The Second Reception

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The Second Reception
My wife, Betty, and I will celebrate our f******nth anniversary next month.

I think about our wedding quite often, and wonder if I was as lucky as my family and friends said I was then, and now also for that matter. My family and others tell me how wonderful the relationship is that Betty and I have. We have 5 wholesome k**s, two daughters and three sons. Also she is currently pregnant.

True to her plan, my wife she has had a baby almost every two years, since our first, which was born within our first year of marriage.

I wanted her to stop at four k**s but she was persistent and so now we have the five I mentioned, with the sixth in the oven.

Yes, I ll be the first to admit that, like any couple, we ve had our rough spots here and there, but I guess they re overall minor and over the years we have arrived at a stable marriage, putting up with each other s idiosyncrasies. We do love each other very much.

One of the things I joke with her about is the k**s. That is, that none of them look anything like me.

Well darling, maybe the next one will is her usual answer.

I was a virgin when we got married. Betty lead me to believe she was technically a virgin also, but more about that later.

We dated steady for three months and were engaged for a year after that.

My Aunt Betsy lived about two hours drive away from my home town. She introduced me to Betty when I stayed with her during a summer break, at the end of my junior year at the university.

Betty was one of the prettiest girls I d ever laid eyes on. She was brunette, well proportioned and well endowed with her size 38 bustline. Her hips had a very seductive and rhythmic sway as she walked. To say she was a knockout was an understatement. Her legs were quite shapely, like those of a model.

Betty seem to take a keen interest in me at our first meeting. I was totally surprised. I d never had any luck with girls and especially knock outs like Betty. Before I knew it, Betty and I agreed to our first date.

Well Benny, you did real well for someone who your mom says has trouble with the girls. My aunt said as Betty drove away from my aunt s front door.

Well Aunt Betsy, I m as surprised as you are. You didn t set this up did you? Why would any girl that beautiful want to even meet me, let along go out with me? She s awesome.

Well Benny, for one thing she s told me that she knows she can t seem to find men that see her for more than a sex object. So when I told her you were going to be staying here for the summer, it was her idea to come by. I of course played up your intellectual side. You two seem to hit it off well.

My aunt was a widow, so I was pretty busy helping her do things around the house for the short time I was in the small town where she lived. When I wasn t doing chores for her, Betty and I would go on dates. It was funny but Betty would prefer we go over to a neighboring city 40 miles away. Her logic was that there wasn t much to do in her home town. I had to agree, even though there was two movie theatres and several pizza parlors.

Whenever she and I were seen together locally in her home town, heads would turn and it seemed people were taking an unusual interest in us. However, I dismissed this as small townism and never thought more about it anymore until after the wedding.


Betty and I continued to keep in contact while I was back in college and occasionally visited me on campus. All my buddies were more than envious of me for have such a beautiful babe. Every opportunity I got I visited her. Soon we were engaged and set the wedding for about a year later. This would give me time to graduate and get started on a job and get some cash in the bank in preparation for being married.

She wanted a June wedding, so we set the date accordingly.

Mother, Aunt Betsy, Betty, and Betty s Mom laid out the wedding plans.

During the practice rehearsal, there was some mention of testimonials at a second reception. When I asked about this second reception, I was told it was a surprise and that I shouldn t bring it up again. I didn t. I just concentrated on having the gorgeous Betty becoming my wife and being able to exercise my conjugal rights as her husband.

You see, Betty never let me have regular sex with her doing the entire time of our pre-marriage relationship. She claimed she took her own virginity when she was young. She said she never had a man s penis in her so she technically a virgin too, just without a hymen.

I accepted that.

She coerced out of me that I was also a virgin, which she later let me know that she knew from talking to my Aunt Betsy.

She wanted us both to come to our wedding bed virgins.

Prior to about six months before the wedding all she would let me do was kiss and do heavy petting. In the six months before the wedding she jerked me off and let me lick and suck her luscious cunt.

Another thing that Betty surfaced that boosted my ego was her wanting a prenuptial agreement. This threw me for a loop until she explained her reason for desiring it.

