Whos is she #3

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Whos is she #3
The morning after he baby shower. I find Dria in our game/junk roomsorting moving cleaning this room. She excited to put the babys stuff together. I reasured her baby Ill get a few of my friend to come help me more and paint and build everything and then you can decorate. She had a smile from ear to ear and gave me the bigest hug.
I decided to go buy milk and lil items we needed. Her feet are swollen and shes supposed to be off them. These last 3 weeks she just gotta be relaxed and NOT stressed. I took like an hour and dropped in on her gramps to make sure hes ok and didnt need anything while I was out since the weather was so unpredictable.
I arrived home and I heard voices as I got closer to the door, guess who it is her dreadful mom, Im sure shes trying her best to tell her. I greeted her with a kiss on her cold cheek so I can tell she mustve just walked in I noticed her husband wasnt around so I ask wheres your husband? She said he visiting his family saying good bye hes heading back home tonight hes got things hes gotta take care of. I politely asked arent you leaving with him, she swiftly responded NO I am staying a week then going home and returning last week drias due. I replied nice when my head was yelling GO HOME!!!
The ladies preped dinner her husband came n joined us. He asked if I can drive him i said sure are you coming also I asked Drias mom. She said no. I was releived. It was time to drive my future father in law to the airport. He tried giving me father son talk…LOL about taking care of Dria. He mentioned not letting her mom poison our relationship in her eyes no one is good for Dria. He said Dria is happy I spoke to her and boy she loves u. Marry her do right by her and take care of your family. I replied I will, it was strange hearing it from someone else. I love Dria shes my only k** one day you and I will sit and share secrets over a bottle and he smiled. I said Im sure my stories are more than you can handle. He said so how old do you think I am? I laughed and replied what? He repeated himself. I answered at the oldest 40 he said how old are you I said 38 he said boy Im 52. WHAT??? I married Drias mom when she turned 18. I was 32. I said so the women like older men. He said i guess so. We had such an interesting conversation. I like him.
I returned back and I assumed everyone was sleeping all the lights were our I didnt see anyone on the couch, i could see but barely the light that escaped from the blinds from the street lights guided me thru the house. I headed to the game room and set my alarm and was knocked out. 4am tip toes to the shower. While in the shower i hear someone come in, assuming it was dria. It was Not it was her mom. She climbed in the shower naked. Kissed me and I instanly was thinking Im being set up. So when she grabbed my hardness i slightly stepped back, what are you doing whispered harshly? Dont you miss me? I havent thought of u. Get out I stated. I want to just feel you inside me she begged. I was temporarilly sexually deprived due to my girls circumstances and i wanted to feel pussy. I held back NO get out. What would your husband think, what would your daughter think and looked away and she said your daughter. I can easily tell her. So can I I said get out. She stepped out the shower and said think about it. I started working on he nursery.
I knew it that bit h is here to ruin me. I got dressed went to my bed room kissed Dria and left.
I was at work all day worried her mom would ruin my bond with Dria. I kept busy the whole work week and worked over time and continued to work the nursery i didnt mind her mom sleeping with Dria. I slept in he game room and was thinking of her moms offer shes evil. Half way during the week Dria stated we need to talk. I said ok hunny talk. She said later when we have time to really talk. You know what was going thru my mind. That day was thursday when I arrived home from work at 11p Dria was sleeping and her mom in the living room watching tv. I went into the shower she joined again and kissed me I kissed her back and she lifted one leg and i held it held her big ass as her other leg wrapped around my waist and she slipped her hand between our bellys and inserted my meat inside her tight pussy. She bounced hard and deep i had her against the wAll and slipping and slidding she whispered Im about to cum and her breathe on my ear and the warmth my cock inside her, her breasts wet rubbing on my chest, all that combined I camed so hard inside her pulsating two or 3 times. She kissed me got off without washing up and laid on the couch. Hopefully Dria wont have to talk to me. Next day Friday I ask Dria wanna have that talk she said, no its ok we dont have to. I asked are u sure? She replied Im sure.
I was certain her mom fixed it, friday Drias cousin came to get her to get a mani pedi spa day to get her legs massaged she needs it and her mom wanted to stay. I had to finish the nursery so my friends were last minute changing the carpet and the paint was dry.
I put all baby furniture together the mom helped with that part of it. It was almost 8, Dria called from her friends house letting me know shes eaitng dinner there and that her mom and I should go grab a bite. So… I asked Drias mom what do you want to eat. She flirtatiously said the question is what do you wanna eat? She held my hand head to my bed room and lays down with her legs spread very nicely groomed and smelling like apples my face went in and ate her and she orgasmed 2, 3 times. I climbed on her spread her legs wide open and shoved my swollen head inside her and she lightly screamed ahhhh. I said you wanted this right and I rammed my cock so far in her my tight balls almost disapeared in her. She screamed yes, i rammed harder and faster and I said will this keep you quiet she screamed yes yes faster and harder I felt as if I was going to xplode I slowed down and changed to rhythm and i pulled out briefly she tell me lay down and climbed on top, riding nice and slow. She was grinding my cock being so sensative I came inside her with no warning… She lays next to me and says I hope Im pregnant and I look at her and yell what. Dont worry itll be our secret just like Dria is our secret. Doomed for sure I kept worrying, hoping she leaves already. Sunday couldnt come sooner. She reasured me if I didnt fucked her by Sunday Dria will know the truth. I almost felt like telling Dria to avaiod this bitch. But Dria may reject me and keep me from my baby.
Dria got home was tired showered went to bed. In the middle on the night i woke up to my cock beinf sucked and maybe be ause Inwas half sleep it was intense. She got on me cock in reverse her ass was facing me and jumped on my cock up n down till I came. She got up and left I fell asleep. In the morning there was snow out, Dria is staying in, I took her mom to see gramps since tomorrow she is leaving. She was quick and she said since dria is in the house its almost gonna be inpossible to fuck while dria is home today lets do it in the car I said NO we cant we gotta head back she calmly replied ok then and I said on in the back seat,i sat back there and she climbed on she had a skirt on with no panties her big soft ass landed on my cock she gasped and I said wait you want it right? Shes and as she cried with pain i pulled out and she wiled with ber dress and guided it into her wet opening, it felt direfent than this morning… But her pussy was so wet my cock slipped into her and is felt nice thr rhythm was good and i whispered im coming.
She got up and i cleaned myself headed to the house and my girl had just cooked.
Dria said I decided to talk to BOTH of you. You guys gotta get along. Im having your grandbaby mom and ur baby hunny. He isnt going anywhere MOM, you guys have to get along. I called the ambulance my water broke. I was thinking where was I fucking her mom in the back seat. Im ok contractions are steady. Mom I dont want a big wedding Al come Friday we are getting married justice of the peace I kissed Dria anything for you darling. I was so happy. Then it hit me. Shes MY Daughter. Her mother is trying to frame me. So one of you can come and be with me. Work it out and dont make me decide. I let Drias mom go but i met them in he hospital. I was suited up so I can switch with drias mom to cut the umbilical cord. We have a beautiful baby girl. Shes so tiny Im in love with this little thing.
Dria was released on a thursday and her mom stayed. On that friday Dria was not midding we did the blood work, marriage lisence and justice of the peace fee. We GOT MARRIED I married my daughter. In the marriage lisence our whole information is on here she hates her name as do I and realized her named is Alezandria, and mine Alexander. Her mom tried to name her after me. dria found it odd & coinsidental we names our princes Alexys.
Her dad flew down and some friends and the house was full and busy. We took turns. I heard her mom and dad having sex, almost everyday. Makes me wonder if shes pregnant. OH NO… Stay tuned

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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