THE UNINVITED – The Nanci Report- Chapter 5-3

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THE UNINVITED – The Nanci Report- Chapter 5-3
The Uninvited
The Nanci Report – a fine line between reality and fantasy
Chapter 5 Part 3

Nanci felt the butterflies in her tummy getting wilder as the bus approached her last stop. The heavy clouds and the fresh snow on the ground did not help with her apprehension in heading back to the office again…

She had thought about not returning, leave the province altogether… had wanted to go back to Ontario; perhaps go back to her times there, when the world seemed hers to conquer. Perhaps go back to her beginnings, when she thought love was the only thing in the world… when the only person she cared about also cared about her; what was his name? … Never managed to learn his strange name properly… she always referred to him as Professor ;she missed her old high school teacher… he had showed her the fine intricacies of carnal love.
But it was more… she couldn t find another man like it.
The she had grown disillusioned with men and had discovered the Sapphic love; so devoid of insecurities and selfishness; she never looked back… but a part of her kept calling.
She had started to create a persona more in line with her hidden desires rather than herself… A darker version of herself; to satisfy her denied desires and to make them pay for all the wrongs she had ever been subjected to.
She was going to be nasty, cruel and nasty.. Play with them.. Make them believe they could control her, make them believe she would surrender to their sick instincts.
Poor fools, not smart enough to even notice her warnings in her sites… she filled her endless hours of boredom at work by teasing her victims and it did amused her their predictable diatribes and crude comments. It was not what they said or do, what excited her; rather the sense of control she had over them… putty on her hands. Always ready to do her bidding… many didn t make it… many fell under her onslaught… the fool stick around playing their pathetic act; the so called masters of her domain; without thinking that it was her the one that mastered their lives.

There was one that kept nagging her… he wouldn t quit. The only one that had managed to put in writing her fantasies closer to what she had wanted. Had managed to surprise her in many occasions, ignoring the boundaries she had put in place.
Against her good judgment had allowed him to insert himself into her imagined world. She had dropped her shields only once. And he had stormed in, carelessly…

She would never allow him into her real world… The one he painted wasn t hers.. It could never be… it will never be.
She will have to leave behind all she had accomplished until then; it will means to erase all she had ever learned; ten years of life would have to come to an end.
No, she wasn t prepared to let that happen.
She was still in control, or wasn t?

Her reveries stopped when the bus turned north from 17th Avenue to 14th street, her stop was 1 1/2 blocks away… she steeled herself; convinced herself that she will have to weather whatever was due to her.
She ll find a way out. Always had.

The bus stopped at the corner of 14th St and 15th Avenue. She stepped out and walked down the side of the building towards the back entrance. She drew a long breath before entering the building.

She had purposely arrived a bit later than usual; she didn t want to face her tormentor without the rest of the office people being there.
She opened the door entrance and walked in.

Marge, was sitting at her desk and looked at her and smiled

– Oh good morning Nanci… rough weekend? – She said with a smile

Nanci immediately panicked; did everyone know what had happened?

– Uh, Hi Marge… no, I missed my bus… – She managed to squeeze out and managed to fake a smile.

She quickly walked towards her desk, smiling and nodding to the others already working. Her tension increased when she came closer to Cheryl s desk… the other woman had her head down; concentrating on a pile of forms; she looked up and a brought a cold smile to her face.

– Hi Nanci, how was your weekend, darling? – She zeroed on Nanci s eyes for a few uncomfortable seconds… – Jen was a bit worried about you, she sent her regards…she was wondering when we are going out partying again! – Her smile stayed, but her eyes did not shared the sentiments.

Nanci managed to smile and continue walking… – Hi Cheryl… ah… I am not sure I want to do that again… –

The other woman said while Nanci s walked away from the encounter. – Aww, she ll be so disappointed, Nanci… I think I can convince you to change your mind. – Her voice raised a bit – Randy is thinking in hiring her again. We ll be like family again! –

Another shiver traveled down Nanci s spine as she reached her desk.

She sat, turned her computer on and grabbed the newly placed paperwork in her inbox. Tried to calm herself by thinking of a busy day ahead.

Nothing else happened out of the ordinary; Randy never came out of his office the while day; saw him once getting out, probably for lunch… she fought her hunger and decided to drink the coffee they brew in their little cafeteria and bought a few snacks from the vending machines.. She just prayed for the day to end.

During lunch she logged into her FetLife site; fenced he regular friend requests; absent mindedly browsed over a couple of profiles and read some of the inane commentary left by some of the sickos.. And looked at some of her tributes; that took her mind off looking at those dripping and oozing cocks, cuming on her name. A sense of control returned to her troubled mind.
For some reason she failed to feel aroused by the images. And she came across another whining tirade by her Ontario fan; complaining, once again of her apparent disregard for his feelings… annoyance crept up and she wrote another short rebuttal to his pleas, ignoring completely the text in front of her.

