Wildwood Cabins Spring Break pt.1 (loyalsock)

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Wildwood Cabins Spring Break pt.1 (loyalsock)
It was a long winter for Dennis and Kim Cashman. Stuck in their Midwestern, upper middle class home while snow fell all around them, they could only dream of vacations and relaxation. Work d**g on, sometimes complicated by treacherous drives over icy roads.

Their daughter Erin, now nineteen and a college freshman, was in the Spring break mood. This was not unlike her normal weekend mood—hungry for alcohol and guys.

So it was with great anticipation that the Cashmans decided to return to the Wildwood Cabins Resort for the weekend. Their eventful first visit the previous Fall had convinced them they would return when the weather permitted.

The forecast was favorable and Erin packed with sunbathing in mind. A few sweatshirts for the cool evenings and mornings completed her wardrobe. In the master bedroom, Dennis and Kim discussed their plans while stuffing two suitcases full. Both of them already felt more relaxed, just preparing for the trip.

They weren t necessarily thrilled with taking Erin, hoping that by their early forties they would be able to spend more time alone. But they knew the tall, thin and attractive girl would be away from the cabin most of the weekend. What she would be doing concerned them only slightly. What they would be doing was much more pressing at the moment.

Meanwhile, John Marlin, owner of the Wildwood Cabins Resort, looked over the spreadsheet on his computer screen. Three cabins were rented this weekend. Not bad for the beginning of April. And there was always hope for walk-up business at the last moment. It was going to be a good year, he thought.

He hoped the recent addition of a small recreation center and pool would increase business. It better, he said to himself, when he considered the size of the loan he took out for the construction costs. And the additional personnel costs for maintenance.

It all seemed worthwhile when he visited the Resort s web site and saw the pictures of the pool area superimposed over shots of the cabins, surrounded by trees in glorious autumn color. Now all he needed were customers.

Dennis, Kim, Erin, and their luggage piled into the SUV and headed south. A bike on the roof would provide exercise for Dennis should he get tired of hiking over the weekend.

It would be a thirty-minute drive. Erin rode with headphones from an MP3 player over her long hair and Kim concentrated on a new book. The late afternoon sun shone bright and warm inside the car.

After checking in and renewing acquaintances with John Marlin, Dennis drove the SUV to the front of Cabin 1. Along the way, Kim and Erin commented favorably on the new rec center and pool. With temperatures expected to rise over the weekend, the water would be inviting.

The family unpacked, with Dennis and Kim occupying the single bedroom and Erin taking the loft overlooking the living room. With the kitchen basically sitting in a corner of the living room, the entire first floor was one big room with the exception of the bedroom and bath. For as much time as Erin planned on spending in the cabin, it didn t matter much to her.

A few minutes later, she asked for and received the keys to the SUV. With a simple, I ll be back later, she was out the door. Not that this bothered her parents. Kim was hanging clothes in the miniscule closet when she felt her husband s arms wrap around her waist.

Despite her 5 8 frame, Dennis towered over his wife. He was broad and muscular…and, at the moment, horny. His mouth found her ear and he nibbled lightly, knowing this excited her in spite of her protestations. By the time his hands had risen inside her sweatshirt to cover her breasts, Kim could feel the hardness of his cock against her ass.

Honey, we have all weekend, she sighed. Can t I even unpack?

Kim looked back over her shoulder and smiled.

Oh, all right, Dennis said. He removed his hand from under her sweatshirt and slapped her on the ass. She playfully swiped at his hand as he walked away.

They eventually got clothes put away before stocking the small refrigerator with a few supplies Kim had thrown in the car at the last second. She knew they could buy food in a nearby town, but also knew Erin and Dennis couldn t go an hour without snacking.

Soon, Dennis asked her if she wanted to go for a walk on the trail they had hiked during their last visit. Kim filled a water bottle and they headed out into the cool air. Quickly, the thick woods ate them up.

A few miles away, Erin was inside a convenience store pricing beer. She paid the k** behind the counter and began to leave. Using the reflection off the front window, she watched as his eyes followed her hourglass figure out the door. She liked them older–and bigger than she imagined he was. Nevertheless, she tried to put on a good show, walking with just a shade of wiggle in her ass.

