Tyrone uses me again

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Tyrone uses me again
Those days I had quarreled with Victor about my new black slut condition. He finally yelled at me I could do whatever I wanted. It was perfect; I could fuck Tyrone every time I wanted… or when he wanted…
Friday at early evening I got dressed. Then I looked in the mirror. A nice big black cock slut looked back. I wore false eyelashes and a heavy makeup.
I had been shopping with my naughty girlfriend Maura; lots of underwear…
I was now wearing a black lycra dress. It was split down the front, almost to my belly button, and only just contained my huge boobs. It barely covered my bum when I was standing and when I sat down it rode up, revealing.
The black stocking tops only just reached the hem of the dress, matching with some killer heels, eight inches high. The dress was semi see through.
My sweet Maura would wear a similar black dress, no bra and no thong.
When I finished looking at the mirror I came downstairs.
My loving Victor was sitting there, watching a basketball game. He looked at my but said nothing at all. I could see he had a noticeable hard on in his pants. I did not say goodbye to him; just closed the door behind me and walked to the end of the drive.
The limo arrived two minutes later. Tyrone was in the back seat, with Maura.
I joined them and he kissed me, making me groan as a little wave of pleasure washed over me. I still could not understand the effect this black guy had on me, He just looked at me and I could have an intense orgasm…
“Where are we going?” I asked.
“We are going wherever, bitch… Who do you belong to?” Tyson asked me.

“I belong to you. You own me; you own my pussy and my ass…” I replied.
“And what will my white bitch do for me?” He asked again.
“Whatever you ask me to. Anything.” I said, feeling my pussy going wet.

My dress had ridden up, showing my entire long legs. My nipples were fully erect. Tyrone’s presence was turning me on, again. I wanted to feel his cock inside me; I wanted him to fuck me again, as he had fucked me before…
A groan escaped my lips, as I had an orgasm by thinking of this.
Tyrone looked at me. He smiled and then shoved his fingers inside my cunt.
“You came again, bitch… you are so wet now…” He whispered in my ear.
The club was full of black men. Not a single white face in sight.
All the eyes fell on Maura and me. My breath was short again, and my heart beat so loudly, I thought everyone in the room must be able to hear it.
We went to the bar and Tyrone told us to wait. We sat on the high stools and were handed a couple of margaritas, as Tyrone disappeared upstairs.
A few young black guys were soon hovering around us. One stroked my leg and ran his hand up to the hem of my black dress. I smiled at him, but I didn’t say anything to him. My skin was tingling, my throat dry.
Maura was receiving some attention also. One guy had cupped her boobs.
“Whose whore are you?” The guy who was touching me asked.
“Tyrone owns me…” I told him defiantly, looking him straight in the eye.
“Oh, sorry, I did not know…” He apologized.
Suddenly both guys drifted off. Maura smiled at me and then I told her:
“It would be nice to let this young black guy to fuck me…”
“Remember, Ana dear… you belong now to Tyrone…”

Then Tyrone said it was time to leave. The limo sped us away and we stopped outside a hotel. Tyrone instructed Maura to stay there and entertain two of his friends there during the rest of the night…
Then my black Master told me he was in the mood for a good sex session in my home. When we arrived, the lights were still on. Victor was there sitting in the sofa, watching TV.
“Victor, tomorrow you are taking your slutty wife to a couple of places for me, she knows where. Be a good boy and you can fuck her tomorrow when she gets back, you understand me?” Tyrone demanded.

My loving husband just nodded with his head.
“You can come upstairs and watch, while I fuck her properly…”
Victor followed us and sat down on a chair, in the corner of our bedroom.
He held a video camera, provided by Tyrone.
Victor filmed as Tyrone fucked me in the doggie position. He went too deep, so very deep, always finding my G-spot. I came in less than two minutes, screaming and shouting his name.
“Tyrone, oh Tyrone, you black bastard, fuck me, fuck me harder…!”
The bed was banging on the bedroom wall, the bedsprings loud.
I felt his black dick like a steel rod pounding me. I came again, then again, as one orgasm rolled into yet another, which became yet another.

Suddenly he pulled his cock out of me. He hadn’t come yet. He held me with one hand, as he rubbed his huge cock across my anus.
I instinctively clenched.
“Now relax, Ana, my slutty married bitch… relax. You will love this, I know”.
“But, Tyrone… you mean up my asshole?”
“That’s right, babe, in your nice sweet ass… now hold tight”.

I felt him push gently against my little puckered hole. His huge bulbous cock pushed, and my very tight rear door held him back. He pushed again, harder, as I tried to relax enough to let him in.
I wanted him inside me again, even up there. The head was in. It hurt, it hurt a lot, as if he were tearing me in two, but amongst the pain, through my tears and cries, there were some traces of pleasure.
I felt it building deep inside me, as I rubbed my clit.
Victor was right in front of me, pointing the camera.
Tyrone slid further into me, then further still. I was coming, I panted heavily, “Fuck my ass; please Tyrone!” I yelled, through gritted teeth and tears.
The pain was fading, replaced by something I couldn’t define. He started fucking me then; very slowly at first, on each thrust going a little deeper.
My orgasms washed through me, wave after wave. I screamed again and again. He was fucking my asshole hard now, really hard, gripping my hips, thrusting deep inside me. I felt his cock throb, and knew he was coming.

“Come inside me, inside my ass, oh fuck, yessssssssssssssssssssssssss.”

I woke up in the morning. I was alone on my bed. I stretched my arms, remembering last night. That night of utter depravity, pleasure and pain.
I remembered when Tyrone made Victor clean up his mess, as he put it. My obedient husband had licked Tyrone’s semen, as it trickled out of my anus.
Then I heard voices downstairs. I slipped on a night gown and went down. Tyrone was there, naked, talking to Maura. My girlfriend looked tired, after her night in the hands of two black men…
Victor was sitting at the table, looking miserable.
I took a shower and then he drove me as he had been instructed to. First we went to a house near the coast, about one hour away. I was dressed smartly, a green lime short dress, high heels and no underwear…
I rang the bell at a very beautiful English Manor type. I knew why I was here. I was here to fuck, and be fucked.
A friend of Tyson, who had done him a favor and now I was the thank you.
The door opened and I went in. He was black, a tall shaven head black man, with a deep voice. He was almost twice my age. He was polite.
He made me keep my dress on, as I squatted over his face.
I came, just a little, as he licked my pussy lips. His cock was big. It was big and black, just how I liked them. I took it into my mouth. I licked it, I sucked.
He came in my mouth. I got every drop and swallowed it all. Then he pushed me back onto the carpet, in front of the fire. He was hard again. I arched my back as he entered me. He fucked me until I couldn’t think straight. Three hours after I had walked in, I left.
Victor had to help me to the car. I had been fucked. I was exhausted.

Then my loving husband drove me to the next address. I could feel my cunt wet and sticky. We stopped outside a tattoo parlor. I checked the address and then I walked in.
A huge black man was inside. He lifted my dress and made me a little tattoo just above my clit; a nice ace of spades. Then he flipped me over the chair and fucked me in the ass for one hour. Then Victor drove me home again.

When we arrived home, I made him lick all the mess that those black men had left in my cunt and ass. Then I let him fuck me in the doggie position.
After filling my cunt, he withdrew and I flipped over to my back. It was then when Victor discovered my brand new tattoo. He opened his eyes very wide
“Oh yes, honey… Tyrone wants everybody knows a black man owns me…”

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