Corina Chapter 4

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Corina Chapter 4
Now we get engaged and married

After we talked that night about her fantasy and how she almost got off while she sucked my cock I really had some questions for Corina. I started going to Corina’s house after school and we would go in her room and neck until her dad got home from work. Her mother didn’t bother us or question us about what we were doing. She did tell us both together to stop having sex in my car. She even made Corina and I promise her we wouldn’t and we kept our promise. She did make sure they went out every weekend to allow us to fuck around. She always found out when Corina was having her period and they wouldn’t go out then while we just necked in her room. Corina’s dad figured we were just doing school stuff. Or at least he led us to believe he was ignorant about us fucking around.
I graduated and the day of the party I went to pick up Corina for the party and told her mom what I had planned. I had her ring now and when she answered the door I told her I needed a drink of water before we left. Corina got my glass of water and her parents were standing and her mom had a camera behind her back. Soon as Corina walked by her with the glass of water she pulled out the camera and started filming a movie of it. Soon as I got down on one knee and Corina saw the ring box in my hand she screamed and dropped the glass. She kept muttering oh my god over and over and I asked her if I could talk and she got quiet. I asked her if she would marry me sometime after she graduated and be engaged to me now until she wanted to get married. Corina started crying and dropped to her knees with me and wrapped her arms around my neck. I waited for her to stop crying and she didn’t seem to want to stop so I held her out and kissed her lips lightly.
Corina still hadn’t said anything and she just kept looking at me and crying. I asked her if she was going to answer or not and she screamed yes and instantly started sobbing again in my arms on the floor. I waited for a few minutes and whispered in her ear that I wanted to put the ring on her finger and she started crying harder in my arms. I looked up and her mom was crying and trying to hide it and her dad was filming now and smiling. Finally I held her from me and told her I really wanted to put the ring on my future wife’s finger and she smiled and kept crying as I took her hand in mine. Her hand was shaking and I started shaking with her. I found out how important this day was to the cute girl and my heart was dancing with joy when I finally slid that ring on her finger. She never even looked at the ring and kept looking into my eyes and when it was on she instantly wrapped herself around my neck tightly again. It took a while to get her to stop crying and I asked her if she liked the ring and she said it wasn’t important to her right now and she kissed me with more passion in front of her parents than she ever did. She finally stopped kissing me and told me she knew we were getting married our first month of dating.
I smiled at Corina and told her she couldn’t go out with any other guys now that she was engaged and her parents both laughed. Her mom asked Corina if she could see the ring and Corina held her hand out behind her and just kept staring into my eyes and smiling at me. I told Corina to go show her mom the ring and she said she wanted to keep looking at me right now. I told her she had the rest of her life to look at me and to stop being rude to her mom and she put a light kiss on my lips. She finally walked over to her mom and broke out crying again and her mom held her for a while. Her dad just kept filming and walked over to me and shook my hand and keeping the camera on his wife and daughter. I stood next to him and he kept the camera pointing at them and whispered that he liked me, but if I ever broke his daughter’s heart they would never find my body. I chuckled and he pointed the camera down and told me he wasn’t joking and I felt a chill go down my back. He was one scary big dude in great shape and I knew he would have no problem with me.
Soon Corina was showing her mom and dad the ring on her finger and they acted like it was the hope diamond. Her parents are great people and still are to this day. I finally got Corina to the car and she asked me if we had to go to my party and I laughed really loud and hard. I explained it was my party so I do have to be there for it. Corina smiled and giggled that she still can’t think and she was sorry that she said that. We I started the car and we went to my house and my parents were standing on the front porch waiting for us. Soon as I opened the car door Corina dashed to my mom and almost jumped into her arms. They were both crying and I walked up and my dad said it looked like she said yes and smiled. Corina loved my parents the first time she met them and they fell in love with her fast. My dad always told me that Corina was a very special little lady and told me to treat her good. When I was leaving my dad even told me to bring his daughter home to the party with the ring on her finger.
Soon Corina was showing my mom the ring on her finger and was calling her mom already and it melted my mom’s heart. Then she went over and hugged my dad and asked him if he wanted to see the ring on her finger and she held it out for him to see. Then she was hugging him again and he kissed her lightly on her forehead and she told him he was her dad now also. Corina asked him if he minded and her calling them mom and dad already and mom moved over and she hugged them both. Then mom asked us if we knew when we were going to get married and I said it was going to be next year at least so Corina can finish school. Instantly Corina said it would be in July next year as long as I didn’t mind and I said I had no problem with that date at all.
Corina came over to me and kissed me on the lips lightly and then moved to my side and held my arm smiling as my parents watched. Then my dad said I was the second luckiest man on earth right behind him and he turned and kissed mom. Then my mom said to go to the backyard so the party can start and I went and showed off my girl to everyone and she was fantastically happy on my arm. The party ended up being graduation and engagement party together.
