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Andy sat at the kitchen table looking at the upcoming class schedule and wondering what classes he should take during the next semester. At 19 years old he was about to start his second semester at the local University where he was majoring in computer sciences but like all universities he was also required to take elective classes not associated with his major. The problem was that there wasn t anything that he was really interested in and he had to sign-up for classes by the end of the day.

Good Morning, k**do.

Startled, Andy nearly jumped from his chair as he looked up to see Carol standing at the kitchen counter. All thought of classes were instantly forgotten as he watched her move around the kitchen getting breakfast ready. Carol was married to his dad and technically his step-mom, although in his all-to-frequent dreams about her she was anything but the motherly type.

She and his father had met on-line after Andy s mom had died of cancer the year before and had immediately hit it off. In what seemed like a whirl-wind romance Andy s dad had gone to the New York and the two of them had been married after only 4 months. Now they were slowly settling into a normal routine as a family. That is if you consider a step-son fantasizing about his step-mother normal .

So what are you doing?

Shaken from his fantasizing Andy replied, Ahhh … nothing really. I m just looking at the school class schedule. I have to take an elective class this semester and I m not really sure what I want to take.

Oh. Would you like some help? Carol asked as she seemed to glide across the floor to stand next to him.

Dressed in an ivory robe and high-heels, Andy couldn t help but marvel at her beauty.

So what are the choices? she asked as she leaned over to look at the schedule causing the top of the robe to open slightly and allowing Andy the briefest look at one of her breasts and nipple before quickly averting his eyes.

Well. I could take one of the sports and recreation classes but with the weather still so cold I m not sure what they would be doing except running around in the gym or I could take a history class for the fun of it. I m just not sure.

How about this one? Carol said as she pointed to a class listed in the book.

Looking at where her finger was pointing Andy saw the title; Beginner and Intermediate Photography before starting to laugh. You ve got to be k**ding; ME with a camera?

And why not? After all, a camera is pretty much nothing more than a computer that takes a picture, right? Besides, your dad has shown me some of the pictures you ve taken on your vacations and I think they look pretty good. You seem to have a natural eye for lighting and the beauty of the subject. But it s your choice … she said as she picked up her coffee and headed to the back patio to enjoy the start of the day.

I ll think about it, Andy called after her as watched her leave before quickly grabbing the schedule book and heading for his bedroom. The house was built in a T form with his room being the one at the base of the T . Originally, it had been his mother s craft room since it allowed sunlight in from three sides but all that Andy was interested in was the view that he got of the patio. Barely getting there in time he arrived just as Carol removed her robe and stretched out on the lawn chair to sun bathe. For the briefest moment he was treated to the sight of her breasts hanging below her as she bent over to lay on the chair but the sight more than made up for what he couldn t see. Her hair was blonde and hung down over her shoulders to the top of her breasts, her skin was tanned with very few tan lines, much to Andy s good fortune, and her body was one that could have easily been in adult magazines but it was her eyes that seemed to captivate him … ahhhh her eyes … were a blue/gray that seemed to draw a person into them and never let you go.

Andy s cock instantly began to harden at the sight before him and he pulled down his track shorts to let it free. Instinctively, he wrapped his hand around it and began to stroke himself as he imagined what it would be like to be Carol s lover. All too quickly he felt his balls tighten and his cum start to boil up his cock to spray from the tip and it was at that exact moment that he saw Carol stand up and face his window as she cupped her breasts as if offering them to him. Unable to hold back any longer his cum shot from his cock across his desk, covering the open pages of his schedule book. Aaaaaarrrgghhhhh, he moaned as he tried to keep Carol from hearing him but it wasn t enough. Carol suddenly looked directly at his window and a slow smiled appeared before she picked up her robe and threw it over her shoulder as she walked back in the house.

Collapsing on his bed, the image of her looking at his window thrilled and troubled him. Had she heard him? Could she see him through the window? And what did her smile mean? he wondered, until there was suddenly a knock on his door.

Andy? Andy, are you OK? I thought I heard a noise? Are you feeling sick? she asked.

Mmmmmm, no. Mmmmm, I m fine. I … ahhhh … I dropped some water on my schedule book. That s all.

Ok. Well if you need any more help just let me know. Ok?

Ya, ok. Thanks, he replied as he quickly pulled up his shorts while taking the schedule book and throwing it in the trash. Come what may he had decided … photography class it was.

The next two weeks flew by as he prepared for his classes and after school started he barely saw his father or Carol. He was up at five o clock each morning to get in some time swimming before his classes started at eight and didn t usually end until well after four o clock. Add the time spent with his Study Group and he seldom got home before eight or nine o clock each evening. He had taken 16 credits and the only light spot seemed to be his photography class; Carol had been right. Just as she d said, he did seem to have a natural talent for photography along with an ability to catch the beauty of his subject matter; but today would be different though he didn t know it yet.

As usual the instructor was standing at the front of the class as he walked in but something seemed different. Taking a seat he looked around and realized that there wasn t a subject or topic listed on the board as there usually was which meant … he had no idea.

