Taken at Home

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Taken at Home
As Daniel was leaving the house I caught a glimpse of Mister Henry’s curtains moving. I knew that he was in his kitchen and saw Daniel leaving and I knew he knew that the only reason Daniel was there was for sex. I Watched as Daniel walked down the street and out of site waiting for the knock of Mister Henry wanting me to service him so he would not tell.

After about twenty minutes I went and retrieved the dishes from my room and took them to the kitchen and washed them. It was just as I was tiding up that I heard a knock at the back door, thinking it was Mister Henry I grimaced and went over to the door and asked thru the closed door ‘…who is it?…’ I was some what surprised by the answer ‘…Open the door Bitch, my time now…’ the voice was unmistakably…it was Charlie.

I opened the door and Charlie stepped in quickly saying ‘…just talked to Daniel, he told me what a good time the two of you had…’ I had closed the door and was standing there looking down at the floor. Charlie mistook that I was looking at his crotch and started to massage his male member thru his jeans saying ‘…yeah I figured that you did want some real dick by now. Come on bring your ass here…’

Charlie reached out grasping my left wrist and pulling me as he went towards my room, I protested ‘…wait…wait, my folks will be home soon…’ Charlie turned and snatched me closer menacingly saying ‘…then you better not act stupid and let us get caught…’ Standing just a few inches from Charlie and smelling his breath laced with beer and reefer I tried again to reason with him ‘…Charlie, listen we can’t do anything, my butt is so raw it hurts just to stand…’

Charlie pushed me against the hall wall and whispered the words that caused me to tremble in fear ‘…OK, you wanna fuck right here turn your ass round and poke that boi/pussy out to me…’ Terrified I cried out ‘…no…no… not here in the hall, please not here…’ Charlie had already pulled his mammoth male member from his jeans and was stroking it.

Charlie took his other hand and gripped my chin and lower jaw in a tight grip telling me ‘…you gonna drop to your fucking knees and suck my dick till I tell you to stop. Then I’m gonna fuck you right here so you better get busy before your folks get home and find that their baby boi is their baby bitch!!!…’

Down on my knees I went and started to suck at Charlies male member as if I was a cock hungry bitch. Charlie stood there, hands on his hips moaning with pleasure, I sucked at Charlie’s throbbing penis trying my best to please him so he would hurry and cum. Knowing how he liked for me to act as if I enjoyed it I tried my best, looking up into his eyes as he looked down at me and taking his male member as far into my lips as I could, often choking as his huge dick head reached the back of my mouth.

I also slobbered over his penis mixing my saliva with his pre-cum making a slick splodge that I used in unison with my hand as I stroked his throbbing dick shaft. Charlie instructed me to ‘…pull my jeans off as you suck that dick. I don’t wanna get them messed up…’ I undid Charlie’s jeans and pulled them down, letting his dick flop out of my lips just long enough to pull his jockeys down.

Charlie stepped out his clothes and kicked them behind him as I returned to servicing his throbbing male member. A few minute more and Charlie ordered me to ‘…turn your ass round and poke it up so I can get my dick in that pussy. It better still have some of Daniels’ cum in it cause I ain’t gonna wait for you to get any lube…’

I could see the kitchen clock and noticed it was well after three so I did as Charlie wanted and Charlie did clear his throat and spit a glob right into my tender anal opening. I had my head resting on my forearms as I felt Charlie take his huge dick head and spread his splodge over my raw bung hole. Placing his massive dick head at my forever stretched butt hole Charlie pressed and my anal sphincter muscle tube swallowed his enormous dick head causing me to whimper in agony.

