Visiting a colleague and his wife

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Visiting a colleague and his wife

I m 28 and since a few months I work for a German company trading in building materials. My job is to sell their products on the Dutch market.

Soon after I started working for this company I became good friends with Gert my German colleague. Although he is 12 years older, we seem to share a lot of thought and we work very well together. Gert is a typical commercial man. Well-groomed, smooth talk and always open to suggestions to make it even crazier. Within the company, he is the head of commercial business in Europe.

After we were together three days at a construction fair in Duisburg for the company. During these days we talked a lot about women, and sex. One of the advantages of a fair like this is the large amount of attractive women. It turned out that we both fell for the same type, tall, not to skinny and if possible “more than a handful of the blouse” as we called it, big breasts. What appealed to us both were women in suits, tight blouses and pantyhoses, preferably stockings with suspenders. We came to the conclusion that the saying Great minds think a like had to be true.

I knew he was married to Katya, a woman in her late 40 he had met in East Germany. He had shown me several pictures, like Gert she too long. He told me that Katya was a former model was in the former East Germany, and now coordinated charitable projects of the German government in West Africa.

Gert suggested that I would be his guest during the weekend at his home in Dusseldorf.
I had no plans for the weekend I agreed. It was Friday afternoon when we drove to his house. He had already Katya know that I would be their guest on weekends.

We stopped in front of his house, a renovated old farmhouse. The door opened and an impressive woman was standing in the doorway. With her high heels she was much taller than I expected. Tight black jeans showed the shape of her long legs and fell perfectly over her hips. A red lace shirt with a black bra underneath left to guess little to me about the size of her breasts. Her long black wavy hair fell over her shoulders, her red lips formed a smile that welcomed me into their home.

It was sweltering hot and we sat down behind the house on a terrace.
Honey? Will Sandra come home tonight? Gert asked. Sandra was the 16-year-old daughter of Katya, and the stepdaughter of Gert.
No, she will sleep tonight with her friend, she will come tomorrow at the end of the afternoon .
I sat down and Katya pulled out a bottle of wine. As if hypnotized, I could not take my eyes off her and followed her every move.

The wine was delicious, a wood-mounted Chardonnay. We talked about the fair, and what to do with our leads. Katya served a few small snacks and then sat next to her husband.

Katya and Gert sat on a large comfortable sofa and I sat in a large armchair. From the terrace you could look across the fields to a forest. Gert told me there regularly seen wild boar and deer on the field. Gradually I began to feel the influence of the wine. We had skipped lunch to avoid the traffic jams. I noticed that I was a little tipsy, but it felt wonderful.
Katya stood up, Honey if you do not mind I d like to swim before I start dinner.

Fine said Gert, I ll show Paul his room and then he can off his suit, I give him a shirt and shorts from me . We stood up and I followed both the bedrooms where I was given a spacious room. Gert gave me some shorts, a polo shirt and two towels. I ll meet you downstairs” he said to me.

I walked into the bathroom, took off my clothes and was about to step into the shower when the bathroom door opened. Katya stood there wearing a white bikini with a thin cloth around her hips. I did not even have time to grab my towel and I saw her eyes go over my body. A smile came to her full red lips as she looked at my little longer, now semi-hard cock,.

Paul? If you need anything else just ask me”. She looked at me and looked again at my cock.. She turned around and I saw she was wearing a string so that her beautiful ass were visible beneath the thin cloth..

I turned the shower knob open and let the refreshing water cool my body. I washed the sweat of me and turned off the tap. Dressed in shorts and polo shirt I walked down to the terrace, where Gert was only in shorts. He looked good. I looked at the pool and saw Katya swimming.

Ah, there you are, you also want to cool off in our swimming pool? You can just keep your shorts, I ll get you a new one. Or, of course, you can take it off and go naked, after all you are here among friend. He stood up, took off his swimming trunks, paused. Smiled and walked into the water and jumped in. Ah, I thought to myself, what can happen. I pulled down my shorts and my shirt off, walked to the pool and saw both look at me .. Come on Paul, jump in Katya cried.

