Velvet Crush s New John

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Velvet Crush s New John
“That’s my mom, that’s my grandmother and, of course, that’s me.” I said as I pointed out all three of us to my boyfriend, Anthony. We had been talking about my porn career and how I had gotten into the adult industry, so I showed him one the last films that I had shot with my mom and grandmother. It had been a huge orgy, bukkake film that we had shot together, each of us taking on 100 different Japanese men, whom our producer had gotten from our fan list posted on our online websites. They had volunteered to be in the shoot for a chance to fuck and cum on their favorite, extreme porn stars. All of us had been well known among the hardcore porn fans in Japan and my mom and grandmother were icons in the bukakke fetish films. Anthony was loving the action as he watched all three of us suck and fuck until our co-stars lined up to cover our faces and fill our mouths with cum. I went down on Anthony as he watched, sucking his long, white cock and listening to him moan along with our own moaning and grunts while we took a large number of hard cocks, in all of our holes, during the film. “Damn! Now I know where you inherited your sexual streak.” He said as I looked up at him. “I would have liked to have fucked both of them.” He said as I stroked and licked his stiff prick. “They would have let you. We often shared the same lovers and we were very open about sex with one another.” I told him in between running my tongue down his shaft and sucking his balls. “Watching you each fuck so many different strangers is so hot. Fuck!! It just makes me so horny.” He said exuberantly as he pulled out of my mouth and sprayed my face with his sticky jizz. I began eating his cum as he watched, knowing that he enjoyed seeing me do so. He alternated between real life and the video as the film showed me swallowing multiple loads of cum from all of my partners. My face was caked with sperm in the film and Anthony loved it. He put his cock back into my mouth and I kept sucking him as he continued to watch me fuck and suck for the next hour.
The end of the movie was at hand when Anthony once again ejaculated on my face and tits. He was watching all three of us drink cum from large glasses, that had collected the sperm which had dripped from our faces or had missed our mouths. I was licking the cum from my glass as my mom sucked cum off of my breasts and my grandmother licked my gaping pussy. We cleaned one another off during the last scene, licking and sucking the cum from one another’s faces, breasts and other body parts. Anthony was in awe and I could tell he had enjoyed the film. “I could watch those all the time.” He said with a smile. “I have hundreds of them.” I told him. “I shot well over 100 bukkake films and my mom and grandmother had done well over 800 during their long careers.” I said with pride. “Any time you want to show them to me, just go right ahead. I’ll pull out my cock and you can suck it as I check them out. Maybe I’ll bring over my cousins and their friends and we can have a movie night. We can make our own little porn movie with your sexy ass.” He exclaimed. “Sounds like fun.” I told him and truly it did. My pussy was getting wet from the thought, so I went to my room and came back with a huge black dildo. “Do you want to fuck me with this?” I asked seductively. I was grunting and moaning not too long afterward as Anthony jammed my big, black monster cock into my pussy. His cock was growing once again and when he was erect, his dick found my asshole and I took a real and fake cock in both holes until my lover filled my cunt with his seed. I loved sharing my films and past with him and it felt so nice to be able to confide in a good friend and also a good lover.
“My uncle loves eating your pussy.” Anthony commented from the TV room, yelling to me as I dressed for my night out. He was watching one of the secret videos that we had made of me fucking his Uncle Ralph. “I know, I like it too.” I yelled back. I entered the room and few minutes later, wearing a sexy red dress and heels, while Anthony watched his Uncle fucking me from behind. “I have to admit that I do enjoy your uncle’s big cock.” I said with a giggle, when Anthony turned to see me getting my purse and putting a new pack of cigarettes into it as I prepared to leave. “I could tell from all the screaming and “Fuck me harder!” comments.” He stated with a laugh. “When will you be back babe?” he asked as I came up to kiss him goodbye. “I’m not sure. I’ve never worked with this customer before, so I don’t know what to expect.” I told him as I turned to head out. “Have fun and then come home and fuck me.” He yelled to my back as I exited my house.
