Slave Yoni three

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Slave Yoni three
Monday 26 June
I wanted to finish yesterday but I just fell asleep. After Hannah left I was just exhausted. Yoni just left for work. She left wearing a simple dress. I allowed her to wear a bra but no panties. After being such a good slave yesterday. When we got home yesterday she made a wonderful meal. I took her out of the hood and the jacket but I didn’t unlock the belt until later when Hannah wanted to try out her toys. While she was cooking I couldn’t help playing with the plug and dildo. I got some work done in the meantime. I or at least I should say we, seeing as the guys at Utys are doing most of the boring work, are developing a new program for the government meaning a big payday sometime in the next six months. So I got a deadline to get rid of Frank but I know my slave needs a lot more training. I was thinking about it and I called a contractor today to finish up the basement. He would come and look this afternoon and I hope he could finish it by the end of the week. I wanted Yoni to stay over here during the weekends. But I hold a meeting here every other and I don’t want frank to see her just yet.
So anyway yesterday when Hannah rang the bell I ordered Yoni to open the door and let her in. luckily I was sitting in the lounge because when I laid eyes on her I would have fallen over. She was wearing a leather corset complete with a tight skirt and leather boots that came up to her knees. She was wearing makeup. Red lipstick and black eyeliner making a great contrast with her pale skin and raven hair.
“Wow…. I mean hi” I said stuttering. She laughed out loud and took a seat next to me.
“Yeah I was hoping I would get that reaction.” She said noticing I was staring intensely at her tits. The things were practically falling out of her corset.
“Want some wine?” I asked her briefly. Still staring at her massive cleavage.
“Yes sure.” She answered and I ordered Yoni to bring two glasses of wine.
“So what kind of toys did you bring to try out?” I asked when I came back to my senses. She didn’t answer and just took them out one by one and spread them on the coffee table. I asked, and she told me every one of their uses. When the strap-on came out I asked her if she wanted to help me fulfil one of Yoni’s fantasies. She didn’t need any more convincing when she looked at her sitting by my knees still wearing the chastity belt. I gave Yoni the key to her belt and told her to go and lie on the table. She had a little trouble fidgeting the key into the lock as I was giving her constant shocks trough both her holes and her nipples. When she finally freed herself I commanded her to cuff her own legs to the table’s legs and wait for me there. She hesitated a moment still eying the huge strap-on Hannah had brought with her but that didn’t last long when I gave her a shock with all three devices at the same time. She yelped and practically ran over to the table before running back to get the handcuffs from the bag off toys. She did as I said and I walked over to her. I slapped her ass and handcuffed her hand behind her back. I also stuffed a vibrator in her pussy and set it to max. She was already having trouble but I told her if she dared to cum before we started fucking her there would be two punishments. We went back to sit on the couch for a few minutes. The vibrator I had switched out for the electric dildo wasn’t remote controlled but the buttplug was and I couldn’t help playing with it. I pressed the button once and Yoni’s scream echoed. After a few more minutes of talking I helped Hannah with her strap-on. I brushed my hand to the inside of her tight and she started blushing. That shocked me a little bit, I mean she was about to fuck a girl with a huge strap-on but was ashamed over a brush of flesh.
When we arrived at the table I looked Yoni straight in the eyes and asked her if she had had an orgasm. She dropped her head and I warned her there were two punishments coming for her.
I don’t think I ever saw such an intense orgasm. After taking the vibrator out I let Hannah do the honours of taking Yoni first and she did. She lined up, took Yoni’s hair in one hand and just started to ram the strap-on in her pussy. I could see her swollen pussy having trouble accommodating the massive girth of the purple monster and she was just ramming home. Yoni started to make sounds that were in-between scream and moan. I just walked to the other side of the table and unceremonacly stuffed her mouth with my cock. I tried to keep up with Hannah and managed it quite well. Yoni received shocks from the buttplug every fifteen seconds each increasing in strength, the same with her nipples. This app was really well designed. After a few minutes being spit roasted she stopped gagging or moaning or moving at all. We both stopped and at the moment when the distinctive beep from the plug was heard she just spasmed out over the table. I was worried she would take the legs out moving like that but after a few seconds she was lying still in a puddle off her own drool.
After we untied her and made her clean up the mess she came to sit with us in the lounge. With content smile on her exhausted face. I told her to first give me a blowjob so she could finish what she started. I didn’t last long. When she was done with me Hannah had already ridded herself of her strap-on and was sitting there with her leg spread. She only had to point at her pussy and Yoni already crawled over to her on hands and knees. The chain from the nipple clamps dragging over the carpet. She was really putting effort into it. After an orgasm like that I would imagine she would be dead tired. I think it was partly out of gratitude.
