The Diary of An Older Man II: Part II of II

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The Diary of An Older Man II: Part II of II
I leaned forward and slid my right hand under her shirt and onto her stomach, gently tracing my fingers around her belly button in circular motions, as my right hand undid the top button of her shorts, as I slowly unzipped them. I then, continued to use my fingers to stroke her stomach as I slowly eased them under her tiny white cotton panties. The back of my left hand than lifted the material upwards, as my right hand moved further down until I was cupping her little bald honeypot in my hand. I was aware that I shouldn t rush myself, or eles she would take fright, and flight, as I definitely didn t want that to happen. So I slowed down for a bit, before gently pressing my index finger against her teen clity, as I began rubing her tiny lips until they parted, allowing me access to her sweet teen virgin vagina. Now I was home, able to slowly push my finger a little deeper into her tight, moist opening. I didn t have to enter too far, just deep enough for her to know that my finger was inside her little teenage tunnel. I withdrew my finger and held it to her face.
Smell that. Have you ever smelt yourself before? I asked, as my finger glistened in the sun wit her sweet teen juice.
No. . .I ve never thought of doing that. as she answered back.
Well the aroma of a young girl s juice is very addictive to boys, especially to older men and even women too. And, just so you know, I m one of them, and you already know that Ghost loves it as well. Now go ahead and suck my finger – – taste yourself. As I pushed my finger up to her mouth.
She did as I said, and told me it tasted sweet.
Little girls taste different at different times of the month, and also different from each other, and if you taste your mother, or your sister, they will taste different to you too because you and your sister are both from your mother s body. I explained to her, as I was running my finger all along her little wet lips of her mouth.
My cock was now rock hard at this point, but I did my best to ignore its bulging demands and continued with my task at hand of getting all the clothes of this young little girl. Replacing my hand back inside her panties I drew my finger upwards to find her little clity, and having done so, I began circling my finger around and around in small little circles, up and across the top, of her fully aroused little teen button.
The reaction was immediate as she went from a gentle sighing sound to a much louder wimper, as I withdrew my finger for a moment so that I could use both hands for the next phase of her seduction.
Lift your lovely bottom off the ground. I whispered to her in her ear.
She did as I instructed and as soon as her little teen ass lifted off the floor I pushed her shorts and panties down over her hips and past her knees to her ankles. I then slid my sweatshirt under her before pushing her back down to the ground.
Now open your little thighs wide for me and bend your knees, and put your feet flat on the ground. You ll have to open your thighs wider than that. I demanded, as I pulled her shorts and panties off her ankles.
Obeying my commands, she put herself at my disposal, as I lowered myself down between her sweet tender thighs while I parted her small teenage pussy lips, and licked into her wet virgin honeypot. Before I could do more with my tonuge, she grabbed the top of my head, as she pushed my mouth hard up against her little teen twat, squeezing her tender thighs together, trapping me there like bear, until her shuddering and shaking orgasmic theater was over.
As soon as she relaxed her grip I moved away from her, and as I did so from that position, Ghost was about to become a very happy dog. He shoved his nose into her and began licking her wet teen honeypot, as if he was Winnie the Pooh himself. She gasped at first, but didn t object to his actions, so while she was wimpering and moaning, I unbuttoned her sweater and pulled her tshirt over her bra. I then pulled her bra down below her tiny breasts so that I could admire and touch them, as I was now in heaven.
Ummm. . .like, I ve never experienced anything like that before – – it was like an explosion. she said.
Did you like it? I asked.
Umm. . . yeah – – and I like what your doing now. Like – – my sister sometimes does that to me – – and like she says it gives her a nice warm feeling between her legs too – – but like I haven t told her that it does the same to me too. she explained, while trying to regroup herself.
Well, the next time she does it you should tell her that you do enjoy it and that you want to do the same with her breasts. You may both be surprised at the result. I explained to her.
Do you need to demonstrate anything else? she asked, with a curious tone.
Of course my love – – why don t you sit up now. I said, trying to conceal my excitement.
She sat up enabling me to remove her t-shirt and her bra, for now she was totally naked except for her sneakers and socks.