Good morning, ladies and gentleman. Today we were to cover the material pertaining to textures, lighting and shading but we ve been honored with the presence of a professional model who was volunteered to be part of our presentation today by allowing you to ask questions as well as schedule time with her so you can photograph her as a partial-nude. Now remember, she is a PROFESSIONAL MODEL and is to be treated as such. I don t usually allow this type of photography this early in your studies so don t make me regret it! Now if I may introduce your model … Goldie Star.

Enthralled by the idea of doing nude photography even if it was just a partial-nude, Andy was not prepared for what he saw when he looked up from his camera. There stood his step-mom, Carol.

Dressed in the same ivory robe that she had been wearing the day he saw her sun-bathing she walked to an elevated stool at the front of the class and took a seat. Good morning, everyone; my professional name is Goldie Star. I am originally from England and began modeling when I was 18 years old. Sorry, but a lady never tells exactly how old she is so I m not going to tell you how long ago that was. I am 4 11 tall and weight 110lb. My measurements are 34DD-24-34 and Yes for those who may be curious my breasts have been enhanced, thought only slightly. The reason I am here today is that I moved to this area, from New York, awhile ago and recently decided to start modeling again, so I am looking for a new photographer; someone new and fresh to help me in my career. Now are there any questions?

Andy sat there slowly absorbing everything he had just heard. His step-mom was a nude model and had been for almost 30 years. Did his dad know? Did he know she was here and that she was going to be posing for this class? And was it just chance or had she planned on doing this when she suggested he take this photography class? Unsure about what to say or do Andy continued to sit there while the question and answer session continued until the instructor spoke.

Ok, everyone; since we are limited by the time we have here in class I have decided to split the class up into pairs who will then schedule a time and place to meet Ms. Star for your photography session. Unfortunately, we have an odd number of students so one of you will have to meet with her independently. Do I have any volunteers? Instantly every male in the class raised there hand and laughter filled the room, every male except Andy who was still deep in thought.

Looking at all the raised hands Goldie leaned towards the instructor and quietly whispered to him as she pointed at Andy.

Ok, Andy since you chose not to raise your hand I think I can probably trust you the most in comparison to some others in this class, at which point another round of laughter filled the room, so you ll be doing an independent session with your model.

Yet, in his confused state Andy seemed to hear … with your mother.

Now …, he paused, Ms. Star has offered to give you all a preview of what will be entailed in photographing a model.

All eyes instantly turned to where she was sitting as she slowly lowered the robe exposing first one shoulder and then both while pulling the robe tight around her breasts. Smiling seductively, she then lowered the robe to expose the top of both breasts, stopping just above the nipples before proceeding and dropping the robe to expose one breast and then the other for all to see. Soft gasps and whispers filled the room as she sat there with there with the robe wrapped around her waist as the instructor spoke of various textures of skin and the use of filters depending on the lighting.

Yet, Andy s eyes seemed to be glued to her as she looked around the room until their eyes met and a small smile appeared on her face. Overcome by it s affect he almost missed the rest of the instructor s comments.

… for next week I want each of you to tell me exactly how many poses your model just provided. I also want a list of which poses you d like to use with Ms. Star as well as a detailed reason why you chose those poses. Ms. Star has also asked that you provide a list of three different settings that you d like to use for your photo session along with a contact phone number. She will then review your poses and settings before contacting you to make arrangements regarding the time and place of your photo session. Now then are there any more questions? he asked as he looked around the class. When no one raised their hand he ended, Ok, then, I ll see you all next week. Class dismissed.

Still lost in thought, Andy didn t notice the class room empty until he looked up at the clock and realized that he was going to be late for his next class if he didn t hurry. The rest of the day seemed a blur as Andy went from one class to the next while thinking about the events in photo class until it was time to go home and even then he couldn t stop thinking about it.

Entering the house he was actually happy that no one seemed to be there as he quickly went to his room to begin the homework for his various classes. By nine-thirty everything was done except one … his photo class assignment. Sitting there he relived the events of the class as he tried to count the number of poses Goldie had taken, until he decide she had done six different poses. Finally done he was surprised by the sound of her voice, this time at the doorway to his room.

Hey, k**do. What you doing? she asked.


Anything special?

Andy suddenly realized that Carol was acting as if the events in the photo class hadn t taken place and decided to go along with it. Ya, well, we had a model today in photo class and we have to decide how many poses she took.

Well, that doesn t sound too hard.

Actually, it is. I mean there are five poses I m positive of, but then she looked into the class and seemed to take on one more pose that most others wouldn t have noticed except the person she was looking at.

So how is it that you noticed it then?

I was the one she was looking at.

Ahhhhh, in that case the choice is yours to make. You can include all the poses you saw or you can list just the poses she gave for everyone and keep the last one for yourself as a gift from the model.

In that case I think I ll just keep the last one for me. I d hate it if the instructor thought I couldn t count. Andy replied as he began to laugh.

Carol quickly joined in and they were both still laughing when Andy s dad, John, came down the hallway.

Hey, what s the joke?

Turning Carol looked at him, Nothing darling; just a little fun between my step-son and I.

