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visit to mexico
Terry woke up the next morning and felt alive and invigorated from a good
night s sleep. She had felt exhausted from the plane flight and all the
excitement she had experienced during her first trip away from home. She
pulled back the covers and got out of bed, but froze when she noticed her
reflection in the floor length mirror. Terry almost didn t recognize
herself in the mirror as she stood standing there in the white, silk thong
and lace bra that Rosa had picked out for her the previous evening. She
had never really looked at herself as a sexually attractive woman, but for
the first time in her life she allowed her thoughts to consider herself as
just that. Her breasts were full and well shaped and beautifully framed by
the lacy bra. Her nipples beginning to harden stretched the thin fabric as
they poked out into the cool morning air. Her slender waist was
accentuated by the thin waistband of the skimpy thong and her hips flared
enticingly as they were framed perfectly by the high-cut garment.

Terry was amazed at how comfortable she felt wearing the flimsy underwear.
She felt so awkward and embarrassed the night before as she painstakingly
tried on the revealing lingerie, but she had to admit to herself that she
was actually growing very fond of the free feeling she was experiencing
wearing them. She might just forget about her own underwear when she gets
it back and just wear these from now on! What would her parents think if
they could see her dressed like this she thought? They would surely not
approve she thought to herself.

Hola, Terry! chimed Rosa suddenly as she stuck her head through the open
bathroom door.

Terry nearly hit the roof as she whirled around and saw Rosa standing there
in her short robe. Rosa! exclaimed Terry as she gasped and quickly
covered herself as best she could by wrapping her arms around her exposed
chest and pelvis. How long had she been standing there thought Terry
nervously? I m barely dressed and she could ve at least knocked before she
opened the door! What are you doing there?!

I thought I heard you get up so I wanted to see if you slept well your
first night in our home, replied Rosa innocently as she opened the door
wider and casually walked into the room. She had been spying on Terry for
the last few minutes and was getting a kick out of how Terry appeared to be
enjoying her newfound look . Rosa thought it was so sexy to see the older
woman posing so innocently in front of the mirror. The more she looked at
Terry the more she liked what she saw especially now that her lovely body
was being showcased properly in her seductive lingerie. Well? she

Terry s mind was totally scrambled as she attempted to calm down from the
shock of Rosa surprising her and barely managed to answer, What? I m
sorry Rosa, what was the question?

Did you have a good night s sleep? repeated Rosa as she looked directly
into Terry s nervous eyes.

Oh, yes, yes I did. Very restful thank you, stammered Terry as she
fought to clear her head and relax.

Would you like to go downstairs with me and have breakfast? asked Rosa.

Uh, yes, that would be great, replied Terry as she began to recover and
relax slightly. She watched Rosa start towards the door and u*********sly
took notice of her beautiful figure as she walked past. She was wearing
the same short, mid-thigh, silk robe and presumably just her underwear
underneath as she caught a glimpse of her deep cleavage on display in the
open top of the loosely tied robe. It was then that she realized that she
had nothing else on other than her own underwear. Rosa, do you have a
robe or something for me to wear? I don t want to go downstairs like

Rosa stopped at the doorway and turned to see Terry s nervous expression as
she stood in the middle of the room still covering herself with her arms.
Of course. Here take this one, she replied as she pulled on the sash and
opened the robe exposing herself fully to Terry s gaze. She closed the
distance between them quickly and swiftly removed the robe and held it up
for Terry to put on. She was pleased to see Terry s eyes immediately fall
to her exposed body and begin to widen like a deer caught in a car s

Terry was amazed at Rosa s exquisite figure. Her huge breasts were naked
under the robe because Rosa was not wearing a bra and from what Terry could
see it was not necessary. Rosa s incredibly firm breasts were sitting up
high on her chest and her large nipples and even wider areola were staring
right back at Terry like two pointed directional finders. Rosa s breasts
were amazing she thought as they defied gravity on the younger girl s chest
and only jiggled slightly and swayed as she walked towards her. Rosa s
panties were very high-cut on her slim hips with just enough material to
cover her pubic mound. Terry looked up quickly and saw Rosa s piercing
eyes staring intently at her with a slight grin on her face as she held up
the sheer robe. Oh, no, no Rosa. I couldn t take your robe. What will
you wear? she blurted out nervously.