Charlie gripped my hips and took no mercy as he slammed his rock hard penis in and out of my rectum hitting bottom just long enough for me to cry out in pain. I knew if I did nothing Charlie would try and fuck me for hours, so I begin to encourage him saying ‘…Ohhh shyt Charlie….damn I wanted your dick sooo bad…fuck me…fuck me baby get your pussy like you wanna…’ Charlie moaned slightly and answered ‘… just throw this shyt back, make me feel that you want this dick…’

I thought of what my folks would see if they came in and saw me on my knees being fucked so viciously by this brute. Thankfully Charlie slammed his dick deep into my anus and I felt it explode filling my aching anal channel with his seed. Charlie grunted with each spurt of his member and his warm substance coated my rectum walls. Charlie was not finished yet as his dick was still spurting, breeding my bung hole, Charlie told me ‘…this ain’t all you gonna let me fuck you good before I leave here aren’t you?…’

I whined ‘..Charlie what else do you want, I did as you wanted now you gotta go…’ Charlie answered ‘…Bitch, you gonna wrap them legs round me and throw this boi/pussy back like you wanna get a baby. You here me!!!…’ Charlie pulled his semi rigid dick from my anus making a wet obscene sound and stood up telling me ‘…get my clothes and hurry up…’

Charlie went into my room as I hurriedly gathered up his jeans, tennis and jockeys all while pulling my shorts up. Once in my room Charlie had removed his shirts and was now naked he looked at me as he stroked his dick saying ‘…come on you the one in a hurry get your ass naked and up on this bed. You better fuck back too. I wanna believe you wanna have my baby…’ The incredibility of his statement made no sense but I was now pressed against time, the clock on the dresser was now reaching four twenty-five p.m.

I quickly undressed and laid on the bed Charlie climbed up between my out stretched legs and said ‘…let me see your horny ass welcoming me to fuck you…’ I pulled my feet up to my buttocks all while reaching between my thighs to grasp his huge now rigid male member guiding it to my very tender and sore bung hole.

Soon as Charlie’s dick head touched my anus he lunged forward sinking three quarters of his eight to nine inches of man hood into my bung causing me to whimper in agony. I had to brace myself and grip his shoulders as Charlie lowered his upper body to mine and start to fuck his dick back and forth in my anal orifice.

Charlie wasted no time kissing and licking at my neck as he worked his mid section pushing more and more of his male member deeper into my rectum. Once his pubic was resting against my bottom Charlie started to grind his massive dick round about my innards. Wanting Charlie to hurry up I wrapped my legs round his waist and locked my ankles as I tried to match his maneuvers.

Charlie whispered to me ‘…yes that’s my Bitch, you luv this dick don’t you..’ I whimpered in a low voice ‘…yes baby, I luv your dick, please fuck me make me you bitch, make me have your baby…’ This seemed to encourage Charlie for he started to fuck like a mad man ramming his dick deep in me so had I had to grip his body tightly in my legs to keep him from doing me harm.

Charlie was quite happy when I did that calling out loudly ‘…yes my bitch throw that pussy back, throw that pussy back…’ Our bodies covered in sweat, mucus and cum leaking from my anus making obscene moist slurping sounds as Charlie worked his penis in my butt hole till he final busted his enormous load deep in my rectum.

Panting on top of me Charlie laid there as his dick shot copious amounts of his slimy male substance into my anus. I held on to Charlie as if I was a horny bitch that had just been slut fucked by her man. Remembering how I had seen the porn stars act out their scenes.

Charlie was very pleased as his body convulsed and twitched he raised his head looking me in the face and said ‘…now kissed me just like you love me bitch…’ Revolting I had no choice. I gripped his head and pulled his face down till our lips met and started to kiss as his tongue slipped into my lips seeking my tongue as his dick continued to throbbed and twitch as it spurted it’s last few streams of cum.

WE both we covered in sweat and the sheets of my bed was drenched in moisture. Charlie pulled his member from my aching bung and stood as he pulled my head saying lick and kiss your dick Bitch, this dick is yours when you want it. Matter of fact tomorrow you better bring that pussy over to me so I don’t have to come here again, understand…’ Before I could answer he continued ‘…just suck that dick into your mouth so I know you understand me…’ I glanced at the clock that now said five fifteen, so I parted my lips and sucked greedily at his dick till he pushed me away saying ‘..you greedy ass Bitch, see you in the morning at my place…’

Charlie took my t-shirt wiping his body of sweat and his dick and mid section of the splodge and mucus that was there. I could barely stand as I followed Charlie into the hall way covered only by a sweat drenched sheet as I locked the door I was not mistaken this time. There was Mister Henry standing in his kitchen window, he waved as I closed the door.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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