Welcome home

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Welcome home
I had graduated college and moved in with my parents after being gone for several years. I was only going to stay until I found a place of my own. Even before I graduated I had a job secured in my hometown, this is why I ended up moving back with my parents. They had a large home and often had big parties. Of course, since I had graduated and found a job, they found that a reason to have another party. I invited some of my old friends from my c***dhood, but none of my college friends could come.
I had seen a girl pretty steady for the last year in college, but she did not want to move to my hometown so our relationship was slowly falling apart. I missed her a lot, but I missed not having sex daily much more.

The party was on a Saturday afternoon. Normally my parent s parties lasted long into the night with lots of alcohol being consumed. Since I was in my mid-20s, they did not control what I was drinking. Most of my parents friends came to this party and it was lively and lots of fun. One of my female friends from High School came and we sat and talked for over an hour. She was in the same spot as I was, her boyfriend did not want to move to our town. Tina, was her name and we had been good friends while in High School. We never dated and looking at her now I was questioning why I never had a crush on her. It was dark outside and getting late, people was partying hard around us and I was trying to find a reason to get Tina to my room. Since most of the people at this party was my parents friends, nobody notice when Tina and I went into my room and closed the door. We started to make out on my bed. We were kissing and Tina started to get pretty excited. When I got my hands under her top and felt her tight little tits in my hands, she started to pull back. She sat up and said that she was still in a relationship with her boyfriend, even if she thought it would end soon she did not want to cheat on him.
She said she was sorry and left me with a huge hard on and balls boiling with excitement. I wanted and needed release.
Since the party pretty much sucked now, I decided to pull out my cock and give myself some pleasure before going back out to the party.

I laid back on the bed with my pants down by my ankles and started to slowly stroke my cock. It felt so good to have my hands run up and down my shaft. I have a good size cock and my head is large. I love feeling my hands going up the whole length of my cock and then run my palm over my head and feel the pleasure. I like to take my time and let my mind play some sexy fantasies while getting harder and harder. The noise from the party was not helping me, so I reached out and put on my headphones and put some music on that I like instead of listening to my parent s music.
I was soon back stroking my big hard cock and thinking about a girl from college that I had wanted to fuck more than my own girlfriend, but she never had let me get in her pants.
I was getting closer and closer.
Suddenly I jumped when I felt a hand over my hand as I stopped stroking. I opened my eyes, but it was dark in my room and I could only see a woman s back sitting next to me. She lifted my hand off my cock and replaced it with her own. She started to stroke my cock and then took me in her mouth. She kept stroking me with a firm grip as her mouth sucked me like no other woman had ever sucked my cock. I moaned in total pleasure and removed my headphones. I told her to go slow, because I was not going to hold back much longer. She grunted something as an answer, but I could not make sense of it since she had her mouth full of my cock. I reached out and touched her back, without letting go of my cock, she lifted her ass of the bed and got on her knees next to me with her ass pointing at me. I ran my hand over her butt and down to her thigh. She spread her legs apart so that I could touch her inner thigh. I ran my hand back up along the inside of her thigh and found a bare pussy. My fingers found a very wet pussy without probing. Her skin was soft and warm, her pussy felt very tight when I started to push a couple of fingers into her. I could feel her body react to my probing and her mouth suck even harder.
I called out and warned her that I was going to cum, then without much delay I exploded in a epic orgasm. I started to pump out big globs of sperm. This woman never stopped sucking, she must be swallowing all my cum as I felt the superb suction never letting up. My orgasm was so strong that I almost started to cry. I had never cum this strong before.
Without thinking about it, I kept playing with her clit and putting my two fingers into her wet hole. I felt her shudder and she must be cuming with me. My hand got even more wet and I could see her toes curl up tight.
When my orgasm started to ebb out, I started to relax and I felt her grip on my cock loosen a little bit. She let her mouth off my cock, but kept working her hand up and down my shaft. I had got a little bit soft, but was still fully erected.

My cock sucking lady turned around so I could see how it was. Mrs. Cassidy! She was a 30 something that was married to one of my parents best friends. Mr Cassidy was a older man in his 60s. His wife was only half his age and she was a very good looking woman. I had always admired her big chest and nice wide big ass. She was a fairly petite lady, but had a good ass. To be honest, I had masturbated with her in mind many times when I reached puberty. Never in my life could I have imagine that she would suck me dry one day!

She leaned in and kissed me. Mrs. Cassidy spoke in a soft voice that this was amazing. Still holding my cock in her hand, she straddle my body and aimed my still hard cock to her pussy. She looked at me while rubbing my cock in her wetness and over her clit. She asked if this was OK? Without getting an answer she placed my big cock, that had got rock hard again, at her opening and started to lower herself onto my cock. Soon she was having her hands on my chest as she rode my cock with long slow strokes. I reached up and freed her big tits. They looked better than I ever had imagined.
This woman was one horny woman and after only a couple of minutes she reach orgasm again. As she was cuming, she called out that is was so fucking good to feel a big HARD cock in her pussy! It did not take long for me to start cumming again. I called out that I was cumming to give her a chance to get off my cock before I spurted my fertile sperm into her womb. When she heard that I was cuming, she sank down and got my cock as deep as she possibly could into her tight pussy. She rocked slowly on my cock as I pumped out my sperm into her wonderful body!

When she was done and I started to get soft, she laid down on my chest and told me that we had to keep this a secret, but I could be sure that I would fuck her many more times in the near future.
We cuddled for a bit until I started to get hard again. Mrs. Cassidy, said that she had to get back to the party before anyone missed her. She assured me that I would fuck her this week again. She told me that Mr Cassidy was going on a business trip on Tuesday and be gone for a couple of night, so she invited me to come over to their house to fuck her all night, every night he was gone.

That was the start on our love affair. It has lasted until this day. Even when I dated other women, I would sneak over to her house when Mr Cassidy was out. That was pretty much every week!

After about three months after we started to fuck, Mrs Cassidy finally got pregnant. Mr and Mrs Cassidy had tried for years without any success. Now Mr Cassidy was proud to announce that he was going to be father! Lucky man to be a father at his age!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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