I had been hired to work as an escort for a local businessman tonight and I was going to meet him at a restaurant for drinks and dinner. He wanted a regular date and had requested that I dress in something classy. I didn’t look like a porn star at all tonight and from the view of an unknowing person, I would easily pass as a teenager going to a formal dance at her school. My customer had told me that he was 64, so he’d be dating a much younger woman tonight. I arrived at the restaurant just as a text appeared on my phone, telling me that John, my client, was already here and was waiting at the table. The host showed me to the table, when I entered and gave my name, and soon I was meeting John. He looked good for an older man, handsome and well dressed. I could tell from his watch and ring that he was not only well off, but married too. “It’s nice to meet you Velvet.” He said as he stood and introductions were made. He took my hand and guided me into the booth with him, his hand coming to rest on my bare thigh. “I have to confess, I’m a huge fan” He said with a smile “and I am so glad that we were able to meet like this. I’ve never done anything like this before and it’s kind of a fantasy of mine ever since I saw your first movie nearly 2 years ago.” He told me with a wink. “Thank you. It’s always nice to meet a new fan and to make fantasies happen.” I said teasingly. The dinner went well as we actually talked about his work as a neuro surgeon and how he was in LA for a medical conference. He asked a few questions about what I did for fun around town and I told him that I enjoyed hanging out with friends, which wasn’t entirely a lie. I just didn’t tell him that I spent most of my free time fucking those friends and acquaintances. Sex was what I did all the time and it wasn’t until now that I had realized that. If I wasn’t making porn, I was having sex with my boyfriend, people I met or clients who paid for my escort services. This sudden piece of knowledge made me realized that I truly was a sex addict. Not that I didn’t already know it, but unlike most normal people, all of my free time and work time revolved around sex or trying to find someone with whom to have sex. “I like the beach.” I said, leaving out the part where I enjoyed getting fucked on the beach “and visiting my friends to hang out.” I continued, also leaving out the part where my friends were usually lined up to fuck me or get a blow job. “I hope hanging out with an old guy like me doesn’t bother you. I feel that everyone around here is staring at us and wondering if you’re my daughter or granddaughter.” He embarrassingly said. “No problem at all sweetie.” I told him as I put my hand on his thigh and ran it up to his crotch, rubbing his dick and feeling it begin to grow. “If you’d like, I can lean in a little closer to clear up their misconceptions and give them something really wild to stare at.” I said with a conspiratorial grin as I leaned in and kissed his lips. Our lips parted and our tongues met and our date began to loosen up a bit as we enjoyed dinner and one another’s conversation and company.
John was a sweet, good looking and intelligent guy and I let him know it as I kissed him a few more times and leaned against him in our booth. My hand found his stiff cock a number of times as I teased him and his hand finally made it under my dress to find my bald snatch uncovered and unencumbered by panties. His fingers traced the line of my labia and slowly slid into my moist slit during the end of the dinner and I knew where this was going as he asked for the check and paid it quickly. “I have a hotel room at the Four Seasons that I’d like you to join me for a drink.” He said. “I’d love to.” I told him and kissed him again. I followed him in my BMW and then had the valet park my car as he escorted me to his room. He had a full bar in his suite and he mixed a drink for me and himself as he joined me on the couch. I hadn’t drunk alcohol in quite some time and bourbon on the rocks was not really my drink, but I sipped it along with him, drinking it down in a large gulp after he made a toast to our fun dinner. He refilled our drinks and put on some music as he removed his suit jacket. He had dressed rather nicely and he looked great in his custom suit. I leaned in to help him loosen his tie and we kissed again. He pulled my dress sleeve off of my shoulder and I stood up over him to slip out of my dress. I was totally nude and he stared at my young, hard body and my big 32DDD breasts as I straddled his lap to grind on him to the music playing. “You look so great in your movies, but you look even better in person.” he said. As he handed me my drink and he made another toast to a fun night. We gulped down our drinks and my head began to spin. Two glasses of whiskey was more than enough for me and I knew how I got when I was buzzed. His mouth found my erect, pierced nipple and soon he was sucking on it as I kissed his neck and ground my groin into his.