No, don t worry. I have another one in my room, replied Rosa as she held
the robe higher and motioned for Terry to put it on.

Terry slowly slipped her arms into the sleeves and allowed Rosa to pull the
robe up onto her shoulders. Rosa then moved around to stand in front of
her and pulled the lapels over her breasts closing the robe. Without
hesitating Rosa grabbed the sash and delicately tied it around her waist.
She could not help but notice that Rosa left the top portion of the robe
loose enough so that her chest was slightly exposed.

Rosa lifted her hands and gently stroked Terry s shoulders and upper arms
as if to be checking the fit. She then stepped closer until her erect
nipples lightly touched the older woman s chest and felt the hardening
nipples poke through the robe s sheer material as she allowed her hands to
wander lower across Terry s back. A perfect fit, declared Rosa as she
continued to smooth her hands lower until they were lightly toughing the
swell of Terry s round ass. How do you like it?

Terry s mind was slowly being clouded over again as she fell prey to Rosa s
delicate touch and soft voice. Her skin was electrified under the light
caressing of Rosa s small hands as the silk fabric massaged her skin so
exquisitely. She had never worn silk before, at least nothing like this,
and certainly nothing so sheer against her bare skin and she loved how it
felt. It s beautiful, breathed Terry as she fought to keep her voice
from cracking. She was so caught up in the new sensation that she didn t
even notice when Rosa s hands slid further down until they were gently
caressing her buttocks.

Don t you just love the way this feels against your skin? asked Rosa
softly. Rosa s eyes never wavered from Terry s as she continued to massage
her firm ass cheeks while at the same time she managed to maneuver her
hardened nipples back and forth across the older woman s pointed nubs. She
could see Terry s eyes glazing over and knew that she was enjoying her

Terry s senses were going into over-drive as her body was succumbing to the
sensuous seduction. What was happening to her? Why was her body reacting
this way? I hope Rosa doesn t realize how she is affecting me thought
Terry. How embarrassing would that be? Getting sexually excited by a
young girl s innocent touch of all things! I have never, ever even
considered another woman in a sexual way and now I can t help but feel
turned-on whenever I m around one.

Rosa was thoroughly enjoying herself as her hands gently roamed all around
Terry s luscious ass cheeks and hips. She knew her light touch was having
its desired effect on Terry as she watched her eyes begin to flutter and
her mouth fall open slightly. She could feel the older woman s nipples
pressing into her own erect tips as she pushed her large tits into Terry s
heaving chest. As much as she wanted to continue her seduction she knew it
would be better in the long run to stop now and allow Terry to recover her
senses for a little while at least. Rosa suddenly pulled her hands away
and stepped back from Terry to admire her handy work. I m going to get my
other robe. I ll meet you downstairs.

Terry gasped slightly and her eyes popped wide open as Rosa smiled and
turned before she walked towards the open bathroom door swaying her hips
seductively. Terry s mind cleared as her eyes immediately dropped and
focused on Rosa s bare ass as it undulated back and forth with only the
thin strip of the black thong separating the beautiful globes of flesh.
Her eyes followed the remarkable site until it disappeared into the
bathroom. She took a deep breath and exhaled as her body slowly calmed
down from its heightened state of arousal from only a few moments before.
What was happening to me she thought to herself? Am I really attracted to
women? Am I a lesbian? That couldn t be possible! Just because she was
still a virgin and she wasn t very experienced with men certainly should
not mean that she would be attracted to women, should it?

Terry stood there for a few moments just trying to rationalize all of these
strange new emotions before she gathered herself sufficiently and decided
to go downstairs for breakfast. As she left her room and walked down the
hallway she stopped momentarily as she passed by Carmen s room and noticed
an odd noise coming from inside. She cautiously stepped closer to the
closed door in an attempt to hear what was going on inside Carmen s room.
As she leaned in closer she could hear a distinctive humming noise. She
thought that was strange, but shrugged it off and headed downstairs.

Terry made her way downstairs and was met by Rosa, now wearing a similar
silk robe to the one she gave to her, and they began to prepare breakfast.
Rosa cut up some fruit while Terry found several muffins in the pantry. By
the time they were sitting down to begin eating Carmen appeared and
immediately walked over to Rosa where she bent over at the waist and kissed
her daughter on the lips. Terry did not think anything of it other than
she felt that the kiss lasted just a little longer than she thought was
appropriate. Her attention was focused more on the older woman s revealing
robe and abundant cleavage exposed to her as she leaned over Rosa. Carmen
was also wearing a very short silk robe that rode high up on her thighs to
cover just below the swell of her round bottom. The top was very loosely
tied allowing her enormous breasts plenty of room to move about as they
swayed slightly with her movements. She was treated to a deep cleft of
cleavage as the huge globes pressed together and threatened to topple out
at any moment.

