The Day He Opened My Eyes

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The Day He Opened My Eyes
I never liked being told what to do and certainly not being controlled. The idea that I would ever be a submissive never crossed my mind, until it happened.
I met him in a chat room, our lives similar, stuck in marriages that left us wanting more, not necessarily wanting to leave for different reasons, yet unfulfilled in the bedroom. We talked for weeks, discussing fantasies, wants, desires. At some point we exchanged numbers and started texting, our late night chats left us missing each other during the day. We had become the other’s sounding board, someone to vent to, get support from, sharing jokes and silly pictures. We discussed work, family, problems with our k**s. No subject was off limits. We had shared pictures with each other but nothing sexual in nature. I think we were both afraid to cross that line, we had come to depend on each other.
It was a Friday night and I was later than usual signing in to chat. As soon as I was logged in the message box popped up, numerous messages from him, the timestamps show that he had been trying to reach me for hours. I read through them and was about to respond when a new message came in. Where have you been? I need you! I’m here now, what’s wrong? He proceeded to tell me of the wife’s latest stunt. He needed to vent, but I could tell he had been drinking by his words. After about an hour he had calmed down and I had him back to discussing meaningless topics. As I was just about to tell him I was going to sign off and head to bed I received a message that left me staring at the screen, unsure of what to say.
C: Let’s meet for real
M: What?
C: I want to meet you, I want to see you in person and get a real hug from you, you understand me like she never has
M:You’re drunk, go to bed and we will talk tomorrow
C: No, I need to meet you
M: We’ll talk about it tomorrow now go to bed
C: If I go to bed will you at least think about it
M: Fine yes I’ll think about it, now go to bed, good night
C: Good night
The next morning it was all I could think about. We had never talked about actually meeting. I knew the general area where he lived, it was about thirty minutes away from me. But surely he didn’t mean it, he was drunk. I decided to let it go, I would not bring it up as he probably would not remember even bringing it up. I heard my phone going off, I knew that tone, it was him. I look at his text, can you get online, I need to talk. I sent back a message that I would be on in 10 minutes.
C: Did you think about it
M: Think about what?
C: Meeting me
M: Oh you remember asking me that do you?
C: I’ve wanted to ask for a while, I want to meet you in person, please, just for lunch or something, I promise I won’t keep you long
M: Are you certain we want to cross that line?
C: It’s just coffee….and yes, Please
M: I guess it can’t hurt anything to have coffee, I have to come your way later today to do some shopping, what time can you get away
C: I’ll be ready, let me know where you going to be and when, no matter what time
M: Ok, I have to shower and get dressed, I’ll let you know when I head that way
C: Perfect! Thank you and see you soon
As I dressed I found myself nervous, not sure why, it was only lunch for crying out loud. It was a hot day so I chose my usual, a pair of running shorts and tank. As I left my house I sent a quick text. Leaving now, be that way in about half hour, I’ll be near the mall, let me know where you want to eat. His response was immediate. Logan’s, I’ll go there now and get a table. I responded, not sure I’m dressed for that, but it’s just lunch so ok. I don’t know why I said that. It wasn’t a fancy place but felt I was underdressed, but he read more into it. Again his response is immediate. What are you wearing? I actually laughed out loud and replied. It doesn’t matter you’ll see soon enough. Suddenly I realize that my nipples are straining against my shirt and there’s a tingling in my pussy. What the hell! I start to have second thoughts about this but before I can change my mind I find myself turning into the parking lot.
As I go through the doors I start to think, what if he doesn’t like me. Reality check! What does it matter, it’s just lunch, and we’re friends, or at least I feel we are. The hostess greets me and I tell her I am meeting someone. Oh yes, follow me please. How does she know who I’m meeting? Well I guess most people come in together at lunch and he probably mentioned I would be arriving. We walk past many empty tables, the bar that is practically vacant, and into another room mixed of tables and booths. There were others in the main area and plenty of open tables, why are we so far back? I am about to ask her about this when she stops and directs me into a booth. From where I am I only see the back of his head at this point. I thank her and she begins to walk away. I go to the empty bench across from him, watching her walk away and not yet looking at him. Hi, I say and he seems a bit startled.
