The Hair Salon.

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The Hair Salon.
I walked into the hair salon late on a Monday night and was surprised and delighted to find a pretty, obviously pregnant, woman behind the till. I have always had a thing for pregnant women and the thought of having one cut my hair thrilled me. Looking up from her book she smiled and stood, her belly bulging out before her.

I could use a trim. I told her, smiling inside at my double entendra.

That is what got me in this condition in the first place. she laughed.

I laughed along with her, thinking, wow she got me, as she asked if I wanted a wash first. I nodded my approval. I wanted as much time as possible with this beauty. She led me to the sink and sat me down, lowering my head to rest my neck on the sink. She ran the water and I felt her hands combing it through my hair. She lathered up and chatted lightly while I was in full appreciation of her swaying breasts in front of my eyes, moving and shifting with her vigorous washing.

Too quickly finished for my liking she then led me to her chair asking what I wanted in a cut. I thought for a moment, debating with myself. I really needed a cut but was thinking that if I barely got a haircut then I may be able to enjoy her again before she took her leave.

Just a little trim. I told her as I sat down.

She moved in behind me and began brushing my hair back; I felt the back of my head graze her breasts with each stroke and allowed myself the pleasure of feeling her against me. She then took her scissors and comb and began trimming the side of my head, her stomach pressed against my arm as she moved and shifted.

I could feel the heat of her body when she leaned into me and was excited, glad for the covering of the bib that covered the growing bulge in my jeans.

She moved around the chair and again I felt her belly and breasts brushing against me. I smiled and said to her, Must be tough to get close enough to do your job, huh?

She laughed and blushed slightly, then said I hope you don t mind contact with a preggo, because my arms are too short to get far enough away.

I smiled at her and said actually, I rather like it. Taking my arm out from under the covering I held my hand out towards her belly. May I? I asked. I have never felt a pregnant stomach before.

She laughed, Usually it is little old ladies asking to touch me, but ok, go deep. she said, not realizing what she had just invited me to do.

My mind raced, wondering if I really had the guts to do what I was dying to do. I placed the palm of my hand just under her breasts and stroked in a circular motion, then looking her directly in the eye I placed the back of my hand against her maternity dress and let it drift down. I felt her protruding belly button under my fingers as they drifted south.

My mouth dry I continued the stroke, past her belly until my fingers could feel the heat of her pussy. I paused and pressed. She lifted an eyebrow and said If you continue like that you will probably get the worst haircut of your life.

I swallowed hard and rubbed my knuckles against her. Looking up I answered that is a chance I am willing to take. and let my hand drop to the hemline of her dress.

My fingers first grasped her dress, and then slowly went to the inside of her leg; she was cool against my hot hand as I pressed my palm into her skin and slowly started to draw it up. She shivered at the contact, not drawing away.

My hand worked its way up her sensitive inner thigh. Lightly caressing until my forefinger was against her panties. I rubbed the fabric into her pussy while my thumb sought out the button of her clit.

Her hand went to my shoulder as she leaned into my hand. My fingers pushed her panties aside and felt the smoothness of naked skin. My finger parted her lips and I felt her shudder.

Wait she said, taking my wrist in her hand and removing it from her pussy.

Disappointed, I let her remove my hand but was instantly mollified when she walked away and put the closed sign on the door, locked it, and closed the blinds. Walking back to me she blushed and said I really need this. My husband hasn t touched me since I began to show and you are making me feel so desirable.

Oh fuck I said. You have no idea how beautiful you are.

She moved to stand in front of me; seated in her workplace chair, I leaned forward and put my hands on each of her knees. I lifted her dress to her hips and worked my thumbs under her panties, sliding them down her legs until she was able to step out of them.

I directed her with my hands to the side of the chair until I was able to get one hand between her legs again. She sighed when my hand went directly up to her moistening pussy, spreading her legs to allow me better access.

My hand massaged her, thumb on her clit and fingers parting her lips I moistened myself with her juices.

