Taking My Daughter and Her Friend to Work for the

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Taking My Daughter and Her Friend to Work for the
Taking My Daughter and Her Friend to Work for the Week – Chapter 4: The next morning
The Next Morning
I showered, then dressed in a tee shirt and cargo shorts. Entering the living area I started a pot of coffee brewing in the small kitchen area. Opening the suite door, I retrieved the newspaper, intending on reading it until the girls awoke.
The aroma of brewing coffee filled the room. I was pouring myself a cup of the strong brew when I heard the girls bedroom door open then softly close. Turning around, Amy was stretching her arms high above her head. The sheer negligee rose high and I could see the soft auburn hair on her mons. Again I was mesmerized by the view of her body and found myself unable to prevent myself from staring. Of course a stirring in my groin commenced.
Morning Daddy.”” She greeted me. “”Gosh that coffee smells so good.”””
Morning Honey, here, take this cup and I’ll pour myself another. I handed her the cup of hot java. “How did you sleep?”
I slept like I was in a c***. It must have been all the wine. She took the cup, set it on the counter and gave me a tight hug.
Thank you again for everything yesterday. She pressed her warm body into mine and getting on her tip toes gave me a kiss on the lips. Then she continued hugging me as my cock became harder and harder against her.
She released me and I saw her briefly glance down at my crotch. I was now convinced she knew exactly what she was doing to me.
You’re welcome. What do you guys have planned for today? I asked, trying to act nonchalant about it.
I think were going to lounge around the pool. Maybe do some more shopping. She answered.
Cool, is Shelly awake yet?
She was just starting to stir. I’m sure she’ll be out soon for a cup of coffee.
As if on cue, Shelly opened the door and entered the room. Still in her sheer negligee she was also a sight to behold. I poured another cup and handed to her.
Thanks dad, and thanks for everything yesterday. She smiled a coy smile and winked as she took her cup.
The girls then sat together on the couch and turned on the TV. I sat across from them and began reading the paper.
As they chatted and sipped the hot brew, Amy reclined into her usual coffee sipping posture on the couch. Her knees tucked up and her feet resting on the edge of the coffee table. At home this was usually done in her in her normal sleeping attire, loose boxer style bottoms and a tee shirt.
Here in the sheer negligee, as it pulled up high in the sitting position, her sex was completely exposed as she rocked her legs back and forth. Of course I couldn’t keep myself from glancing over the paper at her luscious pussy. At one point, as she was making a specific point to Shelly, she held her knees apart for a good amount of time. Her beautiful slit was in my full view and I again found myself staring. Her auburn pubic hair perfectly framed her pink pussy lips. It was an exceptional sight to say the least.
Feeling eyes upon me, I broke the stare at my daughters sweet looking pussy. Shelly was intently watching me staring at Amy. Again the coy smile at me. I quickly drew my eyes down to the newspaper.
We finished the coffee and I announced, “Time we head to breakfast.”
Sounds good to me. Amy said uncurling from her position on the couch. “We’ll get changed and be right out.” They both headed into their bedroom.
Soon they emerged both in shorts with tee shirts on. With their nipples straining the thin material, both obviously braless, we headed down to the dining room.
The hostess seated us in a semi round booth once again. This time Shelly sat at my left and Amy to my right. The hostess had somehow only grabbed two menus.
I’ll be right back with another. She said.
That’s okay. Amy told her. “I can share with my dad.”
She leaned into me, to look at the menu, her firm breast rubbing my bare arm. I could feel her hard nipple on my skin. Mr. Woody once again began hardening in my shorts.
The waitress came and took our drink order. Three coffees, two orange juices and a cranberry juice.
Okay, I’ve decided. I said and tried to pass the menu to Amy.
Just a sec dad, I’m almost done deciding. She continued her browsing of the menu and the tit rubbing on my arm.
I’ve decided. she finally announced.
You know what you’re having Shel? She asked her friend.
I do. Answered Shelly. “I’m going to have the large smoked sausage link with two extra large grade “A” eggs, basted, crispy hash browns on the side and creamy grits.” She looked directly at me. The innuendo did not slip by me.
