Wife takes Charge Cum Eating

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Wife takes Charge Cum Eating
A few months ago, my wife, Kara mentioned she had read an article in a magazine concerning fantasies. She said she was a little surprised to read that men were more likely to withhold their fantasies from their partner than women were.

Kara asked, Have you any fantasies that you are not telling me? Anything you are keeping to yourself because you might be embarrassed to reveal it to me? Something you might think is too weird?

After a moments thought, I replied, I am not sure this counts as a fantasy. But one thing I have thought about is going down on you after we have had sex. It is called eating a cream pie and from what I can tell, it is a fairly common thought among men. From things I have read, there are two main things that hold most men back from fulfilling this wish. One is that they are afraid eating cum will make them appear gay, to both their mates and themselves. Strange how we think, the desire to do it is okay, but if we actually do it, it makes us gay.

Kara asked, What is the other thing?

Well, it seems that once men come, they lose all desire to eat their cum. Right up to the moment of orgasm, it seems like a good idea and they are convinced they will do it. But once they cum, there are very few guys that are able to do it.

Which reason is the one that keeps you from doing it? , Kara asked.

Some of both, but more of the latter. , I said. It is amazing how quickly an idea can go from good to bad.

Kara frowned and said, I am a little confused by your thinking. Is eating a cream pie something you desire to do or not? You seem to want to do it but then again not. What is your true feeling?

You are right, it is confusing even to me. , I responded. Deep down, I really do want to try it, but I know that I will never be able to bring myself to do it. So I guess it will just remain an unfulfilled fantasy.

She said, So, if I understand you, it is something you would love to do, but you are unable to make yourself do it.

I said, Exactly, if I could I would.

Kara said, Too bad, sounds like something I might enjoy as well.

That seemed like the end of it. There was no more mention of cream pies.

A couple weeks later on a Friday, I got a call at work from Kara. After some small talk, she asked, Feel like getting a little wild tonight?

Sure. , I said. What have you got in mind?

She laughed and said, You will just have to wait and see. But I will tell you, it is my night.

Although I didn t know what she had planned, that comment was a clue. From time to time, usually in conjunction with a special event, we call a night my night . Basically, meaning that the one that calls it is in control for that night. It always turns out to be a pretty good time for both.

When I got home, Kara was dressed up to go out. She was wearing a short black skirt and a low cut top that showed a lot of cleavage. Her makeup was perfect. Needless to say, she looked hot. Go shower and get ready, we have reservations at George s for seven. I ll lay out your clothes for you.

After I showered, I returned to the bedroom. Kara had laid some clothes on the bed for me. I stopped short when I noticed that instead of a pair of boxers, she had placed a pair of panties on top of my jeans. The yellow panties were very sheer and felt silky in my hands. She wanted me to wear these? I was about to call out to her when I realized that she would not have put them out by mistake. She must indeed want me to wear them. With a shrug, I started to get dressed. I decided I would not mention the panties, I would let her bring them up.

Kara didn t say anything about them as we drove to the restaurant. We ordered our meal as we had some wine. As we ate our appetizer, Kara looked at me and asked, So, how do they feel?

With a grin, I replied, Actually, they feel pretty nice. What made you decide to lay them out for me to wear?

Smiling back, she said, Well, I thought one of us should wear panties tonight. And since I am not, that only left you.

A little shocked, I said, You re not wearing panties?

Nope. , she replied. And just so you know, every time our cute waiter comes to the table, I reach down and finger my slit while he is standing there.

The thought of her sitting there in that short skirt and no panties, playing with herself was all I could think about through the rest of the meal. Every time Marc would come over, I knew Kara was rubbing her pussy. I wondered if any of the other patrons were able to see anything from where they sat. I looked around the room and didn t see anyone staring our way. I guess the tablecloth kept her concealed. I became more aware of the sensation of the panties rubbing against my cock. From time to time, Kara would reach over and run her hand over my crotch, keeping me semi hard. We finally finished dinner and left the restaurant. If any one had looked closely, I know they would have been able to see the bulge in my jeans.

Two blocks from the restaurant, Kara told me to pull into the parking lot of a grocery store. Park there. , she instructed, pointing to a spot three cars back from the entrance. When I had parked, she turned to me in the seat and said, Take off all your clothes except the panties.

I glanced out the window and saw people walking to and from the store. I grimaced as I said, Here? What if the people from the car next to us return?

Kara smiled, Well, the longer we sit here, the more likely that is to happen. So, you will probably want to be quick about it. I looked around to be sure there wasn t anyone close by and quickly began to undress. When I was down to just the panties, Kara took my clothes, leaned into the back seat and slid them through the pass through into the trunk.