Carmen greeted Rosa with a warm kiss and held her bent-over position long
enough to allow Terry a good view of her tits and was pleased to see her
taking the bait as she glanced over at her as she stood up. Carmen
immediately turned and walked over to Terry and leaned over her in a
similar manner as she surprised the young woman with a morning kiss of her
own. She grasped her head gently with both of her hands before she pressed
her pouting lips directly over Terry s kissed her softly. Carmen could
feel Terry stiffen up slightly as she initiated the kiss, but did not feel
her attempt to pull away at all as she again allowed the kiss to continue
for just a few moments more than was really comfortable. Buenos noches,
greeted Carmen as she pulled away from Terry slightly but remained bent
over in front of her. I hope you slept well, Miss Nichols, your first
night in my humble home.

Terry was frozen as she tried to find her vocal chords and remember how to
speak. She knew the kiss was just a friendly greeting, but it had taken
her by surprise and considering how she has been struggling with her
emotions lately it was making her very uncomfortable. Yes, yes, thank you
Carmen, she stammered nervously as her eyes darted about until they fell
on the exposed cleavage of the older woman s chest.

That pleases me very much to hear that, beamed Carmen as a warm smile
spread across her beautiful face. I want you to feel welcome and loved in
my home. She stood up straight and then went about the task of preparing
her own breakfast.

Terry felt very strange, but at the same time very warm and safe. She
realized that she had taken to the mother and daughter very easily and felt
very secure that she had made the proper decision to make this trip. Even
though she was wrestling with these odd emotions regarding her sudden
sexual awakening, she felt it was just some passing phase and was not
brought on intentionally by either of her two wonderful new friends.

The rest of the day proved to be very enjoyable as Rosa took her around the
neighboring town and showed her some of the wonderful sites in the area.
They spent the whole day together and bonded almost immediately despite the
fact that Terry was 15 years older than Rosa. Terry enjoyed Rosa s
carefree attitude towards life and found she shared many of her own likes
and dislikes when it came to food and clothing and all kinds of other

When they got home that evening Carmen had already prepared a wonderful
dinner. They all sat around the table for over an hour after the meal was
finished talking about anything and everything. Rosa and Terry continued
to chat even after Carmen excused herself from the conversation to go to
bed early. Finally they both realized how exhausted they were from the
day s adventures and they decided to go to bed as well.

Terry went upstairs as Rosa cleared the remaining plates and glasses from
the table. Terry slowly made her way up the stairs and paused outside
Carmen s slightly ajar door when she noticed the same odd humming noise
coming from inside her room. She could see that the light was on and she
quietly crept up to the 2 crack and peered inside to see if she could see
what was making that noise. She immediately noticed Carmen sitting on her
bed with her back slightly towards the door. Terry could see that Carmen
was wearing her robe, but it was off of her shoulders baring her upper body
completely. She could also see that her bra was unclasped and the straps
were also hanging off of her shoulders loosely.

Carmen looked up slightly when she heard the floor outside her door creek
and was glad to see that Terry had again taken the bait and was now spying
on her through the door she had purposefully left open. She could see the
young woman s face in the reflection of her makeup mirror so she could
watch her reactions as she began her show . Carmen casually turned her
shoulders 3/4 towards the door as she revealed to Terry the source of the
strange humming noise.

Terry s mouth fell open as she saw what appeared to be a breast pump
attached to Carmen s left breast. Carmen was holding the device against
her breast as it extracted a solid flow of milk from her engorged breast.
Oh my god she thought! Carmen s breasts were lactating? How could that be
especially at her age? She was also amazed at how much milk was being
extracted from the older woman s enormous breast. She figured it was at
least a cup or more. After a few minutes Carmen turned off the machine and
pulled it off of her swollen breast and then attached it to her right tit
before switching it on again. As soon as the machine had initiated enough
suction the flow of milk began to stream out of her other breast at an
equal pace filling the plastic reservoir further.