Benny, you mean so much to me. I m so afraid you ll tire of me or fall out of love with me once you know the real me. That s why I want you to not only say you love me but to contractually commit your self to me.

I was flattered by such a gorgeous woman wanting me so badly that she wanted me to commit to her in writing. I was overwhelmed by her request.

Betty darling, you make me feel so wonderful. I ll gladly commit to you with a contract to love and cherish. I replied.

Oh Benny honey, thank you so much. I already went to see a lawyer on drafting it up. Here s a draft copy. If you are okay with it, we can go over and sign it together this afternoon. She said so sweetly and a slight bit of urgency.

I was thrilled as I read the legalistic document and impressed that she d gone so far as to ensure that I really loved her. I was not use to being the one worried about that. This all made my head swell with flattery and esteem.

The prenuptial agreement basically only asked that I:
1) promise to love my wife;
2)respect her;
3) wait at least ten years before asking for or considering a divorce;
4)consummate the marriage sexually to my wife s satisfaction;
5) and accept all c***dren born into the marriage as legally my own, without question.

I was so thrilled at her desiring such assurance of my love for her. I quickly agreed to sign the document of love.


Yes Benny, your virginity is a precious and we have come up with a way of signifying it in the ceremony. My mother told me as she looked at the selection of tuxes.

What! I cried out. I let my mother know that the meaning of the white on the Bride s dress was to signify that for the woman and that there was no need for me to reflect it for me. In fact it s almost an insult for a man to even admit that he s a virgin, let alone advertise the way you re talking about. I blurted out angrily.

Betty s mom, your aunt and I think it s an excellent idea, so you don t have any say so. You will be proud of being a virgin and that s final. There ll be no further discussion. Mother said as she signed the order for the white lace covered tux, which covered both the white jacket and trousers. It looked too feminine even for Liberache, for those of you who remember the famous flamboyant pianist. I was fuming, but shut my mouth, knowing my mother would not tolerate much more of an outburst from me. Also my Dad, signaled for me to be quiet. I m sure he figured that mom would probably punish me if I continued to debate the issue, especially after hearing her say the F word, that is for final .

Oh ma am! I almost forgot this. The special item you ordered. The sales clerk shouted at mother as we three turned to walk away.

Mother walked back to speak to her. The lady opened a box and held up something that was a very bright pink, almost a fluorescent pink. It was such a loud color. I only caught a brief glimpse of the accessory , from the distance where I was standing.

Thank you, we certainly mustn t forget this. Mother said with a big smile after putting the small pink box in her shopping bag.

On the way home, I forgot about the item, since I was still fuming about the tux. Later it was to come back and haunt me almost as much as the wedding has all these years.

At home, when we had a chance to talk later, mother hugged me and let me know that I may be upset but that she wanted everyone to know that I was pure. Betty was very desirous of her doing so. I was surprised upon hearing this and contacted Betty.

Yes darling, I told your mom it d make me so very happy to have you wear that lacy tux symbolizing your virginity.

I again stressed that she could help matters by not letting me stay a virgin, but again for the countless time, she stressed she wanted us both coming to our wedding bed virgins.


The wedding went pretty flawless as well as the reception. After the reception, I was anxious for Betty and I to be by ourselves so I could better enjoy my new bride. But as we were driving away in the limo and I sought to be more amorous with my new wife, she kissed me somewhat coolly and told me to control myself. She let me know that a few of her friends were having a special reception for us and that she wanted to look presentable for them. She gave me light consoling kisses so as not to muss her makeup.

I can tell you re anxious to make love to me darling and I to you, but this second reception is going to be important to our marriage as well as proof of your love for me. She spoke in a strange manner that was a blend of being half serious and with a wistful expression I d never seen in her before.


The second reception was some 15 miles away at a secluded retreat that was owned by the town for convention purposes. Betty let me know that one of her girlfriends who worked for the city was able to get it for a very minimal charge.

This place was definitely out in the boonies. There were about two dozen cars on the lot when we drove up. However, the interior was very decorative and exhibited a typical convention style structure. Mother, Aunt Betsy, and Betty s Mom joined us and we began the formal march into the reception area, which could easily accommodate 400 people. As we entered the room, the crowd of about 30 burst out with a chorus of For She s A Jolly Good Gal as we walked through a planned opening in the crowd toward a predetermined location in the room.