Wrapping his arms around her, he smiled too. I m glad to hear that the two of you are getting so close. Especially, since I got word today that I have to leave on a new assignment next week. Unfortunately, it will probably take at least a month so I m glad the two of you are getting along.

Almost in unison, Andy and Carol replied, Don t worry about us, we ll be just fine.

Good. Now sweetheart, I think it s time we went to bed, John said as he looked at Carol with a twinkle in his eye.

Andy knew what that meant and immediately put his headphones on after they left his room. Almost instantly his imagination took over and it was hard not think of what they were doing and what he d like to be doing to Carol instead.

The rest of the week was spent planning and packing for John s departure so it wasn t until the day of his next photo class that Andy had the chance to talk to Carol about anything. Am I going to see you in class today?

Now why would I see you in your class today? I really don t understand you sometimes, Andy.

Confused, Andy stood there and looked at her until suddenly seemed to understand and continued. Oh, now I understand. You must be talking about my friend Goldie. She said something last week about posing for a photography class at your college. I think she did say something about meeting a pair of students today at some get-away spot to do a photo session. I m sure she ll tell me about it later and then I can tell you if you d like.

Still confused, Andy shook his head, Nah, he answered as he grabbed his camera bag and backpack. I gotta get to school. I ll se you later.

Ok, k**do. See you when you get home.

The day seemed to go on forever and Carol wasn t home when he returned. Instead he found a note waiting for him.


My friend Goldie called and asked me to come over to spend some time with her. I should be home before midnight. Your dinner is in the frig.


Andy spent the rest of the night doing his usual: homework, dinner, TV, etc, and was sitting in the livingroom watching TV when Carol got home.

Hey, k**do. How come you re still up?

I couldn t sleep. The house is too quiet when I m here alone.

Nodding her head in agreement Carol sighed, Ya, I know. It s only been a few days and I m already getting lonely for your dad. It may sound crazy but just having him next to me in bed seems to make me relax and sleep a whole lot better. But, I guess I ll just have to get used to it. Good Night.

Good Night, he called as she walked down the hallway to her room. Andy sat watching the TV until his show was over and then headed to his own room only to stop as he heard muffled sounds coming from his parent s room. Quietly moving to the door he opened it a crack and froze at the sight before him. Carol was lying on the bed naked, one hand squeezing the nipple on her left breast while her other hand was nestled between her legs and at least two fingers were buried deep in her pussy.

Mmmmmmm, that s it baby. Give it to me. Play with my tits, lover. Finger my pussy till it s good and wet and then fuck me. Fill my pussy with your cock and make me cum. Drive it into me deep so you press against my clit. That s it, mmmmmmm, so good. Faster, lover, faster. Push that big, hard cock of yours deep inside of my pussy, she moaned as she slid a third finger inside of herself while her thumb rubbed against her clit. AAaaaarrggghhhhh, Yeeessssssss. Fuck me. Fuck your mommy-slut. Come on, Andy fuck me with your cock and fill my pussy with your cum. Now … oh gawd … now … fuck me harder … I m going to cum … yes … yes … AAAARRRRGGHHHHHH!!! she quietly groaned as her orgasm overwhelmed her.

Surprised by the fact that she had called out his name Andy tripped over the rug in the hallway and knocked into the door causing it to swing open.

Carol instantly looked up and saw him standing in the doorway just before he turned to run to his room. Mixed emotions surged through her as she realized what he had seen and heard. One part of her was embarrassed at what had happened and at being caught while another part of her felt her desire for her step-son sore to new heights. Either way it didn t matter, what had happened had happened and there was no way of changing it she thought as she got off the bed and put on her most motherly robe before heading Andy s room.

Lightly knocking on the closed door she called out, Andy? Andy, I know you re awake. Open the door. We need to talk.

Andy lay on his bed thinking about what he had just heard and seen while his hormones ran rampant resulting in a hard-on that there was no way to hide. Not now. Just leave me alone.

Andy, I said open this door. NOW!

Andy realized that he really didn t have much of a choice as he got up from his bed and headed towards the door. It was only by luck that his bathrobe was hanging on the back of the door instead of in the bathroom so he quickly put it on before opening the door a crack. Ya?

We need to talk, Andy.

About what?

Don t give me that! You know exactly what! Now open the door!

As Andy stepped back, Carol entered along with the scent of her perfume and an aroma that triggered desires that he fought to contain. Ok, so you re in. What do you want to talk about?

Now that she was here Carol suddenly found herself on unfamiliar ground as she slowly sat down on his bed. How does a step-mother talk to her step-son about the fact that he s just seen and heard her playing with herself while she was thinking about him? I … ahhhhh … I think we … mmmmm. I think we need to talk about what you just saw and heard in my bedroom, she said as she gestured for him to sit down next to her.

Andy sat down and his whole world seemed to crash down on him as he began to cry, I m so sorry. I didn t mean to do it. I heard you and was curious. I …

Shhhhhh, Carol whispered as she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him towards her until his head rested on her shoulder. It s not your fault. I shouldn t have been doing what I was doing. It s only natural for a young man to react the way you did.

But you re my step-mom! What the hell was I thinking? I m so sorry.

