, and then worked it across my labia. He sucked every part of my pussy into his mouth one at a time. Each part was bathed continuously by his tongue and squeezed between his lips. The combination of my wetness and his saliva drenched his face. With one of my hands still gripping the table s edge, I reached the other back and pulled his face deeper inside me. I began to realize that I could cum if I took control. I jumped up, putting my knees on the table, with the side of my face pressed against it. I threw both hands back behind his head, pulling it into me as hard as I could. Gyrating my hips in a circular motion, I ground my pussy into his face. I demanded that he stick his tongue out, and my pussy found it immediately, sliding it inside me. My cumming sensation began, and I felt myself cover his face with my juices. My moans and breathing intensified, and my hips couldn t stop grinding. I could hear him struggling to breath, but I knew he loved it. With one hand on my tits, and the other on my clit, he rubbed me the whole time I came. I took a deep breath and smiled as I came down from my high, expecting a moment of peace. He gave me anything but…

He grabbed my ankles and pulled them off the table, putting my back in my right angle position. With my tits pressed against the table bursting out on the side and his hands pulling my hair back, he put his dick inside me. All in one motion, in less than 10 seconds, he put every inch of his cock inside me. My mouth stayed open, still in heaven from him eating my pussy and not believing it could get better. There would be no more slow, intimate moments. His grip on my hair was tight, and the line between pain and pleasure was blurred. Every time he slammed me I felt my skin shake from my ass to my eyes. His thrusts were coupled with pulls on my hair. He was in total control of me. My experience became one giant orgasm. I kept cumming, over and over again. He grabbed my ass and furiously jammed in back onto his cock, forcing his throbbing tip deeper inside me. The slapping sound could be heard throughout the apartment, and was getting progressively faster. My attempts at muffling my screams were futile. I felt myself dripping down my own legs and onto the floor.

His massive hands started rubbing my back while his cock thrust in and out. He put his cock all the way in, and moved it side to side, up and then down. I could feel the whole thing stretching out my pussy; inside and out. The sensation slowly began to numb, and my pleasures were slowing. I gave him permission, and he started to fuck harder and faster; seeking his own moment of ecstasy. I heard him grunt and moan when he started to get close. You cum to me, I told him. My view of the office became obscured by the hot man who just fucked me. Sliding his hand back and forth across his cock, he brought it to my face; still on the table. I opened up, and he slowly entered it into my mouth. I closed my eyes, and flicked my tongue at the base of his cock. His cream slid out and onto the back of my tongue before sliding down my throat. As he came, he massaged my scalp with his fingertips, slowly moving his hips until he was empty.

We finished pleasantries, and exchanged a few awkward glances. We took trips to the bathroom to straighten up, and I walked him out of the apartment, through the leasing office and back to his car. So, what d you think of the apartment?

His reply gave me a newfound excitement for this job. He said, I hated it. I d like to come back next week and look at a different unit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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