Shower with daddy

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Shower with daddy
Like just about every other teenager, I had never listened to my parent s warnings about doing things the right way. I went about doing everything my way, and eventually suffered the consequences. I had been involved with sports, and I spent the summers doing manual labor to work on my body and all. As a result I ended up with a bad back at a young age.

I am sure that there are many who can relate and I have some serious periods of low back pain that make it difficult to stand up straight or to walk without difficulty. It is not something that happens all the time, but every now and then. Just enough to be a royal pain in the ass when it does happen, and when it does, my life is miserable.

I do take care of myself otherwise, and am in pretty good shape for a 35 year old. That is what kills me about my back, as I am in great shape but I do get clobbered by my back every couple of months or so.

The usual happened last Friday, and I found myself walking around like a 90 year old man, all hunched over and moving very slowly. My wife always gives me a hand, and it was great to have her around. My 14 year-old daughter Roos-anne, on the other hand, loves to give me a hard time when I am like this. She finds great humor in giving dad a hard time about his bad back.

It is all in good fun, however, as we have a great relationship. All three of us do, actually, my wife, Roos-anne and myself. By the time I managed to get myself out of bed on Saturday morning, my wife was gone, and I was stuck to fend for myself. I felt pretty slimy as it had been a hot night, and I had slept drenched in sweat. As I slowly made my way to the shower, I realized that any movements would be quite difficult.

Normally, my wife would join me in the shower on these occasions and simply wash my back, and anywhere else I could not reach. It was never anything sexual when my back was involved, and it was really a relief to have the help. I was trying to figure out the best way to handle the situation alone, when Roos-anne came walking from the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her naked body.

Morning, daddy! she chirped to me with a beautiful smile. Her hair was still wet, and she had a clean, fresh shine to her as she walked by me. She stopped when she noticed the difficult I was having walking.

Are you OK daddy? she asked with concern in her voice. It s your back isn t it?

I told her that I was in a lot of pain, but that a hot shower would probably help.

Mom told me that she helps you when you are like this, she told me as a matter of fact, walking back towards me and for the bathroom. When I asked her what she meant, she told me that she was going to help me like her mother did.

Daddy, I just got out of the shower, so I am wet already, she told me with youthful logic. I can wash your back for you like mommy does. I know that you can t move that well when you hurt like this.

OK, sweetie, I told her, completely oblivious to any consequences that might arise from having my young daughter help me take a shower. My pain and discomfort were so great that I did not really give it a second thought. Let me just get it started and in there, and then you can help me with my back.

I slowly leaned over and turned the water on. My back was killing me, but I was making progress. Roos-anne turned around as I took of my robe, and I gingerly stepped into the shower, the hot spray serving a cool relief against my pain-ridden body.

I shuffled my feet forward, placing my hands out in front of me and against the wall for support. The hot water eased a lot of my tensions, and I could already feel some of the pain and stiffness subside. I was enjoying the hot water as it cascaded down my back, when my daughter s hands brought me back to reality.

You re muscles are very tight, daddy, she told me as she massaged the soap into my back. The sensations were wonderful, and the pain in my back literally disappeared as my little girl s hands ran over my back.

That feels great, sweetie, I told her as she kneaded my sore muscles with my hands. I was a bit taller than her, and she took my breath away when she moved her hands to my shoulders and neck. She had to stand on her tiptoes in order to reach my neck, and this caused her to lean into my back. I sucked in a sharp breath as her breasts grazed against my back.

Oh daddy, that feels nice, she cooed to me as her erect nipples grazed against my back, her hard points brushing against my wet skin.

I simply let out a deep sigh that was coupled with a moan. My cock surged to life and I did not want to say a word to spoil the moment. I moaned again as her hands slid down from my neck and move to my hips.

Mmmmm….that feels very good, doesn t it daddy? she purred as she pressed her breasts into my back. Standing again on tiptoes, she began to massage my back with her pert breasts, her erect nipples tracing lines across my wet skin. My cock was now standing erect and straight up from my body, pulsing as her body pressed into mine.

Christ, I groaned as she began to press her breasts into my back. She held onto my hips, but began to slide her breasts all over my back. My cock was jumping in front of me, and any recollection of back pain was completely erased.

Unnnggh, whimpered Roos-anne as she pressed her hips forward, her little pussy mound pressing into my ass. We began to writhe together under the hot spray, the steam rising all around us as she humped my ass with her pussy, and her breasts rubbed all over my back.

Oh, daddy, she whispered to me as she slowly slid her hands over my hips. It was painfully slow, but her fingers crept forward towards my cock. I begged her to touch me, and we groaned together as Roos-anne s fingers brushed against my cock.

