The Sexy Thief 2

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The Sexy Thief 2
I woke up the next morning and turned on the video, but I didn’t start to jack off, I wanted to save up all my man juice for Jessica tonight. I walked into the Clarks back yard and just walked right in through the sliding glass door in the back of the house. I searched around and found what must have been Jessica’s room. I see what i was looking for in the corner of the room, her dirty laundry. I start searching through the hamper until i find them. The panties she had on last night, i stuffed them in my pocket and kept looking around. I walked into her bathroom and took a look around. I had decided this morning not to jack of, but i couldn t pass up a chance like this. I got some lotion and started to wank , I looked around and found a picture of her to help me out. It only took a minute, when I started to cum I ran over to the sink and blew my load all over her tooth brush and some make up removal clothes. I put the cloth’s back in the bag with the rest, she would be spreading my cum all over her face and teeth and not even know it. I went back home to wait for her midnight visit. The day dragged on forever, once it was dark I started to get crazy horny with anticipation. I took one my laptop and grabbed a webcam, the laptop had a built in webcam but I didn’t want Jessica to see the laptop and know she was being recorded again I stuck the laptop behind the TV and put the webcam on the cable box. That’s when I heard a quite knock on the door a little past 12:30, I practically ran to answer it.
There was Jessica at the door, wearing yoga pants and a plain white t-shirt, I gestured for her to follow me. Jessica had her head down looking at the floor as she walked in; I closed the door behind her and lead her to the living room. “So here is what we are going to do.” I started. “I have a tape off you being punished for your act of theft. You will earn the right to destroy the tape tonight, or I will send it to every member of your church.”
“How will I earn it back?” The sound of her voice made me believe she already knew.
“You will do everything I ask you tonight, but you can start by sucking my dick.” I pulled down my gym shorts as I spoke. My cock hardened immediately, excited just to be exposed in front of Jessica. I took her hand and put it on my cock, then grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down to her knees. At first she was just licking the tip of my dick and running her hand up and down my cock. “Suck it, like an ice cream stick.”
Her lips wrapped around my cock and I thrust forward right away jamming most of my dick down her throat. I grabbed the back of her head by the hair and started to make her bob her head up and down my pole. I led her over to the recliner so I could sit, plus the webcam would have a better view from that angle. After about 5 minutes of this I started to cum, I pushed her head down pushing my whole cock into her mouth for the first time. Jessica started to gag and tried to pull her head back as I shot my load down her throat forcing her to swallow.
“Stand up and put your hands on the chair like yesterday, back strait and your ass out.” I ordered. The girl did as asked right away with no questions. I didn’t pull her yoga pants down right way this time; I started rubbing my hand over her ass. I loved the way the soft fabric felt pulled tight across her big, tight, perfectly shaped butt. I gave her a few spanks, soft since she was being a good girl, but hard enough to make her ass jiggle and shake. I pulled down her pants and underwear and gave her a good lick. I started just above the back of her left knee and dragged my tongue up the inside of her leg and up to her pussy. I stopped at her pussy and swirled my tongue around looking for her clit. I had only had sex with one girl before this, but I read on the internet that you have to stimulate the clit for a girl to get off. And I definitely wanted to get Jessica off, I want her to cum so hard she would never forget this night, or me. I did a few circles around it, then started to lick it up and down. Taking long strokes with my tongue, going over her clit with my tongue then passing it up. Always coming back to it in the next stroke, she must have liked it because she started to involuntarily push her hips toward me sending my tongue further into her pussy. I pulled my head back and stuck in my middle finger and started to finger fuck her. I heard a sigh of pleasure come from Jessica, and she was starting to pant.
“You like that girl, you like being taken advantage of?” I asked, hoping for a reply, but she just looked down in shame. Then she started to cum all over my hand moaning and bucking her hips backward. I wiped her juices in her and told her to remove what was left of her clothes in a strip dance. All she had left on was a shirt bra and socks, but it was still a nice dance. Jessica started pulling of her socks while twisting her hips around and caressing her body with her hands. When she was done and fully naked I position her on the floor laying on her back. I took both her legs and put one on both side of me, put my dick between her pussy lips then looked into her eyes for a minute before talking.
“Are you a virgin?” I asked. I knew she was very strict in following the Mormon laws, but you never know here she was now fucking me.
“Of course I am” she scuffed out indignantly. I shoved forward entering her pussy. Best feeling in my life. I wanted to cum as soon as her warm juicy pussy enveloped my cock, but I pumped slow trying to make this feeling last.
“not anymore” I told her as I started to pump. I leaned in and started kissing her, parting my lips slightly to dart my tongue out and lick her lip’s. At first she just laid there total still, not responding to any of my touch trying not to show any feeling of pleasure. After a few minutes I started to rub her breast as I fucked her. Grabbing one tit in each hand I kneaded them roughly at first, and then gently rubbing little circles around the nipples. This made her lose control, and she couldn’t ignore the pleasure anymore. Slowly she started to breath harder and faster, then her hips u*********sly started thrusting in little circles around my cock. Before she knew what was happening she was underneath me moaning in pleasure, as I pumped my load deep inside her.
Jessica laid on the floor for a minute, recovering from her first orgasm from sex, then when she came out of her pleasure induced fog she just started to realize he had cum inside her with no condom on. “Wait, what the fuck? Did you just com in me without a condom? What if I get pregnant?
“ Not my problem, now bend over, hands in the chair. You need to be punished for questioning my actions” I said pointing to the chair. When she was in position I started the swats, 20 spankings with my hand just like last time. This time though she was completely naked, and instead of swatting her high up on her ass cheeks I hit lower. The swat landed right on her pussy and Jessica let out a little squeal, I kept going giving her no time between swats. Each swat a little harder than the last, by 10 her whole ass was red. When I finished I told her she could take a shower and go home.
“what about the video? We had a deal” she said. I considered her words for a moment.
“ I don’t think you quite earned it yet, our deal wasn’t very specific after all. Wait for my next email, it will have the last thing I want you to do to earn the video.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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