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This true story is about the SSBBW Emily and I.

As mentioned in a previous story Emily is the building manager at my mother in law s retirement apartment complex.

First about Emily. She is in her 60s, about 5 tall with true, natural blond hair as I found out later. I do not think she has ever been married. She weighs about 425 pounds. She has no mobility problems and despite being really big she does not have the typical breathing problems or other issues large people have. For those that do not know SSBBW stands for Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman. Emily is every bit of that and more.

Her tits are 40E, she has very big areolas with huge puffy nipples and her pelvic area and pussy is covered in a beautiful amount of true, natural blonde hair. The carpet matches her d****s and she does not color or dye her hair. For me this is a huge turn on. He pussy is well hidden by her thick, fat legs and outer pussy lips. Her inner lips are not that thick, in fact they are very small and thin and are completely covered by her outer pussy lips. Her inner lips look like that if an inexperienced 18 year old. Her clit however is rather huge and does poke out at the top a little bit.

She told me she has always been big and because she lost her virginity at the age of 13 to a 17 year old because she looked like she was 16 at the time. She still remembers how it felt even to this day. She was at a party with her older sister. The guy was her sister s boyfriend. She said her sister would not fuck him that night and he got mad. She saw and overheard it and decided to give herself to him. she did not care if her sister found out about it and told their parents or not. She said she had plenty of stuff to tell on her sister about. Emily had some experience by then with sex. She had been giving boys her age blow jobs and also had sex with other girls her age. She told me they went into an empty room to fuck. She said it hurt at first and he could only just get head of his cock inside her until he stretched her open enough where she could take his entire cock and felt better. She said once he got all the way in her he did not last long and filled her with cum but at the time it was the greatest feeling in the world. When they were done and left the room her sister saw them and smiled and asked.her how.was it. Emily told she wants another cock to fuck. Her sisters BF said don t worry once I tell my friends about you, you will have plenty of cock. Emily s sister said he s right. She said her and her sister ended up sharing him for a while and Emily enjoyed the cock of plenty of other guys.

Emily is highly educated with at least two master s degrees, one in media production and communications. She told me she went to school, lived and worked in California during her first degree program. She said she put herself through school by working in the adult film industry. I asked her if she was a porn star. She said no, but she is in background scenes, but her name is not in the credits. She said her main job was that of an errand runner and set assistant. She told me that meant helping with set up and even making sure the adult film actors are ready for their parts. She said that meant she would have sex with them off camera to get the men ready and close to cumming or for the close up money shot as it was called. She said she also had sex with the men to help get them back to the ability to cum after they cum the first time. She would help with set design, she was an errand girl, etc. She said her favorite thing to do was try and get the men to cum in her so they would last longer when they were on camera with the female porn stars. She also loved sex with the women porn stars. Especially when the men would accidentally cum in them on camera Emily had to help clean out their pussy for the next scene.

She knew John Holmes, Ron Jeremy and Peter North, she had sex with all three. She told me of the three John Holmes was a lousy lay. Sure his cock was big but he was not that skilled at fucking a woman unless he was on camera and even with that he had to be constantly coached. Emily said John Holmes was pretty self conscious about it. She said Ron Jeremy was a great fuck and a real gentleman. She also said he is incredibly charming and a down to earth nice guy. She said Peter North is the complete opposite of Ron Jeremy. Sure he has a nice cock and can cum a lot. Emily had a lot of orgasms from Peter, but he is a complete little asshole and jerk with a huge Napoleon complex. She only fucked him to get him ready or keep him ready, never in a more personal setting. She was never in any scenes with any of them on set. But she fucked all three of them at either an after party or to keep them hard, warm and ready for the next scene.

She put herself through college and eventually became head of editing and post production. She even worked with Ron Jeremy when he first got into producing. After her first Master s degree she moved to the Midwest to attend business school and earned a Master s in business management. That is how she eventually ended up managing the retirement complex my MIL lives in.

Now about Emily and I fucking each other.

As I mentioned she wanted me to come over after talking with her for the first time about the one resident’s brother. I also mentioned I thought this was odd because I told her everything she needed for a restraining order and wrote it down. But I did notice after she realized my cock was a bit hard she flirted with me a bit so I thought maybe I had a shot with her. It turns out I was right.

