The Views

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The Views
Welcome to the Trance Spa and Resort. Here you will find just about everything you will ever need. In the heart of Sunny Miami Beach Florida where the sun is blazing all year around. Looking over the ocean and the beautiful Miami Beach scenery. Here are 5 of the most top-notch high class end towers. From the beautiful view outside to when you walk in it appears as each all look the same. However, when you walk in each tower as a different them. Each individual tower has its own theme. From your throw 70ish throw back, your class vintage, and leading to the modern 2000 pop art retro style and of course can never go wrong with your class sophisticate end for those who are away on business. Each tower brings you to an era you wish you was part of or an era you wish you will be part of soon.

In the midst of all this, is me. Your internal/External Super Surveillances Officer Unit. That’s Surveillance Officer Vanessa, over 700 to 880 cameras fill with multiple angles and view and movable and close and even 3D all over the perimeter of this. Every square inch of this perimeter of each of the individual towers and all surroundings gated area all monitor and recorded by yours truly. I have eyes everywhere from over head to the left and the right in the front and back and just about everywhere. Nothing goes on anywhere in this perimeter that I don’t see. Like this dude that just spit on our floor hallway as he was exiting the elevator on the G1 of T1 in frame 2 panel 1A yeah, I saw that and yes, he will be getting a nice $200 ticket for that. Time and date stamp and recorded and forward to LAdmin” Legal Admin” they take care of the technical legal stuff I just focus on getting the footage.
Panel 2A the lady at our in-house shopping center who appears as if she’s talking on the cell but meanwhile she’s looking and checking out the handyman Mr. Joe. Yes, I am keeping an eye on those two there is some hidden sexual tension there. I may get some after-hours shows.

“Oh yes yes yes the graveyard shift,” few times I have done double 18hours starting at 1500 and leading over the graveyard to 0800am. Oh MY God the things I have witness on graveyard I could write and create my own porn series if I had the time. For example, a few weeks back, I witness Mr. Jameson over at T4 F22 RM 214 Ms. Everett RM. Oh boy was he there for a good few hours. Here’s the thing Mr. Jameson is married 17years if my memory serves me correct to his Mrs. Who just so happen to be away visiting her parents. Ms. Everett is also married but her and her husbands appears to have an open relationship. I have witness them come into their unit with multiple couples. Which on those nights we have also been reported of noise complaints “inappropriate noise complaints” nothing we can do about that, but we still document just in case. Oh, and please don’t feel bad for Mrs. Jameson a few months back while the Mister was away on a suppose “business trip” the misses had an army of young and buff studs of every color and nationality coming in and out of her unit. The use of her access card on the elevator caught my attention and I scan the camera to see the ID of the card that’s how I know it was her. Our system is that advance I can zoom in so close I can read the fine print of the name written on any of your ID/access card and yes you must have it visible to enter and to get around anywhere in the resort. You don’t want to lose it or misplace it cause it’s a BITCH to get reissued one.