Carmen could see Terry s eyes widen at the lewd display she was putting on
and almost laughed when Terry s mouth fell open when she began to lightly
caress her turgid left nipple that was still dripping with her nectar.
Carmen made an effort to appear as though the device was not pleasurable
and her sensitive tits were in some pain from its affects. The truth be
told she loved the feeling it produced in her tits. She never got over how
wonderful her tits felt when she breast fed her daughters and vowed to find
a way to continue the wonderful sensations long after her c***dren were no
longer dependent on them for food. She found that by using the pump
continuously she was able to keep her tits in a milk-producing state long
after her c***dren stopped nursing. In fact, that is the main reason that
they were so huge because they were producing so much milk all of the time.
Her tits went from a C-cup to a DD-cup over the span of the last 20 years
that she had been using the pump.

Terry was beyond shock as she continued to stare at Carmen s swollen
breasts as the pump churned along and extracted still more milk from the
incredible orbs. Her left nipple was so engorged it must have been at
least twice it s normal size she thought. It was so swollen and puffed out
as it extended more than a 1 and a half off of her huge breast. The
areola was just as distorted and swollen as the color seemed to be slowly
returning to the pale flesh.

Terry stepped back from the door quickly as she heard Rosa leave the
kitchen and start up the stairs. Terry quietly tiptoed down the hallway to
her own room and quickly closed the door behind her before Rosa reached the
top of the stairs. She stood there momentarily against the door with her
breathing ragged and heavy from the mixed excitement and shock of watching
Carmen milk her breasts. However odd it seemed, she could not deny that
her panties were soaked from her obvious arousal from watching the strange

The same erotic scene played out for the next two days. Every morning Rosa
would come into Terry s room just after she d wake up and they d get
dressed together, brush each other s and talk about what they were going to
do that day. Rosa made sure that she was constantly touching and caressing
Terry the whole time they would be together. She made sure that she rubbed
her tits and hardened nipples against her every opportunity she had. Rosa
could see she was having an affect on the older woman because Terry would
be constantly aroused by while they were together and she would have an
increasingly harder time attempting to keep focused on their conversation.

After they would finish dressing one another they would go downstairs for
breakfast and Terry would always find an excuse to let Rosa go first and
she would follow several minutes later because she wanted to spy on Carmen
as she drained her breast milk. Carmen s door would always be ajar and
Terry would have an unobstructed view of the older woman as she performed
the same routine of attaching the breast pump to each of her incredible
tits and milk them for several minutes. Terry didn t know why she was so
fascinated by the scene, but she could not deny that she felt compelled to
watch every chance she got and she got plenty. Carmen would see to that.
In fact Terry received two shows a day, one in the morning and another in
the evening, and Terry would be glued to her spot outside Carmen s room for
each and every one.

Then one night Carmen and Terry were alone in the house because Rosa had
gone off with some friends for a few days. The two women were having a
nice conversation after dinner when Carmen suddenly excused herself and
told Terry she was feeling tired and was going to bed early. Terry smiled
to herself knowingly because she knew that in a few minutes Carmen would be
in her room milking her beautiful breasts again. Terry said that she too
was feeling tired and she followed Carmen upstairs and they bid one another
good night as Carmen went into her room and Terry walked down the hall to
hers. Terry changed out of her clothes and put on her silk robe over her
bra and panties. She waited about ten minutes before she quietly crept
back down the hallway and maneuvered her way to familiar spot outside
Carmen s door. When she peeked inside, however, she was surprised to see
that although Carmen had also undressed and was now wearing her familiar
robe she was not using the breast pump. In fact, she was just sitting on
the edge of her bed with her face in her hands and she appeared to be
crying softly. Terry was confused for a moment, but continued to spy on
Carmen as she sat on her bed sobbing.

Terry became concerned for her new friend and after a few moments decided
that perhaps something was upsetting Carmen and she felt compelled to help.
Terry backed away from the door and then thought for a moment before she
lightly knocked and softly spoke, Carmen? Are you still up?

Carmen stifled her tears long enough to clear her throat and answer, Yes,
Terry, I am awake. Please come in the door is open.

Terry pushed on the door and stepped through and stopped just inside the
doorway timidly. Is everything alright Carmen? she asked concerned.

Of course, dear, I m fine, answered Carmen attempting to appear casual.
Why do you ask?