Wow, that does sound good. I think I’ll have that too. Amy said. “What are you having dad?”
You know what, I think I’ll do the same. I answered looking straight into Shelly’s twinkling eyes.
The waitress returned with the coffee and juices and we ordered. Then chatted while sipping our hot coffees.
I choked and almost blew out all the coffee I had just sipped into my mouth. I felt fingers softly glide up my right leg and pause at the opening of my shorts.
It was Amy’s hand. She slipped it into the opening and touched the crown of my penis. Of course it instantly began growing even more.
You okay dad? Shelly asked. She was barely containing a chuckle.
I knew, she knew, exactly what was going on. She had probably rehearsed Amy on what to do under the table. Amy’s fingers stroked my hard cock as she sipped her coffee like nothing unusual was going on.
None too soon the food arrived. Amy’s had withdrew from my shorts as she began cutting her sausage into round slices with her knife. Shelly on the other hand, I noticed from the corner of my eye, was intently moving the food around on her plate.
She arranged the smoked sausage as the penis, the eggs as testicles and the shredded hash browns as pubic hair to look like a cock and balls in a nest. Then she moved some of the creamy grits to the tip of the sausage, letting them appear as though they were oozing from the tip like semen. Once finished, she paused, looked at me and grinned before starting to eat. I just shook my head.
Amy had finished cutting her food and now her left hand was free to roam up my leg to my cock once more. Her stroking had me hard the whole time. It was an interesting breakfast to say the least.
We finished and headed back to the room. At least the ride in the elevator was uneventful.
In the room, the girls headed to the bedroom to change into their swim suits and I headed into mine to change into my golf attire.
I was out first and waited for them to emerge. Shelly came out first. Her bright orange bikini was mini at best, almost micro. The top barely covered her large areola. Her tits were almost completely hanging out the sides. The bottom just covered her sweet pussy. Of course, it was a thong style, her great ass was completely on display.
Amy came out next. Thank God her suit was more acceptable, however, just barely. It was bright lime green, accenting her red hair, green eyes and freckled skin. The color made her perky tits stand out quite well. At least it was a more conventional style and her ass wasn’t completely on display. Little did I know, that with just a slight adjustment, it would become a thong just like Shelly’s.
They each gave me a hug and kiss. I gave them each another fifty for spending money and told them they could charge anything else they needed, within reason, to the room.
We all left the room and rode the elevator down to the first floor. I headed to the valet to get my SUV, and waving good bye, the girls headed for the pool.
At The Golf Course
Arriving at the course I pulled into my assigned parking spot. My caddie Mike was waiting there for me. We greeted each other and he took my golf bag and told me he’d meet me at the practice range. Taking my golf shoes, I headed into the clubhouse to register and change shoes.
At registration I was given a nice gift package and invitations to several functions for the week. The gift package included a very nice expensive women’s bracelet. I sweet talked the ladies at registration in to giving me a second one. Now I had one for each of the girls. One of the invitations was for a private concert on Saturday evening by one of the girl’s favorite country artists, Clay Walker. I would keep that one under wraps and surprise them by taking them to that. Another was for the pro am draw party that evening. Thinking the girls might be interested in going with me to it, I rang up Amy on her mobile.
After explaining there would be free food, beverage and entertainment including a country band, the girls said they would love to attend. I told them I’d be back around five and the party started at seven. The best part, it was right there at the Ritz, in one of the large ballrooms.
On the practice range I struck the golf ball with my usual precision. Mike and I headed for the first tee and I declined a few offers to join groups for a practice round. Occasionally I would join others players and we would play a friendly gambling game. Today I preferred to go alone.
On the course, as my mind drifted back to Amy and what Shelly had told me, my ball striking began to suffer. Mike noticed this immediately. We had been a team for several years and he could tell when my mind just wasn’t into the game.
We were waiting in the fairway of the seventh hole, on the group ahead the finish on the green, when Mike spoke up.
Hey T, whats on your mind? He asked. “You seem like your on another planet. I haven’t seen you like this since that fling you had with that big boobed blonde Rebecca chick.”
It’s complicated Mike. Was my answer.
