Paying for my own birthday present!

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Paying for my own birthday present!
My wife told me that she’d arranged for us to spend a weekend in London, see a show and do a bit of shopping for my Birthday.

Great I thought.

We got to London, from Wales, early evening on the Friday. Checked into a quite nice hotel in the west end and headed up to our room. When we got up there, my wife headed for the bathroom and told me to come with her. Knowing what to expect, I stripped off and laid in the bath. She climbed in, pulled up her skirt, moved her g-string to one side and pissed straight into my mouth. We’d been in the car for about 5 hours, so what I got was stale and bitter, but by now I’ve learned to accept whatever she gives me so I just swallowed it all.

After that, she sat on my face and I tongued her until she’d cum a couple of times, then she showered with me still on the floor of the bath. I was struggling to breath a couple of times with all the water hitting my face, but was rewarded by her letting me soap her fanny and ass crack as well as licking them a few times to make sure everything was nice and clean.

After that, I put on some decent clothes and she got dressed in a shortish dress with knee high boots. No Bra and no knickers at all.

We walked down the road to a Chinese restaurant that looked really nice and went inside. From the moment we sat at the table, my wife made sure that anyone coming in the door could see right up her skirt to her shaved pussy. She also kept lifting her leg up and pushing the stiletto heel of her boot hard into my balls and rubbing my cock, through my trousers, with the sole.

An hour and a half of having my groin rubbed, and the knowledge that she was on display to anyone who wanted to look, had made me cum in my trousers (luckily black ones that didn’t show the stain too badly) once already and I was well on the way to a second.

Before we left, she reached into her bag and passed me a butt plug under the table. She told me to go into the restaurant toilet and put it in place. I rubbed my dripping cock on the end of it, spat on it a bit too, and rubbed some of the semi-dry cum from my groin around the entrance to my ass hole, then pushed the plug in. Not easy without proper lube, but not too bad after years of practice.

The underwear I was wearing wasn’t that tight, and neither were the trousers, so I really had to clench my ass to keep the plug in place while we walked back to the hotel. She then made me walk up 5 floors to the room rather than use the lift.

When we got back to the room, she told me to get undressed and kneel on the bed. I did that and she slipped a leather belt around my lower legs and pulled it tight around my thighs so my legs were pinned into place. She took the butt plug out of my ass and pushed it through the opening of a gag and made me take it into my mouth before doing up the head strap.

I hadn’t been to the toilet before going to the restaurant, so the plug was a bit brown and very stinky!

After that, she slipped a latex hood over my head and pushed my face down between the pillows. Pulling my hands behind my back, she tied them together with some elastic and I was trussed up like a turkey and at her mercy.

I expected quite a session and being fisted and fucked, but after a few minutes of fucking me gently with a smallish (by her standards) strapon she took the hood and gag off, made me suck the strapon clean and then let me out of the restraints.

After that, a couple of drinks from the mini bar and we drifted off while watching a film on the TV.

In the morning, she woke me in the traditional way, by rolling me onto my back and sitting on my face. As normal, I licked her to orgasm and then followed her into the bathroom so she could piss on me if that was what she wanted. She didn’t, so we both showered and got dressed to go out. She put on a pair of jeans so tight that it took her a couple of minutes to squeeze into them and a pair of high heeled boots that I’d never seen her wear before. Just below the knee, with a heel about 4 inches, they made her ass look incredible.

We headed down for breakfast, where she flirted with a very fit looking Polish waiter, then headed out for the day. A few hours of shopping, with the bits she bought being sent direct back to the hotel, and then off to the theatre for a matinee performance.

After the show, we hit the shops for a little while longer and then headed back to the hotel. How she managed to do this all in high heels I really don’t know because I was struggling in a normal pair of shoes, but nearly ten hours after leaving the hotel she was still walking like a catwalk model and swinging her ass around for everyone to see.

When we got back to the hotel, she told me to go to the bathroom and give myself an enema with the kit in her bag. I did, then she made me give her one too, spraying the liquid onto me in the bath as I did it. We then went down to the bar and had a drink.