I dove into the water and it felt wonderful. I had often swam naked and found it actually enjoyable. I emerged and I saw Gert in a close embrace with Katya. Her breasts were barely concealed by white bikini top. Her hard red nipples clearly sticking out. Gert and Katya were engaged in an intense kiss.

I swam to the side and watched them. My cock grew. I saw Gert held his hands under the water and he lifted her up. Katya wrapped her long legs around Gert and he had his hands on her ass, then I saw their movement. As I watched he fucked his wife. Exciting to see it and I began to rub my cock..

Katya looked in my direction and stretched her arm toward me, her lips formed the word … come .. I walked in their direction, Gert looked not me Katya even more. Touch me Paul, she moaned. I stood next to them and touched her big tits. I squeezed her nipples and she moaned. Suddenly I felt a hand between my legs, it was Gert who took my hard cock in his hand. Katya with her hand kneaded my ass and I felt her finger in my asshole.

This was the first time a man touched me there. I let it happen. His hand holding my cock firmly and he moved his hand in the rhythm with which he fucked his wife. Katya s hand went from my ass to the front. I went closer to them. When Katya took my cock in her hand she looked at me with wide eyes, Paul …. Wow … I m glad you re not hiding this tasty cock from us. I could feel the hand of Gert moving to my ass and his finger was going to my tight asshole. When his finger touched my asshole he pressed his finger until he had part of his finger in my ass.

I groaned when the finger went inside. It was a little painful, but I enjoyed it. Katya s large breasts now hung out of her top and she held my hard cock tightly. Gert began to moan and started to move faster. Katya let go of my cockand kissed Gert and at that moment Gert moaning loudly and he squirted his sperm in his wife’pussy. Katya smiled at him, I love you said Gert to his wife. Then Katya turned to me. Fuck me with your big cock Paul. I looked at Gert, he just smiled and said Paul, you ahve a great cock, please fill her i twill make her and me happy`.

Katya turned her back to me. I was looking at her hot ass in front of me and Gert came and stood beside me. His hand went under the water, grabbed my hard cock and guided my cock between her legs. He pressed my cock between her pussy lips and I pusched it inside her tight pussy.

I grabbed her hips and pushed my hard cock all the way inside her. Katya moaned it out … Yeah ….. I am a slut..Paul Fuck me i m a whore … .. Fuck me fuck me hard.
Gert stood behind me and stroked my ass and soon his finger found the opening of my asshole and he pushed his finger inside my ass and started to finger me.

I moaned loudly as he began fingering me. I felt that Katya put a hand to her clit and began fingering her clit while I fucked his beautiful wife. Her big breasts went back and forth. She looked at me What a wonderful cock you have, do you know Paul, you re going to fuck me all night, you may do with me what you want, give me your cock fill me with your cock, your sperm, I m your whore . At that moment Katya reached her orgasm and she moand very loud and i saw how her perfect body reacted to her orgasm.

Katya turned and faced me, placed her arms around my neck. I felt her hard nipples against my chest. She moved her legs around my waist and helped to get my cock inside her hot pussy and she started to fuck me as I had never experienced.

Gert sat on the sideof the pool and started to jerk off his half hard cock. Katya looked at me … Come on Paul, come, fill me, fill your whore She turned away her eyes and she had an other orgasm. I lcould not stop it any more and shot my load of sperm deep inside her and we both moand loud. I filled her tight pussy with my cum.

Katya kissed me on my cheeks … wow … Paul wow… so hot she slipped away from me, turned to her husband and began to suck his almost hard cock.
I watched and saw how her mouth and tongue licked and sucked his cock until it was all hard again. For a moment she stopped, looked at me, come Paul, help me. And she rubbed her husbands cock, inviting me to have a taste of his cock.

This is just the start of a great weekend, in another story I ll tell more about it.

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