Still holding him close Carol began to lightly stroke the back of Andy s head as she felt something lightly bump against her leg. Barely pulling away she looked down between them and noticed the twitching bulge in the front of his robe. Could it possibly be that he was as excited by her as she was of him? she wondered. Now, Andy. The first thing you need to remember is that though I am your step-mom, NOT your mother, so the taboo about that type of relationship doesn t really apply. Second, I happen to be at my prime in regards to sexual needs and so things like what happened tonight do occasionally take place. And third, you need to realize that what happened is perfectly natural considering the circumstances. You re a virile young man with ALL the needs and desires that come with that age, she said as she slowly laid her hand on the bulge she had seen.
Instantly Andy s cock began to harden even more as he felt Carol s hand on it. Ohhhh, my gawd, that feels so good, Andy sighed.

Mmmmm, do you like the feel of my hand playing with the bulge in the front of your robe? Does it get you turned on and make your cock nice and hard when I do this? she whispered as she began to lightly run her fingernails along the length of the still hidden shaft.

A shiver ran up and down Andy s back before settling in his groin as Carol began to stroke his cock.

Or maybe you d like this better, she whispered seductively as she slid her hand beneath the robe and pushed his track shorts down so she could wrap her hand around his hard cock.

Ahhhhhhhhh, Carol. Oh shit. That feels so fucking good. But if you don t stop I m gonna cum all over your hand!

And just what s wrong with that? I love the feel of a man s cum in my hands. It s so warm and thick. In fact, she whispered as she pulled her robe open to expose her breasts, I like to take it and rub it all over my tits afterwards because it makes them feel so good. In fact, I read once that cum stimulates the hormones in a woman and can cause her tits to grow larger and her pussy to get wetter than other women. What do you think? she asked as she took his hand and placed it on her tit.

Andy was no longer able to control his body as he began to pump his cock in and out of Carol s hand. I m going to cum! Oh, fuck. I don t believe this. I m going to cum all over your hand. Now … oh gawd … now … fuck … ARRRGGghhhhhhh! he groaned as his cum shot up his cock and sprayed into Carol s cupped hand.

That s it, Andy. Give me your cum. Give it to me. Fill my hand with it. Let me feel it filling my palm and slipping through my fingers. she purred as Andy s cum shot from his cock and into her hand. Then just as she d said she lifted her hand and let his cum drip onto her tits before she slowly rubbed it in. This feel so good; Mmmm, so warm and slick. And I bet it even …, she whispered as she lifted her hand to her mouth, tastes good too.

Overwhelmed by what had just happened, Andy sat and watched as she stuck her tongue out and tilted her hand letting his cum pool on her tongue before it ran off the tip and landed in the valley between her tits.

Do you like what you see? Do you like seeing me rubbing your cum all over my tits and nipples? Just think, we can do this as much as we want as long as your father doesn t find out, so this will have to be our secret. You can t tell anyone. If you do we could be in trouble or even worse we ll never be able to do it again, she purred as she continued to rub his cum across her tits and distended nipples.

Andy couldn t believe what he was hearing, You mean that we can do this again?

Again and again and again, just as long as we keep it our secret, Carol whispered. And there is one other secret we need to keep. Do you know what that one is? She continued as she wrapped the robe over her shoulders and tied the belt under her bust to allow her breasts to remain exposed to Andy.

Unsure of what she was talking about Andy sat on the bed not saying a word.

Finally, Carol reached down and took his hand in hers. Years ago, when I got into modeling I changed my name for professional reasons. That being the case, I m sure you understand that nobody can ever know that I m your step-mom. More importantly your father can never know what I did for a living or that I m the nude model for your photo class. Right?

Andy nodded his head as he realized the trouble that both of them could be in should the truth ever be known.

Ok, Carol said as she stood and walked to the door of Andy s room. I m glad we were able to take care of that situation and, she purred, the problem before that. Just remember you can t tell anyone; absolutely no one. As long as it is our secret we can have all the fun we want, anytime we want, as long as your father isn t home, understand?

Once more Andy nodded his head as Carol reached to turn off the light in his room. Good night, k**do. See you in the morning. One more thing, no more playing with yourself, from now on if you need any relief you just let your step-mom know and she ll take care of you, she called over her shoulder as she left the room.

The last thing that Andy saw before she disappeared from sight was her breasts as the light in the hallway seemed to reflect off of them. Her words still echoed in his head as he climbed under the covers of his bed and sleep overtook him as images of his step-mother floated through his dreams.

The sun was already shining through his window when Andy woke the next morning but he didn t have classes so he lay there reliving the events of the night before. Though not as romantic or exotic as he had dreamt of it had still happened.

He had been on his way to bed when he heard moaning coming from his parent s room. When he had looked in he had seen his gorgeous step-mother laying nude on the bed while she was pumping her fingers in and out of her wet pussy while quietly calling his name. Overcome with his own excitement he had bumped the door and she had seen him standing there just after she had finished, but the best part was yet to come because she had followed him to his room. The events after that still seemed like a dream as he remembered the feel of her breasts and how hard her nipples had gotten when she had him play with them while she slid her hand up and down his cock until he had cum in her hand. But the best part had been when she had rubbed his cum all over her tits as if it were a body lotion.