I ended up finding a really good job in tech and stayed living at home as I saved money for the new apartment and furniture we would need. When I talked to Corina about where she wanted to go for the honeymoon she said she wanted to move in with me and we would fuck our brains out for a week. I told her that she deserved a honeymoon and she insisted that she wanted to be taken home and fucked there for a week straight. So we ended up planning on getting the apartment a month before we were getting married and during breaks from fucking during the week after we got married we were going to go shopping for the apartment. I made her promise to take a honeymoon soon as we could around our first anniversary away having a great time. We ended up getting married July 30 that year after she graduated and we went and found the apartment where we were on the first of the month. We got one on the second floor with our patio overlooking the pool with 2 bedrooms. We got a good bed and bedding for it and we didn’t buy anything else for it after that. We both took our keys to it and I didn’t move in and planned to move in the night of the wedding with my new wife. One day when I went over to her parents’ house to pick up Corina to take her out for dinner she told me that she had put something in the extra bedroom closet and not to look at it. I promised I wouldn’t and moved most my clothes to the main bedroom closet the day before the wedding.
Corina’s parents wouldn’t let my parents or me pay for anything but the drinks and bartender for the reception. Her parents had plenty of money and wouldn’t even talk about us paying for anything. Corina insisted a month before the wedding for us not to have any sex at all. I had blue balls all the time after the first week of no sex. I ended up jacking off almost every night and Corina knew it and told me it was ok. We talked about c***dren and we both agreed she wouldn’t get pregnant until she was 24 so we could enjoy our life first. The wedding went great and the reception was fantastic. Everyone had a great time and the dancing was still going when we told our parents we were leaving to go home. Both our moms and dads took Corina aside and she came back with a box she said they gave her. Both moms and dads hugged me and told me to be careful going home and they had two guys take us home. One driving us and the other driving my car to the apartment.
On the ride to the apartment I asked Corina what was in the box and she said we were not to open until tomorrow morning. We got there and went up to the apartment and unlocked the door and opened it. I picked up Corina in my arms and carried her in and we started kissing and I told Corina I loved my wife with all my heart. Corina smiled and said she loved me more and I better not argue and be a good husband. We kissed and I started taking off her dress and she stopped me. Corina told me to go sit in a folding chair and she would be right out. It took her a good 10 minutes and I was growing restless waiting for her to come out.
She finally asked me if I was ready to see my wife for the first time dressed just for me since she did it for our first real fuck. I told her I wanted my wife to come out and she slowly walked out in a slinky long gown that was slit up the side to her hips. It looked awesome on her and was perfect for her lean body and really set off her beautiful red hair. I stood up and she walked up to me and took me into our own bedroom and I stared at her cute little round butt all the way. She had on some high heels and her butt swayed more as she walked with them on. She got me into the bedroom and started kissing me and soon was taking off my clothes. Once she had me in only my boxers she got on her knees and told me she had to suck my cock or I wouldn’t last long while we made love. She giggled and took my cock and slid her lips over the head and started sucking on the head. I made Corina stop and told her I wanted to do something special tonight and helped her up and she was giggling. She was tipsy from the drinking at the reception and I was going to do my plan while I had her that way.
I moved her and sat her on the edge of the bed and went to the closet to get the straps I had there. I went back to Corina and told her to stand up and then I turned her around and had her put her hands behind her back. Corina giggled and asked me what I had in mind and I told her that she was going to wake up tied up with the stranger in her room. She giggled and I took the small strap and tied her hands together behind her and then sat her on the bed. I made her lie back and I went around the bed and got her with her head hanging over the side. I looked down at her and she asked me why I had her like that and I told her I was going to fuck her mouth this time and force her to swallow my cum. Corina giggled and said but mister I have never done that before in a little girl voice and giggled again. I told her to raise her leg up towards her head and she asked me why. I told her the stranger was going to play with her pussy until he is hard and then he will fuck you until he cums in your wide open pussy and Corina giggled and told me I had a kinky mind and she loved it. She raised her leg in a teasing way and I buckled the strap around her ankle and then tied the other end to the corner of the bed and it looked good. She then giggled and her other leg rose up and I buckled the other strap around that ankle and then to the corner at the foot of the bed. Her legs were raised and spread and I watched her wiggle them while she giggled and saw she was still too loose. I walked around and pulled her over to the other side and it made her legs stretch out tight and Corina was wide open.
After Corina sucked my cock last year I tried many times to go down on her and she always said she was too messy and didn’t want to do it. No matter what I said Corina wouldn’t let me and after she promised to let me when we got married I gave up. She sucked my cock a lot and loved drinking my cum and would even do it after we fucked first. I was stumped why she wouldn’t let me go down on her and wanted to so bad. I came up with this plan two weeks ago and I wasn’t going to take no this time no matter how mad she got. I wasn’t going to stop until I was happy and she wouldn’t be able to stop me now.