Suddenly the alarm on my watch goes off 1500 on the dot time for me to clock in and start my shift and it just so happens I have a double tonight. I walk into my Fishbowl that’s what I call our surveillance office. Its pretty much a round like office in the middle of inside garage in between floors. The office is round like a fish bowl. One whole wall is nothing but 8 big plasma TV panel with different views and selections of views. With 4 mediums at the bottom for back up and for the 3D analyzing if we need it usually if something happens but nothing ever happens at least not for the use of it. Off to the left is a small basic monitor and desk computer. There’s a big long black desk with 2 master keyboards and one small one for the computer. 2 mouse controllers and one center lever to use depending on one’s preferences. A big wade comfort leather black rolling chair with a center piece remote control that allows moving of chair left and right and back and forward, but only works if you engage it, otherwise its just a standard chair. On the right side of the room as I walk in a small cooler and microwave and my loyal Mr. Coffee. There’s an emergency door to the back but no one has ever used it and for the most part we often forget its even there is directly behind where I sit. Now there is 3 controllers, but I am the primarily controller since I do have the most experienced. I am dressed in all black long sleeve button blouse black under t-shirt and black slack trouser and work boots 2years old and still look like new, what can I say I don’t walk much. Also, I have my jacket with my linear and my gloves. One thing about the fishbowl its COLD no no its FUCKING COLD, FREEZING!! It must be with all the latest and high-tech equipment the temperature is low, so I’m always layer up and I always have my jacket with me, and Mr. Coffee was a personal request I made. I clock in and enter putting my lunch bag off to the side of the mini table that’s clear and away from all the equipment. I also personally turn of the lights since it helps me to see the monitors a little better without the reflection of the light hitting back at my eyes it glares at times. Lights! Off and I adjust and re adjust everything to my likings. Off to the left off on the corner there is a small personal bathroom that is meant just for us. Once you come in you are not to ever walk out ever. Only authorized personal is allowed in. On the top of the wall facing me dead center is a 350-degree camera that watches me everything I do every moment I do. Its always watching and recording. That’s Ms. Janice or Ms. J for short.

Ms. J is the Executive Manager/Property Manager of the entire resort. She is the BIC that’s Bitch in Charge. Everyone and anyone that comes into this property will immediately within the first 30mins know exactly who is Ms. J and what she can do and is able to do. In this property Ms. J is GOD. Which reminds me I check my watch 1530 ok I still got time. Time to get serious I only got a little bit of time.
Panel A Check Panel B checked Panel C checked… I got checking each individual panel one by one double checking each view and selection making sure there’s nothing suspicious or unsafe and from the looks of it, it s all CLEAR. Tracking and double checking A B C D clear clear clear nope all is clear.
My alarm goes off again 1545
YES!!! I move up to the computer, the desk computer is a separate computer for POP monitoring that’s Private on Person. Is when I may want to take a more up close and personal look at an individual. For safety issues, of course(wink).
Come on come on where are you I know you are about to leave your office” I’m monitoring the computer using the mouse moving it back and fourth scanning the view. One thing about me personally I love to see a woman in high heels. Especially a woman that knows how to walk in them and has that thing that her whole body moves just perfectly with every step that va va zooooom I find that so fucking sexy!!! My personal favorite subject to observe is none other than Ms.J. Ms. J is about 5’7 about 120 slender slim built and reddish blond shoulder length hair, green eyes and a beauty mark right on her left upper lip like the Cindy Crawford beauty mark which I find that about her sexy. With beauty mark or not for her age she’s about 48ish maybe 50ish Ms. Is HOT!! She’s very sophisticate
“Hello, there MsJ” I caught her as she’s opening the door and walking out of her office, and walking down the ramp. OH MY GOD there goes that walk that killer hypnotized walk that she does at the beat of my heart. ‘MMMMM”” I don’t care how old she is Ms. J got a going on.””’
The way she walks her form is perfection! Finesse. Not over exaggerated but natural but she has them swings to the hip mmmmmmmmmmmmmm I will sit there for an hour and just watch her. She’s dressed in a black skirt “” OMG is above the knee!!! Finally, some above the knee action. I have been waiting for this zooming in on the view and tracking her from where she is walking to where she’s going and tracking her from all angles I can view her in. She’s wearing a silk white blouse; sadly, top button is buttoned “damn” with a small over the shoulder black vest. She went on a cruise few days back (I was bumped) and she has that fair white skin but with that perfect sun tan after glow mmmmmm looks HOT. She walks from the inside into the T3 passing the lobby and the elevator #5. I LOVE the elevator camera they zoom in with precise perfection and perfect imaging. I’m using the camera to scan up and down the side of her body as she walks into the elevator. She peeks down at her cell phone and then glances up directly at the camera. ‘” mmm that’s odd” mmm oh well’’ I zoom out and track her indirectly while observing the other cameras making sure everything else is still “clear’ everything is clear nothing to report. MsJ exits out the elevator and walks over to 23floor Center Room she’s having another board meeting. I love when she does the whole “in charge” thing. MsJ is an alpha female that other alpha female responds and answer to she is THE ALPHA female. She walks into a room and immediately capture the rooms attention. She commands presences. She’s there with packed room of mostly men all suit and tie and the “professional’ type discussing graphs and boring stuff if I had volume I would mute it. I just like to see MsJ best part of the whole meeting. As they are going over some graph and blah blah blah I take a few minutes and look away to see the other views and camera scanning in. I am at work you know. After a few I glance over meeting abjured and most of the male executive left out and off on the elevator. Ms. J is there going over some of her profiles from the looks of it. She leans forward and