Terry could see that Carmen was trying to avoid talking, but she knew that
no matter what was wrong it would be better to talk it out with a friend
especially if it was as upsetting as it apparently was to Carmen. Well I
couldn t help but overhear you crying and I thought that maybe something
was bothering you, continued Terry.

Oh, I must apologize for worrying you. It is nothing really, but thank
you for your concern, stammered Carmen as her tears overcame her again.

Terry quickly closed the space between them and sat down next to Carmen and
put her arm around the older woman to comfort her as she began to cry into
her shoulder. It s okay Carmen, I m here, everything will be alright,
she said softly as she lightly held Carmen as she continued to cry. After
a few moments Carmen s tears subsided and she seemed to be calming down.
Do you want to talk about what s bothering you?

No, no I just couldn t trouble you, answered Carmen with her voice
cracking under the strain. It is too personal. Carmen lifted her head
off of Terry s shoulder and began to wipe her tear-streaked face in an
effort to calm herself down.

Carmen, I know we ve only known each other for few days, but I feel as
though we ve known each other for much longer than that, Terry began in a
reassuring tone. I would like to be your friend and I hope you can trust
me enough to feel free to talk to me about anything. I just don t like to
see people in pain.

Carmen looked into Terry s soothing eyes and immediately gave in to her
honesty. You are such a sweet girl, said Carmen with a smile forming on
her lips. I have grown to like you very much, too in this short time.
Carmen stood up and took a few steps before she turned around and faced

It was obvious that whatever was bothering the older woman was very
difficult to discuss for her and she was having some trouble opening up to
her new friend. Take your time Carmen, it s okay I won t embarrass you,
soothed Terry.

This is just, well, very embarrassing for me to talk about, managed
Carmen as she slowly walked back to Terry and sat beside her. I have a
condition that is somewhat unusual I think, and it is not always a problem.
Unfortunately sometimes, like now, it can be when I can t perform my
therapy. Carmen looked into Terry s eyes and could see the genuine
concern on her face. My breasts, you see, lactate and I must constantly
relieve them of their milk or else they become too uncomfortable. I have a
pump that I use quite often and that works most of the time, but it has
broken and I don t have any way to release the pressure. Do you see?
Carmen then pulled open the top of her robe exposing her huge tits to

Terry was shocked by what Carmen was telling her even though she was fully
aware of the therapy sessions considering she had been witnessing them
first-hand for the past few days. She was somewhat relieved to hear the
simple explanation for Carmen s behavior, but at the same time she found
herself even more confused than ever regarding her reaction to what Carmen
considers a serious problem. What she wasn t prepared for was to be so
close to Carmen s now bared breasts as her eyes instinctively fell upon the
beautiful globes. They were standing out so firm and were being held up by
the daintiest of half-bras that left the over-sized nipples fully exposed.
Terry could see just how swollen the huge nipples were and noticed that
both tips were moist with what was obviously Carmen s breast milk.

Carmen could see the change in Terry s facial expression as her tits were
exposed. She knew what affect they could have on a person, male or female,
and Terry was not immune. She pulled the robe off and let it fall off of
her shoulders fully exposing her upper body. Do you see how swollen they
get when they are full? They swell up so much that I can t even wear a
normal bra because it irritates my poor nipples so much, continued Carmen
as she allowed her voice to tremble slightly. Very soon they will get so
full that my nipples will begin to leak uncontrollably and it will be
impossible for me to do anything about it. With that Carmen raised both
of her hands to her tits and gently cupped them for Terry as she thrust her
chest out slightly.

Terry s jaw nearly hit the bed as she watched entranced at Carmen s lovely
breasts as she squeezed the soft flesh and several drops of milk appeared
from both turgid nipples and ran down her smooth skin. She did not know
what was coming over her, but she was frozen completely hypnotized by the
huge brown orbs only a foot or so in front of her.

Without the pump I have no way to relieve the pressure, continued Carmen
as she softly squeezed her engorged tits in front of Terry. I won t be
able to get it fixed for several days either because I must send it away to
the U.S. No one locally can fix it I m afraid.

Terry finally managed to gain control over her vocal cords as she struggled
to maintain some sense of normalcy in spite of her increased breathing and
arousal. What have you done in the past when this has happened?
stammered Terry attempting to be professional.