Driving back into the resort, Erin noticed a car at the main office and, further down the drive, a car in front of Cabin 2. Things were picking up. She would have to investigate later.

Kim and Dennis had walked about fifteen minutes when they came to a break in the trees. A small clearing led to a steep drop-off, which overlooked a clear, blue lake. The couple walked through the clearing and slid hand-in-hand down the grassy embankment to the side of the lake.

They felt as if they had descended into a different time and space. The woods behind them were blocked from view and, across the lake, the trees seemed light years away. Dennis was warm from the hike and took off the light jacket he wore.

The couple sat next to each other on the grass, Kim holding her husband s hand. They talked about what they would do the next day, what trouble Erin would get into, and the quietness of their surroundings.

During a lull in the conversation, Kim looked over at Dennis, then down to his jeans. Her hand separated from his and slid between his legs.

You still horny? she asked softly. Her hand brushed along his thigh before reaching his crotch.

Very, he said. The light touch of her hand was all it took to bring back the throbbing he had felt earlier.

Kim pressed harder, feeling the outline of his cock under the thick material. She smiled at him and returned her glance to her hand. The bulge was more evident now and she traced it with her finger.

Eventually her hand moved to the button above his zipper. It easily came undone and she opened the front of Dennis jeans. Kim s hand slithered inside and instantly felt the hardness of his cock. Its warmth could be felt through the thin material of his boxers.

She put her hand inside the shorts and wrapped her fingers around the shaft. She could feel blood pulse through it as the cock grew even longer and harder. With little resistance, she pulled it out into the early evening air.

Kim put her free hand on Dennis shoulder and pushed gently.

Lay down, she said. Her husband obeyed without hesitation.

Kim knelt on the grass and moved her lips toward the cock s pink tip. She kissed it once before placing her hand around the base and lifting it away from his leg. The cock was already thick despite being less than half erect. Kim had come to appreciate this fact, not so much during oral sex, but rather when he inserted it into her tight pussy. She never felt as fulfilled with any other man.

But now it was her turn to please him. As her mouth closed around the cock and her tongue slid along the bottom of the shaft, she felt Dennis hand on the back of her head. He lightly brushed her long, brown hair before holding her tight against his erection. Within seconds, Kim was sucking and licking a fully erect cock that extended far above her tiny hand.

Dennis closed his eyes and concentrated on the sensation of Kim s mouth and tongue working on his cock. Her hand stroked him with increased intensity as she focused on the cock s tip. Sweet precum seeped out and she moaned softly, knowing he wouldn t take long to cum.

She teased him by occasionally licking with long strokes before returning him to her mouth. Kim repeated this several times, sensing whenever he was close to cumming. Now her mouth moved to his balls and she lightly took one between her lips. The rough skin and hair, along with his scent, excited her. Kim considered lowering her own jeans to ride him, but decided against it. There would be time for that later.

Dennis cock was back in Kim s mouth and she sucked on it furiously. He couldn t hold back any longer and announced the oncoming orgasm with a hoarsely uttered groan. Kim gripped the shaft harder and worked it feverishly with both hand and mouth.

Her husband stiffened, barked out his approval and shot a long, warm load of cum into Kim s mouth. He heard her moan with pleasure as a second and third burst of cum flew from his cock. Kim struggled to swallow, cum dripping from her lips. Dennis thrust his hips upward attempting to fuck his wife s mouth and she responded with a rhythmic bobbing of her head.

When she felt Dennis orgasm subsiding, she sucked harder, resulting in involuntary shudders from her husband. The cock that was so hard and long a minute ago began softening between her lips. Eventually, the flow of cum stopped completely and he was limp.

Kim wiped the side of her face with the back of her hand and fell on Dennis chest. They kissed passionately, the sweet stickiness of his orgasm transferring to Dennis lips.

That was marvelous, Dennis said. You re wonderful.

It was my pleasure. Now you might want to get dressed again before the next couple comes along.

Dennis smiled and pushed his cock back inside his boxers before pulling up on the zipper and fastening his jeans. They sat together, enjoying the calm of the lake and the dusk light.