The thought of it instantly made his cock jump and a groan to form deep in his chest. His hand slowly slid down his body just as hers had and wrap around his cock but he suddenly remembered her words; …no more playing with yourself, from now on if you need any relief you just let your step-mom know and she ll take care of you.

Getting out of bed he quickly rearranged his jogging pants so that his cock wasn t too evident and went in search of his step-mom. Carol wasn t too hard to find since the aroma of eggs, toast and tea filled the house and drew Andy to the kitchen where he found her standing at the counter looking out the window. Silently he stood there staring at her. Dressed in a pair of jeans, with a white sleeveless T-Shirt and black heels he felt his cock hardening again as he thought about what he d like to do to and with her.

Good Morning, k**do, she said suddenly as she turned around and leaned against the counter.

Morning, he replied as he headed for the table and took a seat. Why do you call me k**do?

Hmmmmm, I m not really sure. I guess it s because I thought of you as a k** … she said as she placed a plate of eggs in front of him.

Andy nodded his head but didn t say a word as she continued.

… but after last night I don t think I can think of you as anything but grown up, so what would you like me to call you?

Andy sat for a few moments thinking about it before answering. Well, my full name is Andrew Nicholas but Nicholas sounds too formal so maybe we should just keep it at Andy.

I think I can do that.

But how about you? Would you prefer I call you Carol or Goldie? I m not sure I can call you mom.

Well, when we re playing together you can call me Goldie if you d like but I think it would be better if stuck with Carol any other time. I m not sure he d understand.

Smiling Andy asked, So what are your plans for the day, Carol?

Well, I have to do some food shopping and stuff for the house and then I have an appointment with a new photographer to up-date my portfolio.

Is it one of the students from my class?

No. I told your instructor that all photo sessions with the students would take place by appointment only. That way there can t be any problems regarding the school. But how about you? What are you doing today?

Nothing really. I ve got some homework to take care of and then I promised Dad I d cut the grass once a week while he was gone so I ll probably take care of that. Otherwise, I ll probably just hang around the house.

Sounds good, but you may want to consider cleaning your room while you re at it.

Andy rolled his eyes, Gawd, now you re starting to sound like a mother.

Placing her hands on her hips Carol began to laugh as she replied, Well, I am your step-mom.

Laughing almost as hard Andy answered in his best little boy voice, Yes ma am, and both began to laugh all over again.

Breakfast was quickly finished and Carol disappeared to her room to dress while Andy headed outside to take care of the grass. When he came back inside he found a note;


Tried to get your attention but you had your headphones on. Should be home about 6 or 7 depending on the photo shoot. I put dinner in the slow-cooker so if you don t mind waiting we can eat together when I get home.

Carol ? 🙂

P.S. Don t forget about your room. LOL

Andy glanced at the wall clock and saw it was already 2 o clock so the idea of waiting to have dinner with the most beautiful woman he knew didn t seem to be a problem at all. Cleaning his room and doing the last of his homework didn t take nearly as long as he had thought so he was done by 4:30. Running through the things he wanted to do an idea struck him so he GOOGLED in the name Goldie Star on his computer; dozens of sites popped up all of them filled with nude pictures of his step-mom. Gawd, she s beautiful, he thought as he became engrossed by the pictures. In each series she started out dressed in some type of provocative outfit and slowly stripped until she was revealing herself entirely nude. Without even thinking about it he suddenly began to examine each picture; noting the type of pose, the color and style of the outfit, the lighting, and how each seemed to complement or detract from her. Then he finally looked at her; her hair style, her eyes, the way that her breasts had a much more natural sag to them in compared to other photos he d seen of nude woman, the flair of her hips, the tone of her legs and the junction between her legs. All seemed to form the perfect woman. Then he suddenly remembered what he d overheard his dad say once about what made the perfect woman. The perfect woman is a woman who can be the perfect lady out of bed and the perfect slut in bed. Andy thought about that for awhile and then began to wonder how or why Carol had gotten into the modeling profession until he heard a loud crashing sound at the front door.

What the fuck? he thought as he headed towards the door to investigate. He was prepared for almost anything except what he found. Carol stood in the doorway; her blouse was ripped, her jeans were zipped but the top button was missing and she was carrying her shoes in her hands. Worse yet was the fact that she had been crying. WHAT HAPPENED? he yelled when he saw her.

Carol cringed at the sound and broke into tears once again.

Andy quickly stepped towards her and wrapped his arms around her only to feel her wince and pull away. Moving more gently he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against him until her tears quickly soaked into his shirt.

Slowly she seemed to melt into his embrace as she wrapped her arms around his waist pulling him closer. I went to the photo shoot and … mmmmm … the photographer, she said the last word filled with anger, decided that I should try something new to broaden my career. When I asked what he wanted me to try he grabbed me and ripped my blouse off. Then he started saying things like I was a worthless whore and deserved everything he was going to do to me. I tried to fight but he threw me across a table and yanked my pants and shoes off before I even knew what was going on. I was so shocked I didn t even notice the ropes he had tied to the table legs until he flipped me over and tied me down. Then when I tried to scream he stuffed some type of ball in my mouth. Tears streamed from her eyes as she held Andy close. After that my mind kind of shut down. I know he took a lot of pictures of me like that, while telling me I was nothing more than a common bitch meant to be tamed and then he … he … he did this … Marketa whispered as she pulled away and tuned around while taking her blouse and pants off to reveal the red welts and bruises that were beginning to form across her back and buttocks.