My pussy was already wet and my clit was hard and protruding as he lifted me from his lap and laid me back on the sofa. I spread my legs as he slid down between them and began to suck on my engorged clit and labia. I began to thrust my hips upward, holding onto his head by his hair as I gyrated my pussy on his face and tongue. “Lick my fucking cunt and suck that clit.” I told him in my dirty girl voice. I was drunk and horny and I wanted fucked good. His mouth covered my mound and he sucked and flicked his tongue in and out of my well used hole until I screamed with an orgasm. He stood up and I began to hastily undo his pants. His large cock was pressing against his slacks for release, so I obliged. His massive erection fell from his pants and smacked me across my face. I nearly swooned as my wide eyes took in the length and girth of his giant, white member. “Holy shit!” I exclaimed as I marveled at his penis. “I told you that I was one of your biggest fans.” He said with a seductive smile. I took his erection in both hands, my fingers unable to fully wrap around his thick rod. Both of my hands together barely wrapped up his girth and his cock must have been at least 12 to 13 inches in length. He was as big, if not bigger, than most, if not all, of the men I had ever been with, including my Uncle James. “Fuck! That is gorgeous.” I said as I tried to fit it into my mouth. It was like trying to suck a horse cock and I knew what that was like, from my days of working in a Mexican brothel and live sex show. My mouth salivated and the wetness let me get the head of his goliath sized tool between my lips. My jaws felt like they were coming unhinged as I opened up as wide as I could, trying desperately to get as much of his genitals into my willing mouth. Years of sucking cock allowed me to do better than most of his lovers, I knew for a fact, as he pushed to get it deeper. “No one has ever done that before.” He said as the baseball sized tip of his cock made it into my mouth. It felt like I had a fist in my mouth and I relaxed to take more. My lips passed the ridge around the head of his cock and it didn’t get more than an inch further as the corners of my mouth began to nearly split. He pumped his hips and I sucked as best I could. “I knew that hiring someone with your skills and experience would make my fantasies more possible.” He whispered as I sucked his dick. I ran my tongue up his shaft, spitting on his giant pole and returning it to my mouth. His testicles were also huge and I took turns sucking and licking them too. I spent nearly a half an hour orally working over his humongous prick, stroking, licking, sucking and getting it as wet and hard as I could before I let him fuck me. I slid down onto his shaft as he held it up for me to ride. I couldn’t wait to feel it inside of me and it filled me up with pleasure. I bounced on his cock for nearly 30 minutes before he spewed his load deep inside of my gaping love hole. I had cum twice as I fucked John, my juices flowing over his tool and dripping down his sack. I spent the next 15 minutes cleaning his flawless male organ, working it with all of my skills and mouth in order to get him erect once again. I wanted to feel him split my asshole with his lethal weapon and I wasn’t leaving until he did.
“I’ve never fucked a woman in her ass in my entire life.” He told me as he slowly slid in and out of my well lubed sphincter. “It feels so tight baby. God, I love it. You are so fucking awesome.” He said as I pushed back to take him deeper. “Finding a sexy lady like you is a dream come true and you’ve made me so happy.” He told me as he sunk his entire length all the way into my behind, his big balls pressing tightly against my buttocks. “Fuck me harder if you want baby, I can take it any way you want me to.” I told him as I looked back behind me. John proceeded to fuck both my pussy and ass like an a****l over the next hour or more, stuffing me as I screamed and begged for more. His cock was heaven and he rammed my asshole hard before he filled it with his hot, sticky spunk. I stood on his hotel room balcony not more than 15 minutes later, after licking him clean once again, deeply inhaling a cigarette and enjoying a long, much needed smoke. He had given me 5 or 6 orgasms that evening and had cum inside me twice, with a cock that I could only dream would belong to a man and not a barnyard a****l. I had experienced more than enough of that already, during my short life, and even though I had surprisingly enjoyed it sexually, at that time, this was so much better. I looked through the window of the sliding glass door and John was lying on the sofa naked, his huge, muscle lying flaccid across his stomach. He was done for the night and so was I, as I finished my cigarette and made my way back into the room to lie on top of him. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck and shoulders, as I tried to keep from nodding off. “I’ll pay you to spend the night.” He told me and I shook my head yes. That had been easy enough, I thought, before falling asleep.