I am going to fuck you with my fingers. I told her, my work hardened hand spreading her lips. I slipped my middle finger inside her and felt her clutch my shoulder. I am going to fuck you with my fingers and then fuck you with my cock.

Oh God, yes was all she could whisper.

I eased first my middle finger inside her, then my ring finger. She gasped as I got my two fingers past my second knuckle. She turned slightly, to be more directly connected to my hand.

My forefinger and pinkie finger gripped her pussy lips. I felt her flow, drenching my hand and moistening her thighs allowing my hand even more freedom.

I curled my fingers inside her, not removing them but moving inside her. She moaned and leaned against me, her belly pressing against the arm of her chair as she pressed her breasts into my face.

I could feel her juices flowing against my hand and was excited by her need. Taking my hand from her drenched pussy I watched her watch me as I lifted it to my mouth and tasted her.

Holy fuck you are sweet. I informed her as I licked her juices from my fingers before moving back to her steaming cunt and parting her lips again driving my fingers back inside her.

She moaned against the rudeness of my hand, I wanted to see her cum on my fingers and drove them into her again and again.

I stood her back up with my other hand. She was shuddering against my fingers. I began sliding them out of her steaming pussy before sliding them back in and curling them inside her honey pot.

Reaching my other hand up I began unbuttoning her dress. Fuck that. I heard her gasp as her hand reached up and pulled her dress down, popping all her buttons off. She then reached both her hands up and pulled her bra down. Suck them. she demanded.

My hand cupped one full ripe tit and my mouth went to her nipple. I sucked. Her excitement made me even harder. My boxers were a mess by now, as I drooled pre cum from the tip of my cock.

I tasted her milk and it made me even harder. Suddenly, she stiffened against my fingers. I could feel her orgasm begin to swell against my hand as she bucked and shifted, grinding herself onto the heel of my hand while my thumb mashed her clit.

Nearly completely spent she leaned against me with her legs quivering. My left hand lifted her head, her hair in my fist I kissed her deeply. We aren t done yet. I informed her while her eyes were rolled back in her head.

She finally managed to focus on me and I said. I am going to fuck you now.

Again, Yes was all she managed to whisper I led her to the couch for waiting customers and laid her on her side. She was so dishevelled it turned me on all the more, top ripped, buttons missing… my raging hardness pressed against my denim. God, I was so turned on.

I pushed her dress up above her hips and undid my jeans. Taking my cock in my hand I presented it to her face. This is what you did to me. I informed her as I wiped my cock across her lips, the drop of pre cum making her lips glisten.

More. she gasped. You tasted me, now I want to taste you.

Not a problem, I thought as I pressed the head of my cock against her lips. Her hand grasped the base of my cock as she inhaled me.

I felt the head of my cock glide past her lips. Christ, her mouth was so hot against my flesh. My hand went to the back of her head as I looked at her lying on her side, my left hand going to her breast and kneading.

Fuck. I gasped when her hand took my balls and she drew the entire length of my shaft into her mouth. She was greedy, and took my head into the back of her throat and began swallowing repeatedly. My hand on the back of her head held her there as I closed my eyes for a moment and enjoyed her heat.

I was throbbing against the back of her throat but really needed to fuck her so I grasped her hair in my fist and began to draw her head back. She didn t stop sucking as I slowly drew out making the head of my cock swell while her hand kneaded my balls.

Finally, with an audible pop, the head of my cock exited her mouth. She looked up at me and smiled. You taste like you want to fuck Me. she said.

Hell yeah I do. I told her. But first I want to taste you as deeply as you tasted Me. and knelt to the floor at the foot of the couch. She turned slightly on her back as I lifted her leg and sank my face into her pussy.

She was puffy against my face, her lips swollen and swelling more when I suddenly sucked them into my mouth. She moaned loudly when I moved my fingers back inside her pussy and began sucking on her clit.

I isolated her button and began twirling my tongue around it inside my lips while my fingers drove inside her. She bucked her hips and moved one hand to the back of my head, pressing me harder against her wetness.