Anger flared in Andy like he d never felt before. His father had taught him that there was absolutely no reason to hit a woman and this went far beyond that. Quietly he asked, Did he …?

No … I don t think so, Carol said as she reached downwards between her legs. When she brought them back up she turned back towards Andy to show him her fingers and revealed herself to him completely. There was no blood on her fingers but a faint aroma drifted from them directly to Andy causing mixed emotions to surge within him; anger at the person who had done this and desire to hold this woman and assure her that everything would be ok.

Anger won out, momentarily, as Andy looked into Carol s eyes and thought about what the photographer had done. Where did you meet this guy?

Andy, please don t. Leave it alone. I don t want to see you get hurt too.

Realizing that Carol was trying to protect him as well as deny that anything had happened Andy reached for her purse and pulled out her scheduler. Everything he needed was there; name, address, and phone number, but now was not the time, Carol needed him far more. Ok, first things first; let s get you out of those rags and into a warm shower … that is if you re absolutely sure nothing happened, he asked again. He had seen more than enough TV shows to know that if a woman had been ****d she wasn t supposed to wash up because it could destroy evidence.

I m sure, she whispered as Andy wrapped his arms around her again. She felt safe … safe and protected. She knew that this would never happen if Andy were her photographer and instantly made up her mind. No matter who might be the best in his class she was going to offer him the opportunity to be her personal photographer from now on. That decision also brought about the realization that she was standing in front of him totally naked and that he would be seeing her naked a lot more … causing a thrill to ignite in the core of her womanhood.

Ok, then. Let s get up cleaned up, he said as he slowly pulled away and scooped her up in his arms just as if he were a groom and she was his bride.

She had never realized how strong Andy was until he picked her up and instinctively she leaned her head down on his shoulder. Safe … was all she thought as he carried her down the hall to the bathroom.

When they got to the bathroom Andy lightly set her down and quickly turned on the water before getting a towel. Without even thinking about it he began to leave as Carol stepped towards the shower door.

Please don t leave, she asked.

Turning Andy once again saw her totally nude body and tried to avert his eyes.

Andy. Andy, look at me. You don t think I m those things he called me do you? she asked.

Raising his head he looked directly into her eyes. HELL NO!!! You re the most beautiful woman I know. In fact, if you weren t my step-mom I d …, he said before suddenly stopping in mid-sentence.

Silence filled the room momentarily until Carol spoke. Andy, I realize this is a very strange situation but I don t have anything to hide from you. You ve already seen everything there is to see, so please don t leave. I need to know you re near.

Shaking his head Andy sat down on the toilet as she stepped into the shower.

Ssssshhhhiiiiiii …, Carol yelled.

Are you ok?

Silence filled the room as she tried to decide what to do next. No. Not really. The spots on my back hurt like hell when the water hits them. Could you do me a REALLY big favor and come in here and help me? Andy stood and walked towards the shower without hesitating causing Carol to smile for the first time she had gotten home. I think you may want to get undressed before you come in, don t you?

Andy stood with the shower door open as he looked down. He had to make a choice as well; he could continue in as he was with his jogging shorts and T-shirt or he could undress and join her in the shower naked. The problem was that his cock had started to harden when she took off her clothes in the livingroom and it was even harder now that he saw her like thins in the shower. Then he remembered that Carol had been the one to comment on his clothing. In his mind that could only mean one thing; she wanted him naked. Turning his back towards her he slowly removed the few pieces of clothing he wore and then turned back towards Carol just as naked as she was. Muffled by the sound of the water from the shower he thought he heard her say, Nice, before he stepped in to join her.

Andy, tell me the truth. How bad does my back look?

Slowly Andy examined each bruise and welt as he described them to her. They re going to hurt for awhile and the bruising will take a couple of weeks to disappear but I don t think there has been any permanent damage … except for this one, he said as he lightly traced a cut that ran from her the right side of her neck downwards to her back.

Pain surged through her as he traced the cut only to be replaced almost instantly by a far more pleasurable feeling causing a sigh to escape from Carol as if she had been holding her breath the whole time he was checking her. I m glad to hear that. I thought that the son-of-a-bitch had ruined me for life.

Stepping closer, Andy wrapped his arms around Carol s waist and pulled her gently back against him. Not by a long shot, gorgeous. Give it a little time and you ll look as good as ever.

Flattered by Andy s comment, Carol also felt Andy s cock pressing against her and the desires she felt returned even stronger as she joked. Either you re very glad to be here with me or you still have your shorts on and there is something in the pocket.

Andy instantly began to laugh as he pulled back. Sorry about that.

I m not.

Silence filled the bathroom as the meaning of her statement filled Andy s head.

If you don t mind could you wash my back, the water is starting to get cold.

