The Diary of An Older Man III

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The Diary of An Older Man III
October 15, 2018

Dear Diary,

Its been almost two weeks since the evening I was with Madison at her house by herself when I was doing a side job for her parents. It was an evening I would never forget, and to be totally honest I was starting to loose my mind, as I was thinking about her everyday since. This little girl – – omg – – I knew it was wrong, everything about the whole situation was wrong. After I dropped her off at the motel to meet up with her parents, I told her to never, ever tell a soul about what we did that night, and even though she agreed, as I asked her to pinky-promise as well, I was becoming way too obsessive, as I just couldn t shake the memories of us together. The foreshadowing of paranoia creeping over my mind as I pitcured myself being caught doing something I shouldn t have been doing. So now what the fuck do i do? I even gave her my number too, told her to text me anytime, yet I haven t received a text from her since. I suppose that s a good thing though, as texting her would only enable me to do something eles with her. In the back of my mind, I knew it was wrong. Damn – – she was only thirteen years old too! Fuck – – what the hell is wrong with me? I know better, yet I acted on these choices. I must be somewhat mentally ill, or something, stuck inside the season of the sicness. And then a month prior to that, I totally took advantage of a young girl, who was even younger than Madison, in the woods with my dog Ghost. Fuck – -I m totally going to hell for the sins I ve done on this earth. Now, with all this in the open, and you know the shameful things I ve done as a older single man – -what the fuck do I do now??
The knock on the door came as a surprise to me at first, as I lying on the couch, contemplating my life in review. I felt like I was going through a mid-life crisis, as I m 40 years old now, and have no career, no wife, no house, and I just had to give my dog away as I couldn t even take care of him anymore. I was totally alone in this world, except for my three year old son , who was my my only true family, as his mother wanted nothing to do with him or myself. She gave up all rights to him and basically left him on my doorstep one night two years ago – -but hey – – that s ok. I m a great dad and I love him with all my heart. He is my world, and somewhere along the thin-silver-lining of life, I did find true happiness – – and I found it without all those needful things I just metioned. You see, our society teaches us to be normal, and that we won t be happy until we have that perfect job, that perfect wife, that perfect house, that perfect family circle, that perfect life – -well – -do you know what I say to that? FUCK YOU SOCIETY – – AND THE FUCKING RED, WHITE AND BLUE HORSE YOU FUCKING RIDE ON! I hear the knock on my door for the second time now, and then I remembered about Sophia from a few blocks down the street, to come over and look after my son, as I had to be to work in less than thirty minutes.
I jumped up off the couch expecting to open the door to who I thought would be the always awkward, shy and young girl whose family had lived in the neighborhood for as long as I remembered. Instead, when I casually opened the front door, I received quite a surprise.
Replacing my mental image of almost a year now, as a tiny, short, curly brown-haired girl, who was only eleven years old, was the now somewhat grown up Sophia. While still short at 4 10 , she was still beautiful as I remembered. I haven t seen her for almost a year now, yet I was in a bind with work and the new on-call schedule, so I asked her parents last week if Sophia could watch my son, as she has watched over him before when he was only an infant. However, it wasn t her height that caught my attention though. It was still a warm morning for the last day of September, as she was dressed for comfort with some very cute tight black leggins made from a very thin fabric, revealing the outline of her panties. She also had on a very bright yellow American Eagle top, which highlighted her ample breasts that seemed to defy gravity, while snugged to her cotton t-shirt very tightly.
I had only a few seconds to make this observation when I was met with yet another surprise. No sooner had I fully opened the front door when Sophia was gleaming at me with her big smile, flashing with silver metal, mixed with the pastel colors of blue and pink, as she stepped inside and welcomed me with an enthusiastic hug.
Hi Mr. Conrad, she said, still gleaming, and at that point, Sophia perhaps realized that pressing herself against me so tightly may have been just a bit too friendly. She than took a step back and composed herself, as her big blue eyes darting to the ground.
I took this opportunity to quickly look her over from head to toe, as her hair was quite long now, and very straight, and neat. It was tied back in a ponytail that hung forward over her shoulder. Under her well developed breasts that just shocked me, I noticed that her tiny little frame was otherwise quite thin, yet filled out in all the right places. She was, dare I say, a perfect 10 – – for a twelve year old.
Well, come on in Sophia, you re just in time. I m heading out in about ten minutes, so just make yourself at home. as I watched her do just that, walking with pep, toward the livingroom. I paused a moment before closing the front door to watch her walk down the hall, with those wonderful breasts bouncing as she turned the corner.
For a tweenager, it was an easy gig for easy money, as basically Sophia just had to hang out at the house with my son for a few hours or so, feed them breakfast and luncgh, and then watch TV until I get home. After I gave Sophia her instructions for the day, I headed out for work.
