Timestop Day 1

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Timestop Day 1
This story is about a guy who finds he has the ability to stop time. If you don t like the concept, don t read it.A few things before it starts. There is next to nothing sexual in Day 1. Day 1 is just an introduction to the character and situation, things that are necessary to make the story work. Day 2 is where the fun stuff comes in.

P.S. I did not write this story, it s just a story I read and think should be shared with all you xHam people. Enjoy! Originally posted I am sure by [user]http://xhamster.com/user/themessenger[/user]

Day 1 – Wednesday

Warren woke up to his alarm going off. He had been dreaming about Sarah again. He hated it when he dreamed about Sarah. He didn t even really like Sarah. They used to be friends in elementary school. In middle school, she had basically stopped talking to him. But now that they had been in high school a few months, she just tortured him. It was like her way to get into the cool crowd was to make fun of him. And apparently it worked, as she now hung out with some of the hottest, richest, and most popular girls in school, not to mention the guys that were usually around them.

Warren pounded his fist into the side of his bed as these thoughts ran through his mind. He then finally turned off the alarm and looked down at his morning wood. He slammed his fist into the bed again as he was ashamed that thoughts of Sarah were what probably caused it while he slept.

Swinging his legs over the side of his bed, Warren sat up and tried to think about his day. He immediately cringed. He used to love his life. He had friends in elementary school, even in middle school. People he could talk to and enjoy life with. He still didn t know how it all broke off. He didn t think he had changed. Then again, maybe that was the problem. Now most his old friends were interested in sports or partying or just trying to get girls. Warren wasn t and didn t pretend to be. He hated sports, had no hand-eye coordination and didn t see the fun in watching them. He had been to a couple parties, but he never had anyone to hang out with at them and just found them awkward and didn t want to go to anymore. And as for girls, well, he didn t see any that were worth the time. Sure some were hot, but they just seemed to be huge bitches to him, and he really didn t want to deal with that. Warren was pretty much a loner. He had a few friends left, though all they did most the time was play online games together. Because of this, and the fact that he got really good grades, he was looked at as one of the nerds of his class.

Warren slammed his fist into the headboard of his bed, trying to stop thinking about all of this.

Then he worked up the determination to start yet another day. He stood up and walked to the bathroom. He pulled off his boxers and looked in the mirror. Briefly, it crossed his mind that he didn t know why he wasn t more popular, as his body wasn t bad. Roughly five foot eight, just a bit on the skinny side, but probably more muscular than most (he never knew where it came from, his mom said it was from his dad s side of the family, but there was no way for him to know about that), and an average looking face, definitely not bad. Hating when he judged himself like this and tried to figure things out rather than just accept them, he quickly jumped in the shower.

The shower was Warren s favorite part of the day. It was completely relaxing, the hot water washing away the rest of his life temporarily. And getting off in the shower is what actually gave him the strength to get through the day. It made him forget his problems and feel better about himself.

So he began to rub his still semi-hard dick as the hot water ran over him. He couldn t help but think of Sarah, as she was the last girl to be on his mind. He didn t always think about her, he thought about some of the other hot girls at school, and about movie stars and online porn stars sometimes, but right now it was Sarah. He had long since stopped caring who he thought about when he jacked off. It didn t really matter to him, it was just a means to an end.

He pictured pulling Sarah s shirt off. Fondling her tits. Slapping them with his dick. Then getting her on her knees and sticking his dick in her mouth. He felt his hips start to thrust as if he was thrusting into her mouth. He was getting close. He placed one hand in front of him, holding Sarah s imaginary head in place as he thrust his hips, whacking off with the other. He started quietly moaning and was just about to hit his climax.

His head spun at the sound of the door slamming open, “Stop wanking and get out of the shower, other people need to use it too!”

“Get the fuck out of here!” His scream had partially interrupted his sister, but it was pointless and too late. She slammed the door closed as soon as she finished. And before she had finished, Warren had felt his cum dribble down his hand. He had climaxed as he yelled. She had ruined the best part of his day.

Pissed off, Warren cursed and rushed through the rest of his shower, really pissed off that the bathroom door didn t have a lock. He dried off quickly, put his boxers on, and headed back out to his room. Julie, his bitch sister who was three years older than him, was waiting just outside the bathroom door in a robe. She gave him a glare with her eyes, but a smirk with her mouth. He ignored her and walked to his room as she slammed the bathroom door closed behind her.