Wow! You look amazing, he says as he stands up and gives me a hug. This is not a friendly hug, but a tight loving hug that seems a little too much. Thank you I say as I pull back and slide into the booth. I expect him to take his seat across from me again, but he slides in next to me. I notice he has already ordered water with lemon for both of us. He says he hopes that is ok. Yes it’s fine. Have you ordered my lunch as well or do I get to do that for myself? He slides his arm across my shoulders and with a bit of a chuckle, no I did order for you but I can if you would like. He pulls himself closer to me. A bit surprised by his behavior I tell him I think I can handle it. He smiles as his hand runs up my thigh stopping just short of the edge of my shorts. He whispers in my ear, oh I ‘m sure you will handle it just fine. Something inside me is saying to push his hand away and remind this is not what we are about, but the wetness in my pussy stops my mouth from uttering the words. I just look at him, the tension is so thick I can feel it. Before I know what is happening, his lips are on mine, my tongue is searching for his, my hand goes to his. My head is spinning, what the hell am I doing?
We are interrupted by the waitress. Excuse me, would you care for menus now? His hand slides further up my leg, and his fingers brush the crotch of my shorts, he can feel the wetness seeping out. He looks at me with a grin, and then to her. No, I think we’ve decided to hold off on lunch. I can’t move, it’s like I’m paralyzed. His fingers rubbing against my shorts while he very calmly asks her if there’s a charge for the drinks. She says it’s just water don’t worry about it. But he pulls a folded bill from his pocket and hands it to her anyway. She thanks him and walks away. I’m acting like a school girl in heat, I realize I have spread my legs open as he is still teasing me through the shorts. He leans in and kisses me softly, it is ok that I told her we don’t need lunch isn’t it. I can’t speak, the only thing I can manage is to nod my head. He takes my hand and leads me out to his car.
Let’s go for a ride. My brain is screaming at me that this is all so wrong, but my racing hormones tell my brain to be quiet. Where are we going? He starts driving as he tells me he’s not sure. I give a half hearted laugh as I ask him if he’s a secretly an axe murderer. We are stopped at the red light, as he looks over, grins, and slides a finger inside my shorts feeling just how wet I really am. No, I am not, but I do have a hard tool to use on you he says as he pushes his finger inside my pussy. It clamps down as I practically cum on the spot. We have never talked about this, but something tells me I have no choice but to let it happen.
Turning down a frontage road, his eyes never leave the road, one hand on the steering wheel, the other buried in me making me squirm. I have lost all control of my body, I’ve laid the seat back and have my legs spread wide, my hand up my shirt massaging my tits. I have no idea who I am, it’s like an out of body experience where I’m looking down at myself in total shock. We pass what looks to be an abandoned warehouse, he turns around and goes back and pulls to the back of the building. As he parks the car, I am ready to explode and there’s instant frustration as he pulls his hand away. Sit tight he says as he gives me a quick kiss and a wink, and gets out of the car.
He opens my door and takes my hand to help me out. As I stand up, pussy juice runs down my legs. He pulls me in for a deep kiss and I feel his cock pressing against me. I see myself reaching for him and stroking it through his shorts. He throws his head back and groans. He pushes me away and suddenly I’m confused. Wait! He says as he walks to the back of his car and pops the trunk. He pulls out a blanket and we find a spot of grass next to the building under a tree. We spread the blanket out and before I can say or do anything he has scooped me up and laid me down and is pulling down my shorts. As he pulls them off he starts kissing his way up my leg. As he reaches the inside of my thigh I can feel my clit throbbing, aching to be touched. He looks up at me to judge my reaction, to find my back arched and hands clenching the blanket. He takes it as a sign to proceed as his tongue flicks across my clit. Like a bolt of lightening has hit me my hips rise up and my hands reach for his head, shoving him back down. His tongue plunges into my pussy that so wet I can him slurping up the juice. He briefly pulls his mouth away and says fuck you taste like a dream. My hands shove him back down and my legs lock around his head. His lips locked on my clit, 2 fingers pumping into me, my legs begin to shake as I explode into his mouth. Mmmmmmmm damn baby that is amazing, and I’ll have more but right now you need to suck my cock. NO I scream, don’t stop. He flips me over so fast I don’t know what happened as he smacks my ass hard. You don’t tell me no little girl, do you understand? My racing, what did he just say? I open my mouth to repeat myself but I am shocked when I hear myself saying yes sir. What just happened? Good girl I hear. Now if you do a good job you’ll get what you want, let’s make it easy on you. How he moves