Oh shit, it is another chick. I can tell. He went on. “And, it’s not just a one night stand thing either. This must be serious.”
His assumption was almost spot on. There was no way I would completely tell him what was going on this time.
Well, let’s see, he paused in thought, “you brought Amy and her friend Shelly with you. I’ve seen the way that hot little blonde bombshell looks at you and the way you’ve looked at her. Over the years. Your staying in a suite at the Ritz. My guess is that the little gal snuck in your bed while you sleeping and, well, the rest I can leave unspoken.”
I couldn’t deny what he’d said, he’d have seen right through the lie. Question was, did I tell him what happened and leave out the Amy part? I decided that may be the best course of action. I told him about Shelly coming into my room and sleeping with me and the hot sex we’d had. I left out the Amy part and the fact that Shelly was being fucked regularly by her father. That part off my mind, I began striking the ball better, but with the Amy thing lingering, I still wasn’t one hundred percent.
Well, now that’s outta the way, you’re hitting it much better. He observed later in the round.
We finished the practice round and I headed back to the hotel to get ready for the draw party.
The Draw Party
Back at the hotel room, I showered and put on a pair of dress jeans, a western shirt, western blazer and my sueded black ostrich leg cowboy boots. Then I went into the living area to wait for the girls to come out. Shelly was out first.
I whistled as she entered the room and did a little twirl. Her little short black cocktail dress, with its short pleated bottom, rose as she spun around. It clearly revealed her red thong panties. The front of the dress had a plunging neckline that barely held in her braless large breasts, each nestled in its own loose sling. Around her neck a beautiful string of pearls dropped down, drawing attention to her cleavage. The back plunged past her waist to the top of her thong. She also had put on a sexy pair of black heels that really made her legs look great. This girl liked to strut her stuff. Then she came over and sat on the chair arm. I wanted bend her over the arm of the chair, lift her dress, pull her thong to the side and impale her sweet pussy with my hard cock right then and there.
Have you decided yet? She asked me. I knew she was talking about me having sex with Amy.
I’m close, I just need a little more time. Was my answer.
I wouldn’t take too long if I were you. Amy is really hot to have you. She informed me.
Just then, Amy entered the room. She had on a stunning emerald green cocktail dress. Except in color, it was almost identical to Shelly’s. I whistled at her also. They must have rehearsed their entry while in the bedroom. Amy twirled and like Shelly revealing thong also. It was bright red. She was also braless and had a pair of red heels on. An emerald and silver adorned necklace dropped down her between her cleavage and looked great with the ensemble. She sat on the other arm of my chair.
Well, you two are certainly dressed to impress. I commented. “Let’s head down to the party.”
Leaving the room we walked arm in arm to the elevator. I had a nice breast rubbing on each sleeve of my coat.
We arrived early enough that we had our pick of the round eight seat tables. The girls chose one near where the band would be performing. There were several food stations, each with its own culinary theme. Five open bars were s**ttered around the perimeter of the large ballroom. There were three desert stations as well as a coffee bar. It was quite the set up.
Getting our drinks, we all chose red wine, we set them our table. Next we hit the food stations. When we returned, a couple of my fellow professional golfers had seated themselves at our table. I figured they had seen the girls, and were trying to score with them.
I introduced the girls to them. At which point they realized the girls were off limits. They did engage the girls in conversation, and I could tell the two young ladies were enjoying the attention. As we all ate and conversed, the drawing of professionals for tomorrow’s teams was taking place. More wine was brought to us by young ladies that roamed the room as beverage servers. Both girls were once again overindulging in the wine.
After a bit the pros left us and we went up to the desert and coffee bar. I was hoping that more food and some coffee might help the girls. We were finishing desert and drinking coffee when the band started playing. Shelly and Amy were quick to hit the dance floor as the band opened with a Country line dance number. They beckoned me to join them and I motioned them I would later. In the meantime, I was enjoying watching them being watched by all the horny men.
The band played a slow ballad and I danced with each of them. Feeling their warm sexy bodies against mine gave me a nice hard cock. Both girls pressed their pubic mounds into my hard dick as we danced.
