The New Nurse.

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The New Nurse.
Patricia walked along the long driveway to the hospital entrance.

It was her first day a Greenfields Private Hospital and she felt a little tightening in her stomach as she approached the front entrance. Her mind went back to the day her contract from the hospital arrived. How her excitement was tainted by nervousness as she unpacked the uniform they had sent.

Patricia, outwardly conservative in all aspects of her life was shocked by what she saw in that package. A traditional nurses uniform. Pale blue dress that came down to just above the knee, with a white apron. All quite normal. But the white suspender belt, black fully fashioned seamed stockings (2 pairs,) and almost transparent sheer white bra and matching panties she’d ever seen. And two pairs of 5inch heels black patent shoes.

She was quite taken aback and daren’t for one moment tell her husband. She was in need of work, that was for sure, with her husband not working life was tough. So she felt she had to do all she could to support them both, regardless of the circumstances. And who knows maybe it was all entirely innocent anyway…

Then Patricia snapped back to the here and now, walking towards the hospital gates. She was now accustomed to walking in the high heels. Her secret practice sessions had paid off. (She’d actually become quite aroused by watching herself parade up and down in her new shoes.) A security guard held the door open for her. A black guy, almost six five by her reckoning. ‘If ever you wanted someone to be a security guy he’d be the man’, she thought to herself. By the security guy’s side sat an impressive looking black mastiff dog with a heavy collar and thick silver chain link lead.

“Your first day?” he asked as he stroked the dog’s head.
“Yes, indeed it is.” she replied
“Then you’d best head along to Dr. Stone’s office. Its right down the end there.” he said as he gestured down a corridor off to the right.

The sound of her heel’s ‘click clack’ on the highly polished floor, echoed down the corridor as she approached Dr. Stone’s office. The hospital felt very empty.

The corridor opened out into a small anteroom with a few chairs and a receptionist’s desk. A large oak door lay beyond the desk.

The young secretary looked up.

“Patricia?” she enquired.
“If you could stand there,” the receptionist pointed toward the wall, “Dr. Stone will let me know when they’re ready.”

Patricia’s mind was thrown a little. Stand? But there are two seats just there… And ‘they’ not ‘he’?

But obediently Patricia stood there.

And as she could see the receptionist having a good look at her, she became vary aware of the bumps the suspender clasps made through her tight blue dress, her apron not being quite wide enough to cover them.
The receptionist was much younger than Patricia, mid to early twenties

The receptionists phone rang and the young girl picked it up. “Ok I’ll send her in” she heard the receptionist say.

“Dr. Stone would like to see you now.” The receptionist motioned her towards the large door. Patricia duly obeyed.

The large door was heavy. Patricia stepped forward into the room. It was empty apart from an old wheelchair in one corner, and a long table lying across one end of the room with several men sat behind it.

“Patricia? Do come in. Please. I’m Dr. Stone” A tall man stood up from behind the table. He must’ve been in his late sixties, with a short-cropped beard, short-cropped hair, tweed jacket, a shirt, tie and casual beige trousers. As old as he looked he was athletic looking, and indeed wasn’t slow in rising from his chair.

Patricia noticed there was no chair for her.

Dr. Stone proceeded to introduce the others. “This is Dr. Smith…”

Dr. Smith was much younger. White, mid thirties but dressed in a very similar style to Dr. Stone.

“…Dr. Johnston…”

Dr. Johnston was almost as old as Dr. Stone, but not nearly as good looking. His dark formal suit, and thinning grey hair made him look much older.

“…Dr. Wyatt… a recent addition to our team”

Now Dr. Wyatt must’ve been in his late twenties. And he was dress much more casually in sweatshirt and trousers.

“…Dr. Flowers…”

Dr. Flowers was again very young, but he was black and much taller than Dr. Smith. A smart young man in a shirt, (but no tie,) and black trousers.

“…And finally Dr. Gayle…”

Dr. Gayle was quite short and stocky, short cropped hair and with a thick bull neck and again, very muscular. There was hardly any chance of Dr. Gayle being able to find a shirt collar that would do up, let alone be able to wear a tie.

The men sat down. Patricia stood, awkwardly. She could see the eyes of the men checking her out.

Dr. Stone began.

“Patricia. As you are aware, you were referred by a friend of ours and passed the interview with flying colours.

Although there were certain questions that could not be asked as we have an extremely rigorous security systems to maintain our anonymity.

You won’t know anything about us or our organization. You won’t find us on the internet or anywhere else for that matter.

We are a private hospital. Our patients pay quite a lot of money to stay in the care of our nursing staff.

You are obviously aware of the strict dress code we insist upon for our staff…”

Patricia’s head began to catch up…the ‘uniform’… the ‘private’ hospital…

Hearing her own name snapped her out of it.

“…So Patricia, I have to ask, are you wearing the regulation uniform?”

“Well err. Yes.” Her arms gestured to her dress and apron. She heard at least one of the men giggle. Two of them smirked.

“No Patricia. I don’t think you understand. What else was in the box we sent you?”

“Oh. THAT yes… I’m erm.. wearing that…”

“Are you?” Said a slightly more menacing Dr. Stone as he leaned forward across the desk. “.Show me.”

“But I can’t bec… it’s just… not.”

“SHOW ME.” Dr. Stone commanded.

Her fingers slowly picked the hem of her dress and she slowly lifted her uniform inch by inch up her leg.

“That’s more like it Patricia” Said Dr. Stone in a much more comforting voice. “Keep going…”

She felt the cool air on the top of her thighs.