“HOLY SHIT””” HER BUTTON it came undone” it POP
Oh GOD I don’t know if your real but if you are THANK YOU!!!!!! I quick roll to the monitor and ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM IN ALL THE WAY IN HOLY SHIT 42Bs damn she got a nice rack…… So hard to tell she covers up very well what a shame she hides them… She glances down at her cell and turns around re-buttoning her blouse and oddly looking at the camera. She knows that no matter where she turns I am going to see her. Sadly, shortly after the meeting I observe valet bringing her black 2017 Lexus up and second later she leaves. I tracked her as she left out the ramp and off property. By this time is 2000 and well everything is dead. Nothing of importance’s, some teenagers over by the Center Room on their video games a few older gentlemen at the billiard room shooting a few not very good players either if I may say so. The valet on their cell every now and then guests pulls up and they park their vehicles. Few of our regulars but the none troublemaker. It’s a Monday Night not much happens on a Monday night. Now Fridays and the weekend everything and anything can and will happen.
Damn is going to be a long boring night. Fuck man it was nice when Ms. J blouse pop, damn I wish I could see that again. HOLY FUCK! THE PLAYBACK. I stop the scanning of the cameras and return to my personal computer and begin to do playback to the time and start to playback all my Ms. J tracking and especially when her button POP it was perfect…. That right there along made my day…MMMMM zoom in zoom in zoom in baby just zoom in. As I am caught up in the moment doing playback on the cameras going over some very nice views of Ms. J the phone rings I pick it up and answer
Good day Surveillance Unit how may I help you? I answer not once taking my eyes off the computer or even stopping what I was doing.

Hey Hun, is everything ok? MsJ!!! I recognized that soft-spoken voice anywhere
Oh Ms. J hi, how are you?
“I’m fine, thank you, is everything ok?
Yes, yes everything is ok.
Oh, I saw you observing the cameras your so focus I was just carious if anything happens
“no just reviewing some footage from earlier in the day,” I say moving away from the camera but still letting the footage play. There is no camera behind me and she cannot see what it is that I am doing so I’m in the clear. Also, she occasionally calls me every now and then to check in with me and indirectly letting me know that she is watching me as well. After I re assure her that everything was alright she hangs up and for at least 2hours I do observe and scan the rest of the cameras keeping a close eye on the night owls coming in and out of the pool deck and patios area. The whole time I let playback of MsJ play in slow motion on the background of the computer. Well I need some motivation to keep me focus. It’s a slow and burning night on cameras all I see are our regular smokers that like to go outside take a smoke and sometime talk about this and the other. If they are allowing to smoke they are no trouble at all and most are very sweet just make sure they have their cigarette’s or tobacco with them otherwise it be best not to make, contact with them. Never mess around with an anger smoker with no smoke to smoke, not a pretty site at all. Same old same old.
Damn its boring, I check my time 2200 I tap my watch wow it s still early. What the fuck did time all suddenly stop feels like on a time machine going backward time is slow and the temperature only feels as is dropping even lower.