On the day I was to go meet with her my wife came because she was supposed to hook up with Julia, (Sister). She told me where to meet her after we were done and she told me to try and seduce Emily and see if I can fuck her. I told my wife I think that is what we are going to end up doing.

We got to the building, I went to Emily’s office and my wife went to Julia’s. I walked into the outer office where her very young assistant greeted me. The assistant could not be more than 18 years old, is tall, slender, small tits, narrow ass and hips. She was wearing a silk top and no bra. The silk top must have felt good on her chest because here little tits were trying to poke holes through it. She also had on a short skirt. She had me take a seat and told me Emily will be with me as soon as possible because I was early and she had to step out. I sat on the couch and noticed she was on her smartphone and from the looks of it was texting someone. She told me that was Emily and for her to make me comfortable because she will be a little bit and she offered me something to drink.I took a bottle of water. As I sat there, I realized I could clearly see under the office table she was sitting at and right up her skirt, she was not wearing panties. I decided would try to seduce this girl into at least giving me blow job.

My cock got very hard and tented my shorts. the assistant saw this and smiled. She then spread her legs and pulled up her skirt. I put my hand down my shorts and started jerking my cock. I pushed my cock down through the leg of my shorts so she could see the head of it. She got really wide eyed. I thought forget about the blow job I want to try and fuck this young vixen and dump my load into her narrow pussy. She looked down and was texting someone, I assumed Emily, again. She pulled her skirt up even more and I pulled my shorts down and was working my cock as the assistant fingered her pussy. I was about to get up and go over to her but the inner office door opened and there was Emily. She said to her assistance it looks like you made him comfortable, but now it is my turn. Emily told us she was just with my wife and Julia, but did not expect my wife to be there. She told me my wife knows how to eat pussy and also told me to send my assistant down there because she wants to taste sweet young pussy before I stuff my cock in it. Her assistant got up from her desk, straightened herself and left the office.

Emily told me they planned it. I told her I really want to fuck her, she said not before you fuck me and told me she just turned 18 and she wants to be fucked by a mature man. I told Emily I am very horny now and need to be sucked or fuck a woman. Emily said I thought I might be and proceeded to suck my cock while I sat there.

She gave me a great blow job and took my cum down her throat. After she finished she said she wanted me to cum right away because she wants us to enjoy what we are going to do next. Emily then got up and told me to come with her. We went into her office, she grabbed her purse and asked me to follow her. Went through another door, through a short corridor and out of another door which put us outside of the building. She said we are going to her house which is not far and we are going to walk. As we were heading to her place is when I noticed right away she was wearing a sundress which accentuated her large figure in a very sexy way. It hugged her body and I did not notice any panty lines. I thought she either has a thong on or no panties at all. The top part of the dress outlined her massive tits and helped accentuate her big, puffy nipples. Her dress did go all the way to her neck so I could not see her bare cleavage but the dress was pretty thin and she did not have a slip under it. When would move a certain way the sunlight made it sheer and almost transparent. That is when I noticed she was not wearing any panties. I could clearly see through the thin, sheer material of her dress. My cock started to tent my shorts again. There was no one on the street and we were far enough away from the building that I put my arm around her hips as we walked. She moved it down to her ample ass. I went further and started lifting her dress up, she did not stop me. I then put my and up the front of her dress and found I was right, no panties. I then tried to get my hand in between her legs to her pussy but that is not easy to do even on a thin woman when you are walking. She told me to hold on, she will give me her pussy soon. She lead me to a back yard privacy fence and gate. She unlocked and we went through it. She closed and locked the gate and told me this is her backyard. I saw a small cottage and a larger house. I also noticed the privacy fence was pretty high and there were not a lot of other houses close by.