Hold your breasts and pull your nipples, gently. Now, push your breast together and squeeze them. I said, watching her with full glee.
I pushed Ghost away from her honeypot and told her to stand up which enabled me to stand behind her and take over the kneading and squeezing of her soft, young, tender teen breasts, while teasing her tinynipples.
Which feels better – – you fondling your breasts, or me doing it for you? I asked, feeling like a little k** myself in a candy store.
I like you doing it, cuz like – – I ve never had anything like this before and it feels so wonderful. I thought I was gonna like explode when you licked me and again when Ghost did it. she said, with a light giggle.
I let my right hand drop to her side and under her tiny teen ass, as I slowly inserted my index finger into her ass crack until I could feel her tiny chocolate starfish.
You can get a great deal of pleasure from this little hole as well, my little girl, but you must have plenty of time to do that properly, and right now, we don t have enough time – – but at least you know now. So do you have a computer at home? I asked, whispering in her ear, while gently sucking on her right earlobe.
Ummm. . .yeah, but like I can t look at porn. she said, while lightly wimpering, as I still stood behind her, like lock and key.
I wouldn t dream of asking you to do that, but I want you to look at this website, read some of the stories in whichever categories you like, including anal sex of your choices. Do you understand? I asked her, in a somewhat stern tone, while tighting my grip around her waist as I pushed the tip of my finger just a bit deeper in her little teen chocolate hole.
I than grabed a piece of paper and my pen from my backpack next to me, and wrote down the name of the website, and my email address, and tucked my lovely inside the pocket of her shorts.
Now I want you to put your hand down from your breasts and feel my cock through my shorts? I demanded her.
She would, and she did, as she grabbed the full bulge of my rock hard cock through my shorts.
Have you seen, or felt a cock before? I asked her.
Ummmm. . . like only from a distance – – and like, they were like small and floppy – – but not like this one. as she slowly explained while gently squeezing my raging bulge.
Well, that makes sense, because I m much, much older than you my love, and much older than all those boys you saw from afar. Now, be a good girl and kneel down before me and unzip my shorts and pull out my cock and hold it in your little warm, soft hand, and then move your hand up and down. I said to her, trying to hold back from moaning and grunting.
She unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts, as they fell to the ground. She paused for a second as she just stared at my rock hard cock pointing at her face, before doing what she had been told.
That a girl – – – mmmmmm. . . . that feels so good. Now go ahead and kiss the tip of it. Lick it, like a popsicle. Now open that little girl mouth of yours and allow me to enter the head of my older man cock into your tiny wet mouth. Now, lick it again – – yeah – – that s it babygirl – – that s so good. Put a little more of it into your mouth and keep your hand on it, and keep it moving up and down, and then suck it in and out of your mouth, and glide my cock through your lips. Get it a little further in each time you suck until you can t get any more in your mouth, down to your little girl throat. Now pull it all the way out to the tip and then suck it in back in again, like a bicycle pump – – and don t stop till I tell you too. I said to her in a stern voice as I was now moaning and grunting, with my lest hand on the back of her head.
I held her head by her ponytail and rocked my hips back and forth to fuck her little girl mouth, and through all the chocking and spitting-up of drool from her mouth, to my cock, to the ground, not once did she complain, as she actually put a lot of effort into sucking me off, instead of merely keeping her mouth open.
I stopped her from making me cum, as I pulled her off my cock by pulling her by her ponytail, and told her that I wanted her to lie back down which she quickly did. Now I stood over her and stroked my own cock as she watched with her big brown eyes. When I was sure she was really aroused I knelt along side her and pulled her thighs apart so that I could rub her clit which was now hot pink and swollen quite significantly.
Turning my attention to her breasts now, I enjoyed myself by gently squeezing them and pinching her tiny hard nipples, before putting one of her pink teen rosebud into my mouth as I sucking it hard. As I did this, while stroking my raging hard cock in hand, I rubbed the other nipple between my finger and thumb. She was panting and wimpering, almost sobbing as well, which turned me on even more. I then gripped my cock harder and began stroking it faster and harder.