Oh well, nothing new so freeze frame I go back to my computer and rewind some of the previous footage of Ms. J and each time I freeze frame a few of them. The way I see it MsJ deserves to admire that beauty and elegances mmmmm damn it… that button popping on her blouse has me captive by it. Like my favorite scene in a movie I just want to keep rewinding and rewatching it in slow motion see every second by second play of it.
As I am allowing the footage to playback it suddenly freezes. Hey what?? Damn frozen just before the button pop, I hit pause and play to reset nothing it s frozen. That’s odd, mmm ok than rewind full footage once it starts to play I’ll fast-forward. Nope, its frozen. Well, this is a first, oh well control alt and delete at the same time “we all know this is standard if you ever work with computers, nope didn’t work. Mmmmmmm I sit back for a few just watching wondering what else I can do…. Suddenly some of the views start to pop up and play back on their own.
WHAT??? Mmmm odd but I don’t mind not one bit after all my favorite views of Ms. J so an error on my behalf. I Sit back for a few watching and enjoying this. One computer mistake I must admit I don’t mind at all. I’m there watching the cameras and footage jumping back and forth in different views all of them MsJ I’m licking my lips as I am in a moment of bliss. My visual senses are over excited and thrill. Wish I could record this for personal studies. As I am there I suddenly smell a soft and slight smell of Jasmine like a perfume, must be air fresher. Ok back to this I don’t want to but let me try this ESC hit the button all view stops, and I seem to gather control of the playback. YES finally, what do I do I REPLAY the whole thing over again this time in slow motion letting each view play out entirely.

As I am there just admiring the views suddenly behind me,
Do you enjoy the views? < MsJ
WHAT!!! I immediately stand up straddled and surprise, I turn around
MS Janice!!! I look shocked like a deer in headlights.
“so are you enjoying the views” Ms J is standing few feet behind my chair in a rose stain see-thru gown her reddish nipples sticking right thru the gown I’m trying not to notice. As I step off to the side with several unknown feelings of embarrassment and maybe even shame. Ms. J steps forwards takes the chair and sits on it crossing her legs and putting her right hand over her thigh while she’s holding a remote control like object on her left. Her fingernails rose pink as well as her toes and her gold $ anklet around her left ankle. She has the perfect full body tan over her creamy white skin red hairs always have the perfect white tone skin. Even the room is dark her skin is glowing and shining over the LED light reflecting from the monitors. I’m standing off to the side to her right as she takes over the chair and starts glancing over the footage. I AM SHOCKED!!!!! BLANKED
She sits there looking perfect in every definition of perfection and she put the remote object down on the table and with her left hand she flickers her hair back
GOD, I LOVE WHEN SHE DOES THAT!!!! I’m turning all shades of red and possible purple.
She slightly glance at me,
She asks pointing at the door to the back of me, “How did I get in? I take it you are wondering how I was able to come in, that door is not an emergency exit it’s an emergency entrances in case anyone should ever get locked out for some unknown reason. I always have a way in. Only I have access to it.
T5PH12 is mined. Is reserved for me to stay in if there’s ever an emergency and I may need to stay on property for whatever reason. I am there in SHOCK still trying to remember how to breathe and a bit puzzled to why is she explaining herself she never does that. At least now I know how she got in. She looks at me up and down with an unknown grin on her face her rosy lips glowing over the reflection of the light off the monitor. She’s flickering her hair slowly.
She glances back at the monitors and is all views of her.
“See Hunni, over the past few weeks I been watching you and I noticed how so focus you are on “observing’ is the correct word or is it “monitor”. I seen how focus you are on observing the cameras and how you seem to monitor it up close. I became carious what is it that you are “monitoring” so closely” she looks at me FIRMLY I think I have turn Blue by now n I feel like I maybe passing out. My skin feels cold, but I feel hot and I can barely breathe I forgot how to breathe. As I am trying to come up with the explanation of the century to get out of this. My heart is beating so fast I feel like its going to explode out my chest.