I have asked Rosa, or one of my other daughters, to help me, explained
Carmen matter-of-factly.

Terry s eyes finally managed to rise up to meet Carmen s as she pondered
what she just heard. What would they do? How would they help you? asked

No, I couldn t ask you to do that for me. It would not be proper I m
sure, said Carmen leading Terry on further.

Please, Carmen, if there is something that I could do that would possibly
help you tell me what it is, demanded Terry innocently.

I would have them nurse from my breasts and expel the milk that way,
revealed Carmen in a hushed voice seemingly embarrassed at the thought.

Terry s eyes widened as she realized what Carmen had said. She could feel
her stomach getting weaker as the familiar butterflies began to dance with
her building excitement. What was she thinking? Did she really want to
nurse from Carmen s breasts? How could she even consider such a thing?!
Her mind was spinning wildly out of control as she tried to reason herself
into believing that it was okay to nurse from another woman s breasts
even if it was for such a medicinal purpose. I, uh, I don t know…
Terry stuttered nervously.

I would not want you to do something that you really do not feel
comfortable doing, calmed Carmen as she sat up taller and pushed her tits
out even further. She was slowly massaging her swollen tits and she would
occasionally pinch her engorged nipples causing her milk to drool over her
slender fingers.

Terry s eyes lowered again to watch the lewd display in front of her as she
began to question what she should do. Although she knew that it was wrong
she felt an over-powering urge to lean over and put her lips over Carmen s
extended nipple and drink her milk. She knew that she was fascinated by
Carmen s beautiful breasts, but she just didn t know how to allow herself
to continue with her growing obsession with them. Surprising herself more
than anything she heard her voice say, What would you like me to do?

Carmen smiled broadly as she realized that Terry had completely fallen
under her spell. Oh, thank you Terry. You are truly a wonderful friend
to do this for me, Carmen beamed happily. Carmen then turned and crawled
up to the top of the bed and propped herself up against the headboard. She
then pulled her robe off entirely and then unclasped her bra and tossed it
off to the side. Why don t you come up here where you can be more
comfortable, hmmm?

Terry just limply followed Carmen s instructions and crawled up beside her
unsure of what she was supposed to do next. She just stared at Carmen s
now full exposed breasts as they slowly undulated with each breath. They
were so large and firm she was thoroughly amazed at how high they sat up on
the older woman s chest. They only sagged slightly when she removed the
half-bra, but she was sure that being so full of milk had something to do
with their incredible shape.

Carmen patted her lap and said, Why don t you lay across my lap and just
relax. Terry lowered herself and stretched across Carmen s lap as
instructed until her face was directly below the enormous breasts that have
been hypnotizing her for so long. Carmen cupped Terry s head with one hand
and lifted it slightly while at the same time she held her left breast out
with her other hand. Just put your mouth over my nipple and just do what
comes naturally to you. She then pulled Terry s limp head to her extended
nipple and watched as Terry involuntarily opened her mouth in anticipation
of what was about to happen. Carmen placed Terry s mouth onto her nipple
and was delighted to see Terry s lips almost immediately surround the
turgid nub and proceed to suck the flesh into her warm mouth.

Terry was lost in her own world now as she instinctively began to suck on
Carmen s hot flesh. She knew nothing else at that point other than how
natural and good she felt nursing from Carmen s breast. She felt another
rush of excitement as she tasted the first rush of Carmen s breast milk as
it splashed onto her tongue. It tasted wonderful, she thought, as it began
to flow more freely as her nursing became more insistent.

That s good, my sweet, purred Carmen as she watched at the young girl
take to her breast just as she d hoped she would. Make my breast feel

Terry continued to increase her suction on the incredible flesh as she was
over-taken by her desire to empty Carmen s huge breasts of all their milk.
She didn t even realize that she was moaning as much as she was because her
entire attention was riveted to drinking as much of Carmen s milk as she

Carmen s own excitement was building over the wonderful sensations that
Terry was producing in her overly sensitive nipple and she too allowed
herself to moan openly with her arousal. Her plan to get Terry to suck on
her tits worked better than even she had envisioned. After about ten
minutes Carmen reluctantly pulled her nipple from Terry s mouth with a loud
popping sound. Her nipple had extended at least 11/2 off of her equally
swollen areola and a long strand of saliva still connected Terry s moist
lips to the pulsing nub. Please nurse on my other breast now. It is so

Terry stared with glazed-over eyes at the long nipple she had just been
sucking on and was amazed at how puffed-up it had become. She looked at
Carmen s other nipple and saw the difference and couldn t believe that she
had caused such a reaction. She didn t even realize how hard she had been
nursing on it. She just knew that she was enjoying it very much and didn t
hesitate to attach her lips to Carmen s right nipple when she offered it to
her waiting mouth. Terry immediately began to suck hard on the wonderful
nub and was rewarded with another rush of delicious breast milk from the
swollen globe.