With a grin, she said, Okay, we can go home now, but take the long way. As I backed out, she said, Drive carefully, I don t think you would want to get pulled over.

Thankfully, it was late summer and still rather warm. I was hoping the sight of a shirtless guy driving on the interstate would not seem too out of place. I noticed a few people glancing at me as they passed but nobody seemed overly shocked. If they knew I was only wearing a pair of yellow panties, their reaction would have been much different.

As I drove, Kara slid down a little in her seat. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her slip her hand under her dress. A slight moan escaped her lips as she began to gently rub herself. I kept glancing over to watch her playing with herself. Eyes on the road, buster. , she said. It was hard for me to concentrate on driving, knowing she was fingering her slit. From time to time, she would reach over and drag her nails over my cock. This kept me good and erect, my dick straining against the smooth cloth encasing it.

Damn, I am so wet. , Kara said. She pulled her hand out and held it out to me. Here, have a taste. Kara placed her finger in my mouth and I licked her juice off of it.

She laughed and said, You will get more when we get home, panty boy.

We arrived home without incident. I pulled into the garage and hit the button to lower the door. Leave it open. , Kara said. I hit the button again to raise the door. I got ready to make a dash into the house.

As Kara opened her door, she said, Don t forget to get your clothes out of the trunk.

I asked, With the door open?

Kara grinned, Yep.

We live in a subdivision with quite a few homes. The three houses I could see from where I stood all had lights on inside. I wondered if any of our neighbors just happened to be looking out a window. With the door open and the overhead light on, I knew they would be able to plainly see me as I retrieved my clothes. Hitting the trunk release, I got out of the car and quickly moved to the trunk. Since my clothes ended up in the very front, I had to bend way forward to reach them. With my back to the street, I imagined our neighbors eyes watching me.

Kara must have sensed what I was thinking. She said, I wonder if anyone is looking out their window. Boy, they would get an eyeful, wouldn t they? She turned and entered the house as I followed.

As I dropped my clothes on top of the dryer, Kara told me to open a bottle of wine and meet her in the bedroom. She was in the bathroom when I entered and she yelled for me to pour us some wine while she changed. When she returned to the bedroom, she was wearing a red teddy set. Her breasts and trimmed pussy were clearly visible though the sheer fabric.

Kara said, You have done well so far but we are just getting started. I have a lot more planned for tonight. Take off your panties and come with me.

I pull the panties off and followed her into the bathroom. Stand in the tub. , she said. As I climbed in, Kara got the trimmer from the cabinet. Hold still.

Sitting on the edge of the tub, she began to cut off my pubic hair. I watched as hair fell into a pile on the bathtub floor. She was very thorough, completely shaving the area above my dick. She then went on to trim the hair off my balls and cock. It looked so strange to not have any hair around my crotch.

You may now put your panties back on. , she told me. I returned to the bedroom and slipped them on.

Kara went to her closet as she said, Lie down and get comfortable. On your back.

As I got onto the bed, Kara returned holding some ropes. Grabbing an ankle, she pulled it to the side and tied it to the bedpost. Then, she did the same with the other. Instead of binding my wrists to the headboard, she had me place them at my side. She looped the rope around my wrists and tied them to same posts as my ankles. She smiled as she said, My, you seem to be excited, look at that big wet spot on your panties. Glancing down, I saw the dark circle my pre come had made as it had seeped from my cock.

Sitting next to me on the bed, Kara asked if I was enjoying the evening so far. I said, Yeah, I have been hard ever since you had me put these on. I actually like how they feel. The suspense of not know what will happen next is pretty damn hot, too.

Gently running her fingernails against my shaft and over my balls, she said, I am glad you are enjoying yourself so far. I don t know if you are going to feel the same about the rest of the night.

Reaching into the nightstand, Kara grabbed a pair of scissors. I am going to have to cut your panties, but don t worry, we will get some more for you.

Kara carefully cut a slit in the front and pulled my cock and balls through it. With a laugh, she said, Now you have a pair of crotch less panties. Bending over, she began to lick my shaft as she cupped my nuts. I moaned as she took me in her mouth, running her tongue around the end of my dick.

Kara said, I love the look of your clean shaven cock and balls sticking out the front of your panties. She continued to tease me with her hands and tongue. Don t you dare come yet, I wouldn t want you to spoil my plans.

After a few minutes, she said, I believe I promised you some pussy. Kara knelt over my face and slowly lowered her slit onto my mouth as I began to lap at her wet hole. Give me a good licking, I know you like to tongue me, make me come on your face.

