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Suggestions welcome
Suggestions welcome

This is the story of how I became a Daddy fagot slave. It stared as
accidentally. I was just cruising Craig s List ads and jacking off. I was
not really looking to hook up. I just got off on the ads MEN placed for
subs, faggots, slaves and pussy bois. I m a 50 something respectable,
married professional married man, but fantasizing about completely
submitting to a REAL man and being his bitch and cum dump, always makes my
dick real hard and makes me cum fast. When I read the ad from a lean young
21 year old MAN looking for a ?ISO Dirty Verbal Bottom Daddy? for role
playing this the summer, my dick went rock hard and started pumping out
precum. The ad was too good to be true. His pics showed a tall lean hard
body, broad shouldered MAN, and a big fat 7.5 inch cock. His chest looked
smooth but he had a treasure trail from his navel down to his private
jewels. He was looking for a mature sub like me for Son/Dad roll play and
to be his cum dump for the summer. He wanted a mature man to lick his
balls and lick his ass hole to get his load warmed up before he bent his
daddy over to pound and seed his ass with young thick hot cum. To make the
ad perfect, it mentioned ass-2 mouth, so I imagined him fucking me like a
dog then after he dumped his load he would let me flip around and lick his
thick cream off his dick. I imagined taking his sensitive cock head in my
mouth and tonging the head to give him maximum pleasure and using my hand
to mike out the last drop from his nuts and onto my roving tongue. Maybe
he would grab my head in both hands and buck his hips forward and let my
gagging throat finish cleaning his cum and my ass juice off his cock.

I knew there was no way this good looking young lean man would choose me to
be his fagot Dad for the summer. There would be tons of buff subs begging
for his cock and cum loads. What chance did an average looking guy like me
have? But looking at his lean young body and big thick hard cock forced me
to give it a try, so I spent an hour answering his ad including all the
required elements and some of my more embarrassing and degrading pics of me
shoving my black ass-master dido up my shitter. I also included links to
some kinky stories I published on I was embarrassed to include
the stories since they included some kink he did not have in his ad
(bondage, deep rimming, public humiliation, gang bangs, and drinking piss),
but I included the stories since I wanted to be honest about what a dirty
pig I wanted to be just in case he picked me. I was shocked and thrilled
when he wrote back and said I was a good candidate to be his Daddy cum
slave, and I was disappointed he said it would be a few weeks till he would
be ready to use my fuck holes. I beat off reading his ad and emails every
day. I sent him a video of me fucking my shitter with a glass dildo and
then mouth fucking myself with it. I licked the dido like it was my
favorite flavor Popsicle then shoved it back up my ass. I imagined it was
his cock going ATM on me till I could not stand it anymore and came in my
hand. I did not have his cum to eat, but I licked my sticky cummy fingers
clean. It was horny torture waiting till he was ready to use me.

Finally he sent me an email telling me to meet him in Eureka Springs.

?Be at the corner of Main Street and Spring Street on Sat at 9:00. Wear a
pair of light colored kakis and a tight pink polo shirt. I want my Dad to
look nice when he begs to lick his Son s nasty ass hole. Oh and one more
thing, have a big metal butt plug in your fagot cunt. I want you to enjoy
this father/son vacation and feel something big and hard in your pussy
every step you take. Go commando too. Better keep those pussy lips tight,
so your ass toy does not fall out of your pants and onto the street.?

I was afraid of being late, so I was at the spot early. The morning was
already hot and humid. He was right, I could feel the metal plug in my
guts every time I moved and I kept my ass tight so it could not slip out of
my sweaty ass. It kind of hurt but made me feel so full. That and the
thought of finally seeing him in the flesh kept my dick at half-mast for
the half hour I waited. I hoped none of the tourist milling around would
notice the big bulge in my pants. I pretended to window shop at the
antique and junk stores. I was constantly scanning the groups of tourists
for a hard bodied young MAN. It was pointless since I had never seen his
face and had no idea how he would be dressed. I had seen pics of his trim
lean body and his big thick hard cock that I would be begging to service,
but I did not know his face or even his name. In my jack off fantasies, I
would just call him Son or Master. My goal was to do whatever it took to
get him to breed me and taste his cum. I wanted to see how much cum my
body to could milk from his big balls, and I would do anything to keep him
turned on and make him want to use me till cum was overflowing both my fuck
holes. Even though we had swapped emails, I still had no idea exactly what
I would do or beg for except it would be whatever he wanted. I was sure he
knew how to use a cum hungry bitch like me and he would take pics and
videos of himself using my body and of me fagging out for his cock. I did
not even know where we were going since he had made the reservations. I
was lucky and grateful to take my ?SON? on a mini vacation and supply the
unimportant things like transportation, food, lodging, excursions, and
drinks. He was providing the main thing, the chance to submit and beg to
service his fine young hard body, cock, balls, and ass. I was zoning out
thinking about this when a handsome tall young MAN with dirty blond short
hair came up behind me. He was wearing a tight black tank top and loose
jeans shorts. His body looked even hotter with clothes on in the flesh
than it did in nude pics. He asked me in a clear loud deep voice

?You happy to see me Dad? I can see you are. You re getting a hard-on.?