Shaken from his thoughts, Andy quickly but gently washed Carol s back and buttocks while she did the front portion of her body; the next challenge came when it was time to dry off. Grabbing a towel Andy immediately began to dab the towel across her back rather than rub until it was completely done. After finishing Andy began to hand the towel to Carol who turned to face him instead and said with an impish smile, Don t forget the front.

Not to be outdone or shaken by her challenge, Andy immediately began to lightly rub the towel over her; starting at her neck and traveling downwards to her shoulders, then the breasts making sure to pay special attention to her nipples which hardened under his touch, to her stomach and then down her legs while skipping the junction between them. Now it was up to her, he decided. If she asked him to dry her between the legs then their play would start taking on a whole new meaning with new potential prizes for both of them.

Carol knew what was at stake as well and knew that now was the time to let Andy know what she wanted and what she was offering in return. Looking down at Andy as he dried her legs she said seductively, You missed a spot.

Really? Where did I miss?

Still looking down at him Carol shifted her weight and spread her legs to expose herself to Andy s gaze. Play time is over. Now s the time for the real thing, she thought to herself. You didn t dry me right here, she answered as she moved her hand down to the junction of her legs and slid a finger between her labial lips.

I d be more than happy to help but I think that we might want to lie down on your bed to do this. After all, there s no telling what might happen if you slip on the wet floor, Andy whispered as he watched her finger disappeared between her pussy lips.

Hmmmmm, that sounds like a very good idea, she said as she turned and headed to her bedroom. Neither bothered to grab a robe as they left the bathroom and walked the short distance to her room. Carol slowly lay down on the bed while Andy slid between her legs to complete his job of drying her off but, not surprisingly, the more he lightly rubbed the towel across her junction the wetter it got until she reached down, grabbed the towel from him and pressed his hand to her womanhood. Stop teasing, Andy. Play with my pussy. Run your finger across my clit and then slide a finger deep inside of me. Finger-fuck me and make me cum. Fuck, I need to cum right now. I need YOU to make me cum. This may sound crazy but I need to prove to myself that I m not a whore like that son-of-a-bitch said I am, but a woman with needs who can act like a slut when she wants.

Thrilled by her request, Andy did exactly as he was told and ran his fingers up and down Carol s outer lips coating them with her juices before he spread the lips and stroked across her clit.

Carol s body responded immediately as she began to move her hips to the same tempo as his finger stroking over her clit and her breathing began to quicken.

Now, Andy. Please now. Slide your finger in me. In fact, slide in two or three. I don t care. Just fill my pussy with your fingers and make me cum. That s it. Now, harder … harder … move them faster. Finger-fuck my pussy. Going to cum soon. Don t stop … keep going … like that … just like that … oh, gawd … NOW … Cuummmiiinnnggggg, Carol yelled as her orgasm overtook her.

Though he had seen her orgasm the night before Andy had made a woman cum until that moment. Fortunately, he had read every book and story that he could get his hands on and knew that if he continued like he was he could make Carol sore afterwards, so he started to lightly stroke her clit sending shivers of pleasure through her body until she was done.

Finally she whispered, Thank you. That was marvelous. I feel so relaxed now but there s one more thing you can do for me, if you don t mind.

What s that?

Would you mind cuddling behind me and sleeping here tonight? I really don t want to be alone.

Andy wanted to do exactly that but hesitated because he knew there was no way to keep Carol from feeling how hard his cock still was if he cuddled behind her.


The internal fight was ended with that one little word as Andy slowly crawled up the bed and lay down behind her.

You re too far away. Come closer. I want you to wrap your arms around me and hold me tig … she stopped in mid-sentence as she felt Andy s cock brush against her ass. Sweetie, is that what I hope it is?

If you re hoping it s my cock, then yes that is exactly what it is.

Mmmmmmmm, I like the feel of it and I know exactly where I want it right now, Carol whispered as she lifted her leg. Come here and put it right between my legs then cuddle up against me real tight.

Wordlessly Andy did as she asked.

Gawd, that feels so good. I can feel it nestled right between my pussy lips. I can feel it slide across my clit every time you move. It feels so fucking good. Would you … I mean … would you mind … Ummm … SHIT, I m not sure how else to say this so would you please pump your cock against me as if you were making love to me? I know it may sound strange but I m getting so turned on right now. We just need to be careful that your cock doesn t slip inside of me since I m not on the pill or anything.

Andy didn t need to be asked more than once. His cock was already harder than it ever had been and the idea of making love to his own step-mother carried its own special thrill that he couldn t deny. Gently Andy slid his arm under Carol s head while moving his other arm along her chest until he was able to play with both of her breasts as he began to pump his cock between her outer lips. He could feel how wet she was and how she was tightening her inner thighs around his cock to form a tunnel that wrapped around his cock just as he imagined a woman s pussy would feel like. Slowly he increased the tempo as Carol began to move her hips and press herself back against him.