I smiled as I walked and thought it rather odd that such a song would be sung for newlyweds. Then as I focused more on the crowd, I also noticed there were far more men than women.

I was mystified. In addition, as I was sizing up the crowd, several of the people we walked pass, hugged and kissed my new bride. The women pecked her on the cheek and embraced her. I had to do a double take as several of the men touched her low cut bodice, rubbed her shapely rear in the revealing wedding dress she was still wearing. It was also obvious that Betty was eagerly returning their sloppy, lingering, tongue in mouth kisses, as she passed from one man to the next.

To say I was shocked was an understatement, especially since she didn t let me do her that way in the car coming over.

One big handsome black guy, who looked to be over 6 feet and a hulk of pure muscle, wrapped his arms around her, almost picking her up and gave her a very passionate kiss. My bride returned the passion of the embrace as they hugged each other tightly as if they were the newlyweds.

As I started to interrupt what I perceived as crossing the line of decency, mother held one of my arms and Aunt Betsy the other. I was so surprised at their strong grips. I thought they were stronger than me, but the way they held on to me, there was no doubt.

it s okay dear, it s just some of her old friends greeting her and wishing her the best. Aunt Betsy whispered. I looked at her and at mother with a bewildered look. There was a low roar of snickering and giggles from the crowd.

It took us five minutes to walk 50 feet, with most of that time being devoted to repeated acts of passionate kissing and well wishing embraces, mostly by men on the edges of the crowd. That was the longest five minutes of my life.

I was beet red in the face and so was Betty, albeit for totally different reasons. In addition, the many touches and feels on her bodice was apparent from the reddened images of handprints on the part of her breasts that were exposed.

I was livid and almost too shocked to say anything. I m sure my bewilderment and public humiliation was obvious to the smiling smirking snickering crowd.

Mother and Aunt Betsy were holding me tightly as they gripped my shoulders and literally held me motionless. I tried to find out what was going on, but was told repeatedly to be quiet. I spotted my father in the crowd, and he too signaled me to be quiet.

We finally made it to our table.

A chum girlfriend of Betty s stepped out of somewhere up to the nearby mike.

To the newlyweds, our best wishes. We are gathered at this special private reception so that many of Betty s closet and intimate acquaintances can wish her well and also congratulate her new husband on the catch he s made. We will have testimonials from a host of people in the audience. We asked that they be no more than a few minute each. Thank you.

A line formed around the wall toward the mike. There must ve been about twenty people in the line to give testimonials.

I d never heard of such a thing at a wedding reception, so I didn t know what to expect. What came out of their mouths was like a series of bomb blasts, each hitting ground zero.


I don t remember exactly what the first man said, but the theme was repeated over and over again for almost a straight half hour as each person in the crowd took their turn at the mike to offer their testimonial. There were a few women, the others mostly men. What follows is just a sample of what I remembered when I wasn t feeling faint.

One man: Yeah, my dick was so hard it felt like it was going to break. That night when I couldn t find nobody to give me some, I finally called Betty and once more she came through. She told me to come on over and that it might be a short wait, but she was sure she could work me in. When I got there I was number six in line, but as usual it was worth the wait. Even though tired after having helped out 13 fellows before me, she gave me a great fuck and got all the cum out of my dick. Benny, you ve got a great gal there. She s a great piece of ass, I can tell you that.

Another man testified.
I had just come back from being on the road for two weeks and had a throbbing boner. I meant it needed some serious fucking to cool it off. I though about seeing one of the whores at the truck stop, but then I remembered Betty, who was always free and whose hobby was making hard dicks soft. Whether by sucking or fucking, she s a mighty fine lay you lucky fellow. The man said looking directly at me as I stood still not believing what was going on.

Another testimonial.
She always parted her legs for me and always got me off real good too. I could always count on soaking my dick in her juicy snatch until I was satisfied. You truly are a lucky stiff Benny.

And another man: One of the best sluts I ever been with. She s got one juicy hot good pussy.

