Swim time alone

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Swim time alone
My group of friends from back when we were younger always hung out during the first summer after our high school graduation, if we all got the same time off work. We would go biking, game out, go to the mall, go to the beach, or to the public swimming arena together. Normal teenage activities.

Out of the group, I was the youngest looking. At 18, I was 5’10, slightly tanned, smooth skin, with a thin build and had somewhat of a feminine body.
I say this because I had little to no body hair, especially on my thighs, ass, belly
and chest.

Don’t get me wrong, i had body hair but it was barely visible unless you looked close. Even then, my hair was sparse, thin + short, my body hair had a light tone to it making it look non-existent from afar.

And to make above all worst, my smaller than average uncut penis + small hairless testicles was the cherry on top to my omega sissy body.

Id even catch myself peaking at the other boys packages in the change rooms and feel less of a man when I’d see the size of their balls or thickness of their knobs. My body was definitely under developed and inferior compared to those my age.

I remember sometimes looking at my legs and hating how they weren’t built like others in my age group. At least, my friends had some muscularity in their build, & had a good amount of muscle mass for their quads with noticeable dark hair on their legs & ass!

My legs were proportionate for my thin hairless body. Lol. Just not muscular.
I noticed my thighs sort of had a curvy-feminine like look to them especially around the areas where the thighs meet the knees and ass. (Like legs on a chick)


I’d often look at a girl wearing short shorts and notice the similarities in the shape of our legs. Aside from the hour glass figure a girls body comes with, my body could be mistaken for a females if I wore a dress. This is where my fantasies of cross dressing would begin, which I started experimenting with behind closed doors and enjoyed it.

I would crossdress and adore how sexy my feminine body could easily pass as a woman’s. Especially when my cute 2” limp cocklette is tucked into girly panties, and my smooths legs in panty hose rub against each other inside the dress I choose to wear.

I felt like a woman and it felt good knowing that I could possibly seduce a man with this look. When I first started cross dressing I also began shaving my genitals and ass crack so that I’d actually be hairless since my legs barely had any to begin with. Applying skin lotion and oil to my legs, genitals and ass became a routine to ensure smoothness and glow.
I definitely looked feminine naked after awhile and soon I felt the urge to seduce an older man with my fem body.

Well one day, during the first summer after completing high school, the group agreed to meet at the public swim arena on a Saturday for 7pm.
I forget some of the excuses but nobody from the group showed up and I was there alone. Lucky for them, what we thought was a public swim day was actually a family swim day.
I was disappointed when I found out they changed the swim schedule and thought I had to turn back home.
However, the lady at the front desk still allowed me to attend anyway considering I was alone and I did bike a long way across town to swim.

So I went outside to lock my bike up, and then back inside and proceeded to the men’s change room by myself.
I didn’t hear much noise from the pool through the change room doors and there wasn’t many outdoor shoes on the floor so I knew it wasn’t busy or even occupied.

Perhaps the change in schedule confused others as well? ( It did )

There was one other person in the change room with me. He too was alone, unbuttoning his dress shirt still in his underwear I watched him for a couple seconds and then he looked upwards and made eye contact with me. He gave me a smile and I looked away quickly and awkwardly making my embarrassment known.
He was a good looking business type man in his late thirties. Well groomed and wore glasses. He had a thick, stocky, hairy body beneath his shirt.
He was my height but easily over 200lbs while I was probably a small 145lbs at the time.

I nervously started to undress myself, face red flushed and warm, looking the opposite direction of the good looking man afraid of making any sort of interaction.
Once completely nude, I felt a little more dare devilish & comfortable because I felt him checking me out so I perked up my cheeks in the air.

The swim complex protocol is to shower and clean yourself before entering the swimming pool and showering again when you’re done.

Before entering the showers I trotted on the balls of my feet, sort of tippy toeing with my cheeks jiggling, across the change room towards the urinals to piss before showering.
While I was pissing, I felt the man’s empowering stature walk behind and pass me and enter the showers first. I know for a fact he peeked at my ass while I was peeing too. This excited me.

After I finished pissing, I took a deep breath, still kind of nervous then walked into the showers joining the man.

The shower room had 4 shower heads on every wall of the decent sized room. I chose to shower directly across the room from him and was to nervous to get any closer.

I stood in the water making my cheeks look perky on purpose hoping he was looking because I know the running water gives my oiled up skin a nice glow to my curves. I used a body wash that doubles for shampoo to wash up and as I was scrubbing my body it created a lot of soap/bubbles. At one point I was bent over washing my legs and I discretely peaked back at the man who was casually staring at my hairless soap filled ass crack. This excited me even more and I felt my butt hole start to breathe. I continued to act like I didn’t notice anything and started to rinse the soap off with the water meanwhile still facing the other direction with my back towards him.
Once rinsed, I turned my head back around and looked quickly at him and saw that he was rinsing shampoo from his hair with his eyes closed and head tilted back.

I looked at his dark, curly, chest hair which spread down to his abdomen then made its way lower to a thick bush where a gorgeous thick circumcised cock dangled out of.
I was in awe, his cock was easily a few inches soft and it’s knob was so round and mesmerizing.
He brought his head back after rinsing and we both made eye contact.

He smiled and asked how I was doing and I replied with okay and told him how I got ditched. We had a normal conversation then parted ways before entering the pool.

Sometimes I’d peak over to him and sometimes I’d see him peak at me.

I was impatiently waiting for the hour of swim to end so we would have to go back into the change room together.

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