Warren got dressed quickly and headed downstairs with his book bag before his sister had finished her shower. His mom was in the kitchen in a business suit eating her breakfast.

“Can you tell Julie not to walk in on me in the shower?”

His mom looked up at him. “I don t think she meant anything by it, she just wanted you to hurry up. Sometimes you use all the hot water.”

Warren felt his face turn red. “Are you k**ding me? You yelled at me last year for accidentally walking in on her and she purposefully walks in on me and you say its okay?”

His mom gave him a stern look, “That was different, Warren.”

Warren threw his hands up in the air. “What the–,” he got out before stopping himself. Instead of finishing, he walked over and grabbed a packet of Pop-Tarts. As he walked towards the front door, he calmly shouted back, “Fuck you. I wish dad was here.”

He heard a “You get–” before he had closed the door. He wasn t sure if she was going to tell him to get back there or get out of there. Either way, Warren quickly walked down his yard and down the street towards the bus stop.

He was there early and knew he would be waiting for at least fifteen minutes. He thought about how stupid his last comment was there. His parents weren t divorced. And by their claim, they weren t even separated. They just lived in different places. But when one s dad has lived in Japan without coming back for eleven of the fifteen years one has been alive, he may as well be dead. Warren doesn t even know his dad. Maybe he wouldn t have helped in the situation. He just hoped that a male in the house would side with him. It seems to him like his mom always sides with his sister.

Like when he had walked in on his sister in the bathroom. It had actually been a little less than a year ago. He had no idea she was in there, the door wasn t fully closed, he just thought the wind had blown it mostly shut. He opened the door to go take a shower only to be greeted by his sister s naked ass. She was bent over pulling up her panties, her bra already on, so all he saw was her ass.

Warren quickly turned around and shut the door, apologizing profusely and genuinely embarrassed. But Julie didn t buy it. She thought he did it on purpose, cursed him out, and told their mother he was spying on her, which his mother believed, yelling at Warren and cutting off his online gaming for nearly a month.

And now his sister had purposefully barged in on him as he showered and she got nothing for it. In fact, he got scolded for taking showers that were too long.

His thoughts were cut off by the sound of a car coming up from behind him. He looked over just in time to see Julie smiling at him and flipping him off as she drove by.

Warren gritted his teeth and tried to stop all his thoughts as he waited for the bus.

When the bus finally arrived, he got on along with the few other people at his stop. As usual, a couple legs darted out and tried to trip him, but by this point Warren was used to this and was totally adept at noticing and stepping over them.

Hoping for an empty seat, but not finding one, Warren took the only other seat he knew he wouldn t get shit for taking – next to an eleventh grade nerd name Margaret. She was actually a couple inches taller than him, big frizzy blond hair, big ears, a slightly crooked nose, freckles, and a dorky smile covered in dental gear. She wore a plaid, knee-length skirt with a white-button down shirt tucked into it. She wore almost this exact same outfit nearly every day. She was just a little bit overweight, but that was probably okay given her over-sized tits. They looked best on the days she hid them, when she had a sweater or jacket covering them. On the days she didn t, they looked like they overfilled whatever bra she was wearing, which made them look unnatural. The girl was definitely fashion-challenged.

Margaret gave Warren what appeared to be a creepy smile as he sat next to her. Not wanting to ruin his only seat on the bus, he tried to smile back at her, but it came out totally half-assed. He quickly pulled out his iPod to distract him for the rest of the trip.

School for the most part wasn t as bad. He sat around and paid attention as the teachers taught. His least favorite part of the day was between classes, when he had to walk the halls. He wasn t a regular target of bullying, it wasn t like anyone directly targeted him, at least not usually, but if one of the upperclassmen felt the need to pick on someone, it was usually the so-called nerds like him that got targeted.

Luckily, the class Warren hated most was first period, so it was all uphill after that. It was his English class. Not that Warren disliked English, he actually had thoroughly enjoyed the subject over the years. He liked stories, something to escape into. However, he hated his teacher this year. Well, that s not entirely accurate. Ms. Burkhart was a fantastic teacher. She was really good at getting her students interested in the material and involved in discussions about it. And she was hot. She was 27, and would ve looked younger, if she didn t dress and act so professionally in front of the class. She was shorter than most students at five foot four, she was a little on the skinny side, had probably B-cup boobs, and an ass that looked great in the business-style pants she wore most days.

