Sweet Hard Bob

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Sweet Hard Bob
We’d spent the night out. First a show at MGM Grand, then a slow romantic hand in hand walk to the Piranha for some dancing. The dancing got pretty hot,; a lot of good looking guys cut in to dance with both of us. I rubbed a lot of sweet hard cock that night before we came home an fucked. I should say that I “got fucked”. Bob’s my top. Either way, we slept late. The sun filtering through the crack at the edge of the d****s woke me up and I could feel Bob’s soft cock pressing against my back. Jesus I love his cock. I was getting stiff the second I realized he was pressing on me.

I slid out of bed, trying not to wake him, and headed to the shower. Our shower here in the Elara was fucking incredible; the hottest water and the hardest stream I’ve ever had in a hotel. I didn’t waste any time getting in, getting wet and soaping up. Now one of my biggest addictions is playing with my nipples and cock, I simply can not keep my hands off them! This morning was no different. Slippery soapy fingers feel so good playing with my nipples and I know just how to touch them. And after feeling Bob’s cock pressing against me I was still half stiff when I got in the shower, so playing with my nipples had my cock standing straight and throbbing, almost begging me to bring it home. How could I deny it that pleasure, after all it always treated me so well!

I soaped my hands well and took the shaft in my left hand. That’s right, my left hand. I like jerking with my left hand in the shower, it somehow feels sexier than my right hand. I worked the shaft slow and easy, making sure to tease my glans on every up stroke. This morning I won’t going to hurry, slow and easy. Left hand stroking, right hand teasing my nipples. Eyes closed, hot water beating on my back. It was heaven. Until the shower curtain whipped across the curtain bar with a sharp ring.

Bob standing at the side of the tub with a grin on his face and a stiff cock. “Why didn’t you wake me? I would have been happy to work your wonderful cock for you…” I moved away from the shower head so Bob could step into the warm water. He put his head under the stream and ran both his hands through his hair, his stiff cock bobbing up and down. Bob’s cock is unbelievable, he’s a show-er AND a grow-er if that’s possible. He’s big when he’s soft, and enormous when he’s stiff, which is most of the time. His skin is pale, and almost translucent on his cock. He’s uncut, and when he’s stiff his foreskin can only cover half of his head and veins bulge like they’re going to pop. His red hair is thick, but there’s almost none on his body. He keeps it trimmed sweetly above his cock, and he shaves it completely off his balls and legs. Oh, almost forgot, he has a little hair on his nipples that he wants to shave, but I won’t let him. I love that hair!

I got sidetracked, sorry. Anyways, watching Bob’s cock bounce up and down while he wet his hair made me want to suck it, so I took my hand of my own cock and wrapped it around his. “That’s better.” he grinned. I knelt down before him and kissed his head, pulled his foreskin back and took him into my mouth. Some of his jism from the night before was still there, I could taste it at first, along with the taste of my ass! It didn’t take me long to work off those tastes and get down to only the taste of Bob. He held the sides of my face gently as I sucked and licked, the warm water pouring over both of us.

Bob has stamina like no other. That’s good for me because once I start sucking his cock I just don’t want to stop. But it wasn’t long before Bob had other ideas. He pulled my head away, pulled me up to face him and kissed me. “Let’s dry off. I want to fuck you like I did last night.” No argument from me, we stepped out of the shower and dried each other. I had a hard time keeping my hands off his bobbing wood, and each time I started stroking it he took my hand away, smiling.

He walked me to the bed, laid me down and rolled me onto my stomach. “On your knees sweet man fuck.” I did as he said. He reached to the nightstand and opened the KY. I jumped a little when he started massaging may man pussy with the cold jelly, but it warmed almost instantly. His fingers removed, he placed the head of his sweet sweet cock against me. Pushing up, his head and shaft rubbed across my sphincter, back and forth a few times before he settled his head against me and pushed.

The very first few time Bob and I fucked he hurt me a little. Back then I wasn’t used to such a large cock in my ass! But we’d been together for over a year now, and we’d fucked almost every day. When Bob pressed his head against my sphincter I relaxed the muscles and he slid in without hesitation. I’m not saying that I was used to it, god knows that when his meat slides in and out of my ass my head spins. And Bob can fuck. He mixes it up, slow and steady, fast, sometimes he hammers me! And he can spin it, gyrate. Mother of god it’s all I can do not to cum the moment his sweet meat slides inside me!

The pillow that my face was stuffed into smelled like Bob. This morning he was in the mood to wail on me. He was like a sweet silky hard freight train; in hard, out head, steady and relentless. My face was pressing hard into the pillow and his belly was whacking wet and sweaty into my ass. How he could keep this pace for so long I don’t know, but he wailed on me for what seemed like an hour before he suddenly stopped deep inside me. Silent. I could hear him panting, I could feel his cock throbbing. I tightened my ass around him. “No, don’t baby.” he blurted out. “I don’t want to cum yet.” I relaxed. “thank you” he whispered, and after a few more seconds he pulled out of me ever so slowly. It felt so good .

“Turn on your back baby.” I did as he said, as always. Bob was my top, he was in charge. On my back he picked my ass up, put a pillow beneath me and climbed on top, getting in position to start fucking me again. “Wait I said, let me taste your pre cum.” I knew Bob well enough to know that he would have some sweet pre cum at this point and I didn’t want to waste it. He came around to me and wagged his cock in my face. I milked it with my right hand and stream of clear sweet liquid oozed from him. I almost didn’t get there in time, but managed to wrap my lips around him just before it all dripped out. And since I had his cock in my mouth anyways, I worked him for a little while. His moans told me that I was doing well, but he wouldn’t let me taste him for long.

He pulled away, whispering “I want to cum inside you while we kiss.” That’s the sexiest way for me to get fucked. so I wasn’t going to stop him…I could make him cum in my mouth any time! I threw my feet in the air so he had easy access to my ass and he got back into position. He pressed his head against me and slid in easily. His eyes closed for a second and he let out a short moan as he slid deeply. Once in he paused and lowered his torso onto me. I wrapped my legs around him and we began to kiss. A few soft ones at first, but as he began working his pelvis our kisses deepened, our tongues began to search each other. Deep kisses, his cock gyrating deep inside me and massaging my prostate like no tomorrow, his warm soft body pressed hard against me. It was way too much for me to take, I spilled cum onto the both of us. Bob moaned a little more when he felt my warm juice rubbing between our bellies, and it must have been too much for him too. He began to slide in and out fast and hard. His body stiffened, his lips pressed harder against mine. I instinctively tightened my thighs around him and he exploded! His warm cum spraying into me with exquisite force. His pelvis jerking uncontrollably. His kisses as deep as any kiss could be.

It wasn’t until we both relaxed that I realized just how wet we were. Our sweat had soaked the part of the bed we fucked on, but it didn’t matter. We held each other in silence for a long time and napped. I finally got up to make some coffee for us, and after I got the pot started I turned to climb back in bed I saw that Bob had woken too. He was turned to his side facing me with a huge grin on his face. That cosck, that wonderful cock, was already starting to stiffen again! I knew that this was going to be one hell of a day!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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