The Dream Diary 03 Mario

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The Dream Diary 03 Mario

     The door chime goes off for the hundredth time today.  As usual, I declare Be with you in a second… and finish what I m typing into the billing computer.  A soft yet firm voice drifts over to me Take your time, I have a nice view.   What the fuck?  I know that voice!  I glance away from my work over the counter into the customer area and see the only man I ve ever loved.  The only boy I ever touched.  The only male I ve ever let inside me.  Both ways…
     Oh my gawd!  Mario!  What are you doing here?   I exclaim with an obvious hunger in my eyes that is reflected in his smile.
     I m in town on business, but the hall is only four blocks from here, so I figured I d stop by for a quickie!   He always has this way of letting out a snicker at the end of sentences, implying that he s only k**ding, in case the statement is taken the wrong way.  Unless of course that you re not offended.  I am not offended.  I d like to say No but I say nothing at all.
     I quickly grab my keys from my coat hanging on the wall and pass in front of him and lock the front door.  I don t even bother with a back in 10 minutes sign.  I pass him again and head into the company bathroom.  Its a fair size for such a small office.  It is adorned with a high counter shelf just over the hips, perfect to grab onto.  Quickly I de-pant and toss them onto the toilet tank.  I thrust my ass out and hold on for dear life.  Then come in here…  and I do mean cum.     I spread eagle and insert a finger deep into my ass.  I massage my prostate quickly to lube up for his cock which I know is already hard and pulsing inside his black slacks.
     Mario follows a moment later and coos, Niiiice…  at the sight of me bent over the counter top with my ass wide open and eagerly awaiting his pole.  He gets down to one knee and grabs my cheeks to rim my hole.
     There s no need for that.  I ve lubed up already.  I m very ass-perienced now.  I ve learned how to milk my prostate.
     Really?   He looks up at me wide eyed..  We never figured this out as teens.  We did some damage for sure.  Later when we had learned about lubes and toys, we were no longer active.  Now, I don t even need lubricant.  I make my own.  He takes my word for it, unzips his pants and reaches into his crotch and retrieves his cock.  He pulls his foreskin back and easily slides into my willing anus.  Oh wow, you ve really loosed up.  You must be ad-dick-ted to your toys.   
     No, but I ve been practicing to make sure we d have no difficulties stealing at least five minutes for ourselves.
     He snickers again as he touches bottom, his hips snuggling firmly up against my buttocks, Only five minutes?
     I d love you to fuck me for hours, but who knows if we ll ever get this chance again.  I figured, I d make sure we needed as little prep time as possible…  Sorry for the lack of foreplay, but today I just want that cock for myself.   I reach back and grab his head and plant a warm closed lipped kiss upon him.  He knows I m not comfortable kissing him, but he also knows its the thought that counts.  However the kiss is laced with an understatement so I say it out loud in case he misses it, I need your cum inside me!
     With those very words he cums, hard and fast.  He blushes as he gushes.  I feel the warmth of his fluids splash into me, washing over the walls of my rectum cavity.  Oh jesus, one fucking thrust. I m really sorry.   
     Don t apologize.  We ve still got at least four minutes left and maybe up to twenty if we re lucky.   He pulls out of me his cock going flaccid quite fast.  We re not done yet.   I place my hand just under my ass and drip out a little of our juices.  The gwam is hot and slippery.  I lather it onto my cock as I slip in behind him.  He fumbles with his pants not noticing that my anal milk has left its mark.  His slacks drop to the floor and he grabs the counter.  I m larger than he is and he knows it.  He braces for impalement.  I just edge up against him, placing the tip of my rod against his anus.  Nervously but eagerly his anus starts to remember what I felt like.  It starts to flex and relax.  Waiting for me to enter.  I wait there.  Pulsing.  His hole flexes and relaxes to the rhythm of my pulsing and starts to grab at my head.  Without even realizing what he s doing, his anus starts suckling at my head.  However, its been too long.  Alone it cannot open enough to take me in.  With the very slightest of leaning I put the smallest fraction of pressure against him.  His asshole flexes and the head pops in at last!
     Holy fuck! he lets out accidentally.
     Relax.  Breathe.  You re body will do the rest.   Don t push against me and don t pull away.  Your anus will aclimate on its own.  Just give it a few minutes.


     What the fuck?  Someone has unlocked the door and come into the store!!  With the intensity of the situation,  I slam the bathroom door shut and blast into him, thrusting all the way in, I fill his rectum with my throbbing cock and flood his cavity with my boiling semen.  He gasps at the sudden impalement, but he doesn t cry out.
     Sorry! I murmur under my breath.  So much for acclimation…
     Its okay,  I ve cum in you before today, but I ve been waiting twenty years for you to finally cum inside me!  It was worth every inch!   He reaches back to me and grabs the back of my head, my cock still pulsing inside him, he plants his mouth upon mine and just lightly brushes my lips with his tongue.  Immediately my erection pulses and leaves me slightly larger.  Fuck, you re bigger than ever.  I thought you were huge at sixteen!
     He starts to pull off, and his ass clenches as the head slips out, but not before I dollop of our muck splashed into his shorts inside his pants.  We look down and giggle.  He s going to have to go back into his meeting and sit in that all day.


     What the hell?  Again?  Time to face the music.  I pull on my pants as he pulls his up and tries to clean off the stain I ve left on his crotch.  We hug.  It could very well be the first intimate hug we ve ever shared, despite all the different kinds of sex we ve had as youngsters.  Opening the door we depart the washroom and I glance over at where my store door should be.


     Except there is no door.  Just a seven foot tall digital alarm clock telling me that I ve slept in and its time to go to work.


     Today is going to be a very long day.  Maybe if it ever happens again, we ll get more than one thrust each…

Randy 2010

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