No Warren didn t hate her. He actually really liked her. And he thought she was just as hot as the rest of the class. The problem was that the more popular k**s practically laid claim to her. They would raise their hands most in class, get called on most, and they d stick around and talk to her after class. She wouldn t throw them out to make the time for other k**s, like Warren, who actually wanted to talk to her about the books sometimes, rather than just hang out with her because she was the cool teacher.

Warren was ecstatic when the bell rang, nearly racing out of the classroom and moving on to his next.

He made it safely through most of the day, until the period before lunch let out. He was stopped at his locker when a tenth grader purposefully bumped into him. It really wasn t a bad push, but Warren s feet had just been in the wrong position as it happened and his legs fell out behind him as his head bumped into his locker. He had hit his head hard, but not enough to really bother him. The tenth grader just walked away laughing. This didn t really bother him. What bothered him is that Sarah, Val (short for Valerie) and Tammy – three of the most popular girls in the school – saw it and felt the need to add their two cents.

“Ooooohhhh,” Val began, “Someone got a boo-boo. Maybe you should go see the nurse!” She put an extra emphasis on the word see.

Then Tammy added, “Yeah, you should really get down to the nurse – or maybe get up for the nurse.” She put extra emphasis on the words down and up.

Sarah laughed but added no comment of her own. Of course, she shouldn t necessarily be singled out, as just about everyone else in the hallway laughed too. But it was Sarah s fault everyone was laughing at the jokes.

In sixth grade, Warren had gone to the school nurse for a physical. While having his balls checked though, Warren got a boner. It was the first time that someone had touched his balls since he had started puberty and couldn t help it. Of course it didn t hurt that the school nurse was pretty hot. In reality, she was 34 at the time, though she looked closer to 26 or 28. Beyond her flawless face and hair, her ample chest and hips were too big to hide, despite how hard the nurse tried to hide them in conservative outfits.

The nurse didn t say anything, she just continued her exam then moved on. Warren never told anyone about it. And he actually guessed the same thing happened to some other boys too, given how attractive the nurse was. However, the problem came in the fact that the school nurse was Sarah s mother. At some point, who knows if it was back in sixth grade or just before ninth started, it doesn t really matter, her mom must have told her. And on the first day of high school, Sarah went around telling everyone, which had two effects. First, it got Sarah into the popular group, as they thought her story was funny. And second, it made sure Warren made no new friends in high school, as no one wanted to be associated with the k** with the hots for the school nurse.

Picking himself off the ground, Warren barely even turned red, he was so used to these comments. He cursed at Sarah under his breath. Of course it made it worse that Sarah s mom was the head district nurse, meaning that she traveled between the high school, middle school, and the elementary schools helping out with the major nursing stuff – like lice checks and physicals – so he still had to see her sometimes in the high school building. But still, that thing happened in sixth grade – three years ago – why couldn t they get over it?

Every time it got brought up, Warren wanted to tell Sarah how he thought her mom was hotter than her. Her mom s naturally beautiful face and hair was much hotter than Sarah s obvious (at least to him) make-up covered acne and overly-done hair. And her body was way too skinny with nearly no curves. It couldn t even hold a candle to her mom s! Or he could go to the principal and tell the principal that the district nurse disclosed that information, which would probably get her fired. Of course, he didn t have the balls to go do that.

So Warren did nothing. He knew anything would just make things worse. So he finished stuffing his bag into his locker and headed to lunch. He sat at literally the only table in the cafeteria with less than five people. The closest in numbers was a group of seven k**s that were horrible dirtbags and smelled miserable, but apparently could stand each other s smell as they all sat together. Warren s table was just him and three other guys – Frank, Patrick, and Bob – almost always talking about the latest in video games. No one ever sat with them. In fact, people would often take the spare chairs from their table over to another already full table. At the beginning of the year, this had bothered him, but by now, he had just grown used to it. Pat invited everyone over to his place after school to play the latest game he had gotten. Warren readily agreed, pissed off at the day and not wanting to go home.

The rest of the day went by faster, perhaps because Warren knew he didn t have to go home immediately after school. He was slightly less depressed, but still pissed at his sister, his mom, Sarah, her mom, Ms. Burkhart, nearly all the k**s in his school, and just generally pissed at life.