When she walked into the bar I thought I recognised her, but couldn’t put her face into context. She walked straight up to my wife and they started chatting quietly. After a minute or so, my wife introduced her and told me that she was my birthday present! We had a couple of drinks with her, while I admired her amazing toned body through the mini dress she was wearing, then headed up for our room.

When we got to the room, my wife told me to go into the bathroom and put on the clothes that were in there. I went in and found a PVC shirt, complete with built in restraint rings on the sides, a pair of PVC shorts with a zip that ran from front to back, some PVC gloves that had clips on the wrists and a PVC hood. I put them all on and went back into the bedroom.

What I saw when I got back in was a picture and a half. My wife had changed into a leather corset, taken the jeans off and put the boots back on. She’d also put on a strapon harness with one of her largest strapons hanging out of it. The girl was dressed in almost exactly the same clothes, black corset and boots, but instead of a strapon there was a large semi erect cock!

That’s when I realised where I knew her from. We’d been browsing through adultwork a few weeks before and my wife had been asking me which of the TS escorts I though were dressed most sexily. I thought she was looking for ideas for a new outfit, but she’d obviously been getting my thoughts on which T-girl I liked the look of most. She’d gone for a stunning Brazilian girl that I’d said looked amazing (no names as she’s not on here as far as I know – search adult work for Brazilian TS escorts in central London and you’ll find her easily enough) who stood just under six feet with a great ass and a nice thick cock.

They were both sat on the edge of the bed, facing the bathroom, playing with each other’s cocks. My wife smiled at me, said happy birthday, and then told me to get on my knees and suck her cock.

I really didn’t need to be asked!

I crawled over and took her cock into my mouth. While I did that, my wife went round behind me and clipped the gloves I was wearing to the rings on the shirt. This made my elbows stick right out either side of me. After a minute or so, she lifted me onto my feet by my elbows and pushed me onto the bed.

My wife knelt in front of me and lifted my head off the bed and made me start sucking the strapon. Because my elbows were out to my side, I couldn’t avoid my head getting lower and lower, so was almost constantly gagging on the dildo. I guess she thought that was only fun for a little while, so she unclipped me from that position and re-clipped me with my arms crossed in front of my chest. That meant my weight was now on my elbows and I wasn’t constantly on the verge of choking.

While this was going on, the TS had unzipped the shorts I was wearing and had started to rub lube around my asshole. A couple of times she slipped a finger into me, but that’s something I can take all day long and it was just a pleasant feeling rather than an unexpected invasion.

Once my weight was on my elbows, my wife looked across me to the TS and asked is she was ready. When she said that she was, they both thrust into me at the same time, my wife’s strapon into my mouth and the TS’s cock into my ass. Although I’ve taken much bigger dildos, and enjoy being fisted, as there was very little warm up this did hurt quite a bit.

They spit-roasted me for a few minutes, then my wife said she wanted to swap places. I guess the TS went to take the condom she was wearing off before moving to my mouth because my wife told her to leave it on and let me suck it clean. When she shoved her cock in my mouth, all I could really taste was lubricant.

Another few minutes and my wife decided I was moving around too much, so she strapped my legs with the belt as she had done the night before. That left me with my feet and body off the bed, resting on just my knees and elbows, which wasn’t a very comfortable position to be in.

My wife slipped something around my eyes, so now the only part of my head that was exposed was my mouth, and they took it in turns to fuck my ass and mouth while I had to guess who would be doing what next.

All in all, this lasted a while until the TS said to my wife that she was nearly ready to cum. My wife told her to cum in my mouth, so they swapped places and my wife banged my ass as hard as possible while the TS shot her load into my mouth.

My wife then pulled out of me, pushed me onto my side so I was left trussed up and told the TS that she wanted to fuck her. She slipped a condom onto the strapon and while the TS bent over the edge of the bed, my wife started to work lube into her ass with a couple of fingers. Not long after, she slipped the strapon in and they spent a while fucking. The TS got hard while being fucked and they swapped round a couple of times, taking turns to fuck each other in the ass. Each time they swapped, they made me clean them with my mouth after pulling out of their asses. To begin with, this was quite clean and I just had to remove the lube, but the longer it went on, the messier things got.