Erin Cashman sat on the back porch of Cabin 1 with a beer in her hand and her feet propped up on the chair in front of her. Her eyes swept the woods behind the cabin before settling on movement behind the adjacent cabin, a hundred yards or so to her right. A figure was hovering over a grill, poking at it with an object she could not distinguish. The figure was a man, she was certain of that.

Soon, a second man appeared from the back door of the cabin carrying something—a plate, she thought. More movement preceded their both going into the hovering mode. A few seconds later, they seemingly looked in her direction before disappearing back into the cabin.

It was hard to tell from her distance, but Erin thought the guys looked to be in their thirties. But it was growing darker. She could either take a walk and try to find out now, or make it a project for tomorrow.

She took the last drink from the bottle and sat it on the porch floor. She was going for a walk.

Erin headed down the trail next to the cabin, but when it reached the entrance to the woods, she veered off to the right along the edge of the trees. With her hands in her jeans pockets and her sweatshirt rubbing against her bare nipples, she ambled through the thick grass. When she was within about fifty yards of Cabin 2, the back door opened once more and one of the men emerged onto the lighted porch.

She saw plainly now that he was, indeed, a fairly young, tall man. She continued walking, her eyes never leaving the porch. Her movement must have caught the man s eye, as his head rose and their eyes met. After a moment s hesitation, Erin waved. She had already altered her path more toward the cabin when the man waved back.

Now within reasonable shouting distance, she said loudly, Hi. Smells good. In fact, she had picked up on the aroma of steak and wasn t making it up.

Hi, came the response. We have enough to share.

Erin was now approaching the porch and the man could clearly make out her long hair, striking facial features and shapely legs in tight jeans.

Oh, no. I couldn t. We re gonna…

Ah, c mon. Are you having anything better than steak over there?

The assurance with which the question was asked made her giggle. That produced a smile on the young man s face.

Well, probably not. I m sure Mom will have something she considers healthy, Erin said with a tinge of sarcasm.

Then come on. There s plenty of beer, too.

Erin stepped onto the porch. Well. In that case…

The man introduced himself as Matt. He placed two large steaks on a plastic serving platter and handed it to Erin. With Matt holding the door open, they entered Cabin 2.

Once inside, Erin hesitated for a second and let Matt lead the way. They turned into the kitchen/eating area and were greeted by the second man.

Tom, this is Erin. She s from the next cabin over. She s gonna join us, Matt announced.

Hi, Erin. Let me take that, Tom said, reaching for the platter.

Matt had already opened the cabinet and pulled down a third plate. He got a set of silverware from the drawer and quickly added a place for Erin at the table. A chair was pulled around and, just that quick, the young woman had joined them for dinner.

Have a seat, Matt said politely. We have water, pop and beer.

Beer is fine, Erin said with a smile, pulling her seat closer to the table.

She looked across at Tom, estimating him to be about thirty. He was not strikingly handsome and was shorter than Matt, but his blue eyes and a light 5-o clock shadow made him attractive to her. Both men were in obvious good shape and apparently somewhat successful, based on the quality of their casual garb.

Matt brought Erin a beer, apologizing for no glasses, which Erin excused them for. The steak had been cut into several equal pieces and, along with salad and heated up frozen corn, was placed in the middle of the table.

Quickly, everyone had their share and was digging in. The conversation centered around when they had arrived, how long they were staying, jobs, and Erin s family.

Your Mom must be very beautiful, Tom said.

Erin blushed instantly. I ll tell her you said that.

Invite her over, Matt said. We ll have fresh fish tomorrow. Right, Tom?

Hey, you re the guide. Don t make promises you can t keep.

There s a market in Logan, Erin said dryly.

Both guys laughed loudly, followed by stories of previous fishing trips gone bad. When the tales ended, dinner was over and the table was cleared with everyone s help. Erin was feeling very comfortable with the men and was uncertain whether to stay or give an excuse for leaving.

The decision was partly made up for her when Matt asked if she could stay a little while longer. She balked at first. When Tom suggested she check in with her parents and return later, she was slightly offended. Wanting to show her maturity, she said she would stay. Besides, she was in the mood to begin flirting.

They moved into the adjacent living room. Before sitting, Erin went to the fireplace mantel and reached up for a framed picture. She could feel the eyes on her ass, held firmly in her tight jeans. Her sweatshirt rose, revealing a few inches of skin above her waist.