I was on call, and the job only required emergency services, so the next few hours went by quite fast and I found myself reflecting on that friendly hug that Sophia had given me when I opened the door for her earlier that morning. Her young, yet unbelievablly full and firm breasts felt wonderful for that brief moment when she said hello and pressed against me, but I imagined that they would feel even better in my hands. Of course that could never happen – – right? I mean, I m sure that by now Sophia would have a boyfriend that was her own age maybe, and would not be seeking out the attention of someone old enough to be her father – – but – – at least it was a thought that I could carry with me when I stroked my cock when I get home.
Actually, by that time, it was looking like sex with Rosie palm and her five friends was off the table for the day as I ended up working more than one job, and doing the work of two people. I was exhausted, and it was almost 6 pm. When i finally got though the front door, I kicked off my work boots and ripped off my work shirt, leaving only my tanktop and work pants on. I then checked on my son in his bedroom, as he was already sleeping. I closed his door and continued down the hallway to the livingroom, so I could pay Sophia for her time, and make sure she got home safely as well, for it was getting dark earlier now and she lived a few blocks down the street. As expected, I found Sophia layed out, down on the couch watching TV. Once again I was met with that lovely gleaming smile from earlier.
Oh, hey Mr. Conrad, how was your day? she said, jumping up from the couch. But to me, she just seemed a bit too chipper, I thought to myself. I noticed that she was slurring her words a little, as if she saw me processing the situation, and once again, her eyes went to the floor as her metal smile receded. So – – how are you, Mr. Conrad? she said, as if trying to divert my attention from my current thoughts.
I had a very long day and worked longer than I wanted to. I need to ask you something Sophia, and I expect you to give me an honest answer please. Have you been drinking at all? I asked, as I noticed a bottle of beer that seemed to be mine, hidden between one of the cushions on the couch, as I reached over and pulled it out, holding it up to her face. Immediately the smile from Sophia s face fell.
I thought it would be ok to just have a few drinks after I put Cygnus to bed. But she couldn t have been more wrong. I was furious, and I was tired and already short-tempered.
I m not paying you to sit on my couch, drinking my beer, and getting drunk Sophia. Your only 12 years old! And if you think I m mad, your absolutely right, so just wait until I tell your parents! as I yelled at her, not knowing how much I lost control of my temper until I saw the look on Sophia s face. She was absolutley frightened and she knew what she had done was wrong. Now at this point, not only had the smile gone from her little pretty face, but the tears began to roll down her flushed cheeks, as Sophia slumped back down on the couch.
Oh please don t tell my parents, Mr. Conrad. My parents will totally kill me! I m soo sorry Mr. Conrad, I m soo stupid and I wasn t thinking. I didn t mean to do anything wrong and to hurt Cygnus or get you mad Mr. Conrad! as she pleaded and begged for forgivness and to never tell her parents of this horrible ordeal.
At that moment my wave of anger had passed and I felt sorry for yelling at Sophia. It also helped that she was so fucking cute too.
Listen Sophia – – perhaps we can just let it slide this time but this kind of behavior can t happen again. Do you understand me? I said to her in a very stern, but suttle tone.
Once again, a gleaming smile returned to Sophia s face, and she leapt up and launched forward towards me, pressing herself up against me with a firm, big hug. Still slightly slurring her words, and her arms still wrapped around me, she sighed.
Ohhh thank you, Mr. Conrad. I swear – – I like, totally promise, I ll make it up to you. she said, still holding me tight.
By this time, I had to take advantage of this moment, just like every moment prior to this, as Sophia s body simply felt amazing against mine, with the smell of her natural tween spirit, mixed with the smell of her tweenage perfume and New Castle beer.
Ok then, how about right now, I responded with a undertone of seriousness with a hint of laughter, hoping it wouldn t be taken as only a joke. Naturally, Sophia seemed confused.
What do you mean? she asked, sounding uncertain.
Well quite frankly I m disappointed with what you ve done, but I m even more disappointed that you drank the last of my beers tonight, so now I m thinking you can help me out. as I explained to her, staring into her big beautiful blue eyes and gleaming braceface.Hearing this, Sophia took a step back and then sat back down on the couch again, still looking confused. She hesitated with her words.
I – -ummm – – I, like don t understand what you mean, I like don t know what to say – – like, I know I messed up and stuff – – and like Idon t want to get in trouble, but like I ve never done anything like this. I dunno why I drank the beer, I guess I was kinda curious when I saw it in the fridge. By now, after hearing her talk and explain herself, I was both concerned and curious about what she was really thinking what I was thinking, as it sounded like to me, she was willing to participate in whatever I had planned. Just as long as I didn t tell her parents what I caught her doing when I got home from work with my son in the house.
