This is fiction – but I can dream, can t I.

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This is fiction – but I can dream, can t I.
This is fiction – but I can dream, can t I. How I became a Stocking wearing cocksucker

It was a Saturday night and my wife said, “I want you to take me to one of those movie/peep shows with you. The ones where you jerk off while you watch the movie. I want to go with you.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because I want to see what you like about them. You could watch a porno movie here and jerk off, why do you go there?” She had asked me about them before and had always wondered.

“I just like to.” I said.

“Do you ever see other guys there, you know other guys jerking off also?”

“There are guys there, sure. But they each have their own booth.”

“Didn’t you say some have holes to watch and do stuff through?”

“Yes, a lot of them have ‘glory holes.’ That’s what they are called.”

“Do you ever put your thing through the hole? “

“Ah, yes, I have.”

“Did you get a blowjob then?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Was it good? “


“Did you like it? “


“Do you always get a blowjob?”

“NO. Just sometimes.”

“Do you ever?”


“Do you ever, you know.”


“Do you ever – do it also?”


“Do you ever put one in your mouth?”


“Are you sure?”

Yes, I m sure!

You NEVER did it?

“NO, I did not.”

“Do you ever want to?”


“Are you sure? Don’t you think about it?”


“Don’t you think about doing it? Don’t you think about doing it when you are wearing my panties? When you put on your garter belt and stockings – don’t you think about it then?”

“Ah… well.”

My wife knew I loved wearing stockings, garter belt and panties. I’d been doing it for years and it stared when I always wanted his to wear them when we fucked. It really turns me on.

Then one day she said, “If it turns you on so much, maybe you should wear them.”

I agreed and put them on before we fucked. I was wonderful! I loved it. She would wear them also and sometimes it was just me.

She knew I’d been trying on and wearing stockings because she found my stash once. Inviting me to wear them was her way of getting it out in the open.

She repeated it: “Are you sure? Don’t you think about it? Don’t you think about doing it?”


“Don’t you wear your garter belt, panties and stockings to the movies sometimes? You must think about it then. Do you do it then?”

“No, I don’t do it.”

“You wear your lingerie there don’t you?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Do you think about it then?”

“Yes, I do think about it. Yes, I do.”

She looked at me and said: “Go put on your black stockings, garter belt and panties. Go get them and let me watch you put them on. Put on your bra also.”

I got my black lingerie out of my “special drawer” and she watched as I stripped and then put on my garter belt. Then I sat down and pulled up my stockings, fastened them and slipped my black panties up my stocking covered legs. I love how they feel and it always turns me on when I put them on. Next, I pulled out my black bra and after I put it on, I stuffed some stockings into the cups.

My wife went into the bathroom and came back with some “Opium” perfume. She sprayed some on my bare stomach and then like I liked to do, she sprayed some on my panties. Then she did a spray around my bra and repeated my stomach and panties.

“WOW.” I said. “I love the smell of that perfume.”

She gave me his eyeliner and told me to put a little on. She said: “Just thinking about it is turning you on, isn’t it? “

I shook my head yes.

She said, “Put on your khaki pants, slip on your deck shoes and find a tight white shirt to wear tonight.“

“BUT,” I said.

Then she said “It’s OK. We are just going to the movies; it’s dark in there, right? I want you to be able to take it off if you want to, or show it off if you want.”

She slipped on her black stockings and garter belt and I thought we should just stay home! But she had different ideas for us. She put on a short black skirt and was wearing her black pushup bra. Then she decided that we should be dressed alike so she put on a tight khaki skirt, tight white tshirt and her black heels. She looked HOT!

We kissed and she put her hand on my hard cock. We walked outside to the car and I drove to the book store.

When we got there, I parked the car and she kissed me then felt my cock again. She whispered to me, “I want you to do it tonight, OK? You want to do it don’t you?”

I looked at her and said, “Yes, I think I’d like to try it.” I was sooo hot, I wanted to try it and she was encouraging me.

“I want you to suck a cock tonight, I want to watch you suck a cock – do you want to?” She was still feeling my hard cock as she was whispering and kissing me.

“Yes, I think I’d like to try it.”

“No! Say it! Say you want to do it!”

“Yes, I want to do it.”

“Say it!”

“Yes, I want to do it.”

“Say it. Tell me what you want to do!”

“I want to give a blowjob, suck a cock.”

“Tell me what you are going to do. Say it!”

“I’m going to suck a cock tonight.”

“Are you going to be a cocksucker? Tell me you are going to be a cocksucker and that I can call you a cocksucker.”

“YES, I’m going to be a cocksucker, you can call me that.”

“OK, cocksucker, let’s go in there and find you a cock to suck.”

We got out of the car and you could see my hardon in my pants and we both obviously had on black bras under our white t’s. I could smell my perfume and that just turned me on even more. We walked into the store and no one really looked at us. We walked to the back and picked out a movie and went into the booth. I locked the door and put a pile of quarters on the machine.

She said, “Take off your pants and get comfortable – your shirt also.”

I unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants and then removed my shirt. She folded them up for me and put them on the bench.

I was standing there in my black panties, garter belt, stockings and bra – that was it.

“How about you?” I asked.

She said, “This night is for you dear.”

I put a quarter in the machine and the movie started. That really lit up the room and you could see how I was dressed. We were kissing and she kept feeling my cock as we watched the movie. She had picked a cocksucking movie and there was a good looking girl dressed like me on her knees sucking on a cock. My wife said, “That’s what you are going to do, aren’t you?”

“Yes.” I said.

“You want to be a cocksucker, don’t you?”

Yes.” I said and I reached over and unlatched the door and opened it a little.

We were standing next to each other watching the girl in the movie suck on a guys cock. I’d been in here alone a lot of times and I usually minded my own business and just watched the movie and jerked off.

She pulled my cock out of my panties and was stroking it with me as I watched the girl in the movie lick and suck on his hard cock. The door moved and a guy stepped into the booth, looked at us and asked if we minded sharing,

I said. “OK.” and stood there watching the screen and holding my cock against my panties, covered with both hands.

He was watching the movie and he glanced over at how I was dressed and then down toward my cock then I saw him unzip his pants and pull his cock out – I didn’t want to look directly at his cock, but I wanted to. I glanced down and could see he was starting to stroke it. So I looked over at his cock. I was getting harder again as I watched the girl in the movie suck on the guys cock and watched my new friend stroke his cock. He was not bad looking and on the slender side, I was already thinking about doing it with him.

He asked me what we liked and I said: “She is just here to watch me suck a cock. I like to fuck and I like to suck and be sucked.”

He said: “OK” and reached over and took my cock in his hand.

I wanted to cum right there as he was feeling my hard cock. He moved down toward my cock and put his lips around the head of my cock and let it slip into his warm mouth. Again, I just wanted to cum, it felt soooo good. I was watching this movie with the girl dressed the way I was in black stockings and garter belt and she was sucking a cock as I was having my cock sucked.

I felt for his cock and could feel it was hard as I stroked him as he gave me a blow job. I was really thinking about his cock as he sucked me – I wanted to feel his cock inside of my mouth. His cock felt great and I knew I wanted to taste him and feel him in my mouth.

My wife leaned in and whispered to me. “Is it good?” I nodded yes.

She said, “You want to do it, cocksucker, don’t you?” I nodded again.

“Does his cock feel good in your hand? How about getting it into your mouth?” She kissed me and pushed her tongue in my mouth, pulled back and said, “It’s your turn cocksucker.”

I said, “I’d like to do you some – is that alright? I want your cock in my mouth. Could I suck on your hard cock? Can I give you a blowjob and be your cocksucker?” I’m not sure how much of that I said, but it was all what I was thinking as I felt his cock.

He pulled his mouth from my hard cock and let me move toward his cock, he had his hand on my head as I moved down and put my lips on his hardness and felt it slip between my lips and into my mouth. It felt delicious as it filled my mouth. He was holding my head and I was sucking on his cock and then he was fucking my face – just like I’d wanted. I had my hands on his ass and was letting him fuck me. I felt his hardness move into and around my mouth as I sucked his cock. I was sucking him and then holding his cock with my hand as I helped jerk it off into my mouth. My other hand was gently feeling and caressing his balls. I really wanted him to cum for me – I wanted him to cum in my mouth.

I opened my eyes and looked up at him, with my lips wrapped around his cock. I watched him, watched him with his hard cock moving in out out of my mouth, and watched him enjoying my blowjob. I looked up at my wife and she was smiling at me, she was happy. I was so turned on as I sucked him and watched him enjoy it.

She leaned in toward me and said. “How does it feel? He is fucking your mouth, he is fucking your mouth pussy and you are loving it, aren’t you? You are a cocksucker.”

I shook my head yes, never letting his cock slip out of my mouth as he was still pumping in and out of my mouth, between my mouth pussy lips. I was turned on and loved it, loved everything about this.

After a while, I could feel him stiffen and I was thinking he was getting ready to shoot his load into my warm mouth. That’s what I wanted; I wanted him to cum in my mouth for me. Then he started to cum and he practically filled my waiting mouth with his cum. I sucked and swallowed some of his delicious, thick, tasty cum. When he was spent, I sucked and got all of his cum into my mouth and then I opened my mouth to show him his load in my cum covered mouth.

My wife said, “Show us both before you swallow his cum.”

I displayed my cum filled mouth to her and then back to him as I slowly swallowed the whole load, enjoying the feeling and wanting more.

I moved to his cock again and felt it slip back into my empty mouth, I wanted my mouth filled with his cock again, to feel it back in my mouth pussy. I milked it, getting the last drops of his cum to eat, then I kissed his cock before I stood up and looked at him.

He said, “You are good.”

Am I a cocksucker? I wondered as he felt my still hard cock and leaned in and kissed my cum covered mouth.

“I’m a cocksucker.” I said to him.

“You sure are and you are good.”