so fast I don’t know, or maybe I’m just so lost in lust I don’t care, the next thing I know he is on his back, I’m straddling his chest and he’s pushing my head down on his cock. As I lean forward to take his cock in my mouth I realize that my pussy is practically in his fact. And he confirms that but running his tongue along my pussy. Fuckkkkkkkk is all I can manage. Now suck my cock like a good little slut and I’ll eat this pussy like I own it. I wrap my around the base of his cock and start stroking as my tongue teases the head. There is a drop of precum that I have to have, as I lick it off it’s a bit salty but so good. I start sucking his cock like a starved a****l. Alternating between teasing the head and taking him all in until he’s deep in my throat and I’m gagging. I’m obviously doing what he wants because I feel his hands clamped down on my ass grinding my pussy down on his tongue. I lick his balls while stroking him and I hear him say to get that hard cock back in my mouth so he can cum. As I lock my lips around him and get him in deep I feel his hot cum shooting down the back of throat and at the same time his fingers buried in my pussy and his teeth on my clit sucking hard, and I too explode. His hands release me and roll me off of him. I am trying to catch my breath, thinking we are done when I feel him grabbing me and flipping me back over onto my knees. Shoving my head down, pulling my hips up. Head down ass up little girl as he smacks my ass again. It hurts and I want to tell him to stop, but I can not get the words out. He smacks me again and again, I can feel my ass burning but at the same time I am extremely turned on and I feel cum running down my legs. You can cum when you want today, but in the future you will ask permission. What did he say? But before I can do or say anything his cock his buried in me, his balls slapping my ass, hands wrapped around my hips. Damn he feels so good in me. My pussy clamps down hard and cum gushes, covering his balls. I hear the words good girl, good girl, you’re my good little slut aren’t you. With his hard cock slamming into me over and over I hear myself practically scream, yes Sir I’ll be your slut. Did I just say that? A voice in my head tells me to shut up and fuck the man. His thrusting speeds up, his grasp on my hips tightens, as he groans and tells me he is going to cum again, and I feel his cum shooting inside my pussy. How the hell can he cum that hard? So hard that I can feel it. His cock slides out as his arm wraps around my waist and pulls me up. Now turn around here and clean me up little girl. He leans back on one elbow, his other hand on the back of my head, guiding me. He notices that I am rocking back and forth on my knees and sits up so that he can keep one hand on my head and the other reaching under me to put a thumb on my clit and fingers inside me. You better not cum again little girl. Is he insane? How the hell can I not cum again when he’s doing that? He feels my pussy clamping down and he pulls out and smacks my ass hard. I said NO. How is doing this to me? The smack on my ass made go faster sucking his cock. He starts thrusting his hips up into my mouth, his fingers buried in me again. Fuck little girl you’re going to make me cum again. As he shoved my head down and hard and cum shot down my throat again. When he stopped groaning, I hear something about I’ve earned the privilege of cumming again. That voice in my head again saying who the hell does he think he is, when I hear him say cum NOW, as he pressed him thumb harder into my clit. Spasm after spasm run through my body as I start to cum. He stretches me out, fingers still buried in me but not moving as my body trembles.
We lay there, not moving for I don’t even know how long. He has me pulled against him tight, just holding me. Finally he breaks the silence. We need to go. I ask him doesn’t he think we need to talk about what just happened. Later he says, we’ll discuss it later. But until we do, I want you to think about it, every detail, I think you liked the way I handled you, and I think you want more, you won’t want to admit how much it turned you on to be spanked, to be called my little slut, to be used, maybe even not how good it felt to be fucked by me. But I know it felt good for you, there’s no denying the way your body responded to me. So you think about it, and we’ll talk later.
We used some bottle water to clean up the best we could. Next time, we get a room, so we can clean up properly he says. I look at him with a glare. He laughs, say it he says, tell me who said there will be a next time. I’ll give you the answer little girl. That pussy you have said all I needed to know, there will be a next time, there will be many times, I will train you to be a proper sub, and you will enjoy it. And if you have any doubt about that, reach down right now and then tell me you aren’t wet again. I just looked away, I didn’t have to reach down, I could feel it. He was right about all of it. I wanted to be his little girl, his dirty little slut, but he’s right I won’t admit it right off, I don’t want him to know how he has affected me, although somehow I’m pretty certain he already does.

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