I wanted to look around to see if anyone had heard him and was staring, but
I could not take my eyes off his body and his boyish and yet dominate face.

?Close your mouth and follow me.?

I followed him to the back of the nearest junk store. The spot could not
be seen from the street but was far from private. He pressed his body
close to mine and I could smell the testosterone pouring out of him with
his sweat. He grabbed my ass and felt up my ass crack. I thought he might
want to finger me right here through my pants, but he was just checking
that I had followed instructions and my ass pussy was plugged.

?Good Faggot! Got a pacier in your twat. It is not what you want though
is it? Tell me what you need.?

?I need ?. I need your big dick in my ass.?

?In your what??

?My fagot pussy. I need your cock and cum in my fag pussy. PLEASE!?

?That s better. Remember what that hole is made for.?

As he said this he ran his index finger up and down the clear outline of my
hard cock. It felt so good, but I?m not dumb and knew where this was
going. I looked at his face and saw a determined dominance in his eyes.
This was a MAN who knew how he wanted to use a fagot and he would do it the
way he wanted, but I pleaded with my eyes for him to stop and said nothing.
As a large wet spot formed at the tip of my fat cock head, I saw him smile
mischievously. The rubbed the wet spot on my cream colored pants till his
finger was sticky then put it into my mouth to suck clean. This whole
thing took less than 2 minutes.

?Don t even think about trying to hide your hard cock and fag juice. My
Dad has a big thick cock and he is happy to be with me and I want everyone
to see. Let s go shopping. Follow me.?

I was so embarrassed and my face was flushed. I knew at least some people
would notice wet wood I was showing, but what could I do? He was obviously
a Man that would not put up with disrespect, whining or disobedience, so I
followed him like a horny puppy. Luckily he did not really want to shop.
This was another test for me and amusement for him. After walking me
around for 20 minutes, we stopped in a hippy looking coffee shop and sat
down. While we drank a cup of snobby coffee he quizzed me about the
preparations and gear I had brought. Then there was just one more thing he
wanted to do before we got on the road and the mini vacation started.

I followed him to the men s room and he locked the door when we were
inside. He hauled his half hard cock out of his fly and stared to piss
into the urinal. Even though he was not hard, his dick looked longer and
thicker than mine when it is hard. He noticed me staring at his pissing
cock and smiled. My own cock is bigger than most at 6.5? but it looked
puny next to my SON?s club. I had to squat on the toilet to piss because
my hard-on would not go down. After our bladders were emptied for the road
trip he said

?Keep your pants around your ankles and crawl on your faggot knees to the
urinal. Use your left hand to play with your pussy pacifier plug and rub
your nipples with your right hand. Keep pulling the plug half out then let
your pussy lips suck it back in. Good faggot. Look up at me.?

I saw his phone and knew he was recording this degrading self fuck I was
giving myself on a men s room floor.

?So If I let you take me on this trip are you going to be my faggot cum

?Yes SIR?

?You going to kiss my sweaty balls? I skipped showering this morning just
for you faggot. I bet my nuts smell and taste funky and disgusting. Want
to lick my nut sack clean for me?

His crotch was near my face and the smell of his nuts was already making me
high. I wasn t even thinking about where I was or that he was recording
this shit.

?YES SIR Please let me lick your balls.?

?What about my dick head? It is covered with dick snot and I?m making more
every second. You want to kiss that too? Want to lick my cock head clean
for me? Want to eat my dick snot?

?PLEASE SIR. Let me lick up your dick juice. Please let me put my mouth
on your cock and suck off your juice.?

?I can get any gay guy to do that for me and they will love it. That s
nothing special. What about my nasty ass. You want to kiss my nasty ass?
Want to lick my ass crack sweet and clean for me? I did mention I did not
shower today didn?t I??

?YES SIR. Please let me kiss your ass SIR. Let me.?

?What kind of kiss do you want to give my ass??

?SIR, a sloppy French kiss. Please let me French kiss your ass. PLEASE!?