– God, man… why won t you leave me alone? – She thought to herself, while clicking send in her keyboard. – Why can you take the hint? Just finish what you promised me! – as it had happened many times before, she fought the impulse to block him again from all her profiles and perhaps even block his emails.. But something keeps stopping her. It was almost cute the way he kept coming back even after all the abuse she had put him through. Maybe he was for real on his devotion for her?
Maybe the things he kept saying, were for real? Maybe there was another world out there, with that stranger from Ontario, who kept declaring his undying love for her… she shook her head – Keep it together girl; you know better! –

Her hour lunch went fast looking at some steamy videos in Xhamster.. Favorite a few before logging off and she stood up to go for another tea.
She felt more relaxed as the absence of incidents excepting the early morning exchange with Cheryl. Everyone had acted as usual.
Even the twins have paid attention to her, beyond the usual work chatter.

On the way to the kitchenette she passed in front of Randy s office and she did not look in…

– Nanci? – He called, and her heart skipped a beat – Nanci, can you please come in here, please? –

The casualness of his tone of voice made her uncomfortable; Randy wasn t known for being assertive. Confident voice did not come naturally to him.
She undue her last two steps and peered inside his office.

– Come in … please! – He insisted, pointing to the seats in front of his desk… – Close the door and sit –
It was the coldness of his voice what threw her off balance… this man had changed, dramatically in the last 48 hours.

Sweat broke out on her brow and she sat in the chair not directly in front of him…

– Yes Randy? – She managed to say without letting the tremors now getting into her legs creep into her voice.

– About Saturday night… – He started to say…

– Randy, stop… Right there… now, I don t want to know… – She started to protest.

– Shut up Nanci! – He said, interrupting her in mid sentence…- From now on, I ll tell you when to talk… get it through your head! – The sudden coldness of his voice stabbed her chest like a knife. She shut her mouth without completing her words…

– Almost everyone have seen the videos and the photos of that night… you have no way to know who hasn t.. And have no idea on who signed in either. One word you say and these videos will make it into the web, even in those sites that you seem to enjoy so much. You think we didn t know what you did with your free time?
Worst, it will reach your fucking girlfriend too… maybe even your mother. Unless you are a good girl and do as you re told. –

The man had metamorphosed into a monster in the span of a few days and tears swelled up in her eyes. Nanci s body was now openly trembling in fear…

– Please no… Not them… please – Her head hung and she sniffle a sob – I ll do what you tell me…

– Oh, I know you will… wasn t what you wanted anyways, Nanci Nasty , or whatever you like to call yourself. – He stood up across his desk and leaned over closer – Ironically, your sites, your fantasies and your sick friends gave us all the ideas for what s to come… prepare yourself to be degraded for real, you little bitch! – He stood up and pulled his pant s zipper open…

– Let s start here – His smile was a chunk of ice, his eyes two blowing ambers.

She felt nauseous at seeing his semi erect penis, but she stood up and came around the desk. She kneeled in front of her and grabbed the flaccid member directly in front of her face.
Leaning forward, she surveyed his cock before getting down to business.

As she stared he put his hand on her head and pulled her face closer. His cock rubbed against her cheek and then started to rise up the side of her face and came to rest against her forehead. Nanci found herself looking down the underside of his growing shaft at the big blue vein underneath, pulsing with desire.

She choose to not think anymore and trance like, Nanci flicked her tongue out and licked the head. As her tongue stroked, he moaned and told her how good it felt.

He began to move his hips against Nanci’s face, letting his cock trail across her lips with her tongue dragging along the underside of his shaft.
With every movement, he turned into praising her, telling her how good she was, how wonderful it felt to him.
It was so out of character for him and Nanci wondered if she had any skills at reading people.

– Do it well bitch if you want my silence – He said between gasps

She decided to do her best to sped this thing and noticed the tremendous pleasure she was giving, she then began kissing and nipping at his shaft, running her tongue across the veins on the underside.

His cock was hard and throbbing, jumping and bouncing against her lips as she continued to revel in her readily apparent enjoyment.
Then her lovely warm mouth slowly enveloped Randy s cock, causing him to groan.
Her tongue, velvety smooth circled his cock, tickled its head. She lapped at his penis with it, the pleasure soaring above what he had imagined. Far more quickly than he had wanted to, he shot his load into her mouth with a grunt.