I left them on the dance floor and returned to the table to resume watching. Another slow dance was playing. An older gent, joined Shelly as it began. Amy took a break and sat down beside me.
This is really fun dad, do they have a party like this every week at the tournaments? She inquired.
Yes, they do. I answered. “And usually a few more. Some tournaments actually have big name entertainers and top music groups too. Many times, the entertainers will play golf in the pro am.”
Wow, that’s cool. There sure are a bunch of beautiful hot women here too. She added.
That’s true, but I’m here with the two hottest women at the party.
She laughed, then glancing at the dance floor said, “Oh my, look, that old guy has his hand under Shelly’s top!”
Sure enough, one of the amateurs that was playing in the pro am, had his hand inside her dress and was getting a good feel. As they danced and turned, we could see his other hand was right at the bottom of her backless dress and moving down. Soon it disappeared as he fondled her ass.
The music soon stopped and she and the old gent had some verbal exchange. Shelly then looked our way as did the man, a few more words were spoken, then a flushed face Shelly joined us at the table. Her large nipples were attempting to puncture the material of her dress. You could tell she was sexually aroused.
Wow! Exclaimed Amy. “That guy had his hands all over you!”
Yeah, he did. Shelly Answered. “I didn’t mind that so much, what I minded was what he asked me at the end of the dance. He asked me if I’d join him in his room tonight. He said he’d give me a thousand dollars if I slept with him!”
This didn’t surprise me. At many of these parties young women would show up that were there for the sole purpose of entertaining the pro am patrons. I didn’t know for sure, but I suspected some of the tournaments actually invited them. The way Shelly was dressed, I’m sure the old guy took her to be one of those ladies.
What did you tell him? Amy asked.
I told him I didn’t fuck for money, I fucked for fun. Then I told him to look over at you two. I told him that’s who I was fucking for fun, the guy and girl at this table.
Amy laughed and I almost choked on my drink! Before I could recover, I saw Tammy, the beverage cart girl working as a server tonight, headed towards our table.
Hello Thorn. She purred. “Would you and the young ladies like another cocktail?” She had emphasized the word young.
Immediately the cat claws came out at the table. Both Amy and Shelly were looking daggers at her.
Ladies, I asked, “would you like Tammy to bring another round?”
I think we’re both fine for now. They coldly both answered.
Okay, see you tomorrow after the pro am Thorn. You still have my address right?
I nodded and she left us. Both girls turned their dagger eyes to me.
Well, daddy, said Shelly, “you want to explain that little exchange?” Her voice was dripping in sarcasm.
Sure, I met her on the course Monday. She’s works there as a beverage cart girl. She’s also an aspiring professional golfer and she want me to give her some pointers. I explained.
Oh, she wants some pointers alright, Shelly replied, “and, it’s not in golf. I can tell. She’s looking to jump your bones! You agree Amy?”
Amy nodded her head in agreement.
I’m serious. That’s all it is. I was on the defensive.
Then I saw a women approaching our table that I knew quite well. Her husband had been on my pro am team, first years ago and several times since. I had spent many hours with her, on several different occasions, as we fucked like crazy. Now I figured I was in real trouble with my young female companions.
I stood as she arrived at our table. She exuded sex. A tall well proportioned redhead, she was wearing a shear black cocktail gown. Her firm, milky white breasts, with their darker areola, were very visible through the gown. Her hair was pulled back accentuating her beautiful chiseled facial features. A one time model herself, she now owned and operated a modeling business.
Usually, when her husband was playing in the pro am, she made sure he picked me if I hadn’t already been selected by another team. I hadn’t been paying attention to the draw, so I had no idea if I was on his team.
Hello Ariel. I greeted her at the table and we briefly kissed . “Did Ron get me for tomorrow?” I asked.
Hi Thorn. No, you’d already been taken. She gave a little pout. “I came over so you would introduce me to theses gorgeous ladies that are with you.” she pulled out a chair and sat next to Shelly.
I was prepared for the cat claws and fur to fly at any second. Instead, to my surprise, the girls seemed enchanted by her. Before I could make introductions, Ariel took over.