She gasped as I found her clit. She ground her pussy against my mouth as I flicked my tongue into her. You are such a good pussy licker, stick that tongue deep into me. Pressing against my mouth harder, I knew she was on the way to an orgasm. She moaned as she came, her juice slicking up my face. Rolling off me, she said, Are you ready to fuck me? Do you want me to ride your cock until you dump your come deep inside me? Want to see your bald cock sliding into my hot wet pussy?

I replied, Yeah, fuck me. Slip your wet pussy down onto me. I want to feel your hot pussy on my cock.

Kara straddled me and held my dick against her pussy. I felt her warmth as the head slipped into her hole. She sat down onto me and I was buried inside her. Without moving, she just sat there. She looked into my eyes and said, There is a reason that I tied you to the bed. Remember when we were talking a while ago about cream pies? Remember how you said you wanted to do it, but never could?

Kara began to slowly ride up and down on my cock.

Tonight, I am going to help you. I plan on riding you until you come. I am then going to spread my come filled pussy over your face and have you lick me clean. I figure you have quite a load stored up from all the teasing I have done tonight, so there should be plenty of hot come for you to taste. This was what I meant when I said you might not enjoy the rest of the night. Tonight, you are going to eat a cream pie.

Kara began moving faster on my prick. Reaching behind her, she rubbed my balls as she fucked me. Do you want a nice hot cream pie? Do you want to lick your fresh hot come from my pussy?

I moaned, Like I said before, right now it sounds great. I feel I could do it. But after I come, I know I will lose all desire.

Kara smiled, Fear not, you will not need desire. This is not something you have a choice in anymore, you will be doing it in just a few minutes. I want you to come for me, fill me up with your cream. You can try not to, but you know I can make you come. So just enjoy.

She was rapidly moving up and down on me. I could feel the pressure starting to build in my balls and knew orgasm was not far away. Kara said, Are you ready to come?

I moaned, Close, real close.

Kara demanded, Do it. Come deep inside my hot wet pussy. Fill me with your come.

So many thoughts were running through my mind as I got closer to coming. I tried holding off my orgasm, knowing as soon as I came, I would be tasting my come for the first time. And I knew I would not be wanting to after I came. But the feel of her wet pussy sliding on my cock made me realize there was no way I would be able to not come.

I groaned, Oh, shit. , as I felt the first spurt shoot from the end of my cock, followed by more spasms as I dumped my come into her.

Kara screamed, Fuck yeah. Fill me with your hot juice, coat my pussy with your come.

As I finished spraying into her, Kara slowed her thrusts until she again sat motionless on my prick. Looking into my eyes, she reached down with her hand and held her pussy closed as she raised off of my cock. As she moved up toward my face, she said, Are you ready for this? Ready to eat a steaming hot cream pie?

My eyes were on her crotch as she placed a leg on either side of my head, straddling my face. A few globs of white fluid dotted the area around her clenched fingers.

I could smell the combined aroma of her pussy and my come. Looking up, I saw her hand against her pussy, holding back the flood of come I knew would be released when she moved her hand. Open wide. , Kara said when she had her slit aligned with my mouth. She removed her hand and dropped onto my face. She did it so quickly I didn t get my mouth opened in time. The first gush of come fell onto my lips and chin. Kara began to grind her pussy against my face, spreading the come from my chin to my nose. Opening my mouth, I felt my tongue getting coated with more come as it was expelled from her hole. A sense of relief washed over me as I realized I was finally doing what I had tried to do so often in the past, eating my come from a pussy. I never realized how much come was shot during an orgasm. It continued to seep from Kara s slit as I lapped it up.

Swallow it down, eat it all up. , Kara cried as she rubbed her pussy all over my face. I did in fact have to swallow as the come in my mouth slid to the back of my throat.

Kara was enjoying what she was forcing me to do. She continued to grind against my face as she said, Get it all, I want you to clean every drop of your juice from my pussy. Lick up all that thick cream you just shot. Suck it all up, panty boy.

Kara soon had another orgasm as I lapped my come from her well fucked pussy.

Kara crawled off my face and looked down at me. She smiled as she said, Now, that wasn t so bad, was it? She giggled and said, Wow, your face is coated with your come, I don t know how long it is going to take you to get it cleaned out of your moustache.

I could only imagine how I looked. I could feel the wetness on my face and smell come with every breath I took. The acrid taste of my come remained in my mouth.

Kara asked, So, how was it? As bad as you thought?

I sighed and replied, It wasn t all that bad, I am still trying to grasp the fact that I have actually just licked my come out of you and swallowed it. In a way, it still seems like a dream, even though I know it really happened.

Kara said, You aren t upset with me for making you eat your come, are you?

I looked at Kara and said, Of course not, when can we do it again .

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