My shaft lept like a bucking bronco as my daughter s fingers wrapped tentatively around my shaft, her breasts still rubbing against my back. I could feel the light brush of her pubic hair against my ass as she ground against me, but it was her hand on my cock that had all my attention.

Daddy… s so hard, she whimpered to me, her right hand around my shaft, and her left hand caressing my balls. Her chest pressed harder into my back as she reached for my cock, and I held myself still, my hands still pressing into the wall in front of me. Any thought of discomfort or back pain was completely forgotten.

Yeah, honey. My little angel, yes, I moaned to her as she began to pump my cock with her hand. The soap served as an amazing lubricant, and she began to pump me with long strokes, her other hand rubbing my balls.

Yes, daddy…it all feels so good, she purred to me, her lips lightly tracing lines across my back. I turned my head sideways, and she stood up again on her tiptoes, our mouths coming together in a passionate embrace. Our tongues raced to meet each other as she pumped my cock, and little moans and groans escaped both of our mouths.

Oh honey, you are going to make me cum, I groaned to her as she began to move her hand faster on my cock. She cried out to me as I warned her of my climax, and her hand gripped me tighter. We began to rock together, her hand sliding up and down my cock, her pussy pressing into my ass, and my body pressing back into her and fucking her hand as my orgasm neared.

Yes daddy….do it for me….make me your girl, she begged as my body tensed and her hand raced along my cock. She was pounding my shaft for all I was worth, her fingers now grabbing my balls as I uttered moans and groans of indescribable pleasure.

Oh honey, yes……you are going to make me cum, I cried as my climax roared. You are making daddy cummmmmm!!!!!!

The only support I had was my arms in front of my as my cock erupted like a volcano, and my cum splattered all over the shower wall. Roos-anne groaned with me, her body alive with pleasure as her hand ran up and down my cock. She continued to pump my cock with her hand as I came everywhere, her fingers pumping my spurting shaft.

Fuck…….honey that was incredible, I whispered to her as I turned to face her, her hand letting go of my cock. We came together under the hot spray, the steam still rising all around us. We kissed like long lost lovers, our naked bodies pressing together beneath the hot water.

I have always wanted this, daddy, she whispered to me as she looked up into my eyes. My hands were cupping her tight little ass as we kissed, and I could feel her hands all over my back. She stared into my eyes with those large, innocent eyes of her own, and handed me the shampoo bottle. Here, daddy. Wash my hair.

My little girl dropped to her knees in front of me, and she pulled my semi-hard cock into her mouth. She ran her mouth back and forth on my growing shaft, and my cock blew up into a full-on XXX her hands to tickle my balls, Roos-anne s lips were sliding back and forth on my hard cock, her eyes looking up into my own.

I massaged the shampoo into her hair, kneading and tugging on her hair as I worked the shampoo in. My mind was awash with lust as she ran her mouth along my cock, my hands tangled up in her hair. I began to fuck my daughter s mouth, my hips moving back and forth, and my hands pushing and pulling her head. My cock was sliding into her throat when she started to gag on my length.

The steam continued to billow forth from the hot water as I reached down for her. My rock hard cock popped from her mouth as I stood her up. I switched places with her, hugging her and turning her so that she was standing under the hot spray. I pushed her forward, so that her arms stuck out against the wall, and so that she was tilted forward at the waist.

Daddy, she whimpered to me as I knelt down behind her, my hands on her slender hips. I buried my face in her ass, savoring her soft, smooth skin, and I ran my tongue all along her puckered asshole. She squealed and shrieked as my tongue poked inside her.

I twisted my tongue and twirled it around inside of her ass, the tightness driving me nuts as her squeals filled the bathroom. I pulled her against me with my hands, my tongue sliding deeper into her hot, little ass, and I could feel her body begin to shudder against my ministrations.

Yes daddy, so good…yes..yes..yesssss, she cried out over and over as I ran my tongue in and out of her hot little asshole. I had never been a big ass man before, but her sweet little ass had me nuts. I gripped her hips and pulled her against my face, her moans filling the shower with sweet sounds of pleasure.

My cock was throbbing wildly out from my body, my rigid shaft bobbin up and down in front of me as I feasted on her ass. Slipping one of my hands from her hip, I slid my hand between Roos-anne s legs, groaning into her as I felt her steamy wetness. The steam continued to billow around us from the hot water, and she moaned to me as my fingers slipped inside her hot snatch.

Yeah…do it daddy, yes….make me your angel, she cried out, her hands pressed into the wall and pushing her body back at me. I had to have her, and I ran my tongue from her ass up over the curves of her back as I slowly stood up. I traced a line with my tongue to her shoulders, pulling her head back and feasting on her neck with my lips and tongue.