That s it, lover. Slide your cock along my pussy lips so it bumps against my clit. Mmmmmm … it feels so delicious. I can feel how wet I m getting and how big you re getting. It feels like a baseball bat rubbing against me. I m going to cum soon. I can feel it every time you hit my clit. Yessssssss, just like that. Cum with me … cum with me, lover. Spray your cum on my pussy and … spray it on my ass; then we can rub it on the bruises and see if helps them go away. Yes … that s it … pump your cock against my pussy … yes … yessss … that s it. Now … ohhhhhh … NOW, CUM ON ME!!! CUM ON MY PUSSY! CUM ON MY ASS!! MAKE ME YOUR MOMMY-SLUT!! AAAARRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Andy had never heard anyone talk like this except in porno movies and the results were almost instantaneous as his balls pulled upward and a load of cum sprayed from the tip of his cock to coat Carol s pussy and inner legs. Spurt after spurt rocketed from the tip while she spiraled off into her own orgasm.

Yet, somehow he heard her as she whispered breathlessly, Ass … cum on my ass … let me feel it dripping across my ass, and complied as he pulled away sending the last strands to rest across her ass.

Afterwards only the sound of their breathing filled the room as they cuddled and held onto each other and slid into a restful sleep.

But for Andy the night wasn t finished. He had one more thing he NEEDED to take care of so he quietly slipped from behind Carol and left the room. Dressing in a pair of dark jeans and a black T-shirt, he found her address book still lying on the table where he had left it. Quickly writing down the photographer s name and address he hopped in his car and headed to the opposite end of town. While lying next to Carol a plan had begun to form in his head and driving helped to clear-up the details. Finding an all-night gas station he quickly picked up a pair of rubber gloves, some nylon cord, a box of black plastic garbage bags, a lighter, a pre-paid phone, a two-gallon can of gas, along with the usual snacks and munchies that would be expected in a late-night stop like this, before heading back to the address he d gotten from Carol s day planner.

The address turned out to be for a local motel and the room was located just at the top of the stairway. Quietly he climbed the stairs and tied a piece of cord across the stairway opening before returning to the parking lot below. Now or never, he said to himself as he dialed the number he d written down. As soon as the photographer answered Andy began taunting him. Hey, dumb fuck! I heard what you like to do to woman! Think you ve got the guts to try smacking around someone your own size!

Instantly, the photographer began to yell back. Fuck you, you little shit. I don t know what the hell you re talking about but if you don t leave right now I m gonna call the cops!

Go ahead you fucking perv! Maybe they d like to hear about how you like to beat up women! I m sure there are enough pictures in your room to send you to prison for a long time!

Fuck you, you little son-of-a-bitch. I m a legitimate photographer. I ve never done anything to any of my models that they didn t deserve.

Andy smiled. He knew he had him, And exactly what is it that they deserve you sick fuck?

Screw you; you little prick.

No thanks, perv, but if you d like to take care of this man-to-man I m waiting right here in the parking lot.

The photographer never had a chance as he stormed from the room and headed towards the stairs while looking for Andy. His scream filled the courtyard and parking lot as he tripped over the cord and bounced down the stairs until he came to rest at the foot of the stairs withering in pain.

In the mean time, Andy stepped from the around the vending machines located at the end of the balcony and headed directly towards the stairs. Quickly removing the piece of cord before slipping into the photographer s room. Entering he looked around and began to grab everything in sight that could be traced to Carol; cameras, film, pictures and negatives, the ad Carol had placed, the rope he d used to tie to the table, along with her bra and panties, that were lying on the table and put them in the black plastic garbage bag.

Finally satisfied that he had everything he calmly descended the stairs and walked towards the photographer . Andy could see the damage that had been done by the fall. The fingers on the man s right hand were bent backwards until the fingernails were touching the back of his hand and something white was poking out of his right arm just above the elbow. The left side didn t seem to be as bad but he could see that there was a large bump at the shoulder and the man wasn t able to use the arm. Slowly, Andy dialed 911, using the prepaid phone he had picked-up and asked for an ambulance and the police before leaning over behind the photographer so he couldn t see him and asked, How does it feel, you sick fuck. This time it was you who got exactly what he deserved, but don t worry you won t have to be here too long. I already called the cops and told them all about your photography sessions and what you do to your models. They seemed real interested and said they d be right here, Andy snarled as he stood. He ll probably never hold a camera again without remembering what happened tonight and think twice about doing it again, Andy thought as he walked to his car and climbed in.

The sound of sirens filled the air and a smile slowly forming on his face as he drove away towards the opposite side of town once again. Pulling into an alley he quickly found an empty garbage dumpster. Looking around to make sure no one was around he quickly threw everything he d taken from the room into the dumpster. Momentarily, he thought about keeping Carol s lingerie but realized that if she ever found them she d know what he d done and that they might be tracked back to her if the photographer talked, so he threw them into the dumpster along with everything else he d taken. Looking around one more time he emptied the gasoline on everything and lit it. Quietly, Andy watched as the blaze quickly consumed the pile while staying small enough not to draw attention before heading back home.

Carol was still in bed when he got home so he quickly undressed and climbed in next to her.

Murmuring she asked, Where did you go?

He replied in a whisper, Nowhere important. Just taking care of some unfinished business, as he wrapped his arm around her protectively and fell quietly to sleep.

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