“a few weeks back on your days off I took the liberty to add some new features to the system. One of these features was a in sync spyware that would allow me access to see whatever it is that you are seeing. Together with a pre-recording software that tracks and backups everything you record and playback the times and how many times in total. I track it all and see it all. DAMNT I AM HOT feels like I’m a chicken being baked in a 1000 degree of heat. Did someone raise the temperature in here or is it just me?? I slightly leaned back on the side table to catch my footing I really feel like I am going to pass out if I don’t remember how to breathe soon. She picks up the control hits a key on it and all the monitors start to backtrack and play every single view Ms. J walking, Ms. J zooming in in the elevators MsJ playing with her hair, MsJ bending over and a double close on that one that was a SWEET SHOT if I may say so, I timed it perfectly when she drops her cell I knew she was going to bend over, so I took full advantage of that one. MsJ zoomed in on her breast and over 100 views all MsJ in some sexual innuendo type or zoomed in on her.

“so hunni tell me did you enjoy the views? She asks once again looking directly at me, flicking her hair and throwing the remote on the table. Forget a baked chicken I am a roasted to the bone chicken that’s been locked in a pressure cooker. By this time, I really, I’m almost leaning back on the table for full support my legs feel weak my knees feel like they are about to give out on me any second now. She keeps her look direct at me “I’m waiting for my answer hunni’ she states waiting for me to answer her. She’s sitting there slight turned away from me with her left hand tapping her nails on the armrest.
I try to talk only to realize I have seemed to have lost my voice. I take a deep breath and exhale,
YES! Yes, MsJ I have indeed enjoyed every single one of them views. You are a very beautiful, elegant, poised and attractive woman. What every one of my dreams is made of, my apologies, here you go” I say unclipping my ID badge and handing it to her she takes it with her right hand still tapping her nails with the left slightly. She takes it barely glances at it and throws it on the table.
NO need to show me out I know the way I will leave on my own” I say as I reach over slowly for my lunch bag and trying to remember if I even know how to walk.

NO!!!! MsJ
I look at her not sure what she is saying
NO!! You’re not leaving!
OH, I am not” I repeat slightly leaving my lunch bag on the table. Thinking this may get worse than what I thought. I better contact my bail bondsman friend and I better call in some favors from a few of my friends see if any of them have a good lawyer. I may even have to spend what little extra money I have saved up think I am going to need it.
No, you’re not leaving, but I’ll tell you what you will do”
Take off your clothes” she demands I looked at her Excuse me? I say I knew what she said but I wanted to make sure it was what I think I heard.

TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES, she turns the chair all the way around to face me, she has a little Diamond tattoo on her left foot below her toes which are perfect as well as her legs. She is wiggling her toes which distracts me for a second or so.
Clothing off!! NOW !! she demands it her voice deepens and firm like a mistress speaking to her slave tone of voice.
Ms. J I’m at work” I said reaching over to my jacket debating weather to undo my zipper or not not sure if I would or not.

She laughs, let me get this straight you are at work on billed hours that I have paid for. Using over 80,000$ worth of state of the art surveillance equipment that I have made the funds available and brought in. You re using this time and equipment to watch me in sexual provoked positions and look at my ass in over 200 views and angle, n now you want to tell me you’re at work?? She looks coldly and harshes at me. You had some very good views even some very up-close ones. Now you want to talk about work the nerve of you!! She said crisscrossing her fingers at each other and leaning her elbow on the armrest of the chair and looking at me coldly.
You apparently got to see me so now I want to see you. It s my turn to enjoy the views. So now your clothing gets rid of them or else!!! She threatens to let her hands go and resting them each on the armrest and tapping her left hand against the tip.