Are you going to fuck me? she asked, in a somehwat frighten voice.
Would you like me to? as I answered back quickly.
Ummm. . .no I don t think I want to do that – – yet. she said, slowly hesitating her words.
That s good, because I do not intend to fuck you – – yet. I just want you to put this in your mouth, and at the same time, I will put my tongue in your sweet little honeypot, that way we will both enjoy ourselves. I don t want to disturb your little cherry, so I won t go too deep into you, I just want to enjoy your sweet young body and teach you how to enjoy it as well. Remember – – knowledge is power, and if you know how much pleasure can be gained without having a cock in your little honeypot, than you can have a fantastic sex life because when you do get a real cock in there, it will because you want it inside you, not because it s what someone else wants. And you will be in control. as I explained to her.
I laid down beside her and moved her into the 69 position, and without any hesitation she began stroking my cock again, as I applied my mouth to her moist teenage pussy. I licked, sucked, and lighty nibbled her into a frenzy of passion of enlightenment. I nibbled her teen clit with my lips until she climaxed to her first orgasam, and then I started licking her again. I pulled her thighs as wide as I could and began licking her tight little brown hole. She twitched and wiggled, but stayed where she was as I continued to use my lips to pucker her little teen ring, as I sucked it at the same time. She wimpred as she pressed back onto my face and took all of my cock into her hot, wet teenage mouth. I had pondered about my next move, but her doing that made my decision for me.
I worked my hand around until I could touch her little chocolate starfish, as I circled my finger around the puckered hole until it widened a little. Pushing my finger a little way inside her I rotated it until her asshole widened and then I took it out again. Again, I sucked her ring, but this time I also pressed my tongue into the hole while reinserting my finger, as I pushed it into her body as far as the first knuckle. I repeated the action again but this time I pushed my finger all the way in, then crooking my finger inside her rectum, as I twisted it.
She cummed almost immediately as I had forgotten to warn her about what would happened to her if I shot my load into her mouth, but it was too late. She pulled my cock out of her mouth as I squirted my hot cum all over her face. She rolled off me and then had to contend with my dog, as Ghost was licking her clean, and when he d finished, he tried to fuck, but she pushed him away, as he began to lick himself.
I think you should stand up and get dressed now. I have to tell you this because you should know that not everybody would deny themselves the pleasure of taking your body. I would so love to have my cock in your little asshole, but like I said, I wouldn t put it in you and I meant it, but it is hard to keep my promise. I said to her with full excitement.
We continued to get dressed at the same time and then kissed her on the lips.
Thank you for a wonderful afternoon my love. If I were you, I d spend a little time and effort finding out if your older sister would be up for a little sexual experiment and some new exploration. You two would have loads of fun and nobody would ever know either. Of course the two of you could take the time to seduce your mother as well, because I think that she must be very frustrated at times, and if you approach the matter delicately, maybe all three of you, and maybe even me, could be a very happy. Remembe, a relaxed family, is a happy family indeed. I said, as I winked at her.
We walked down from atop of the hidden cave and back up the hill to the wooden path.
Thank you for the lesson, I learned a lot. Do you think I will see you again? she asked, curiously.
Ummmm. . .I m not sure, maybe I should wait until you re a little older. I said, knowing damn well I was lying to myself.
Ohhh. . . I see. Well – -ummm – – like maybe you could come and stay at our house sometime. My mom like rents out the spare bedroom at times when we need extra money for rent and stuff. Like that would be fun maybe. she said, with excitement in her voice and body lanuague.
Just look for the little note I dropped into your backpack and follow the instructions. I said to her, wanting to bend her over right there and just fuck the shit out of her.
Ummmm. . . .ok she said, in a somewhat sad tone.
Well goodbye – – and I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. I said to her, as we parted ways.
I ll try – – goodbye Mr.!
I continued walking with a great smile on my face, with the sun on the back of my neck, feeling relieved I was able to run into a young beautiful girl like herself and share some of my sexual experience with such a very young, untouched catipillar, that was about to bloom into a beautiful young butterfly.
C mon Ghost, let s go! as I yelled aloud, hearing him bark from behind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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