“No, I mean it. I said, “I just gave you a blowjob and I’m a cocksucker.” I wanted to say it – I’m a cocksucker and I loved it.

He was still feeling my hard cock and he said “You are a good cocksucker.”

“Call me that again.” I said. As I touched and felt his cock.

“Cocksucker, you are a cocksucker.”

Then my wife was in next to me and she said, “Was it good” Cocksucker? Did you like it?”

“Yes.” I said.

“Are you a cocksucker?” She asked me.

“Yes, I am, and I’d like to do it again!” I was continuing to play with his cock and all this talk was getting it hard again.

He said – “What do you want to do again? Say it.”

“I want to put your hard cock in my mouth and give you a blowjob. I want to be your mouth pussy, can I suck your cock again?”

“Can I cum in your mouth again?”


He pushed on my shoulders and I moved down toward his hardening cock and moved my mouth to meet it and then let it slip between my pussy lips into my mouth. I was sucking on his cock again and it was fully hard in my mouth. I slurped and sucked him. I opened my eyes and watched him enjoy my blowjob and watched my wife enjoy my cocksucking. I moved slowly and then faster as his hardness moved between my lips, fucking my mouth. I loved this position, sucking him off.

When I thought he was getting close – he held my head and said – “Not yet, I want to do you, I want to suck your cock now. It’s my turn to do it.”

He pulled me up toward him and I let his hard cock slowly slip out of my mouth. I had my hand on his cock and I kissed it before I moved up. When I looked at him, he moved in and kissed my mouth with his tongue moving in where his cock has just been, I liked that. He was pulling my cock and he moved away from my lips and moved down to meet my hardness. I wanted to cum as soon as I felt his lips on my cock and then my cock moved in between his lips and his mouth was warm and wonderful around my cock. He sucked on my cock as I watched him, my cock moving in and out between his lips. I loved it – this it the feeling I had just given him and I loved it! What a cocksucker I thought – I’m a cocksucker and I can do this to a guy’s cock!

He had his hands on my stockinged legs and was feeling them, I wanted to cum for him and I wanted to suck him some more. I would do this again I thought as I started to stiffen and get ready to cum. I touched his head and he looked up at me with my cock still in his mouth and he was still sucking and I could feel his tongue on my cock. I said:”I’m ready to cum, do you want it?”

He moved his head up and down and sucked me faster as I exploded into his mouth as my wife was kissing my cum covered lips. I came for him and he was swallowing my cum like I had just swallowed his. After he sucked me off and got all of my cum, we kissed again and I could taste my cum in his mouth.

My wife insisted that I get back on my knees and finish what I’d started earlier. I was still holding his delicious cock and I wanted to see if I could feel it grow harder in my mouth. I assumed the position again and kissed his cock and then slipped it gently between my lips and into my mouth. He grew harder in my mouth as I sucked him and felt him with my lips and tongue. I was watching my wife and watching him as I gave him the second blowjob of the night. I sucked him and loved it as he got ready to shoot his load again. He was really fucking my mouth, fucking my face this time – his hips were moving and I was holding him tight by his ass cheeks as he was holding my head and really fucking me. My nose was in his pubic hair and I could feel his balls on my chin – I was a cocksucking bitch for him. I was a cocksucking bitch for my wife. He smelled like my “Opium” perfume and cum – a great combination.

My wife was smiling again and he was enjoying my cocksucking – She said, “Make him cum. Make him cum cocksucker.”

I was feeling his balls with my left hand as he fucked me. I reached over to my wife and as I sucked his cock, I ran my right hand up her stocking covered leg, up to her panties and she was wet! She pushed against my hand and I slipped a finger around her panties and into her wet pussy. I was finger fucking her as he started to cum in my mouth! I wanted to swallow it but I needed to show him first as he filled my mouth with cum. I finished sucking him and milked all the cum I could from his cock.

Then I displayed my cum filled mouth again and slowly swallowed it. Wow, I loved it.

I kissed his cock one more time and then stood up.

My wife was all over my cum covered mouth and we kissed and she could taste him. We were feeling each other and he said: “You guys are great. Here is my phone number in case you ever want to do this again.” With that he finished fastening his pants and left our booth.

We sat there and made out a little and she had me hard again.

“Can you walk out of here in your stockings without your pants and shirt?”

I said, “Only if you will also.”

She smiled and said, “Maybe next time. Get dressed cocksucker.”

As I was dressing she said: “Did you have a good time, do you like sucking cock?”

I smiled and said, “Yes I had a good time and yes, I liked sucking his cock.”

“How do you like being a cocksucker and satisfying a man? Do you like being a mouth pussy?”

“I like it.”

She said: “Say it.”

“I love being a cocksucker, with pussy lips and letting a guy fuck my mouth until he cums in my mouth so I can swallow his cum.”

“Ok, now that you have told me what you are, we can leave. But we WILL be back.”

“I’m looking forward to it.” I said.

That’s how I became a stocking wearing cocksucker for my wife!

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