We went to her deck and she took off her dress. I saw that her bra was without the front panel that covers the nipples. It was a nursing bra with the flap removed. She left her bra on and offered her tits to me. I dove right into her huge chest and started sucking her nipples. As I was doing so I reached down and shoved my hand between her large thighs and felt the top of her hairy bush. I followed the hair down and it got softer and thicker. I finally reached the top of her slit and her clit and started massaging it. Her clit got hard instantly and poked out from between her pussy lips. She grabbed my cock and started stroking it, I was already pretty hard but she helped me get even harder. She was moaning from me rubbing her clit and sucking her tits. She started shuddering and had a huge orgasm right there in her deck outside. It was so intense she had to sit down on a deck chair. After she calmed down from it she stood up, grabbed my hand and lead me into the larger house and to her bedroom. I saw right away two heavy duty nylon canvas straps with padding hanging from the ceiling with pulleys, and come along devices. She said they are to hold her huge legs open when she is fucked on her back. The weight of her legs makes it difficult for her to hold them up and open when a guy fucks her in the missionary position. She lay on her back in bed, put her legs through the padded straps and told me to spread as far apart as I wanted to. I grabbed the come alongs and started cranking to spread her fat pussy wide. She said she also has a strap that go under back and hips to lift her up for different angles when I fuck her. She was laying on it and showed how to control it. I was really hard at this point because I saw how much of a natural blonde she is. She told me I can admire and eat her out later, right now she wants my cock stuffed deep inside of her.

I wasted no more time. I kneeled in front of her pussy, lined my cock up with her love tunnel, used the pulley system to lift her up more and then plunged deep inside of her. I could not believe how tight she was. She told me she had not been with man in a while, at least 2 years. She told me if I want her to feel her get even tighter I can adjust the position of the straps and sling. I told it is fine right now and fucked her even harder. She started screaming in pleasure and then said here it comes. I was not sure what she meant exactly until I felt it. She was squirting, and squirting a lot. Her juices were between cum and water in consistency and smelled very sweet. This put me over the top and I rammed her deep and unloaded my cum inside of her. She got even tighter as I filled her full of my load. As we both came down from our sex high I pulled out of her, lowered her legs and helped her out of the straps. I laid down beside her. She looked at me and smiled and said your wife is right, you do know how to fuck a pussy. I asked her if we are going to do it again. She literally told he anytime I want her all I have to do is call. I asked her what about her assistant. She said it is up to her but she has a feeling her assistant will definatley want to fuck me.

We then talked about residents of the building and she asked me if I knew about what is referred to as the make out or coupling apartment. I told her no, what is it. She said it is actually the display apartment but residents can use it to entertain visitors and for their visitors to stay the night with a reservation. Emily said a some of the residents use the apartment to have sex with each other or their visitors. I asked her why don t they just do it in their own apartment. She told me because some of them have roommates and can t while others are married and their spouse can no longer physically have sex. She told me I am actually lucky to have had sex with four single women with no roomate, my MIL, Jess, Rose and Julia. She also said I am lucky to have had sex with a single guy with no roomate. Most of the residents either have a roomate or are married. I asked her if she has had sex with other residents. She said yes, but only the women who are lesbian or bi. She will not have sex with any of the men became most of them act like jealous little boys. She then told me a lot of the women have sex with men who visit them, typically in the display apartment. She said several of them know of me having sex with my MIL, Jess, Rose and Julia. When I asked how she said because no matter how old women get they still talk about their sex lives with each other. She said several have stated they would like to meet me but are to afraid to approach me and Jess and Julia would not introduce us. She said Rose might. I asked if she would. She said sure but before we go back to the building there is one more thing she wants to do to me. I asked her what and she said just lay still on your back and I will see.

I laid on my back and she started to suck my cock but she did so by laying her large body on me in the prone position. After she got me really hard she moved up closer to me head and put her massive tits around my cock and tit fucked me. That felt incredible. Her huge tits are very soft and silky. She edged me once and then crawled closer toward my head. I started to notice her huge body was starting to cover most of mine. Her soft body felt great rubbing across my cock. When she got her pussy to my cock she got on her knees, leaned forward, reached under, grabbed my cock and sat down and back on it. I did not really realize just how tight she was until then. Once my cock was seated all the in her hot, tight, wet, fat pussy she leaned forward and buried my torso and head in her huge tits, chest and neck. She smelled so sweet. She told me not me move, except grabbing and rubbing her with my hands. She is going to rub her body on mine and make me cum. She started moving back and forth rubbing herself against me. He pussy sliding back and forth on my cock. She slid so far back and forth my cock would almost pop out when she slid toward my feet and would more than bottom out against the opening of her cervix when she would slide back up to my head. I grabbed her tits and started massaging and sucking them as she body fucked me. She squealed very loudly in pleasure. She started body fucking me even harder and faster, her pussy tightening around my cock and getting wetter. All of a sudden her pussy clamped down hard on my cock and she started shuddering, shaking and squirting in orgasm. The feeling I was having was so intense all over my body I could not hold back and squeezed her as tight as I could around her hips and filled her with cum. I felt like my whole body was cumming, it was that intense. I had never had an orgasm like that. After we both calmed down she rolled off of me.