Corina giggled and then she gasped when I slid my hand up and down her wide open pussy. I told her she was very wet and she giggled and told me to come back and make her suck my cock. Then I got down on my knees and told her she looked good enough to eat and she tensed up and told me not to and then begged me to let her take a bath first so she wasn’t so messy. I knew she was really horny going without sex for a month now and her being tipsy should help a lot also I thought. I leaned forward and I blew on her pussy and she jerked and told me she wanted me to stop as she tried to sound mad as hell. I told her I was watching her pussy leak and her juice was running down her ass crack a lot. She struggled and I saw she was not going to get loose and leaned forward and kissed her hard little clit and then my tongue teased it. Corina tensed up again and tried to curl her pelvis up to get away from me and I just pulled her back to me by her thighs.
I slowly ran my tongue up her slit and then teased her hard clit when I got to it. I sucked on it and Corina was laying still and breathing in gasps constantly now. I pulled my mouth away and pushed in two fingers and stretched them up to the roof inside her and rubbed the rough spot I read was her G spot. After just a few seconds of this she softly asked me what I was doing and I told her she tasted amazing and I couldn’t get enough of it. I started sucking on her pussy lips and then sucked in as much of her clit and hood over it as I could suck in. She was still fighting it and would jerk and tense up as I kept stroking her G spot with my fingertips and sucking then licking her hard clit. I pulled my face away and Corina relaxed as my fingers kept working inside her tight wet hole. Corina then asked me again what I was doing inside her with my fingers and I asked her if it felt good. Corina moaned and whispered that it felt fantastic and I asked her if she wanted me to stop and she said no. I watched her pelvis start moving with my fingers and I told her I was going to eat my wife’s pussy for hours until I learn how to do it right.
Corina started to say something and I moved forward and started licking and sucking on her clit as I forced my fingers in farther and rubbed harder on that rough spot. I had my arm around a thigh and was pushing down on her stomach with that hand and felt her legs shaking and her stomach jumping as I licked and sucked on her clit and pussy lips. Corina started grunting and groaning like an a****l I worked her pussy faster. Suddenly she tensed and I felt her pussy and stomach spasm together as she came hard and long. I stopped licking and sucking on her and watched her pussy jump up and down as my fingers kept working inside on her G spot. She went on for over a minute and her spasms slowed down and she was gasping and panting. I watched her and pulled out my fingers and put four fingers together tried forcing them in her soaking wet pussy. Corina grunted as I kept pressure on and started sucking and licking her clit again as I tried stretching her open with my hand. Suddenly her tight pussy seemed to relax and my fingers slipped in deep and Corina grunted and tensed up again. I worked my hand around to get her inner lips to open better as I was teasing her clit with my tongue.
Suddenly my wife exploded into another orgasm and I kept licking her clit while I fucked her with my four fingers. Her pussy gripped tight on my fingers and then she went into spasms again. I kept my assault on her going and she was jerking and grunting and started begging me to stop now. I took my mouth off of her and just watched her pussy doing soft spasms on my fingers. I pulled my hand away and she groaned and tried wiggling her pelvis at me. I went over and unbuckled the straps from her ankles and she lowered them down on the bed. Her eyes followed me as I went back to the other side at her feet and rolled her over. I moved her until I had her on her knees with her ass facing me. Then I lowered her butt down until she was at the right height for me. I started rubbing my cock in her pussy and I told Corina I was going to eat my wife’s pussy anytime I wanted and I asked her if she understood and she whispered yes to me. Then I asked her if she was my little slut and she moaned and softly said yes.
I put my cock right at her open hole and slid in all the way. I stood there not moving and told Corina she had to do everything I say when it comes to sex. Corina moaned and then said she would do anything her husband wanted and would never say no. I started fucking her fast and came in about 15 seconds shooting my cum insider her sloppy wet hole. Corina groaned and told me I had to last longer that way now that we were married. I stood there draining my cum inside her pussy grunting behind her. When I pulled out she giggled and asked me to untie her hands now and I did. Corina got off the bed and came to me and kissed me long and sexy. Then she pulled down the blanket and got in between the sheets and said she wanted her husband to cuddle with her until I could fuck her right this time. She slid over and patted the mattress and I slid in next to her and she cuddled up in my arms. Corina then giggled and said she didn’t know he husband was so kinky and I asked her if it bothered her. She instantly said it was fun and she loved how kinky I was and she kissed me lightly on the lips.
We fucked a lot that week and filled up the apartment with furniture with the 20 grand our parents gave us in the box. Everything was completely normal and Corina found a job working at a clothing store and she really liked it. It wasn’t long and I found out how kinky Corina was also. She never said no and kept her promise to me always. I think it surprised my young little wife more to find out just how kinky she was.

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