A woman came forward next: Betty I think back to that homecoming game when you and I let both football teams pull a train on us. I ll never forget how we worked until we got every one of the dicks soft. The woman was apparently a slut chum of my new wife.

And then another black man: Betty, we re really gonna miss you down at the pool hall, where you d just dropped by and would give us some ass or blowjobs, just for the asking.

As the testimonials were in process, I had at least two stiff drinks. While not accustomed to hard whiskey, these were rather welcomed. Mother and aunt were by my side and making sure I stayed in place. My new bride, all aglow in her ornate lacey white wedding gown, sat across from me. She reveled in the testimonials she was receiving and occasionally glanced in my direction, especially as each man, who d previously given his testimony came by where we five – mother, dad, Aunt Betsy, Betty and I – were sitting. The various men each gave her some of the juiciest French kisses I d ever seen. Kisses far more passionate than she
and I had ever done together.

To add total insult to injury, she sometimes winked at me while she and the men exchanged their sloppy kisses.

No matter what excuse I came up with or how much I squirmed, my aunt and mother wouldn t lessen their grips on my poor shoulders or let me depart. I sat their stewing in my own perspiration and shame. The burning of the many pairs of eyes on me didn t help matters in the least. Helpless, I resigned myself to be a prisoner of my predicament. My mind was totally distraught. Surely my family couldn t expect me to stay married to Betty now. My father sat quietly, with a fake smile on his face, but doing nothing to aid me. In fact, he repeatedly whispered for me to Settle down son. It ll all work out .

Finally the testimonials were over. I was hoping to leave as soon as possible. Surely, there was nothing else to be done. I was in no mood to mingle with these well wishers, not even with my new technically a virgin bride.

`What a fool I ve been I mentally sighed to myself as I sat there. I also wondered what was the next step for me, especially since I truly loved Betty. She was the dream girl I was ready to die for. Now, our dream life was starting off as the worst nightmare of my life.

Just then, another drink was placed in front of me by Mr. Haskle of the local pharmacy near my aunt s house. He whispered something to my aunt as he did so. He then got around to me. I wish he hadn t.

Congratulations Benny. It s a time to enjoy yourself. Drink up and be merry, after all you do have a beautiful new bride.

I just glared at him angrily as I looked at his smirking smiling face. He finally left our table, but not before reaching over to squeeze my new bride s boobs. She only smiled as if she appreciated it. After that, I gulped down the drink he d brought.

I at least got mom and Aunt Betsy to give me enough freedom to sip on the new drink in front of me. This orange punch had a good taste and I drank it all. Moments later I was surprised at relaxed and mellow I was feeling. I felt like closing my eyes, which I did for a moment as I experienced a strange funky buzz, which apparently the orange punch gave me.

I felt a kiss on my lips. It was my new bride.
Darling, isn t this wonderful for all my old friends to congratulate me like this? I hope you re enjoying this as much as I. Even though less uptight than before, I still looked at her angrily, but said nothing.

I know, you have a lot of questions, but everything in due time. She said as she pecked me on the cheek again with what I perceived as a wicked smile on her face. She then moved back around to her seat opposite me at the round table.

I had to close my eyes again, they were just too heavy.
That s it baby, just relax. I heard mom say as I lowered my eyelids. My eyes felt so much better closed.

When I opened them a few minutes later, I glanced around and saw that most of the men were not nearby.

`Thank goodness I mentally expressed to myself.

I noticed by the clock on the wall I d been dozing for about twenty minutes, which both my father and mother confirmed, when I asked.

Just then the mistress of ceremony finally came back to the mike. I prayed she was going to close the ceremony so we could get out of there.
Continuing with our salute to the newlyweds and to help them off to a good start on their lives together, it s now time for the bride, our sweet lovable Betty, to once again let her friends salute her in their favorite way. Y all come on out! She shouted.

What I saw next, I couldn t believe and thought I was surely drunk.
There were at least a dozen men, all essentially naked, except for the three who wore T shirts, pushing a bed out toward the head table where we sat.