It s ok, Sophia. No ned to cry, and there s no need to be scared of me telling your parents about what you did. I just need you to do what I say and everything will be just fine. I said firmly. I was actually surprised to see that Sophia somewhat smiled again, so I pushed on with the plan-at-hand, as I was making everything up to as I went along, for it just felt so naturally to me at this point.
You can start by taking off your t-shirt, and then your bra. You ve pushed your plump little tits against me way too many times today to not let me see them. Amazingly, Sophia complied, as I was a witness of a spectacular view of her breasts, as she stood up and followed my instructions to the t. I was now standing just a few feet from her, directly in front of her, as I whispered, to not wake up Cygnus.
Sophia, you are so beautiful. Come here, and give me another hug. She stepped towards me and wrapped her arms around me, her warm, young bare breasts pushed up against me.
My face moved down to kiss her on the neck as I brought my right hand up to cup one of her perfect tits, that just seemed unreal on a girl at her age. At that moment, she sharply breathed deep
Ohh – – Mr. Conrad, I uhh – – I , I don t know. . . she sighed.
Don t you worry, Sophia, you re just making it up to me now, we ll be done soon. as I interrupted her in her mid-sentence.
With my face in the softness of her neck and with one hand on her breast, my cock was throbbing against my work pants so much that it began to ache. Continuing to hold her close I moved my other hand that had been resting on Lilly s back down to the belt of my pants, as I unbuckled it, along with the button and pulled the zipper down with one swift movement. I pulled down my briefs, as I pulled out and released my swollen cock from its home. I then reached up and pulled Sophia s right arm down by her wrist until I had her little warm hand in mine and then moved it to my throbbing rock hard cock that was already leaking with pre-cum.
Wha. . . what do you want me to do? I ve never done anything like this before. she said nervously.
I wasn t surprised. I mean, shes only twelve years old now.
Don t you do this with your boyfriend? I asked with concern, but I already knew the answer.
N. .no. I like never even had a real boyfriend – – so – -ummm . . . as she was now stumbbling on every other word from her cute little tween mouth.
So, you ve never seen or touched one of these before? I questioned, as I opened her hand and moved it down below to wrap around my cock.
Noo – – not at all, Sophia said quietly, as i felt the warmth of her little girl hand, now squeezing so slightly on my now throbbing, older man cock.
Well, don t worry about that right now, tonight you re just going to help me out a little bit. Let s sit down on the couch here, and I ll show you what I need you to do. As I said this, I manipulated her by her tiny waist so that she could look into my eyes, as I then instructed her to sit next to me. With her topless with only her black leggins and yellow socks, and with my hard cock out, with only my tanktop on and my pants around my ankles, it was quite a sight to remember forever.
As we moved into sitting position I made sure that her small, warm hand never let go of my hot throbbing cock which was now quite slippery from my precum slowly dripping out.
Just move your hand slowly up and down sweetie, and give it a bit more of a squeeze when you re at the top, I said, as i moved her hand with my own, over hers, going though the motion. It felt fucking amazing as she continued to do this for a few minutes while I proceeded to squeeze and play with her perfect young tweenage tits. All she could do during the whole time was stare at her hand moving up and down my rock hard throbbing 7 inch cock, occasionally bitting her bottom lip and licking her braces, while breathing deeply.
I felt myself getting closer to blowing my hot load that I had been struggling with all day at work.
Ok Sophia, now spit on your hand, and then start moving it up and down faster and hold my cock tighter and keep it upright. We re almost done sweetie. For someone who had never done this before, Sophia certainly had the magic touch, and no less than five minutes later, I shot a hot stream of cum so high into the air it almost hit the ceiling as it fell back down and splashed into her hair and all over her little girl hand. I moaned so hard, and then giggled a little.
Don t worry Sophia, that will wash right out. Let me get you a towel to wipe up. In the meantime, you d better get dressed sweetie as I laid back, squeezing the remaining cum out from the tip of my cock.
As Sophia put her bra and shirt back on, I leaned down to the pocket of my pants and pushed 60 dollars into the back pocket of her leggings, taking the opportunity to squeeze one of her firm ass cheeks, which was so fucking incredible. As I did this, I wondered how it might be to be able to explore this part of Sophia further.
Ok, you re all set sweetie. Good hand job. Ummm – – I mean – -a good job, with everything you did for me today as I laughed.
Even Sophia managed to crack a smile at my dry humor, getting to see those beautiful braces one more time, as she headed towards the front door, again giving me another great view of her ass in those black skin tight leggins. Just as she was about to walk out, I said to her briefly, I think I might need you again next week Sophia, as I winked at her. Sophia tried to wink back, which was the cutest thing ever.
Umm – – sure, she said, with her braceface smile. I smiled back, smelling the aroma of tweenage sex and lust of an older man all around me as I closed the door.

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