The Aftermath Of The Public Bus Journey – Part 2

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The Aftermath Of The Public Bus Journey – Part 2

As you people might have read my previous two experiences I’d get on with the story instead of boring you off.

I started getting dressed after granting permission for a bit more fun. As i was pulling my panty up he stopped me and told me “I have a surprise for you”. He took out a rectangular object that looked like a pen drive but i was pretty sure that it wasn’t one. I asked him about. He told me “i took this from my brother’s grandson’s remote toy”. I still had no idea. He came close to me and Kneeled down infront of me. That part of toy was covered in rubber. He spread my pussy and spat on it. He asked me to spit on that toy part.

When he felt it’s enough lubricated he inserted it inside my pussy. I was still wondering how it’d work. He searched his cover and brought out something that looked liked a remote controller. He pressed a button and it started vibrating inside my pussy. I jumped when it started to vibrate as i wasn’t exactly expecting it. He pressed another button and the intensity of the vibration decreased… then he pressed another button and its intensity increased and i started shaking a bit. I asked him to stop. He stopped toying with it. He asked me if i could keep it inside. I agreed to it. So, i got dressed and we walked towards the nearest bus stop which was about 20 mins off that building.

As we were walking we reached a shop and stopped to buy something to drink. Just when i was about to say “ water” he turned the toy on with high intensity.. So i ended up saying “ahh water” and jerked my hips a bit. I stared at him and he gave me a smile instead. So that was that and we reached the bus station. As it was a public holiday that day there was hardly any vehicle on the road. We waited there for 8-10 minutes and a jam packed bus arrived. He went near the front door and i followed him.

I entered the bus through a crowd of young boys at the front door and just when i kept my right to leg on the step he switched the toy on. I jerked my hips again and entered the bus in silence. One young guy took the opportunity and pressed my left boob. With the sensation of the toy inside my cunt i chose to ignore it and pushed myself to the front. I stood right behind the old man and whispered him to stop. He smiled at me and did nothing. I started sweating and tried my best to keep my hips from jerking.

All of a sudden he stopped it and smiled at me, i gave him a look of relief. We were 5-10 minutes into the journey and the bus stopped. Few people got in and few got out. I didn’t bother and was holding on to the handrest. A young guy came and stood just beside me. He smiled at me.. I acted like i didn’t see him. As the journey resumed i noticed someone’s hand brushing through my breasts on top of my tee. The old man noticed it and switched on the toy. I didn’t see it coming and my hips hit the guy when i jerked unknowingly. I kicked the old man on his leg and gave him a cold stare to indicate him to stop. He smiled but didn’t bother to stop. The guy standing there took my reaction as ‘go on’ indication pressed my left boob.

I gave him a cold look and turned away. He stopped doing it and got off the next stop. The toy was still vibrating inside my pussy. I was sweating a bit and i felt like i would have an orgasm soon. Just when i thought i was about to have an orgasm, he stopped the toy. I started panting a bit. I gave that old man a cold look and turned away. He smiled at me again. Nothing much happened after that and we reached the stop.

We got out.. There was hardly any vehicle near and there was no auto in the auto stand. It started getting cloudy. He took his cell phone out and called someone. As we were waiting he asked me if i liked it. I nodded my head.

An auto stopped near us and we got in. It started raining.. The auto guy stopped the auto and brought down the covers on both sides. He said it’s another 10 mins from here to his house. They started talking to each other. The auto stopped near a medical shop and the auto guy came back into the auto. He switched on the light as it was pretty dark inside the auto because of the covers. He smiled at me and extended his hand towards me and pressed my left boob. He lifted my tee and pinched my naval.

I looked at him and the old man simultaneously in awe. He smiled at me again and turned back and started the auto. The old guy kept his hand above my shoulder and then brought it down to my waist. He switched on the toy part and brought his hand inside my tees till it reached by right boob and started pressing it over my bra. He kept squeezing and pinching my nipple. I was nearing an orgasm and realizing that he stopped the toy again. I lost breath for a second and pulled his arm out in anger. He in turn held my chin and ran his tongue over my lips.

He then ran his fingers over my neck and smiled at me. As he kept touching my body we reached a house that was well inside a premise and i couldn’t find another house nearby. Anyways, we got inside the house and they led me to a decent looking room. I went inside the toilet, removed that toy part. and peed. I looked at my pussy on the mirror, it was a bit reddish around my pussy. I touched my clit with my ring finger and i had a strange pleasure near my vagina and jerked my hips. I didn’t do anything about it and pulled my panty and denim up. I walked back to the room where two of them were waiting.