Carmen looked down at Terry s robe and noticed that it had fallen open
exposing her bra-clad breasts. They were beautiful, she thought, as she
lowered her fingertip to lightly trace the outline of her sensitive areola
through the lacy fabric. She was encouraged to continue when she heard
Terry s muffled whimpers of approval in her own chest and saw Terry s
nipple stiffen and push into the thin fabric as it extended off of her
swelling tit. Yes, Terry was definitely aroused by the whole scene and she
was more than willing to add just a little more pleasure to the young
woman s already over-loaded senses. Carmen continued to graze and scratch
at Terry s pointed nipple with hard tips of her fingernails. Terry s
nipple was reacting to the treatment like it would burst through the thin
material holding it back at any moment. Carmen was amazed at how tall it
was standing off of Terry s areola and how stiff it was to her touch. It
must ve grown to over an inch in just a few moments and it was still
stretching the lace even further as she now proceeded to pinch the hard nub
with her sharp fingernails.

Terry was oblivious to what Carmen was doing to her inflamed nipple. She
only knew that her sexual arousal was building beyond anything that she had
ever experienced before and she was in position to stop it. She was
totally infatuated with her task of nursing from Carmen s breast that she
completely ignored everything else around her.

Carmen was now pinching Terry s nipple so tightly that she began to pull up
on the flesh and stretched it beyond anything that it had ever experienced.
She was pulling on it so hard that she actually felt Terry s chest rise up
slightly from the tension and another series of whimpers resonated through
her breast as Terry pressed her face into her chest even further.

Carmen continued to pull and stretch Terry s nipple in her rough milking
action for another five minutes until she felt her right breast completely
drain of her milk. Although she wanted to continue with her play with the
young girl s excited nipple she wanted to leave Terry in a heightened state
of arousal for the rest of the night so she could continue with her little
seduction the next morning. She knew Terry was submissive enough to be
controlled, but she wanted the young girl to submit through her own desires
and needs. The complete process would take a week or so, but it would be
well worth the wait she knew.

Carmen pulled her nipple away from Terry s lips and released her head
allowing her to lay back fully across her lap. Terry s eyes were half open
as she looked up at Carmen s abused nipples and saw how swollen and
extended they had become from her nursing.

You did a wonderful job, Terry, thank you, praised Carmen. I m not sure
what I would ve done if you hadn t offered to help. I m truly grateful.

Terry s mind was slowly beginning to clear as she stared into Carmen s eyes
and heard her voice. She slowly regained her strength and lifted herself
up and moved to the edge of the bed as she attempted to compose herself.
I m glad I could help, Carmen, think nothing of it, she stammered
nervously as the thought of how exciting of an experience it had been for
her. She was not prepared for that at all. I better go to bed now.
With that she stood up on wobbly legs and made her way to the door
completely unaware at how disheveled she appeared as her robe was now
almost completely undone.

Goodnight sweetie, said Carmen in her best motherly voice.

Goodnight, answered Terry as she left the room in a dazed state. She got
back to her room and fell back onto her bed and just breathed deeply as the
recent events played back in her mind. Why had she gotten so excited
nursing from Carmen s breast? She was performing a purely the****utic
procedure that she was sure Carmen did not receive any real pleasure from.
Was she really attracted to women? She kept going over the confusing
emotions she would experience every time she was around both Carmen and
Rosa. She just believed it was due to her own lack of sexual experience
and now all of a sudden her hormones were reeling out of control at the
slightest touch from anyone. She would have to get a grip on herself or
else she was going to get into some terribly embarrassing situations with
her new friends if she wasn t careful. Do they realize what has been
happening to her and what effects they ve been having in her? Surely not
or else they would ve said something by now. What they think of her if
they only knew! She drifted off to sleep with those horrible thoughts
reliving themselves in her mind again.

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