– Swallow it baby, – He warned, giving her breasts a squeeze. A mixture of fear and, she wasn t sure, desire had her slurping down his warm cum.

Gasping and fighting the strong urge to vomit she swallowed the mouthful of tangy cum. She hopped that was over… she stood up, grabbed a tissue from his desk, wiped her lips and turned to leave.
His hand grabbed her arms hard, she winced.

– Where are you think you re going? We re not done yet – He said with a wicked smile in his face

Alarmed, she looked at the closed door – But, someone may come in… –

– Oh no, dear… no one will come in and interrupt your work – His feral smile gave her another shiver – Remember what I tell you that maybe all of them are into this? –

Nanci felt utterly vulnerable, She had no way to escape… no one to turn to. There was a strange mix of emotions brewing in her heart. As disgusted and afraid as she was; there was a certain excitement at feeling at such a disadvantage

Randy closed the space between them and grabbed her hips. One of his hands slid in between her tummy and jeans. It moved down to her pussy, surprised to find it wet.
– Oh, you like it, don t you? What a dirty little slut. – He laughed, brushing his finger across her slit and then applying light pressure to her clit.

She gasped and her apparent arousal soon had his member hardening once again.
Chuckling to himself, Randy continued to manipulate her clit, slowly, her pussy getting wetter and wetter. When she was close to cuming, He stopped.

– On your hands and knees, – He ordered. His original plan was to have her ride him, to suck those glorious breasts as she took his cock into her wet pussy. But, that would be too easy.

Somewhere between not wanting to and wanting to desperately, Nanci got down on her hands and knees. – Randy, what are you doing to do?

He laughed and gave her tight bottom …smack… a light swat. – I m going to fuck you, baby, and you re going to love every second of it. –

She didn t argue, but he knew there was some fear in her. And that fear had his cock nice and stiff again, ready to pound away at her pussy.

He pulled her jeans and panties down, exposing her ass completely, that ass he had wanted for so long… he bent her over his desk and stood behind her.

He teased her at first; giving her the illusion that he was going to go slow, nice and slow. Played with her clit for a while, alternately sticking the tip of his cock inside her glorious wet slit and taking it away.
Nanci felt a wave of desire and she began to squirm and moan, trying to get more of his cock inside her, Randy thrust forward hard, his cock brutally piercing her all the way to his balls.

As she let out a shocked gasp, he swatted …smack… her naked bottom again, but harder this time. – I m going to fuck you so hard, – He groaned, slowly pulling back out.

He thought of gaining control of himself and regain some composure, but by then he was a man possessed. Frantically he began to ram his thick cock into her tight pussy as fast and hard as he could, grunting and panting with every hard thrust. At first, He was so caught up in his own pleasure that didn t even notice it, but after a few strokes he heard Nanci’s whimpers of pleasure and became even more determined to fuck her hard and fast.

Almost hysterically, he rammed and rammed into Nanci, as she fought the impulse to scream out in ecstasy, her pussy throbbing around his member. She cum at least twice, and now it was his turn. With one final hard thrust, he shot his load now deep inside her.

He held her ass glued to his groin for a few moments, making sure every drop of cum was emptied into her. Then, laughing for joy, He slowly pulled out.

– You certainly are a dirty little whore. And a better fuck than I’d ever dreamed. – He stood up gathering his pants down his legs and pulling them back up. Still on her hands and knees, a bewildered Nanci just stared at him with her big lovely hazel eyes, her face was red and she was panting lightly.

– Bye, Nanci, you have lost of work to catch up – He chuckled and Nanci pulled her pants up as well; without turning to see him, she walked off the room and back to her desk; she could swear that every eye was fixed in her… she didn t care… it wouldn t make a difference if she did.

She was no more herself; she didn t belong to herself anymore… perhaps it was better this way. Perhaps this was her destiny.

With her eyes on the screen and about to place a pending call, her mind drifted to his Ontario s devoted fan. Would he come and rescue her?

Would she have something left to bring with her? Going where?
– No… – She thought… – He ll never come; it is not real… My life has been an illusion, just like him… This is my life; a toy for all to play with…
A tear blurred her vision for a brief second, and she furiously wiped away.

* It will continue…

The Nanci Report is the regular update of ongoing sexual abuse and blackmail details provided by Nanci herself and rendered in a fictionalized style by “elausente”. Some events are true and accurate to every detail with few facts changed for artistic reasons and to protect the guilty. You will not know where reality begins and fantasy ends, but her plight is ongoing and she may be willing to discuss details via email with any interested party.
(Emails with extreme erotic content of any kind whatsoever are given first priority for reply.)
***Contact Nanci at: [email protected]
And the author at: [email protected] ***

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