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Kay and the dungeon 1
Kay met him on the internet, some time ago, they had chatted for quite a while before the fact came up that he was into BDSM and had his own dungeon just for his own private use. risky to a degree, yes. but that added to the excitement of it all, the anticipation leading up to it had her literally dripping. Also, she felt she did soon know him quite a bit through their chats. when he sent her pics of his cellar which pretty much decided it for her knowing by the tidiness etc she felt reassured that he knew what he was doing, so there was a trust between them. They had grown to trust one another, at least as much as you can without a face to face meeting. Kay had long had a wish to try the pain scene again, discussing various punishments and her desire to experience a long and sustained session of heavy discipline. but being married had somewhat cramped that tendency, hubby was not interested, in fact other than missionary he had little interest in that sex stuff and until a month or two back, she had been fairly content.
Hubby had worked away a week or two at a time and she had cheated by having the odd dalliance behind his back, however she couldn’t “experiment” as marks would have been a give-away when he came home each time. That was all gone now, he had hoofed her out of the marriage and family scene, having caught her with other men. So now she was free, free as a bird to do just what she liked, and with whoever she liked, living in a flat in an Australian township a couple of hours outside Sydney and having independence like she hadn`t known for a year`s, no restraints, no keeping up appearances, a new life. as I already knew, she had moved into a shared house, and has been mercilessly teasing the two gentlemen sharing the house there. that has left her extremely horny and chatting with him didn’t help that condition.
The conversation with the chap on-line, became steadily more vivid, she was excited, enjoying his suggestions and having a few fantasies of her own, fingering herself when they chatted, which she enjoyed, knowing he was turned on big time. They exchanged some confidences, exchanged pictures, he was not a fantasy Hollywood type star type, but rugged and attractive in a hairy chested sort of way and named Jack.
Things slowly evolved, as things do, her fantasies became more and more vivid, as slowly, oh so slowly she was building a mental picture with him. He offered her the use of his dungeon saying he would love to use her, and she was tempted, tempted beyond reason.
they did discussed how the session might progress, but agreed it would be entirely up to him, they shared hamster videos of various bdsm action, and she insisted on no safe word, as she felt it destroys the atmosphere of complete helplessness,
Suddenly he asked if she would come to him and make fantasy a reality. She knew it was a genuine invitation, it was crunch time… She said she would think about it! He promised that he would never permanently damage her, but that he would just enjoy hurting her, he would not even screw her unless she asked, just stick rigidly to their fantasy games, he faithfully promised that he would be true to his word, whatever she wanted… her mind did cartwheels , she said she would give him an answer next day, and that agreed sat to think. Was he the chap in the picture? After all she had no proof, it would be on trust, was she likely to fall into the hands of some ruthless serial killer, a nut case or a perverted slave trader, or a…a… her mind reeled, the offer was there, her body wanted it, her mind wanted it, it was a chance to do all those wicked things that her mind wished for all this time, but … she went to her bed mind turning over and over the whole question, sleep came slowly, dozing then dreaming, dozing again, awake early, dawn breaking. She lay for a long time, tossing and turning. Then her mind still uncertain, she opened the laptop, re-reading his words, she felt again the excitement of fantasy and knew that if she didn`t try him, she would always regret it. She very deliberately tapped out the message, …It said; I will but we must talk first, soon please. Xxx kay.
He would soon read it and call her, she felt strangely elated. She made coffee, and drank it slowly propped up by her pillows, time passed, was he not up, or had he not read the message…. tired from the sleepless night, nothing to get up for, she dozed, suddenly awaken by the `ping’ of a message, was it him… she hauled the laptop to her…it was, he said he was pleased, and asked when? She replied she needed to strike while the iron was hot or she may bottle out, so sooner rather than later…then added, I want one or two changes though.
The reply was that he would be available from Friday after work, was that soon enough, and asked of the changes. Slowly and deliberately she wrote her reply, yes Friday was OK, and the changes were rules, the first that he must show no mercy, he must stick rigidly to his promises, regardless of her condition, as she had wanted this scenario for so long now, she felt it was a must. Did he understand that? With bated breath she waited the reply which to her relief simply said, “I promise,”
There was a long pause, then the reply came back of; OK, I promise, now is that all the rules?
She sent; Yes, but as I know you said you want to hear my screams not my curses, I also promise you that other than yes or no, to any question, I will not to speak in any way while in your dungeon care and you may give me 10 extra hard strokes of your worst cane if I do, though I do reserve the right to scream as loudly as I wish or need to, lol.
He thanked her for that, he told her he would take her beyond her usual limits, but at no stage put me in any real danger. and they arranged place and time to meet on the Friday, they agreed he would not photograph her, and not to communicate again till then, unless she wanted to pull out, as he was away for a course for both days.
Those two days passed slowly for Kay, she had committed her body to a man she really didn’t know, to have it whipped, caned and abused, for his sexual pleasure as much as hers. Oh, she knew she could, just not appear at the café, or just simply vanish from the web, as he like her, didn’t know any address, but that would be too easy wouldn’t it… and in her heart of hearts, she knew this was an adventure she owed herself, if only to make up for the lost years and the wasted marriage… and…and…she dozed, though sleep evaded her in the main, by Thursday night exhaustion overtook her and she did manage to sleep but excitement coursed through her veins, and she was up early and with a determined frame of mind.
Practical as ever she wrote a note leaving it prominent in her flat, it gave his on line name and address, it would haste any police search for her body if her worse fears were recognised… she lay out her chosen clothes, sexy but practical, in a carrier-bag and some more soft and comfortable jogging kit, to drive there and come home in. Then as an afterthought she put to hand salves, plasters, antiseptics and the like, along with a jar of those strong pain killers, the ones she had had when she damaged her knees…
She ate a hearty breakfast, snacked at dinnertime still naked, then later toileted herself carefully, no sense in shitting herself at the first stroke…
She dressed, threw the bag in the car and set off timed to be at the rendezvous at the appointed hour, her stomach churning and a flight of butterflies by now doing somersaults as she drove the two hours to his part of town. She stopped being ahead of her schedule, at a filling station, changing in the toilets into the more sensuous clothing, carrying her track suit. She continued the drive, parking the old car in the unrestricted car park of the café rendezvous then taking her bag and a deep breath, she entered the café.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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