I rolled onto my side and faced her. I told her that was incredible and intense and I can barely move. I also asked her if other women can learn to do that or is it just for big women. She said any woman can learn, but they have to have soft skin because of the level of body contact. I told her you have to teach my wife that. She said she would be glad to. I asked her why the response I had. She told me it is because of the body contact. During sex our bodies are only used to or become accustomed to only certain types of contact. Most of us enjoy that because it feels good to cum. She said she learned a long time ago, after her work in the porn industry, how to have sex with her whole body. She said she loves teaching others how to do the same and the only payment she accepts is sex with those she teaches, both men and women.

We got up and got dressed to head back to the building. Before we left Emily showed me something in her basement that turned me on. She had a mockup or fake doctor exam room set up complete with exam table with stirrups, etc. The equipment is very vintage. She said the exam table is one of the first manufactured with stirrups in the U.S. and said she is a medical history buff. I told her I have always wanted to fuck a woman on one of those. Emily told me she d love to see me fuck someone on it in a doctor patient role playing while she plays the nurse. I said I want to fuck her in it now and grabbed her, directed her toward the table and helped onto it, the stirrups were already out. She laid back, put her feet in them and lifted her dress past her hips. I dropped my shorts and plunged my hard cock deep into her wet pussy. I knew I would not last long. I was right I pumped in and out of her a few times, she moaned and started squirted, tightened up around my cock and I came deep in her fat pussy. I helped her off of the table and we left.

While we were walking back she told me about one of the female residents who has never been married and has never been with a man sexually. Emily told me her name is Jayne and her first experience with a woman was 20 years ago and Jayne is now 85. Emily said they have sex a lot and Jayne loves being fucked by small dildos so she does not have her maidenhead any more because of sex with women. She said Jayne has a expressed wanting to have sex with a man. But she is worried it will hurt became of what she was told when she was a girl. Jayne s mother apparently told her sex is only for having k**s, it is always very painful and there are always plenty of c***dren to adopt. So Jayne never married and has never been with a man. I asked Emily if Jayne had ever had an exam by a doctor. She said yes. I told her the device a doctor uses during the exam opens her pussy wider than even the largest cock. Emily said she knows and has tried to explain that to Jayne but she is still convinced a man s cock will hurt. I asked Emily to introduce me to Jayne. She said she would. I then asked Emily to describe Jayne. She told me she is the resident that always wears a mumu dress. I said I have seen her and have always admired her big tits. Emily said Jayne is usually completely nude under her mumu dresses and she has a really nice, small hour Glass figure and waist. She will try to introduce us when we get back.

We walked back to her office and went in the same way we left. Her assistant was in the office but looked and smelled like she had a really good time. She asked us if we had a good time. I told her I left three loads deep inside of Emily for you to clean out. She asked me how I knew. Emily told there is so much for her to learn but she is young enough and has plenty of time. I told her assistant the next time I see her I a plan on fucking her. I then grabbed both her and Emily in an embrace, I kissed Emily deeply while we both put our hands up her assistants skirt and fingered her pussy. I pulled her skirt off and started finger fucking her while Emily turned he attention to her tits. I broke the embrace and left, leaving the two to have fun.

I went and found my wife and we went home. On the way home my wife told me thank you for letting her have the assistant before I fucked her. I told my wife I am going to fuck her the next time I see her. My wife said that may be tomorrow because we need to go to her mom s to help with something. I also told my wife that Emily has something to teach her and about her medical exam room. My wife wants me to fuck her on the exam table. We also talked about Jayne and the display apartment. My wife already knew about Jayne because they have talked. She said Jayne expressed an interest in having me as her first man. She did not know about the apartment. I told her we need to figure out how to have me be Jayne s man and make it nice and comfortable for her. My wife agreed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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