When the group of men arrived closer, I then noticed they all had one thing in common. They were all sporting the largest erections I d ever seen. No man in the group had less than eight inches of stiff jutting dick meat that truly was in a salute posture. The bobbing wave of mammoth bloated shiny cockheads apparently excited my new wife as much as it horrified me. For she soon greeted them and eagerly received their groping and assistance in removing her wedding gown. I was terrified at the prospect of what I thought was about to happen.

By the time she had gotten down to her undergarments- basically her white teddy, bikini crotchless panties, garter belt and white sheen wedding stockings – the woman at the mike asked for the group s attention.

Now that the fellows have shown what they intend to salute the bride with, I think it s only fair for the new groom to do the same. Are you ready Benny? That is to show us what you have in store for your new bride. Come on up and show us your virgin prick!

The laughter was a loud roar as an even greater horror gripped me. At the same time, I felt my aunt and mother helping me to stand up, all the while saying It s time for you to show the men what you have for your new wife sweetie. Don t be afraid. Let them know you give good head also. Remember it s love that counts.

I felt rather strange also. While able to stand up, I had no reaction as I felt my aunt removing the cummerbund, my belt and letting my pants fall to the floor as I stood facing the crowd. I had no will or desire to resist what was being done to me. I knew then I d been d**gged. I next felt my shorts pushed down and something slipped around my waist and looped around my small prick.

I soon heard another louder roar of laughter as my new wife came over to me and handle whatever it was on my exposed prick which felt like it was erect, but I really couldn t tell in the state I was in.

Thank you so much darling for saving your self for me. It s so wonderful of you to wear a lace and satin pink ribbon bow on your little thing to signal to me and the world that it belongs to me and that you ll be faithful and true to me. You look so lovely and cute with the ribbon on your cock and balls. As you can see, you can t compare with the other men I ve been with, but we ll talk about that some more later. And forgive me for telling you I was technically virgin, but we ll talk about that also. But first darling, the guys have gone through so much trouble to help me have a good time on my wedding night, I would be remiss not to put out for them tonight. Look upon it as them helping you out, since you see first hand they re better equipped to do so. You go on back to the hotel honeymoon suite and I ll be back sometime tomorrow. I hope they re through with me by breakfast time, but don t worry, there will still be enough left over pussy for you and your little fellow there. I know it won t take much for you. Love you darling. Betty walked away after pecking me on my forehead as I stood there looking like the biggest fool alive.

I was still in a state of confusion but felt my sense of control coming back to me, slowly but surely. I was then paraded to the back of the room and out the door. You see, mother and my aunt had me step out of my pants, which dad picked up. I ended up walking out with no trousers and the bright pink symbol of virgin purity, faithfulness and love wrapped around my small erection, which I couldn t wish down. This of course was done amidst a chorus of loud laughter from the assembled group. Before I departed the room, through my watery, humiliated tear laden eyes, I could see the orgy scene where my wife had two huge cocks comfortably in her and was happily being screwed on the open bed. The crowd cheered her own.

I was never so glad to leave such a place and feel the night air on my exposed parts. I was allowed to dress in the limo as we returned to the hotel.


As the limo left the hall, the d**g had worn off. My folks admitted that they had enlisted the pharmacist for a little sedative to help me make it through the reception.

I was nevertheless still angry and feeling utterly humiliated and disgraced. I couldn t help crying as if there was no tomorrow. My mom and aunt consoled me.
No matter what was said, I felt less than two inches high.

All I could say was Why ? I wasn t sure I understood or liked the answer.

Benny honey, it s pretty much the same reason people go on national TV, like the Jerry Springer Show. They can get what s on their chest off in an open forum, and if their mates accept it, they know that person really loves them for the person they are, and accept that their past is not important. That s the same reason this was done to night. Yes, your new wife is a slut. She wanted you and you loved her. She wanted the wedding and so did we. Mother said as we drove the dark distance back to town.

And Benny dear, the idea of the pink jockey was my idea. I thought it was a prefect compliment to your laced tux. Now everything is out in the open, her past, as well as your capability to take care of her in bed.