I woke up at 9am and John was already showered and dressed. “I ordered room service for you. I have a meeting until about 3pm this afternoon, so just make yourself at home and I’ll see you then. Maybe we can get lunch or an early dinner.” He told me as he rushed to get out of the room. I yawned and stretched, still nude and showing off my body, uncovered and actually hungry. “OK.” I stated as he leaned in to kiss me and then left. I got out of bed and took a cigarette from my purse, then walked out onto the balcony to smoke. A few other guests were on their balconies and they stared over at me as I ignored them and enjoyed my memories of the night before, while I puffed on my cig. I was rubbing my clit as I sat on the lounge chair on the balcony when there was a knock on the door. I heard them exclaim room service, so without thinking, I walked into the room and answered the door, completely nude with my cigarette dangling from my lips. “Good morning.” The young guy said as he tried to avert his eyes. “There is no smoking in the room.“ he told me, “You may want to take your cigarette back out to the balcony.” “Of course, I wasn’t thinking.” I said as I moved quickly to the balcony, took a quick drag and placed my cigarette into the ashtray. I returned and signed for the delivery, then ate my breakfast before showering. I went to my car, retrieved my overnight bag and dressed, then I waited for John as I called up my boyfriend. “Good morning sweetie. “ I said when he answered. “Wow, you’re working late.” He said. “Good night?” he inquired. “Extremely.” I told him. “Do tell sexy girl.” He told me and then I proceeded to let him know about my date and the massive cock that I got to enjoy all night. “I wish I could have seen that.” He told me afterward. Seeing you take such a huge dick would have been so cool. Was it really that big?” he asked. “OMG, yes….and I know big cocks when I see them.” I stated with an air of professionalism. “So are you going to fuck him again today?” he asked. “I hope so.” I stated and I really meant it. “I’ll tell you all about it later hun.” I told him and then we finished our call. I made a number of other calls to my agent, my answering service, my dad, whom I hadn’t talked to in quite some time and I got online to answer messages and comments on my website. I took a few selfies and posted them on my Instagram and twitter, then I watched some TV before John finally returned.
John walked in, about 20 minutes earlier than expected. I had put a robe on to meet him looking sexy, and stood up as he entered. He kissed me hungrily, his mouth open and his tongue delving into my mouth. I responded by letting my robe fall open and pressing my naked body against him. My hand slid down his shoulder and chest, finally resting upon his erect penis pressing through his pants. “I’ve had a hard on all day thinking about you.” He told me and then pushed me down to my knees. I waited for him to pull out his gargantuan sex organ and it was stiff as a board when he did. He smacked it against my face and lips as I moved up to take it. Over and over he used his hand to whack it against the lips of my open mouth, my chin, cheeks and forehead. It was longer than my head and half as wide as my face and it felt like I was being punched. I took the dick beating though and finally got the opportunity to suck the end of it once again, covering it with saliva as I worked it over with my mouth. I had barely been sucking it for 5 or 6 minutes when John pulled me to my feet and led me into the bedroom. He threw me face first onto the bed and then pushed me onto my stomach as he pressed his chest and body onto my back. I felt his dick press between my legs and then he pushed hard as his spit covered pole skewered me, sliding balls deep into my slippery crack. He pumped me hard as I screamed out, his giant sized penis pounding me into the bed as he quickly thrust in and out of my wet gash. I came and cum gushed from my twat, soaking the bed as he took me forcefully from behind. I buried my scream into the mattress and then John pulled out and I felt his hands pull my butt cheeks apart. “I want that tight fucking ass again.” He said growling with lust, then plunged he behemoth into my backdoor. My years of taking it in the ass helped as I relaxed and felt his quart bottle thick cock spread my asshole as he jammed it into me. His thrusts were hard and rapid as he fucked me like he was a felon who’d just been released from prison after 20 yrs. His hands wrapped around my neck from behind and he pressed me into the bed as his dick throttled my asshole. I could only grunt as the air was pressed from my lungs with each thrust downward, driving me deeper into the mattress as his cock split my anal sphincter with each hard drive. Over and over he pounded me with his monster cock, me grunting and trying to catch my breath as his body rammed mine with each slamming thrust. He pulled my head back suddenly, my back arching quickly and my neck bending as far back as possible, as he used a hand full of my hair to yank viciously hard while pushing his hips forward with power. “Oooohhhhh my god!” I yelled out as I could finally breath, sucking in air and screaming as his dick plummeted hilt deep into my asshole. “Yeah baby, take it all!” he yelled out as he repeated his last brutal penetration over and over again while I held myself up on my hands and knees. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…..” I yelled out with each deep thrust of his ginormous dick. He pushed me back onto my stomach again and kept on pounding my backdoor. He held me down by my wrists as he did so and laid across my body, thrusting deeply and repeating into my ear with each pump of his cock….”Yes! Yes! Yes!….