I love you, honey, I whispered to her as she turned her head back to mine. Our lips locked in a steaming embrace as we kissed together, the hot water still raining down all around us. My hard cock had lodged itself between her ass cheeks, just lying straight between her supple cheeks as we kissed. Roos-anne pushed back against me, her body grinding against my hard cock.

Yes daddy….let me be your girlfriend, she whimpered to me as we kissed like lovers. I felt her reach down between her legs, her fingers grabbing for my cock as she pulled me to her. I moved my hands up her sides to cup her breasts as she shoved the head of my cock between her pussy lips.

Unngghhh, we groaned together as my cock slowly sank into her steaming twat. She was very tight, but her pussy was warm and wet as it surrounded my cock, and I slid into her.

Yeah, daddy, yeah, she moaned. She pressed into the wall with her hands, the veins standing out on her forearms, and she tossed her head back in a mix of pleasure and pain. I leaned in and kissed her neck, my lips clamping on her soft skin as we began to slowly fuck like lovers.

Her pussy was the most amazing sensation that I have ever had, and I moaned to her with each thrust of my cock. I was sucking away on her neck, her moans and whimpers filling my ears, and my fingers were tugging on her erect nipples.

I drove deeper into her when I felt her push her hips back at me, our bodies moving together with the steam rising all around me. Roos-anne flexed her pussy around my cock, and she started to cry to me that she was going to cum. I pushed forward and buried my cock completely inside of her, holding it buried as her pussy spasmed all over my cock.

Yes..yes..yes..yes…..oh daddy, she cried out to me, turning her head to kiss me as we held each other still. The climax ran throughout her body, and we slowly began to grind together, her hips tilting back at me as my cock moved to and fro.

My fingers kept tugging on her nipples, and I again slid my mouth to her slender neck, kissing and sucking on her as we started to fuck again. Her pussy had opened up a little more to me, and I began to drive into her when she surprised me.

My ass, daddy…..put it in my ass….please, she moaned to me, and I felt my cock surge at her request. Pulling my cock from her tight little pussy, I grabbed the bar of soap and quickly lathered her ass and my cock. I had spent a good deal of time with my tongue in her ass, so I guess it should not have been that much of a surprise when she asked me to fuck her ass, but the thought of sticking my cock into my daughter s ass had me on fire.

Roos-anne groaned to me as I slid two fingers inside of her, her asshole opening for me thanks to the soap that covered her hot little hole.

Please daddy, please, she said to me in a whisper as I put one hand on her hip and the other on my cock. She tilted her hips slightly, raising herself up towards me, and I pushed the knob head of my cock against her pink opening.

I heard a sharp intake of breath as my cock entered her ass, my shaft stretching her ass wide open. I now had both hands on her hips, and I pulled her to me as my cock drove deeper. She started gasping for breaths, and I slowly began to work my cock in and out of her body.

Yes honey, so good, so good, my special angel, I told her as I leaned in and kissed her shoulder, my tongue running along the line of her back. I again moved my lips to her neck, nipping at her and sucking her skin into my mouth as my cock pounded into her ass. She began to respond to me, again pushing her hips up and back at me, taking more and more of my cock.

Yeah, daddy, do it….do it, she begged as she slid a hand down between her legs. She began to massage her clit with her fingers as I filled her ass with my cock, and we both began to move hard and fast, our bodies wetly slapping together.

Yes…yes..yes..yess, she cried to me as she exploded in climax, her body breaking out in goose bumps everywhere. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly, my cock still deeply embedded in her ass. She looked at me and whispered that she wanted to feel me.

I want you to cum, daddy, she told me with her big innocent eyes. I want to feel you cum inside me… it for me daddy….cum for me. Hearing my little girl beg me to cum set me on fire. I pushed my hands down to her slender hips and I started to pound into her hard, my cock expanding and driving deep inside.

Unngghhh…yeah…yes…yeahh…do it, she grunted to me with every thrust. I was balls deep in her ass, and she loved it all. She was pushing back and moving with me, her tight asshole gripping my cock in its clutches. All the while, she continued to moan and beg for me to cum.

Yeah honey, so good, I mumbled to her as I pumped her fast and hard. My hips were slamming into her body, my cock leading the charge, and we began to grunt and groan together with each and every movement.

Cum for me daddy……cum for me, she pleaded again, and her sweet voice set me off. My cock exploded inside her, bathing her insides with my hot cum. I felt each blast shoot up my hard shaft, my cock head pulsing with each torrent of cum.

Yess……yess….I feel it…do it…do it for me, she screamed to me as my cock continued to erupt. She was busy frigging her clit, and soon launched into her own climax as well. I wrapped my arms around her and held our bodies together, my cock buried deep inside her ass, still pulsing away.

We eventually separated our bodies, and rinsed off under the shower. Any trace of back pain was long gone.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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