Just before she came, the TS shoved her cock into my mouth and I swallowed the second load from her that night. Before I could get all the spunk down my throat, my wife shoved the shit covered strapon into my mouth and started face fucking me again.

The TS was starting to flag a little and, despite my wife playing with her balls and fingering her ass, wasn’t getting much more than a slightly floppy dick. Then the TS suggested that she could use one of the bananas that was in the complimentary fruit bowl and fuck my ass with it. They both thought that this was quite funny, so a few seconds later I felt it slide into my ass.

My wife carried on face fucking me for a few minutes, while the fruit went into my ass, then my wife had another idea. She took the strapon out of my mouth and asked the TS to peel the banana and shove it up her ass. She took the blindfold off me so I could watch and bent over so the banana could slip in easily. After that, they pushed me onto the floor and made me lay on my back. My wife stood over my head and pushed the last little bit of the banana into her ass so it completely disappeared.

Then, she lowered herself so she was just above my face and I could see her muscles contracting as she squeezed. I got a little piss in my mouth and eyes, then I saw her ass start to open and the banana start to reappear. I leaned forward and as the banana came out I sucked it into my mouth. The first part out was quite firm, but towards the end it was a brownish-yellow mush that smelt and tasted of crap as much as it did banana. Oh well, I ate it all anyway.

The sight of this had done wonders for the T-girl as she now shoved my trussed legs forward to raise my ass off the floor and shoved her cock into my ass again. She carried on fucking me while my wife alternated between having my get my tongue as far into her ass as possible and smothering me until I was really struggling to breathe.

The TS was getting close to cumming, so they swapped places and my wife fucked my ass while the TS made me lick her ass and balls, then tossed off so the cum went into my eyes. I had to lick her thoroughly to make sure she was nice and clean and then she got dressed and, after a very deep and lingering kiss with my wife, left.

My wife left me on the floor, with the remains of shitty banana around my mouth, lube dripping out of my gaped ass and tranny cum in my eyes, and went to have a shower. She was about fifteen minutes in the shower and I was beginning to wonder if she was going to leave me like that all night, when she came back into the room and released me. The pain was incredible as the blood rushed back into my legs and arms. After I was able to stand up – quite a while due to the pins and needles in my legs – she told me to have a shower and make sure I put the plug from the night before back into place.

When I came back into the room, plug fitted as requested, she told me to get dressed and we went out for a meal. Again, my wife wore no underwear and spent a couple of hours flashing her fanny to the waiters in an Italian restaurant. As you can imagine, they loved it and we got free drinks and didn’t have to pay for our deserts.

At one point, my wife went to the toilet and was a bit longer than I would have expected. When she got back, there was a very naughty smile on her face. Before she sat down, she put her arm around my shoulders and leaned in to kiss me. As she did, she pushed a mouthful of cum into my mouth. The dirty moo had given not one, but two, of the waiters blowjobs in the toilet and I’d just swallowed both their loads!

Back to the hotel, with a promise to the restaurant staff to return, and straight to bed. She took the plug out of me, put it into my mouth, and made me keep it there while she gave me a quite hard fisting. Then into the bath where she pissed on my, had a shower and told me to clean myself up as she was going to sleep.

In the morning, we had breakfast and then I drove us home. On the M4 she kept playing with my cock through my jeans, making me cum in my underwear. By the time we got home, she’d given me three orgasms in the space of about five hours and my underwear was pretty much stuck to my cock.

The final “treat” of the weekend was to come a couple of days later when she logged into my bank account and showed me the transaction list. She’d paid for the whole weekend, including the TS for two hours plus a large tip and all our meals, using my bank card!!!

Oh well, it was a great weekend, so I guess I can’t complain too much as it’s the sort of thing I’d have happily paid for anyway.

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