“Please stop…” I mewed out, spent and sore, twenty minutes later, as my sweat soaked lover continued to drive his cock deep into my asshole with a vengeful lust. My ass was covered in slippery sweat, from my partner, and his body slid on top of mine easily, while he kept fucking me with his rock hard dick. My anus was aching and I just kept grunting as he continued. “God, your asshole feels so good.” He said from over my shoulder, his head resting next to my ear as his hips pushed and drove his dick into me again and again, much slower than before, while he took a slight rest from 30 minute long anal marathon. “I want to fuck you all day.” He stated, as he got a second wind and pushed himself up with his arms, then began another hard pounding of my butt. I buried my head into a pillow and moaned out in a combination of pleasure and pain, feeling as if my booty had been triple penetrated during his anal pounding. “I can’t take much more.” I groaned out, turning my head to try to look up at my lover. “You can take it baby. You know you love this big, white cock. Your asshole was made for my cock.” He told me as he began another rapid thrusting assault on my anal sphincter. I screamed with each deep penetration, my behind feeling raw and as if it was about to explode. He pushed my face into the pillow to muffle my screams and just kept fucking me.
John collapsed on top of me about 20 minutes later as he ejaculated deep inside of my rectum. His blasts of semen were felt with each thrust and I trembled in a combination of lust and suffering as I enjoyed the heat of his sperm inside of my terribly sore asshole. He kept pumping me and I felt his cum squishing out between his cock and my anus. The slippery feeling soothed my sore opening and I quivered in relief and excitement to know that my lover had used me like a whore and had filled me with his seed and now it was soothing me. His cock pulled out of my behind and I moaned out, feeling more wetness between my legs. I rolled over and blood was mixed with his semen as it leaked from my gaping hole. My butt looked like a missile had blown up in the middle of it, leaving a deep, round cavern of darkness permanently behind. His white spunk and my blood drooled from the opening, the result of his vicious anal pounding for the last hour. He had ass fucked me with the equivalent of an iron hard baseball bat for what seemed like forever and in my case it was way too long. “I’m so sorry baby.” He told me apologetically. “I’ll be fine.” I told him, as he stood up next to the bed and I leaned over to grab his cock and lick it. I sucked his dick and then told him that I wanted his big, white prick in my black cunt just like that later on. He smiled and promised that I would get just that. He was paying me to be his slut and I was going to provide him with the best slut he’d ever had. I licked his huge dick for a while and then went into the bathroom to clean up and tend to my red, sore anal opening.
Dinner had passed and we were back in the room, me naked and on my back, my legs wrapped around John’s back as he pounded the shit out of my bald twat. He had taken me up on my demand and he was now bottoming out in my porn star pussy. His giant cock was penetrating and splitting me open deeper and farther than I’d ever been split and his hard, rapid thrusts were making me cum at a quick pace. Two hours later, I had orgasmed 7 times and the bed was soaked before John filled my vagina with his semen. My cunt was sore too, but not nearly as much as my ass was. I laid in my mess, my legs still spread and my gaping pussy leaking cum, for 15 minutes before my legs quit shaking and I was able to stand, so that I could go out on the balcony to smoke. I smoked two cigs before I returned and showered. John was a true anomaly in the sex world and I was glad that he had found me, with whom to share his rarity. I hadn’t been fucked like this by one man ever in my life and even when I had been fucked by 50 or 100 men did I rarely feel like I did now. I fell on the bed and licked and sucked John’s limp hunk of meat for 15 minutes, looking up at him and letting him know how much this little whore enjoyed his sex. “I want to do it again baby.” I whimpered, even though I doubted that my asshole or even my pussy could take another beating. “I wish I could.” He said and then pulled out a prescription bottle from the bedside table. “My Cialis may help, but I’ll need a little rest and then some help.” He told me as he took it and washed it down with the bourbon still in his glass, from the drink he’d made between fucking my ass and pussy. “Don’t worry about that baby” I guaranteed him “I’ll give you all the help you need.” I said seductively. My mouth and hands worked his member for nearly 30 minutes before it began to enlarge and was soon ready for another round of me. It hurt, but I let him fuck both of my holes again and took his creamy finish in my twat before falling fast asleep. Two days of work were over and I was ready for rest, until the next morning that is.
John left town and I returned to my condo after three days of work and pleasure. I had made a small fortune for the entire 3 day weekend of sex and had cum 30 times or more during that period. What a great cock and a wonderful lover my client had been. He had promised to see me in the future and I was looking forward to it. My schedule was booked for the next week, with planned video shoots, online cam shows, strip club appearances and time with Anthony. I was going to be a very busy porn star and Anthony was going to love my stories, as I told him about my weekend with the horse cock stud. The thought made my sore pussy wet and soon Anthony would be drilling me hard as he heard the story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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