I’m guessing this red haired beauty on your left is your oldest daughter. She indicated Amy. “She has many of your fine facial features. And who is this cute little blonde I’m sitting next to?”
That’s my best friend Shelly, I’m Thorn’s daughter Amy. Amy answered before I could.
Well nice to meet you both. Amy, why don’t you come sit by me so we can have some girl talk. Ariel invited her.
Suddenly I was left out. Probably for the best. The three women immersed into their own conversation. The girls were intently listening to Ariel as she was telling them something. They all laughed and seemed be hitting it off quite well.
I excused myself to go to the restroom. When I returned, Ariel was gone. The two girls excitedly began telling me what had transpired in their talk with the sexy Ariel.
Wow, what a sexy women. Amy started out. “She said she’s an old friend if yours dad. She also said she owns a model agency. She gave us each her card.”
Yes, Shelly added, “and she wants to meet with us tomorrow. She said she’ll come and pick us up, take us to lunch and take us to her modeling agency branch office here in the city for a photo session.”
She thinks we could be models for her. Isn’t that so cool dad? Amy was obviously excited. “Can we go, can we?”
Yes, you can. Ariel is a very nice lady. You’ll have fun with her. Both girls excitedly hugged and thanked me.
Well ladies, it’s getting late. What do you say we head to the room. I asked.
Oh, daddy, can’t we stay a little longer? Amy begged.
I agreed to stay for five more songs. They both jumped up and were back on the dance floor. They were so pumped up about the prospects Ariel had presented them, that I felt they needed to expend some more energy anyway.
Like dogs to a bone, the men were again attracted to the pair as they danced. Shelly, with her provocative garb and large breasts, drew the most attention. She seemed to love it.
The band had switched from Country to Rock. On the third, of the five songs I’d promised we’d stay for, the two girls danced together very provocatively. They touched each other and rubbed together in a dirty dance. A group of both men and women surrounded them. I had to rise from the table and make my way onto the dance floor to continue watching. It was worth the move.
Shelly had backed herself into Amy and was wriggling her ass into Amy’s crotch, as she leaned forward at the waist. Amy had her hands on the outside of Shelly’s dress, on her breasts, where she was actively fondling them, as she made humping movements into Shelly’s ass.
I was about to step in and put a stop to the sexual display. When the song stopped and the band began a slow one. Couples that had been watching paired up and began dancing. Each of the girls were joined by different men. I turned to return to the table and found myself in the arms of Ariel, who led me into the slow dance.
You have quite a pair there, Thorn. She whispered in my ear. “I’m going to have a fun girl’s day out with them tomorrow. That blonde is a hot little number. She could fit right in to my venue modeling crew. Your daughter could too, but I’d rather see her on the runway. I doubt I could get them to separate though. You do realize they’re a pair don’t you?”
Yes, they are. I whispered back.
I don’t think you got the meaning of what I said. She replied. “I’m talking sexual pair. They obviously have a sexual relationship together. Are you so blind?”
Really, you really think so. But, I never finished the sentence.
You think, just because Shelly is fucking you, and don’t deny it, I can tell, that the two of them don’t get it on with each other. She informed me. “I’ll bet they do it all. Dildos, pussy licking, ass licking and maybe even anal with the dildos.”
I was stunned at this apparent revelation. Then I thought of Shelly’s comment when she returned to the table. She’d told the old guy that she was fucking the guy and girl at our table, Amy and me!
Boy Thorn, you are so naive, especially for a guy that taps in pussy as frequently as he taps in putts. She the laughed at her own metaphor. “I bet I find out all kinds of neat stuff from them tomorrow. I’ll let you know what I find out.” She added as the dance ended.
We parted and I watched the girls dance the final two songs with different men. I kept thinking about what Ariel had told me. It kind of made sense, but, then again it didn’t.
They came to the table after the fifth dance. Both girls were giddy and flushed with sexual excitement.
Okay daddy, Amy said taking one arm as Shelly took my other. “Let’s head up to the room.”
We walked arm in arm to the elevator and entered. Both girls were pressing their bodies against me all the way to our floor. I was now sexually aroused as well!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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