B-But Aunt Betsy, w-why did my p-p-penis have…

Have to be exhibited in your pink ribbon and lace cock strap? Well dear nephew, it was to get you over worrying about other men and whether you had an advantage or disadvantage over them in the fucking department. Now you know about them, and they know about you. Everything is out in the open. You see they re better equipped to give her what she needs, so therefore you should be ready to accept the idea of her getting you help to take care of her needs while you remain faithful and loving to her while not interfering with her plans to obtain sexual satisfaction.


Later that evening as I settled down to get some sleep and compose my shattered emotional state. Father came by to see me.

We Talked.

Yes son, your aunt and mother do have a point. I Know you were somewhat tricked, but it was for your own good. The women were just trying to help you out.

Some help. I replied. Now I m married to the town slut, and to boot, I signed that prenuptial agreement which basically says she can sue me for everything if I try to divorce her or annul the marriage in less than ten years. I m the laughing stock of the town.

Son, just as your aunt said, you should just think of her as more experienced than you and not in a negative way. They are right though. A decent, caring, faithful, and loving husband and a slut wife, are a good match. For only a wimp could love such a woman enough to put up with her needs.

Her needs!

Yes son. Her need to be unfaithful and knowing she d always have a loving faithful husband to come home to when other men, her so called real men, are through with her. She needs their rough manliness but she direly needs your loving and caring kindness. Yes son, you are the one to provide that to her.


My new bride returned to our bridal suite about six AM and crawled into bed. Her movement woke me.

Hi love. She spoke as she kissed me. Miss me?

B-Betty? I spoke rubbing my eyes. I let my mind settle a moment. I wanted to jump right into interrogating her as to why I was treated so disgraceful by her and the others. However, but the way she looked, tired, and frazzled, but still beautiful, seemed to signal to me that this may not be the time for my twenty questions.

Knowing that she was so much more sexually experienced, even in a negative way, intimidated me. I felt so much less confident in sexing her than before I knew about her lively past.

Benny, don t ask any questions just yet. Lets make love now. We can talk about the other things on your mind later. Lets just be man and wife. I do truly love you, otherwise I wouldn t be here now. What you saw me do with the other men was just a physical thing. What we have is the real thing.

As I started to speak, she put her finger to my lips and pulled me into her arms. We passionately kissed. Her breath exhibited a faint, but keen smell of jism. I pictured the huge cock I last saw in her mouth as I was walking out of the reception last night.

My need to be with, touch, and feel her was great. So the flavoring of other men s cocks and cum was overlooked as I enjoyed my first real French kiss with my new wife. The kiss was still very good.

Her hand soon found my smaller than she was use to erection. Soon afterwards we were both nude and I shuddered as I entered her juicy, but loose, very warm pussy.

It was so good to be in her and on her. As I stroked my five incher in her, I groped and kneaded and sucked her gorgeous tits. It was only afterwards that I detected that I d probably lapped up some splattered dried jism from her erect nipples. I also noticed the imprint of other s hands on her tender white flesh.

There was no doubt I was getting my new wife after she d been thoroughly used.


Betty let me know she loved me enough to enforce the terms of the prenuptial agreement and sue me, if I tried to divorce her over the reception incident or the fact that she was still sexing other men regularly. The reason for the latter was that she deemed my small size and lack of stamina in her cunt did not meet her minimum standard of sexual satisfaction.

I checked with a lawyer and he agreed that due to my stupidity in agreeing to her terms as written, she was legally right, since it was left totally up to her to determine what was considered sexually satisfactory. In addition, in my state of love blindness, I also didn t read the small print where I agree that she could seek and obtain sexual redress from any man, or men, that could provide her with the level of sexual satisfaction she deemed acceptable, and that I couldn t provide.

I was devastated at the situation I was in, but my folks didn t think it was all that bad since I had such a beautiful wife that loved me.


H-H-Have a baby!

Yes Benny darling, we re going to have a baby. Betty replied calmly, yet gleefully.
B-But how do you know that it-it s not. . .

Not yours? Well, really I don t darling. You had as just as much a chance to knock me up as the other fellows, even though you only get yours last after they all get theirs first.

B-B-Betty! H-How could you do this to me? W-W-Why a-are you doing this m-me? I-I thought y-you w-were on the p-pill.

I quit three months before the wedding. I wanted our first born to be conceived on our wedding night.