Isn t this beautiful? Erin asked to no one in particular while glancing at the picture of the cabin in winter.

There was no answer, but her show had not gone unnoticed by the guys. She put the photo back and turned to take a spot on the opposite end of the couch from Tom. She sat with one leg under her and the other dangling from the couch.

Are you guys married? Erin finally asked after a brief silence.

I am, Matt responded. Tom s not…yet

And it won t be as soon as you think, Tom answered back quickly.

Erin smiled at the obvious inside joke among the two. So the women didn t come with you?

Nope. Just us this time, Matt said. It might get very boring.

Do you think we d have any luck at that Logan market? Tom asked Erin with a straight face.

She laughed. Hardly. After a pause, she added, You d have better luck from the next cabin over.

She was looking at Tom, but waited for a response from either guy. It came from Matt. With you or your Mom?

That s hard to say. I ll have to ask her what she s doing tomorrow evening, Erin said. Invite us over for dessert.

I thought you WERE dessert, Tom said.

Erin had been around enough to know she was in control of what happened next. She was energized by these two nice-looking guys and the intimacy of the cabin. She was horny. And she was apprehensive.

The thought of having sex with two strangers she had met half an hour ago somehow invigorated her. The idea that she dictated how and when it would occur was more intoxicating than the beers.

She looked at Tom.

You re still hungry? she asked.


They stared at each other from opposite ends of the couch, just a few feet apart. The tension filled the room.

Erin stood up and walked in front of Tom. Gracefully, she placed her knees on the couch on either side of his legs. Her body was inches from his, her sweatshirt-covered breasts directly in front of his face.

Erin lifted the sweatshirt excruciatingly slowly. Matt, from his chair across the small room, saw the girl s back begin to appear. Tom saw a flat stomach, then a navel with a tiny ring attached, followed by more smooth skin. She wavered teasingly at the base of her breasts before raising the sweatshirt higher.

Her breasts were drawn upward as her arms extended over her head. One after the other, she removed her arms from the sleeves. While Matt marveled at the glorious symmetry of her back, Tom couldn t take his eyes off the girl s firm breasts and pink nipples.

He barely noticed as the sweatshirt fell to the floor. What he couldn t fail to notice were the breasts edging closer to his face. The lap dance had just started and already he felt the pressure of his cock pushing against the inside of his jeans. His hands stayed at his side, but there was no mistaking Erin s intent.

Tom opened his lips and accepted the nipple from Erin s right breast. As soon as his mouth closed around it, he raised his hands and cupped a breast in each one. The soft flesh gave way to his fingers and Tom squeezed, taking more of her inside his mouth.

Erin tilted her head back, letting her long hair fall away from her shoulders. The sensation of the man s mouth and tongue on her erect nipple sent a shiver down her body. She lowered herself, wanting to feel him against her ass. The girl wasn t disappointed as she felt his ever-hardening cock through both pair of jeans.

She gyrated her hips, rubbing against him with long, slow strokes. Tom put his hands on her back, then slid them down until his fingers disappeared inside her jeans. Erin arched her back at the incredible feeling of his fingers on her bare skin, followed by the hands on her ass, squeezing softly.

By now, Tom had taken advantage of both breasts, sucking on them until the nipples seemed to be on the verge of bursting. To his surprise, his own shirt was being lifted over his head. He separated himself from the girl s breasts just long enough for the shirt to be discarded.

As he prepared to continue his exploration of her chest, Erin slid backwards and knelt on the floor between his legs. Without pausing, she reached for the top of Tom s jeans and unsnapped them. Just as quickly, she had his zipper down.

Erin began to pull the pants down, then took off his shoes before yanking the jeans completely off. Her eyes fell on the noticeable bulge in Tom s boxers as she crept forward once more. The girl s hand lightly touched him and then encircled the cock. The thin material of the boxers let her feel him harden.

Tom couldn t help but get further aroused at the sight of Erin s breasts hanging freely under her body. They swung gently with her movements and he wished they were back in his mouth.

Erin repositioned Tom s cock so that it emerged from the opening in the front of his boxers. It twitched into place, pointing at a forty-five degree angle between Erin and Tom. She stroked it twice before moving her head closer.

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