With one hand inside her pussy and the other on her pregnant stomach I felt her orgasm fill my mouth. She tasted like desire and I drank her in as her fist gripped my hair, fucking my face with a need so intense it made me throb.

As her orgasm slowed I stood above her and took my cock in my hand. She looked up, her eyes filmy and dreamy.

I am going to fuck you now. I told her and she was helpless.

Yes. she pleaded. I need you to fill me she informed me as I lifted her leg and pulled her back on her side.

I straddled her leg and lifted the other, her pregnant belly laying on the couch and her tits conceding to gravity. I hooked her knee in my elbow and moved my cock towards her pussy.

She reached for my cock, taking me and guiding me to her cunt. I need this. she gasped as the head of my cock pressed against her.

I am not a large guy, an average 6 inches, but I felt huge as I pressed inside her and heard her gasp her desire.

I filled her pussy, feeling my balls slide easily against her slickslippery thigh. Oh fuck. she cried as I filled her, sliding easily into her wetness.

I needed this as much as she did. It was hot and dirty and totally thrilling. I reached and took her nipple between my finger and thumb, pinching slightly as I cupped her full, ripe breast. She moaned again as I began to pump my cock inside her.

Fuck yeah. she cried as I watched milk begin to trickle from her nipple. I pumped harder, slapping my balls against her, but it wasn t enough, and her hand came back to grasped my ass, pulling me harder and harder into her.

I watched as a drop of sweat dripped off my nose to fall on her face. She took her hand and wiped it off; lifting her finger to her mouth she licked it clean.

Oh it was a wonderful sight.
She with her dress hiked above her hips and pulled down under her tits. I with my pants off and shirt wet with my sweat and my cock invading her pregnant pussy, driving hard with our mutual desire.

I stood tall, holding her leg against my chest I watched her reach her hand down between us, sliding her fingers between my cock and her hungry pussy. She was looking down too, but her belly obstructed the view to our connection. I felt her fingers surround my cock as they massaged her clit.

I felt her fingers surround me as I slid easily between them, parted to let me feel as she rubbed her clit vigorously. My left hand rose and came down to roughly slap her ass and she gasped, flinching against my cock. I drove harder.

Yes. she gasped. Again. and my hand came down once more.

I watched as the red mark of my handprint began to blossom on her ass cheek. She cried out and began to cum again, against my cock this time and I felt her contractions gripping me.

Oh fuck I grunted as sweat dripped freely onto her. You are going to make me cum.

Do it. she cried as her own orgasm took her in waves.

My cock was so hard inside her I couldn t help myself. I wanted it to last longer but she was so fucking hot and messy under me. I think my orgasm started at the base of my skull, I felt a shiver begin just over my shoulders and work its way down. By the time it hit my groin it was all I could do to hang on.

I felt my cock swell inside her pussy and she screamed her need as I began to explode. She came again against my cock as I spent my load in her, her contractions milking my cock, drawing cum from me.

I gripped her leg against my chest, holding still as her orgasm drained me. I looked down at her before slowly slipping out of her and falling to my knees. Exhausted, I kissed my way up her body, planting my lips on her thighs first before working my way up. My hands grasped her dress and pulled it all the way down her belly and continued kissing my way up.

I paused at her stomach and planted kisses all around it before I moved to her breasts. I wanted another taste of her. I took both of her breasts in my hands and pressed them together. My mouth went from one nipple to the other and sucked until milk flowed from both. I looked up with my eyes to see her watching me as I licked her clean. Her nipples were rock hard under my lips and tongue.

You taste so sweet. I told her, Both upstairs and down. I smiled as her hands took my head and brought me to her mouth. We kissed for minutes with my hands stroking her heated skin.

Breaking the kiss she hugged me to her and said You didn t get much of a haircut.

I laughed and said but I got one hell of a trim. before I kissed her once again. Can I have an appointment for next week? I asked hopefully.

Uh huh she murmured. But next time I want to do you more.

I thickened.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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