B-But w-w-why. . .

Why let them help you with our first born? Because I wanted to feel special when I got knocked up and put in a maternal way. I wanted it to be passionate and physically fulfilling when I conceived darling. Darling, I don t mean to hurt you, but I knew early on in our relationship, you couldn t give me the physical part of that special feeling. But I did know you could provide the emotional love and nurturing I needed in a marriage. Please don t fail me Benny honey, I really need your love. I ve never had the love I know you can give me. The love of a good husband is golden. Anyway, you did participate in making this baby. Of course it was after they had me first, as you know. Sometimes the first one in may have the best chance, but who knows Benny dear, you could ve beat out all the others.

Her words made me feel horrified. I don t know if it was her words or the manner and tone of voice, but I could hardly respond to her for several moments as I again coped with this news that I wished I wasn t hearing.

I was speechless as I tried to absorb what she s just said. I remembered my father s words about a slut wife and wimp husband being a perfect match.
B-Betty. . . I-I just don t know what to say. I-I-I just don t understand w-w-why y-you had to do this.

I did it because I wanted us to have the c***d from such a joy laden event. The guys were so sincere in their expressions about me. After you left I told the guys I was unprotected and wanted to start a family for us and that I wanted my conception to be passionate. They all did their best to make it so. And Benny darling, if it makes you feel better, to the man, they unanimously agreed you d make a good dad and that whosoever baby it turned out to be, they knew the c***d would have a good home.

I looked at my new wife as if she d totally lost her mind. I was silent for a long moment. I wondered all sorts of things, but mostly why was this happening to me.
W-Well… I-I guess with everything else I ve found out, I-I don t know why this would not be any different. I sighed in a resigned tone.
Benny darling, you re making more out of this than you should.

Oh Betty, I-I know I-I m not in the same league as you. In fact I-I don t know if I-I can even hold the match to light a candle to your experience as compared to mine, which is virtually nil when it comes to sex. A-And to hear all those testimonials at the reception, a-as to how good you are in bed, well… well, a-and now to find out y-you re probably pregnant with another man s baby… a-and I-I had to wait until o-our wedding night to h-have you. I-I m at a loss for words.

Do you love me Benny? Betty said with the most sensuous look on her face.

I-I don t know w-what I feel now. I think I do. But Betty… I don t know if we are going to work out. It s been good to finally make love to you, but knowing that you need more than I-I can give you and that you have to have other men is-is so painful. Last night was just like all the other times since the wedding. After having intercourse, it still takes me almost an hour of sucking your pussy to satisfy you. My jaws ache, and my tongue was so tired I could hardly talk when you finally let go of my head.

Honey, that s more of a reason for us to stay married. You see, I need you and my other men. You do a better job than they can in the mouth department. You see they don t even try, because they know they aren t any good at eating pussy. You ve got them beat. None of them eat pussy. You re good at what you do.

I hated the idea of tasting and sucking up her other men s ejaculated sperm from her sloppy cunt, but she claimed she needed her pussy sucked when it was that way for me to get her off so well. Even though the physical taste wasn t that unpalatable, the mental effect left a bad taste on my mental state, both as a man and her husband.


And yes son, as your aunt and mother have told you, you will have to change your attitude in order to make this marriage a success.

Y-You mean…

Yes, it will include you having other men s generous loads of spent sperm as part of your routine diet. It will be necessary for you to suck out your new bride s well fucked and filled cunt. She likes other men s big dicks and she likes for you to tongue douche her afterwards. She needs and wants that. She s told you so. You have to accept that. You ve already been introduced to the taste of jism on her breath and mouth as well as eating it from her pussy. As you know, it won t hurt or kill you. Like a lot of us wimpy husbands, the taste of her and her lovers fuck slime will become a natural part of your life together.

I could see the sincerity in my father s face. All I could do was sit and absorb what he was saying. He was definitely against annulment or divorce, not that I could afford to do so because of the prenuptial agreement. He went on to tell me how to put up with her, and accept my second or third or fourth fiddle role, and be happy about it.

And son, yes she ll probably have more c***dren by other men. You have to adjust to that also. I m sure you ll be the good husband and raise them as if they were your own biological offspring. Your mother and I will accept them as our grand c***dren and will show them nothing but love.

