Sissy teen at an Adult bookstore.

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Sissy teen at an Adult bookstore.
The Adult bookstore across town had opened my world to new experiences and allowed me to explore the overwhelming urges and desires I felt. I was young, not old enough to even drive, yet I had found my way there several times and snuck inside. Darting into a video arcade booth just inside the open doorway, I found peep holes drilled onto the side walls, some small and some larger. I also found horny, anonymous men in the booths next to mine. These men wanted, needed, to have their sexual needs met and I seemed to have a profound, deep need to pleasure them. I seemed to have a need to be on my knees in front of them, for them. Pleasing them and maybe even being used by them.

I had snuck into theses booths twice before. Each time amazing, thrilling, addicting and satisfying. Yet, like anything addictive, my first tastes only made me want more. Not only more cock, but more intimacy.

Several times while I was in a booth, someone would knock or pull on the booth door. Being way u******e, I never opened the door in fear of being found and thrown out. Now, having tasted a man’s cock, having tasted his semen and felt his member quake in orgasm, I wanted even more. I wanted to see the man I was pleasuring and even more important, I think, I wanted him to know and see me!

As nervous as I was, I told myself the next time, if someone knocked, I would open the door.

I very next next chance I got I rode to the bookstore. Like the times before, I stashed my bike in the bushes, waited til no one was looking and ran inside, into a booth. I loved these booths, so dirty and sexual. I had no money but previews would run the screen in front of me. Clips of beautiful, naked bodies, men and women, having sex. It was thrilling each time. Soon after entering, someone pulled on my booths door… I froze. Nervous and scared, but my urges were even more powerful than my fears, I unlocked the door.

The man that opened the door he door was not what I expected. The men who stuck their cocks through the holes in the booth walls for me to suck before, I imagined, were businessmen. I imagined they were white men with secret urges or who’s wives were not satisfying them. The man that stepped into my booth was hispanic, short, but nice looking. He was obviously alittle surprised to find such a young person there, although his smile told me he was happy. At that time, I didn’t know yet how much older men loved being sucked off by a cute, much younger boy.

He stepped in and but a token into the slot. My cock, already hard, throbbed and strained as he selected a video of two men. He sat down next to me and put his hand on my thigh and I put mine on his. Feeling his touch, my hand now touching him, the images of men making love on the screen, it was sensory overload!

My heart was racing, my breathing labored. This wasn’t anonymous, this was intimate and personal, this was my next step. I melted to my knees, between his legs, before him. I ran my hands up his inner thighs. Although nervous, I forced myself to look up at him, to make eye contact, to make it intimate. I think my actions may have been unexpected to him but then it was nothing compared to his reaction. His wonderful, shocking, electrifying reaction!

He leaned forward and kissed me.

Jolts of energy, incredible sexual energy, shot through me. My hard, still clothed cock, leaked pre cum and twiched. It felt amazing. My whole body tingled.

At first, his lips planted a soft kiss on mine, just a peck, then a harder, longer kiss. His lips pressed firmly against mine. My hands instinctively moved to his crotch and found his cock, already firm and bulging. He stood and with me still on my knees looking up at him, opened his belt and zipper. I held his thighs and helped him tug his pants down. His cock now exposed in all its glory. My first hispanic cock, I stared at it for a moment in the soft light from the video screen.

The most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

His cock was beautifully brown, almost dark brown and matched his full tight balls, both were totally hairless and shaved. His foreskin covered cocks head, had just the tip peeking out. I actually exhaled a soft sigh at the beauty of him. I wanted nothing more than to pleasure him, my lust and instinct took over. With my hands holding the back of his thighs, I ran my mouth up and across his firm, bald, ball sack, flicking the underside with the tip of my tongue and kissing them passionately. I licked his semi hard, hooded dick and it jumped to attention. I heard him moan softly and in a thick, hispanic accent say, “Oh, yes.”

As the skin pulled back from his cocks head, I tongued the tip and the pointed, sensitive underside. His legs shook. He sat down. I took his hard member between my lips and sucked on his head. What a wonderful, full feeling as my lips streched to accept him. He lightly held the back of my head and I bobbed my mouth up and down on him. I loved him, at least I loved his cock, more accurate, I loved sucking his cock.

I was breathless. I pulled my mouth from his dick and felt it’s weight and girth on my face as it throbbed and pulsed. I pushed my face further into his lap and hungrily licked the hairless pubic area just above his cock. His skin felt soft and sexy. I licked all around his jerking cock, his stomach, his balls, his inner thighs. I wanted and loved to pleasure him.

I moved back to his hard cock and looked up at him as I kissed the side of his shaft, then tongued the backside of his head. I loved the connection as my eyes met his.

I dove my mouth back on to him and he moaned. I made moaning sounds of pleasure also, trying to coax him into orgasm. In his thick accent, and in broken english, he said, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” I kept my mouth on him, wanting my delicious prize. I reached up and felt his wonderful, heavy balls, cupping them as I stroked his cock with the same hand.

I felt a rush of warm semen flood into my mouth and “yes, yes” escape his lips. I moaned at the sensation, at the intense flavor. His cum quickly coated the inside of my mouth and tongue and I swallowed his jizz. My own cock, straining against my jeans, leaked cum also, making my whole body tingle. His orgasm gave me one long, slow, amazing orgasm!

He dressed quickly and left the booth, leaving me still on my knees. It was ok though, I was beginning to know my place.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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