As soon as school ended, he caught a ride with Pat s older brother over to Pat s house. Warren took out all of his anger on the video game, yelling far more than usual. He stayed til seven, eating some of the casserole that Pat s mom made for dinner. Just after seven, Pat s brother drove all of his friend s home.

Getting out of the car and walking toward the house, Warren felt his anger at the morning flow back into him. It didn t help that the weather had turned to crap. It must have downpoured while he was at Pat s, as everything was soaked, and it was still lightly drizzling. He cursed as his foot fell into a hole where a stone was missing from the walkway up into the house, leaving a dirt hole that had turned into a big mud puddle from the rain.

Warren opened the front door. He started to take his shoes off so as not to track mud into the house, but then he saw there already were a couple muddy footprints on the floor inside the door, obviously from his sister s shoes. Assuming it had to be cleaned anyhow and wanting to get out of the drizzle, Warren stepped onto those muddy footprints and bent down to take off his shoes.

“Mom! Warren made the floor all muddy!”

Warren, still bent over, looked up to see his sister smiling at him from the end of the hall. He quickly finished taking off his shoes and was going to go yell at her when his mother stepped in from the kitchen. Before he could say anything, his mother started complaining.

“Come on, Warren! You know I hate it when you guys bring mud into the house. Now I m going to have to mop the floor.”

Warren staring at his sister said, “The floor was already muddy from her, I just–”

“Warren, don t try to blame this on your sister. You already tried to blame your long showers on her today, take some res–”

“Shut the–”

Warren stopped mid-yell as he interrupted his mom. His face had cringed in anger as he yelled and after that second word, he felt a sharp sting just inside his forehead. It wasn t a horribly painful sting, just unexpected, and like nothing he had felt before. He had stopped yelling out of surprise rather than pain.

He looked up, surprised that neither his mother or his sister had said anything in the brief silence. He saw both standing perfectly still. “Great,” he said, starting to walk away, “give me the silent treatment. That s the best thing you could possibly do.”

As he stepped by his mother, Warren stopped. He took a step back and looked at her. Her hand was partially raised, and she was still staring at where he had been standing. Not only that, but her hair, which had bounced a bit while she had scolded him was slightly up in the air, seemingly frozen.

Confused, Warren looked down the hall a bit to his sister. She stood their, smiling, arms crossed, but also seemingly frozen. Then looking around, Warren saw nothing else was moving. Out the window in the front door, he saw a few rain drops suspended in the air. And he noticed there were no sounds. Nothing.

“Weird,” he said to himself. He moved until he was standing directly in front of his mother and waved his hand in front of her face.

No reaction.

He poked her shoulder.

No reaction.

Then he smiled to himself. He concluded he must be in some kind of dream. And in the mood he was in, there was only one thing he wanted to do. Slowly, Warren pulled his arm back, and then whipped his hand as hard as he could against his mother s face.

No reaction.

Well, not totally, her head had twisted slightly to the side, but besides that, she looked the same. But man did his hand sting. And Warren could do nothing but smile. All his aggression came out in that one swing. He turned away from his mother and looked towards the door again.

He went over to it and, careful not to step in the mud, pulled the door open. He could see lights on in other houses, but he couldn t see movement. Through the frozen raindrops, he could see silhouettes frozen in windows. Trees were slightly leaned as if they were blowing in the wind, but they weren t moving. And there was no wind.

“Cool,” Warren announced. This was the best dream he had ever had.

Warren closed the door and turned around. His eyes immediately locked in on his smiling sister. Staring at her, he felt anger pour through him. He was going to have some fun with this dream! As he began to step forward to approach his sister, he couldn t help cringing his face with all the anger he was holding in towards her.

And then he felt that sharp sting inside his forehead again.

Then his mother screamed and fell to the floor. Julie ran over to see what wrong with her mom. And Warren freaked out. Suddenly his dream had ended. And it no longer felt like a dream – it felt like stone cold reality. He had slapped his mom as hard as he could and now she was feeling it. Freaked out, Warren rushed down the hallway and upstairs to his room.

Trying to avoid thinking, he started up an online game on his laptop.

And surprisingly quickly, he forgot what had happened. He put it off to some kind of ridiculous daydream. He figured if something had really happened, his mom or his sister would have come up here to yell at him or something. Shortly after 11:00, he shut down his laptop, stripped to his boxers, and went to bed.

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