Fuck it, I look good, I’m no model but I do workout I take good care of myself and for my age, I think I look better than most some even younger than me. I reach over and unzipped the zipper of my jacket and took it off. I reached over the collar of my blouse while simply popping off my boots n pushing them off the side with my feet as I undo the collar and begin to unbutton my blouse one button at a time. The LONGEST time it has ever taken me to get undress, suddenly as I am unbuttoning my shirt
MS. J “so tell me, Vanessa, do you like the view now,’ she said as she lifts her gown slightly up to her thighs I look but try not to get caught the moment I’m nervous from being demanding to undress so abruptly. “Do you like that view? Vanessa, I want my answer now”

No! Ms. J
NO>>> she looks at me with a confuse and concern look raising her left eyebrow up.
No MsJ I don’t like that view I LOVE that view I wish I could get a camera and record that, so I can rewind and replay it as often as I please. I say finally undoing my blouse and taking it off.
She smiles and for a little she seems to be blushing but its hard to tell with how dark the room is. I take off me under shirt to reveal my half-inked torso and 34B breast. I couldn’t help the feeling of trying to suck in my stomach trying to flex my 4 in half pack of abs, but I have a flat stomach but no abs yet. As I reached over to undo my belt
“wait!” Ms J suddenly screams, she smiles n nod,
I look at her and stop she has an undefined look on her face as she’s looking at me and flickers her hair to the right and smiles. I’m looking at her with a little bit of embarrassment and oddly enough turned on. Not sure which one it is that I am feeling, or I am supposed to be feeling. I begin to unbuckle my belt
WAIT, do it slow” she demands
Please, take it off slowly” her voice softens, and she asked instead. I unblocked slowly taking off the belt slowly unlooping it and unbutton my trouser and unzipping it letting them fall to my feet. Remove my socks as the trouser fall. I glance at Ms. J she’s just sitting there watching me
She raises her left eyebrow again “All OF It’ take it all off” she orders
I popped out of my bra and rolled off my panties straight down both a jaded green color, green is my favorite color after all I have it on just about everything.
There I am in front of my Ms. J in a freezing ass room but feeling like I am in the Sahara Desert how hot I am completely totally naked.
“Turn Around” she commanded.
I do as tell and turn around.

SMACK!!! I feel a sudden slap on my ass
Hey, Ms., I quickly turn around to find Ms. J completely naked standing right in front of me. Her nipples just as hard as mines and she’s taking me by the waist and leans forward and kisses me aggressively her tongue down my throat as she’s kissing me she’s guiding me around. She shovels me on to the chair so forcedly it pushes back up against the wall and she steps over to me spreading my legs and straddling over me. She takes her left hand and her 2 fingers and starts playing with my pussy as she sits over my taking my right hand with her and guiding my hand down her pussy.
My first 3 fingers immediately go inside her as I start to finger her. She’s kissing me down my neck dragging her down up and down my neck her right hand she’s pinching my right tit hard making them turn bright red as she grips them.
She’s rubbing up on top of me both our hands inside each other pussies as she is grinding and grinding and grinding forcedly and aggressively the chair is rocking side to side. “I been waiting for this been wanting to have you all to myself for so long” I didn’t know you been spying on me all this time I could have fucked you long ago” she whispers on my ear and she bits the top of it rubbing her tongue up and down. Her fingers deep inside me and her grinding of her body grinding up on me I’m riding her fingers as she’s riding me I’m stroking my fingers in and out in and out in and out of her pussy. Each time I stroke in and out more and more wetness drips down and into my legs and into me dripping all inside me. Wetness dripping down our legs, she is kissing me bitten the bottom of my lips. Her pussy is soaking wet my whole hand spread inside her all 4 of my fingers are deep inside her as she seems to only grind more intensely. I don’t know how long it was, but we were both dripping with sweat and almost completely out of breath suddenly she explodes as a load of cum just comes shooting out of her and drips and pour all over me. She collapses on to me in total relax and satisfied. My hand I pull out of her and lick every drop of it.

After a few minutes, it suddenly hit me “Hey Ms. J”
MMM she barely responds
“you do know your recording all this right,” I say pointing at the camera overhead of me
She looks at me and reply’s “I am going to enjoy looking at each one of them views!!!””””

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