?You know that is the hole my shit comes out of? You want to stick your
tongue up the hole my shit comes out of? Lick my shit hole clean for me?
REALLY? Are you fucking a dirty enough daddy to do that?

?Yes sir?

He did not have to go this far or make me feel this low and nasty, but I
guess it was a rush for him, and he was making a point.

?Say it. Tell me what you want to do and where you want to put your

?Sir I want to put my tongue up your shit hole. I want to French kiss your
shit hole and lick it clean inside and out.?

?Good Cum Slave. What about my friends? If I tell you to kiss my buddies
ass hole, are you going to side your tongue deep up their poop shoot too.?


He stopped recoding then sent the video out.

?I bet you are wondering who I shared that little clip with. Just keep
wondering. And I do not believe you. No one could be as dirty and low as
you just pretended to be. You?re lying just to get to my cock and cum. I
should walk out right now.?

?No SIR. I was telling the truth. HONEST. Let me prove it to you. Let
me do it NOW. PLEASE.?

He did not say anything but dropped his shorts and white boxers then turned
so his white hairless muscular ass was at my face. He did not spread his
legs or do anything to make this easier, so I pulled his muscular buns
apart with effort. His ass crack was almost hairless but there was a ring
of dark blond hair around his cinched light brown ass muscles. The smell
was funky and strong but that did not slow me down it actually make me want
to taste & lick his crack more. I made one long lick from the bottom of
his ass crack all the way to the top. I felt the tip of my tongue tip down
as I licked over his butt hole. It tasted musky and salty but lucky for me
it did not taste like shit.

?You are a nasty pig. Using your tongue the same way I use toilet paper to
wipe my ass. Quit stalling. Stick your tongue up my shitter so we can get
on the road or I leave you here now.?

I put the tip of my tongue right at his ass ring and used both hands to
pull his ass against my face and tongue, but I could not get into his tight
hole till he pushed his ass ring out and my tongue slipped into his guts.
I went over the edge then and fucking ate his ass and tongued it as deep as
I could get. I kept using both hands to pull his ass hard against my face.

?Good Daddy! Submitting to his SON completely. Will do anything to please
his son, even lick his shit hole clean inside and out. I can t believe you
are actually sucking my hole while you run your tongue in and out of my
shit hole in a public men s room. I hope you like the taste of your SON S
shitter because this feels good and you will be rimming me a lot this

When he turned back around his cock was completely hard and dripping
precum. It was so long that even with his balls at the bottom of my chin,
his cock head hit me in the forehead as he started to dick whip my face.
His pre cum was soon marking my forehead and cheeks. I just kept my mouth
open and tongue out and took it.

?Get up off your knees. We got to get on the road. Go pay the check and
show the cashier the pecker tracks I put on your face.?

I was so horny and embarrassed that I was on auto pilot as I paid the bill.
I do not remember the details, but I do not see how she could have not seen
the dick snot on my face.

I do not know which road we took out of town. My SON was driving my car
and I was on my knees with my nose in his open fly. He said I could enjoy
taking nose hits off his junk till we were out of town then if I was lucky
he would let me suck his cock while he drove on the high way. Breathing in
the scent off his balls made me hornier and more submissive than I had ever

?That s a good bitch. Fish my cock out of my pants and you can work on the
head. Suck my cock head and give me lots of tongue action. Keep me close
but don t make me cum. I m going to dump my first load raw in your ass.
If you are a good tight little bitch I might let you suck the cum off my
dick when I m done.?

His cock was so long when it was hard that the head was above his navel.
The mushroom head made popping noises as I popped it in and out of my
sucking lips, I had my jaws wide and my teeth covered as I sucked his head
and licked up the juice that poured in a steady stream from his piss slit.
The angle of car head makes deep throating a long dick impossible. His
long steel hard cock could never make the sharp turns to go down my throat
with car head, but that did not stop him from pushing my face as far down
his cock as possible and making me gag and choke every few minutes.

?Good fag daddy. I like the slurring noises you make and the little moans,
you like sucking you son s cock? What I did not hear you. Say it again.
What does a good cum slave say when he is feed dick juice? FUCK I love
hearing you fags try to say THANK YOU with my dick in your mouth. This is
too good. I wanted to wait till we were at the hotel and stream the video
of me breeding you the first time but I can t wait. You re going to take
my dick and load in your fag pussy now.?

Shortly after that I felt the car pull off onto a gravel road and the park.
We were at some kind of scenic overlook. I followed him down a short trail
to a cliff edge looking over a river canyon.

?Drop you pants to your ankles. That s good. Now move to the edge and bend
over. Spread your cheeks wide and show me where you want my cock and cum.?