“Nearly there” said a slightly condescending Dr. Stone.
Soon the dress was up around her waist. Patricia didn’t know where to look. Her knickers were so thin you could see straight through them. A few of the men whistled and she could her words muttered by the men. But as she stared hard at the ceiling, away from their gaze she couldn’t see who was saying what.

“And your seams. Are they straight?”

Just when she thought her ordeal may be over she realized she’d have to turn around. Her stomach turned over and over. Teetering on her high heels she turned around on the spot.

“Hmm. Almost straight. The right seam is a little twisted.”

Instinctively she looked around down the back of her right leg and adjusted the seam accordingly.

“ Very Good. Right. Turn around I’d like to tell you what we expect of you here at Greenfields… Oh no. Keep the skirt up please Patricia. I think we rather like that, don’t we.” There are murmurs of approval from across the desk.

“Allow Dr. Smith and Dr. Johnston to illustrate the way we expect our nurses to treat our patients.”

The two doctors walked towards the corner of the room where the wheelchair sat. Dr Johnston sat in the chair. Dr. Smith pushed him towards her. During this Patricia had been able to drop the hemline of her skirt and smooth out her uniform.

Dr. Johnston addressed Patricia. “Nurse. I appear to have lost all feeling in my fingers…” He held his hands out. Patricia was momentarily confused. Then the years of training began to kick in.

She reached out for the doctor’s upper arm. “Do you have any feeling…?” She was interrupted by Dr. Stone. “No. No. No. Not like that. If he’s lost feeling in his hands then you should offer him a grope of your tits. To see if that helps. To see if that feels better.”

Patricia is shocked.

“Come on now. Ask him…”

“No. Please…. Don’t make m…” She looked at Johnston. The old man had a dirty leer spread all over his face. She looked at Stone. His face had ‘don’t mes with me’ written all over it.

She stammered “Would you.. would you like to… like to… to feel my… tits?”

“No No. No.” Dr. Stone interrupted. “It’s ‘Would you like to feel my tits SIR?’ And while you’re at it you’d better get them out.”
She began again. “Would you like to feel my tits, sir?” she mumbled as she undid her apron.

“Why thank you. I’ll have a go. Lets see if that helps…” Johnston replied.

Her apron cast to the floor and her dress undone, Patricia soon had her tits free of her bra. And soon she felt the cold hands of Dr. Johnston giving them a mauling.

She’d never experienced anything like this.

“Ask him if he’s feeling better.” Stone commanded.

“Is that feeling and better sir?” she meekly asked him, as her ample tits were kneaded between the old man’s hands.

“Hmmm.” said Johnston, “I think I’m feeling something…”

at this point Dr. Smith interrupted. “But what about my hands? They feel a bit strange too.”

“Interesting,” Dr. Stone interjected. “maybe her arse could help? Actually my hands are feeling rather tingly… maybe Patricia could help me too?”

“But I… I think…” But it was too late. She felt another two pairs of hands under her skirt, lifting her skirt, in her knickers.

Soon she felt surrounded by the doctors.

Soon her knickers were down round her thighs. Her dress was off her arms and heaped around her waist.

One tit was being groped. The other sucked.

She felt a hot tongue between the cheeks of her backside. And over her anus. It began to probe her little rosebud. She’d never experienced that before. It sent shivers of pleasure through her body.

A finger probed her cunt. Another softly caressed her clitoris.

She was becoming overcome.

Tongues licked at her neck and her ears. She was particularly partial to that. Then the tongue found its way into her arse. She let out a loud moan. Patricia began to forget the woman she was. From the horror of a few moments before she was beginning to… she was completely enjoying this. She’d never been so stimulated.

Now, forgetting where she was, forgetting what had just happened, she craved big, hard cock. Her free hand tugged at Johnston’s trousers. Out flopped a huge 8 inch monster. A knarley old cock, pulsing with every beat of the old man’s heart. And while the old man still groped her tits, she guided the b**st to her cunt lips, and slipped the length inside her, letting out a groan of pleasure. Never before had she been fucked and had a tongue up her arse before. And she found she loved it.

Oh the guilt. Her husband at home. And her receiving all this joy. Her head span…

Within seconds she found cock offered up to her lips. A big thick black cock. At least 10 inches of it. The biggest she’d seen. She greedily licked the head trying to get the huge dome into her mouth.

And then she felt the head of another cock easing its way up her well lubricated arsehole.

She’d never experienced anything like it.

The men were egging each other on. Taking it in turns to try out her cunt, her mouth and her arse. Lewd comments filled the air. She moaned in complaint when a dick slipped out of her arse. But it was soon replaced by another eager cock pumping away like some sort of machine.

She tried getting two cocks into her mouth, but her inexperience and the size of those pricks meant it was extremely difficult, so they had to make do with wiping the pre cum all over her cheek and her nose.

Very soon she was overcome. Her body began to shake. Her mind could not cope with all the stimulation. Her cunt was getting properly fucked. She had a cock up her arse. Hands on her tits and cocks in her mouth. The feeling in her stomach soon erupted over her entire body. She came in such a way she’d never cum before.

And her delight soon threw the men over the edge too. She felt the cock up her arse begin to spasm. And at the same time her face felt the splat of thick wads of cum.

And as the cock slid from her backside it was soon replaced by another, using the previous incumbents spunk as a lubricant, he too was soon flexing and shooting his load inside her, the white goo running out and down her legs.

Soon her cunt too was getting decorated by cum. That too oozing out and down her leg.

She was utterly exhausted. Her cunt, arse, lips all ached. She felt the cum gently drip from her chin, her nose and her hair and dribble down her legs.

She heard Dr. Stone.

“Congratulations Patricia. You are now officially a nurse at Greenfields Hospital. Hopefully you can start as soon as possible.”

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