When she was done with Hannah it was time to test out the toys Hannah had brought. There were some things of everything. Yoni rode on dildo’s of varying sizes and girts. We had just put them next to each other on the floor and told her to squad over them. When we could see her pussy had stretched enough we told her no move on to the next one. After seven dildos I could see the muscles in her thighs straining. Next we tried out different types of gags and restraints. I was having a really good time watching my slave try on one thing after the other and asked Hannah if she had more in her shop. She told me there were a lot of things she would like to try out on Yoni and asked me if we could come by her shop Friday night. I obliged and we went on with the different types of gags. There weren’t many I liked exempt a metal spider gag. I told her to keep it on and next was trying a set of cuffs. The first one’s were fur lined and just didn’t feel all that sturdy to me. I looked over the remaining toys at the table and grabbed the heavy metal ones. They were something you would see in an old movie. I had to bring her wrist right next to each other behind her back before I could click them shut. I pushed her over the now cleared table and told Hannah to think of a punishment when I was giving mine. I had something cruel in mind. I handed her the remote behind her back and set her thumb on the button that delivered a painful shock. I told her to give herself twenty shocks. As usual she would count out loud and thank me or she would start again.
“aii… oe…aiii…twooo” she tried but the gag spreading open her mouth was making it really difficult.
“again, you forgot to thank me.” I answered after I noticed. It wasn’t that easy.
“aii…one, taa u aser….aii…wo, han ou aser….” She began. I could see she was becoming more aroused even after riding dildos for close to an hour, the painslut. She got to twenty the second time and I actually wanted to see more of this. But I was proud of my slave and told her so. She beamed in return but her face dropped when Hannah got to her feet. She was wearing her strap-on again.
Hannah had other things in mind. She stuffed the gag with her own discarded panties just fucked her ass with the strap on. To be honest I was feeling a bit sorry for my slave right there. I knew she enjoyed it being a huge painslut and all but still this was a brutal. When she was done we let Yoni come to her senses for a few minutes and then continued with testing the rest of the toys.
I saw one more thing lying at the bottom of the bag. A double ended dong. I wondered why she would have brought it but then I noticed. I took Yoni upstairs to her temporary room. I told Hannah to pack up but don’t dress yet. She would meet me in Yoni’s room when she was done packing. I was dragging her by her collar to the room. When we entered I unlocked the cuffs and locked them again in front of her. I looped a piece of rope between her arms and tied the other end to the radiator. I grabbed two more rope and tied her legs so she was spread eagle on the matrass. She was still wearing the spider gag and I didn’t waste time. I stuck one side of the dong in her mouth. I pushed it down her throat a little when Hannah walked in. I asked her she would like to ride it mentioning to the other end of the dong sticking out of Yoni’s mouth. She didn’t hesitate and I ran downstairs to get the remote for the plug. When I got back in the room Hannah was already moaning deeply. I stuck a pillow under Yoni’s ass and started to fuck her pussy. Her pussy was stretched out after the afternoon and after a few strokes I switched to her ass. The plug had been sitting in her ass since the early afternoon but after stuffing it in her pussy I found out it still had more than enough juice.
It didn’t take me long. With every shock I gave her ass contracted around my dick. So I gave even more of them. It was just such an awesome feeling. When I came I sat down with my back to the wall and it didn’t look like Hannah would last long either. She was moaning deeply and she was fondling her breasts. I only noticed then she had lost the corset and was naked except for the boots. She came all over Yoni’s face. When she was done I helped her lace up the corset. I told her I liked it and she should wear it Friday. She let me keep the spider gag and the double ended dong saying she might want to play with them a little more. I told her to contact me when we could come by Friday and we said our goodbyes. In the meantime Yoni was still tied up on the matrass. I took the dong out of her mouth and undid the gag. I turned the dong upside down and told her to lick it clean. I asked her some question like what she was doing next week being careful to only ask yes or no questions so I could keep stuffing the dong down her throat. I got my answers and was already thinking about this week while I was untying her.
She slept with me that tonight and woke me up with a blowjob this morning. I sent her on her way telling her she should keep her weekend free. I gave her a box telling her she should open it Wednesday. I also gave her a dildo and a camera telling her she would masturbate to orgasm every two hours from when she got home until she went to sleep and record it. In the morning she would stuff the dildo in her ass and do her morning chores like that, only taking it out when she walked out the door. This shouldn’t be a problem as she was supposed to wear only dresses and skirts this week without panties.

Wednesday 28 June.
When yoni left I gave her a box she should open today. I also gave her a camera to record her mandatory masturbation sessions for me. It was around four in the afternoon when I went ‘home to work on our project’. I wanted to wait for the guys at work to find out seeing as I still wanted to blackmail Frank. I didn’t think they would go tell him as he isn’t really liked by the rest of the staff. But I still didn’t want to take any chances. I was really exited during the drive to yoni’s apartment. I knew she should be in front of her door on her knees, wearing the hood, with her hands cuffed behind her back and a vibrator in her pussy. At least that’s what the instructions I left for her in the box said.