He and I talked for a long time and I listened intently. He told me he was saving some special information for last. I wondered what it was. Now I wish he d never mentioned it.

So son, in summary, men will enjoy your wife in many ways. And lastly, any babies they leave in her will be yours to raise and care for. And I almost forgot, she or the men may require you to pay a stud fee as a further indication of respect to them.

Stud fee!

Yes, your mother had me pay the father of your younger sister and brother $75 a week for the whole time she was pregnant with them.

Y-Y-You m-mean. . .?

Yes son, I m not their real father. Your mother cuckolded me . . . a-and I was forced to accept it or lose her. I chose to stay and become her wimp husband, as a better man took care of her primary sexual needs. I did what I could with my much smaller, less sturdy tool, as well as my tongue to do my part. He died a few years ago. And I know what else is on your mind. Yes, I m your biological father. You must swear to never tell your younger brother and sister.

I swore to him I d never reveal this secret.
People thought I was working for extra money for the babies, but a good part of that was for her old boyfriend, her lover. He decided that the best job for me was working as a janitor cleaning public toilets. So you see son, we wimps have to pay a price to be with such beautiful women, but sometimes that s what love is all about.


As my and her family urged and recommended, I stopped thinking about leaving her and did whatever it took to make our marriage work.

As I had expected, our first born, a boy, was not mine. The father turned out to be one of my new bride s favorite lovers from some time ago. He looks nothing like me, but a spitting image of his real dad. Again more humiliation for me to bear as people come by to see our first born. People have been nice and say the baby looks like my wife.

My wife invites the real father over often to see his new son, so even though they don t say it, every one of our friends and neighbors knows the real story. Just as my father predicted, she has had other c***dren by her many lovers, including one from a blackman.

Shortly after our first born made his way into the world, she insisted I use a condom to improve my staying power, when we had intercourse. Then after a period of time when she was satisfied my staying power met her standard, she would let me enter her hot juicy twat, skin to skin. Each time she would do so, it wasn t long before she d come up pregnant. With our second c***d I thought sure the baby was mine, she didn t say otherwise. I didn t find out until our daughter was born that I wasn t the father.

Generally after she s had a baby and is able to resume intercourse, she would complain about my lack of stamina and relegate me back to using latex again for a period of time, usually until she gets pregnant again. Of course I have to admit, the rubber layer did help me improve my holding power, but not to the extent that I was any competition to her real men, her various big dick boyfriends, who always sexed her skin to skin whether she was on the pill or not.

With the rubber, I often got a little bit over five minutes, without it, three minutes max.

After this pregnancy cycle happened two more times, it finally dawned on me what was going on. I remembered some of what my father said about the thrill slut wives get from fooling their husbands and presenting them other men s babies. She always had a good excuse for why I didn t get her pregnant, but it seemed to make her so happy at the thought of cuckolding me in a most blatant and permanent way. I could see it in her eyes and on her face. I never said much, but accepted her explanations. It took me a while, but I came to the conclusion that the reason she loved me so was because she got such a thrill from cuckolding and humiliating me so abjectly.

My family made no difference in the k**s and were constantly observing to made sure I didn t either. I didn t. It wasn t in me to be that low.

After the fifth c***d by an outside lover, I pretty much resigned myself as to what my place was in the marriage, just as my father before me had done in his. Incidentally, I only had to pay a stud fee to one of her lovers, the one she admits she is currently pregnant by with our sixth c***d.

I stood up to him and refused his demand that I take a part time demeaning janitorial job, as my father had done. I let him know I had no plans to take such a menial job just to pay him the fee he demanded, and my wife encouraged, for siring our latest bundle of joy. I showed him and my wife that I was not to be walked over totally and that I was still a force to be reckoned with in the household. Instead, I negotiated with him and her on this matter. The negotiations didn t turn out the way I wanted, but I felt good about not having to do something like clean public toilets like dad.

I do have to pay the fee to him and I do work to earn it.

You see, he requires me to dress in drag and suck cocks for him on the weekends at XXX theaters and peep shows.


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