My butt plug had been up my hole so long that even the silicone lube I used
was almost gone, so it hurt like hell and I yelped when he roughly jerked
the plug out of my ass in one fast move.

?Suck on this plug. It has been up your ass for hours. How does your ass
taste? Do you like the way your ass tastes? You better cause your son
likes going from a batch?s ass to his mouth and then back to his ass. He
likes fucking both holes hard cause faggot holes are cunts made for hard
use and cum. ?

His fat cock head was wet with my spit and it slid into my fuck hole with
little pain. It actually felt so good as he moved the first inch in and
out of my pussy lips a few times. I was not ready when he slammed all 7.5
inches into me in one brutal invasion. All the air went out of my lungs
and I think I might have tied to run to get off the rod tearing my ass
open, but the cliff was in front of me and his hard dick was in me.

?This is the way to break a new pussy right with a cliff in front and my
fucking rod in back. The pussy can t run away or pull off and just keeps
backing up onto my rock hard cock. Hurts doesn?t it? That s because you
need more lube in your cunt. Luck for you I know where is some all natural
lube. In your fag hatch. I m going to pull out of your ass long enough
for you to deep throat my cock and choke on it. Cover my rod with slick
faggot slobber. Then my dick is going back deep in your ass and is not
coming out till I seed your guts.?

I was gagging and when his cock was all the way down my throat and his
balls were at my chin, but this did not last long. He was just using my
throat to lube his cock and to dominate me.

?My cock was just balls deep in your shitter. I pulled my cock right out
of your ass and started fucking your mouth. Did you look to see if there
was any brown on your son s dick before you opened your mouth wide for me?
I sure as fuck did not look before I started face fucking you. Daddy is
fucking dirty and will totally submit to his SON s COCK. Bend back over.
Going to breed you now.?

His wet dick slid in easily into my hole this time and he pounded my hole
hard from the very beginning. I felt so good especially when he pulled his
cock head half out of my cunt lips. I was close to cumming while he long
dicked me, but so was my SON. After about 2 minutes he rammed his dick in
balls deep extra hard and held it there. I could feel his cock pulsing in
me and depositing ropes of cum in my well fucked hole. He is so young; his
big balls seemed to pump cum inside me forever. I used my cunt muscles to
milk his cock while he dumped his load in me. There was a wet slurping
noise from my hole as he pulled his cock out of me. He kept his hand on my
back to keep me in a fuckable position.

?Spread you cheeks bitch. Going to take a pic of the 1st cream pie I made
of your fuck hole. Push some of that cum out. Open your hole up more.?

I felt some of my SON s cum running out of my ass and I felt his still hard
cock head pressing just below my sloppy well fucked ass hole.

?I bet you are wondering who I m sharing this pic with. Just keep
wondering. Most of my cum is deep up your shitter, but you pushed some out
on my cock head. Dad, you want that cum? SAY IT BITCH! Some of your
SON?s cum leaked out of your shitter. What do you want your Son to do with

?FEED IT TO ME PLEASE! Feed me your cum. Let me eat it off your cock.?

?Since you begged for it so nicely and my cum should never be wasted, I
might let you have it. You don?t mind me videoing you while you eat cum
fresh from your ass and while you mouth clean my dirty cock do you Dad? I
think some of my friends might enjoy seeing what a good cum pig slave my
Dad is. If you do a good job, I might even share this video with some
random strangers. Tell me you?re my daddy and what you want to do and that
you want me to video it and share the video.?

He was already videoing me while he asked the questions

?I?m your Dad and I want to eat your cum off your cock that spilled out of
my fag pussy. I want to suck your dirty cock clean and I want you to video
it and share the video with whoever you want. Please?PLEASE SON! Let me do

He nodded his head and I went for it. The cum covering his cock head was
thick and very bitter. I clung to the walls of my mouth even after I
swallowed. It even clung to the walls of my mouth when I force his cock
head into my throat. I did not waste time licking the shaft but washed it
in my throat. I did gag and choke but his cock was clean when my lips
touched his balls.

?My dick was just balls deep in your shitter now it is balls deep in your
mouth. Fucking dirty Daddy! Dad stays hard and will do anything for his
Son?s cum. Totally submitting to you son?s balls and cock! Fucking taste
your sons load. I can tell you love the taste of my cum and your ass.
Good bitch. Put the butt plug back in your ass while you suck me. That
will keep the rest of my load in you. You?re a lucky cum slave. You have
a big load of your SON s cum in your twat and the taste of that cum will be
in your mouth all the way to the hotel.?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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