When I arrived the key was where it was supposed to be. That was a good sign. I unlocked the door and she was indeed sitting there in the state I expected her to be in. I made a mental note of it and walked in. it wasn’t a big apartment so I should be able to find the camcorder quickly. I took my time purposefully ignoring my slave that was moaning on the floor. It was my first time at her apartment and I took my time looking around.
After searching, well looking around I grabbed the camcorder I saw earlier on the counter and plugged it in my laptop. I grabbed yoni by the ring on top of her hood without saying a word and dragged her to the couch. It was difficult for her to follow on her knees. I sat down and played the first video. It was her sitting on her bed with a nervous smile. In real life she was sitting on the floor beside me. She started with deep throating the dildo or at least trying to deep throat it. She was gagging the whole time and just gave up. She then started to suck her fingers trying to give me a little bit of a show and I’ve got to admit she was. When her fingers were wet she began slowly stroking her pussy and inserting two. It didn’t take long for her to insert a third one. She was sitting on the bed with her legs spread and I could see the outer lips of her pussy swelling. This gave me an idea. When I finished my train of thought she was stuffing the dildo in her pussy. It wasn’t going in completely but by her moans I could tell she was getting aroused. Out of nowhere she got up and picked up the camera. She sat it down on the ground and placed it down in front of the camera. She started riding the dildo but I couldn’t see her face. I found it a little disappointing and decided to do something about it. Pulled her across my lap with the ring on her hood and asked her if she could hear me. I found out by quickly scrolling through the videos and in most parts her face wasn’t visible. I told her next time I wanted to see her face. She nodded silently. “Because you didn’t know I will go easy on you.” Smack. I barely finished the sentence and had smacked her ass already. The sound she made was enhanced by the open hole her mouth was at the moment.
After ten strokes I pulled her off my lap and opened my pants. The hole in her hood looked inviting with the stream of drool running over her chin. One video was still running and I just pulled her over my dick and let go. To my delight she did the rest, bobbing her head up and down, trying to use her tongue to pleasure me a bit more. I used her for a blowjob for a few minutes but I didn’t enjoy it like this, it was just a wet hole, not even tight, going around my dick in strokes, her tongue made a little difference but not much. So I grabbed the ring on top of the hood to drag her head up and down. I started with just making her go faster but after a short while I was just using it to push her head over my dick. I felt it hitting the back of her throat each time she gagged. It didn’t take me long to unload in her mouth. She couldn’t really swallow with the ring between her teeth and a few drops landed on the carpet. Her chin was covered in saliva and cum and I was sure the inside of the hood didn’t look any better. I undid the handcuffs while she was still bending over on her knees.
I undid the hood whilst she was still panting. Her face was completely red and I could see the sweat on it. Her smile told me she was enjoying this a little bit too much. I patted her head and told her to clean it up. I told her to run around naked for the rest of the evening. I used her a few more times. and we also talked a bit. I told her how I was planning to use her to blackmail Frank and she didn’t even flinch. On her face appeared a content smile and she hugged me. Since she was not wearing her collar I couldn’t really say anything about it. I told her she would need some more training first. And that her basement suite would be finished tomorrow afternoon. She worked from home Thursday so I told her she should come check it out and spend her first night there. I didn’t tell her I wouldn’t be there. I told her I ordered an outfit for her and it should arrive tomorrow. The second it arrived she would wear it with her black heels and come over to my house. She was in for a surprise.
When I left her apartment I told her to continue her assignment but this time with her face showing or the punishment would be more severe. The bratty smile on her face told me she wouldn’t but I would deal with it tomorrow. I walked to the rental company where I had reserved a van and drove to pick up one of my first additions to my little dungeon. It was a long drive and I kind of missed Yoni. There was more than enough space on the floor so she could kneel and blow me whilst I was driving. This got me thinking of all the things I could do with a van like this and I was quite entertained for the rest of the drive. When I finally arrived home the construction workers were gone already. First I walked in to inspect the dungeon the door was already done and you couldn’t really see it even with the work lights on so when those are gone and the normal light were on again it would be virtually invisible. I opened it with a push and immediately saw that the walls had doubled in thickness. So the soundproofing was already done. Inside it was a still a mess. I saw they already had cut a hole in the floor for the well I was planning for but they hadn’t yet finished it. I unloaded the van in the garage. I had bought the cover for the well. It was going to be a shallow put with a metal cover with three holes in it, one for Yoni’s head and two for her wrists. This way I could put her in there ether completely, I could also get her head above ground or I could put her in upside down and have access to the holes between her legs. The other thing I bought was a cage. Well actually more of a really sturdy aquarium. It was completely made in thick Plexiglas with breathing holes. The frame was the same brown metal as the girders and the well cover. It was big enough for her to sleep in but she wouldn’t be able to stretch out in it. There were also two led lights in the so I could chose the colour. When I finished unloading the van I left a note for the workers telling them what to do with these and asking them to leave the camera’s I just finished mounting. I checked now I have a video feed of my dungeon from five different angles. This should come in handy tomorrow.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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