The unlikely makeup artist pt2

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The unlikely makeup artist pt2
I woke up laying on my back, Domino’s face on my chest, her left leg over my body. Her morning wood pressed against my leg. Her left hand around my waist. My left hand holding her firm ass. My right hand on her back. There was no way for me to get up without disturbing her. I really had to piss bad. I tried scooting from under her but she woke up.
Hey what’s wrong ?she looked at me her beautiful brown eyes. She smiled.
I gotta piss I laughed
Ok she giggled. I got up and ran to the bathroom. I stood there pissing she came in.
Scoot over! Her hard cock I watched intently as her clear stream crossed mine.
I looked at her and she looked at me and smiled.
Good morning baby she smiled
Good morning I replied.

I finished my piss and shook my cock and she did the same.
She leaned In and we kissed.
Did you sleep well ? I asked
Yeah I did! You?
Definitely! I smiled

We walked out in the kitchen. Coffee? I asked
Yes please.
She hopped up onto the countertop and I made her a cup. And handed it to her.
I stood across from her drinking my coffee.

So what are you doing today? I asked

Well I have a party I have to go to tonight… can you do my makeup? I want something really dark and slutty she giggled.

Yeah of course!

But the rest of the day I’d like to spend here with you. She smiled.
I’d love that.

So what’s the party for?

Oh it’s a friends birthday. It starts at 6pm with dinner then drinks and probably go dancing. I don’t really wanna go but I told her I would so now I have to she laughed. But if you could do my makeup at like 4pm then I can run home and get dressed.
Yeah no problem.
I want something different, sexy, fierce she laughed.
Yeah I got you!
She sipped her coffee and said come closer.
I walked between her legs and she reached down stroking my cock, I grabbed her cock and started stroking.
So you really like my cock huh? She giggled.
Yeah I do I smiled.
I love everything about you!
Your too sweet Chris… I really like you too. But do you think you could really date a girl like me? I mean people know who I am she laughed. What will they think?

I could care less what people think!
I get fucked for my job though…
Sounds like a great job I laughed.
Seriously Chris I’m a tranny she laughed.

So you don’t wanna date me? I asked
No I do! But think about it before you rush in, is all I’m saying.

I did ! I want you to be my girlfriend!
She smiled. Ok come here.
We kissed softly.
Let me take you out shopping today for a new dress for your party?
Alright but we gotta shower and all first. And I gotta swing by my place to get changed.
Yeah ok.
I’ll jump in the shower. She dropped my cock and got off the countertop. If your gonna come in give me some time to do my routine first. Ok she laughed. Yeah no problem.

I sat down drinking my coffee about a half hour passed and I heard the water come on.
Chris! Chris?
I went into the bathroom. Yeah what do you need?
You! Get in here!
I got in the shower, we soaped each other up and made out. Omg your so hard. She smiled. Fuck me Chris!
What ,no not yet!
Why? You don’t wanna fuck me?
Of course I do but I’m not in a rush I’d like it to be special. Not fumbling around in the shower…
Omg Chris. She pulled me close slipping her tongue in my mouth. You drive me wild. She smiled.
Your so romantic. That’s hot.. she smiled. Her hands clenching my ass. I feel her finger at my asshole and she slides on in. Ohhh I moaned. I slipped my finger into her ass. Oh yeah baby. She moaned. My hand stroking her cock.
So you don’t wanna fuck now? She smiled
Oh I do! But I’d rather make love to you in a proper setting for our first time.

She smiled so big. Your too amazing.
Let’s go have a fun day. I smiled
I pulled my finger out of her ass, and her finger from my ass.
We stepped out and dried off.
Do my makeup real quick? However you want!
Yeah ok.
I made her eyes bright and colorful her lips gloss pink. We got dressed and got in my truck and I took her to her place.
What should I wear? She asked
Something that comes off easy I laughed.
Good point. She waked out in a pair of black sweatpants and a pink hoodie. She had on timberland boots. Damn you look amazing! I said.
Ok where to?
We went out and hit a bunch of stores . Then we got something to eat, then a bunch more stores.

Around 3 we headed back to my house. She jumped in the shower again. She came out naked. You know if it’s ok with you I can just get ready here and leave.
You know it’s ok with me, the more time I get with you the better!
Great she smiled. There’s no rush then!

Her cock was so hard, inviting. Come here and sit down! I said.
I got on my knees and licked her cock.
What are you doing? She giggled
Well I can’t let you go out with this loaded gun.
Mmmmm she moaned as I sucked her into my mouth. Her hands holding the back of my head, directing my willing mouth. Omg Chris she moaned. I sucked away, my head bobbing up and down keeping eye contact with her.
She pulled my head up. And pulled me up to her mouth. Straddling her, her cock pressing against my virgin hole.
I wanna fuck you! She smiled
Can I ?
You can do anything you want! She reached into her bag pulling out a bottle and squirting it in her hand. She oiled up her cock and my ass. I grabbed her cock and put it against my hole.
Your in control baby, you set the pace she moaned.

I lowered onto her throbbing cock. It pierced my hole open. Her head popped in. I gasped
Don’t hurt yourself baby… she whispered. Take it slow. Slowly my ass swallowed her cock. Omg that’s so hot, so tight.she moaned. Slowly I slid up and down. Mmmmm she felt so good inside me. Oh baby she moaned. I picked up the pace and was riding her hard. My cock was tiny and leaking all over her belly.
Baby you came! As she looks down. We started making out as my ass slammed around her cock.
Can I cum in you? She moaned
Anything you want ! I panted
Ok get up and lay on the table on your back. I did and she spread my legs wide. Her cock slid deep inside me.
I’m going to make love to you and cum in you baby!
Her cock rushing in and out of me as she held my hips. I kept eye contact as she fucked me.
Fuck me harder I begged. Her balls slapping my ass repeatedly. My cock less than a inch shriveled but leaking cum. Mmmmmm god I love your ass she moaned. Omg I’m gonna cum baby! I felt her balls spasm and her load shoot In me. She pulled her cock from my ass and I got on my knees to clean it. Mmmmmmm your too good to me..she gasped.

So what do you think? She smiled
I liked it!
You can fuck me anytime!

C’mon we gotta get your makeup done and get you dressed. It was now 5:39 and she had to go. She came out wearing a black dress with red lace. 6” black heels her toned legs looked amazing.

Ok baby. I will probably be done late so I’ll call you in the morning I guess.
I handed her a key.
What’s this?
If you wanna come back here. When your done you can…
Omg really?
Yeah I love waking up with you.
She gave me a big kiss and put the key in her clutch.
She left.
I sat around watching tv the rest of the night.
About 10pm she walked in the door.
Why you home so early? I asked

She smiled, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I just wanna be here. So I left…
but I need some thing…

Sure anything.
Make love to me!

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