The old man asked me to go near him. He lifted my tee up and kissed on my navel. The auto guy took my left hand and pulled me towards him and ran his tongue over my denim in between my legs. He sat me down near him and lifted my tee off me. He lifted my left hand up and ran his tongue on my armpit. Ran his fingers on my back and removed my bra and closed down on my face. He put his lips on mine and bit my lower lip and pulled it with his teeth, after which he pushed his tongue inside and ran it over mine.

He lifted my palm up and kept it on top of his zipper. I gave it a slow rub over his pants. He unbuttoned my denim and pulled it off my legs and he did the same with my panty. There i was naked in front of two unknown men. He got up and unpacked something and came back with a piece of butter in his hands. He asked me to lean back and he spread my legs. He rubbed the butter around my pussy and licked it off from there. He licked all around my pussy and teased me for nearly a minute.

He came down and bit me on my clit and pulled it up. He asked me to spread my pussy. He spat on the spread area of my pussy and ran his tongue over it. He brought his palm and pressed by boobs one by one while doing so. He licked me for 2-3 minutes and then he got up and pulled his pant and underwear down. He lifted me up and kept his penis near my mouth.

I pulled his foreskin down and ran my tongue over his dick. I sucked him for about two minutes and he started shaking. He caught my head and started mouthfucking me. He kept on increasing the pace. In about a minute he pulled his dick off my mouth and started wanking his dick. He asked me to open my mouth and shot his semen inside my mouth. There was loads of cum. He asked me to spit that on my palms and then took my palm and rubbed it all over my pussy. He then wiped it off my pussy and made me lick the rest off my palms. The old man got up and took the toy part out of my denim pocket and pushed it inside my pussy. He increased the intensity of the toy and i started sweating, jerking my hips and panting.

The autoguy had both my hands locked in his hands… and within a minute i had my orgasm and squirted all over and had an amazing orgasm. The toy also got out out of my cunt when i had the orgasm. The auto guy licked my pussy clean and the old man pressed my boobs as he did it. The auto guy got up and asked me to sit on his dick.. My pussy was touching his erect dick. He pushed my hips to and fro, which resulted in my pussy rubbing his dick. The old man stood on the bed and got himself naked. He came near me with his erect dick and spat on it. He pressed it against my lips and i opened my mouth. He pushed my mouth open and spat on his dick again. He asked me to suck his dick.

Meanwhile the auto guy pushed his dick inside my cunt and was fucking me. The old guy pulled his dick out and got down. He came near me from behind and applied butter on and around my asshole. He spat on his palms and lubricated it and brought his dick forward. He had some difficulties pushing it inside and to my surprise i couldn’t really feel the pain.

After some struggle, he managed to push it inside. I had two people fucking me on my ass and vagina at the same time. The autoguy pulled out his dick and got up.. So as a result the old man had to do that too. He held my hair and brought his dick near my mouth and shot his cum inside my mouth and before i could do anything the old man got hold of me and came inside my mouth. The old man pressed my chin and closed my mouth. I had to swallow their cum. He pressed my right boob and bit on the nipple. He asked me to go and clean up.

I went to the toilet and cleaned myself up. When i came back both of them were already dressed. I went near them and when i was ready to pick up dress the old man asked me to sit on the bed. He came near me and spread my legs. He spread my pussy and rubbed it with his fingers. He brought the toy part and pushed it inside my cunt. He set the intensity on high and the auto guy came behind me and held both my arms. The old man was sitting beside me and was rubbing my clit. In about two minutes minutes i had my orgasm and i squirted all over. But..that didn’t stop them i was in heaven and beyond. The autoguy kept hold of my arms and the old man continued rubbing my clit.

I kept jerking my hips and my legs.. I started panting. I was wet all over my body with sweat as if i just had shower. It was hard to take.. In about another 3 mins i had another orgasm.. I screamed and pulled my arms off the auto guy and started rolling on the bed, moaning like I’ve never had. The old man held my legs and got out the toy part. He spread my legs and spread my pussy. He brought his tongue forward and ran over the spread area. I couldn’t take it and i moaned over and over again.. The auto guy loosened his grip and the old man got up.

I got up and went to clean myself again. I couldn’t walk properly. I bent down to take my clothes and just when i did that the auto guy touched my pussy.. I jerked my body forward and moaned a bit. I took my clothes and went to the toilet. I came back in about 5 mins. Every time i took a step the movement of my panty on my cunt made me jerk my body a bit. We got out and the old man gave me his number. He said that he’ll call me.

The auto guy dropped me off near my house and went home. My eyes were drowsy. I was tired and couldn’t walk properly. But i was satisfied, like never before.

Thus started my sexual journey, the one of many at that age. I have had the spell put on me then.

I’ll wind it up here. I’ll write another experience soon.

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